Sunday, September 30, 2012

정민 :: Tentative Discography Plans

This is a summary of discographies that will and may happen soon, by reading from the news content about the mini meet-the-media session held after ROMEO 2nd Contact ended on Sep.29 yesterday, from KR and JPN portals.

Tentative Planned Target

10월 31일 (Oct.31) - 2nd Japan single 『Tonight's the Night』

11월 3일 (Nov.3) - 『ROMEO 3rd Contact』 (for purchasers of 5 versions of 2nd single)

11월 초/11월 중순 (early-Nov or mid-Nov) - 2nd KR mini-album
(related link)

12월 12일 (Dec.12) - First JP Official Album

12월 18일 (Dec.18) - Japan Tour 『ROMEO LIVE 2012』 : Tokyo, etc

12월 (Dec 2012) - Plan to do activities in Korea with 'ROMEO' name

2013년 1월 (Jan 2013) - Plan to release an album in Korea with 'ROMEO' name

Information extracted from:
Daum, Naver, etc

정민 :: 『ROMEO LIVE 2012』 in Tokyo on 2012.12.18

12월에 열릴 'ROMEO 라이브' 콘서트 정보입니다.

The date for ROMEO LIVE 2012 (Concert) is published.


When : 2012 . December . 18 (Wednesday)

Where : Tokyo Dome City Hall

From: ROMEO Official Fanclub,

정민 :: 9.29 『ROMEO 2nd Contact Showcase』 - DVD로 출시될 예정 (Will be produced into DVD soon)

9월29일에 진행되었던 ROMEO 2nd Contact Showcase 이벤트에 대한 정보입니다.

Some little info about the event held on September 29.

ROMEO 2nd Contact Showcase Live 



Translation: 또한, 이 모습은 곧 DVD로 출시 될 예정입니다. In addition, this day's event will be made into DVD soon.

Information extracted from:
JP News

Monday, September 24, 2012

현중 :: 『도시정벌(City Conquest)』 제작보고회 in 부도칸 (Drama Production Conference in Budokan), Oct.4

오는 10월4일, 현중군이 주연하는 드라마 도시정벌이 한국에 방송하기 전에 먼저 일본 부도칸에서 대규모 제작보고회를 열립니다.
현중군과 정유미양 주연 두 분이 참여할 예정입니다.

There will be a press and report and production conference to be held in Budokan, Japan next week. It will be a full scale event.

When: October 4 (Thursday), 7:00 PM (GMT+9)

Where: Budokan Stadium, Tokyo, Japan

How many people: 16,000 fans, 400 local and international media (egs, NHK, Fuji TV, TBS, etc)

Who: Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Yoo Mi, Producers from Baek Media

Itinerary: Production conference, 1st Promotion Video will be revealed, Drama Introduction Session

It is the first time such a big event for the broadcast of a Korean drama is being held in Japan, even before its airing.

Information: TV Daily

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

영생 :: 1st Japan album 『Overjoyed』 title song 「1,2,3」 Full M/V

영생군 1st 일본 앨범 『Overjoyed』 타이틀 곡 「1,2,3」 풀 뮤직비디오가 공개되었습니다.

1st Japan album 『Overjoyed』 is released today (Sept 19) in Japan. At the same time, 「1,2,3」 has revealed its full M/V too.

Video upload: Pony Canyon Japan,
Video copyright: Pony Canyon Japan

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

영생 :: 1st Japan Album 『Overjoyed』 title song 「1,2,3」 M/V preview

영생군 1st 일본 앨범인 『Overjoyed』 타이틀 곡 「1,2,3」 뮤직비디오 미리보기가 공개되었습니다. ^_^

Young Saeng 1st Japan album 『Overjoyed』 title song 「1,2,3」 has revealed its M/V Preview! Let us take a look!

Video upload: Pony Canyon Japan Official YouTube Channel,
Video copyright: Pony Canyon Japan

Saturday, September 15, 2012

정민 :: Sep.15, 트위터 업데이트 (twitter update)

오늘 '급여행' 가는 정민군 트위터에서 올라오는 사진들입니다. 첫 사진에선 아주 멋있네요 o_o...

Jung Min posted on Twitter today that he is off to a 'holiday'. Looking so model in the first photo...

From: Park Jung Min Twitter, [1] [2]

Friday, September 14, 2012

정민 :: 【ROMEO】 2nd Japan Single 『Tonight's the Night』 음반 정보 (single information)

10월31일에 발매하는 일본 2nd 싱글 『Tonight's the Night』 음반 정보입니다.

Discography information about 2nd Japan single 『Tonight's the Night』 that will be released on Oct.31 - Halloween. ^^

◈Discography Name : Tonight's the Night

◈Release Date : October 31, 2012

Limited Edition A/초회 한정반 A

I. Tonight’s the Night / The Dawn-沈黙-(ロメオ・サウンドストーリー)
II. 君を、守りたい
III. Tonight’s the Night(Instrumental)

Photocard No.7

Limited Edition B/초회 한정반 B

I. Tonight’s the Night / The Moon-蒼い月-(ロメオ・サウンドストーリー)
III. Tonight’s the Night(Instrumental)

Photocard No.8

Limited Edition C/초회 한정반 C

I. Tonight’s the Night / The Touch-輪郭-(ロメオ・サウンドストーリー)
II. Hide & Seek Love
III. Tonight’s the Night(Instrumental)

Photocard No.9

Limited Edition D/초회 한정반 D

I. Tonight’s the Night/The Thirst-渇望- (ロメオ・サウンドストーリー)
II. Sin
III. Tonight’s the Night(Instrumental)

Photocard No.10

Standard Edition/통상판

I. Tonight’s the Night/The Fate-彷徨-(ロメオ・サウンドストーリー)
II. Dream Out Loud
III. Tonight’s the Night(Instrumental)

Photocard No.11

Information from: ROMEO HomePage, Amazon Japan

Sunday, September 09, 2012

정민 :: 【ROMEO】 Sept.09, 공식 팬클럽 오픈! (Official Fanclub opens)

오늘 9월9일 19시19분에는 ROMEO Official Fanclub 페이지가 오픈했습니다~

At 7.19pm today, Sept.09, ROMEO's Official Fanclub was opened! From now on, this will be the official homepage and official fanclub page about everything ROMEO.

Website Outlook

Saturday, September 08, 2012

정민 :: 【ROMEO】 공식 팬클럽 9월9일 오픈한다 (official fanclub opens on Sept.09)

ROMEO님도 이제 곧 공식 팬클럽이 열린다고 합니다.

ROMEO will now open an official fanclub too!

ROMEO Official Fanclub Site will open on Sept.09 (Sun) at 19:19 (7.19pm, JST).

ROMEO's activities and news will be delivered via this medium.

ROMEO Official Fanclub will be the official fanclub for ROMEO in Japan to cheer and root him on. It's a fanclub for ROMEO's fans.

Source: ROMEO Official Mail Magazine

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

정민 :: 【ROMEO】 1st Japan Single 『Give Me Your Heart』 Full M/V

ROMEO님 1st 일본 싱글 『Give Me Your Heart』 동명 타이틀 곡인 「Give Me Your Heart」 풀 뮤직비디오가 공개되었습니다.

1st Japan single 『Give Me Your Heart』 that is released on Sep.05 (Wed) has revealed its title track 「Give Me Your Heart」 full M/V!

Video URL:
Copyright: Victor Music,