Tuesday, June 11, 2013

현중:: 3rd Japan Single 『Tonight』 2nd on Oricon Weekly; 1st Korean Solo Artiste to achieve >100K sales for 3 consecutive singles

On 11 June, Oricon Japan Charts released these information to the press. Congratulations!

*chart refers to Oricon Japan Chart

1st Korean solo artiste (female and male) in record to have attained the point of 100K, ie, more than 100K for 3 consecutive singles (discography) straight in a row just in its first week of release.

3 consecutive singles are:
  • 『KISS KISS/Lucky Guy』 (2012.01.25) - Highest sales for a foreign artiste's debut album on 1st day; More than 100K in its first week
  • 『HEAT』 (2012.07.04) - More than 100K on 1st day (137,774); 183K in its first week; 1st on Daily Charts, 1st on Weekly Charts
  • 『Tonight』 (2013.06.05) - More than 100K on 1st day (101,818); More than 100K (~116K) in its first week; 2nd on Daily Charts, 2nd on Weekly Charts

『Tonight』 has attained ~116,000 (115,809) copies sold in its first week since release on June 5, 2013 (Wed).
It is 2nd on Weekly Charts.

Source: Official Japan Site, Universal Music Japan Site
Source 2: Korean press articles

영생:: 2nd Japan Album 『想い出を君に』 releases July 3, 2013 (updated)

Young Saeng will release his 2nd Japan Album in July.

Heo Young Saeng 2nd Japan Album

◈Discography Name : 想い出を君に

◈Release Date : July 3, 2013 (Wed)

Limited Edition/초회한정

Jacket Design A

-9 songs-

01. いつでも僕は君といる (NEW)
02. ホシゾラ (Cover of SS501 song)
03. Mermaid… (Cover of SS501 song)
04. Again (Cover of SS501 song)
05. 愛なのでしょう acoustic ver. (Rearranged)
06. とぎれた夜をつないで 2013  (Rearranged)
07. Dream on 2013 (Rearranged)
08. Everything you (NEW)
09. All My Love (Cover of SS501 song)

Jacket Cover Shoot - Making

Standard Edition/통상반

Jacket Design B

-10 songs-

01. いつでも僕は君といる (NEW)
02. ホシゾラ (Cover of SS501 song)
03. Mermaid… (Cover of SS501 song)
04. Again (Cover of SS501 song)
05. 愛なのでしょう acoustic ver. (Rearranged)
06. とぎれた夜をつないで 2013  (Rearranged)
07. Dream on 2013 (Rearranged)
08. Everything you (NEW)
09. All My Love (Cover of SS501 song)
10. はじめて見る空だった memorial ver. (Self-cover) *bonus track*

1 additional track (Standard Edition only)

Purchasers of the Limited Edition and Standard Edition will have an opportunity 
to enter a lottery draw to receive one of the following special present:

A) Backstage pass to the concert on July 11 (10 pax/passes)

B) An autographed photograph with the name of the fan on it (10 pax/pieces)

Additional Info

Every single participant who will be applying will have their names imprinted in the special booklet of the concert 
DVD that is releasing in winter 2013.

2nd Solo Concert in Japan 2013

Date : July 11 (Thurs)

Time : 7:00PM 

Venue : Zepp Tokyo

Source: Young Saeng Pony Canyon page

Thursday, June 06, 2013

2013.06.06 (Thurs) : Happy Birthday to Hyun Joong!

♥♡ ~ Happy Birthday to Hyun Joong 2013 . 06 . 06  ~ ♥♡

Dear 현중 Hyun Joong, 

Happy Birthday To U~~~~~~~ 

1 year, 10 years, 100 years, 
We will always here for you~ With you~ 

생일축하합니다~ 생일축하합니다~
세상에서 우주에서 제일 사랑하는 김현중~

늘 감동하고 고맙다.
태어나줘서 아주 고마워요. 항상 고마워요. 고맙다, 우리 사랑스러운 현중씨~

Thank you for your existence in this world. 

Happy Birthday to Hyun Joong!!!

현중:: 2013.06.06, Digital Single 「나 살아있는 건」 Release

Kim Hyun Joong new digital single '나 살아있는 건' has released today, June 6!

멜론 (MelOn)

벅스 (Bugs)

올레뮤직 (Olleh Music)

엠넷 (Mnet)


소리바다 (Soribada)

다음 뮤직 (Daum Music)

네이버 뮤직 (Naver Music)

2013 Henecia Membership Goods #1 (June)

#The box that contains membership card, card holder, slogan towel, mini clear pouch, and message card.

#Message Card

헤네치아 가족여러분, 벌써 2013년이 반이나 지났습니다. 늦지 않았으니 6개월이라도 열심히 행복하세요..

To our Henecia family members, in the blink of an eye, half of 2013 has passed. 
It's still not late, even if for the remaining 6 months, please strive hard to be happy..

Monday, June 03, 2013

현중:: Digital single 「나 살아있는 건」 to release on June 6

2nd digital single 「나 살아있는 건」(after 2011's 'Marry Me') will be released on June 6!



다가오는 김현중씨의 생일을 기념하여

디지털 싱글앨범「나 살아있는 건」의 발매가 확정되어 안내 드립니다.

「나 살아있는 건」은 김현중씨의 감미로운 목소리와

달콤한 멜로디가 어우러진 전통 발라드 곡으로

지난 한 해 일본 전국 투어와 아시아 팬미팅 투어 등 잦은 해외 활동기간에도

늘 국내 팬 분들을 위한 특별 이벤트를 고민해왔던 김현중씨의 깜짝 선물인 만큼

팬 여러분들의 많은 관심과 사랑 부탁 드립니다.

디지털 싱글 「나 살아있는 건」은 2013년 6월 6일 낮12시(정오)

각 온라인 음원사이트를 통해 발매될 예정입니다.


English (gist):

In commemoration of Hyun Joong's birthday , it's been decided that a digital single 「나 살아있는 건」 will be released
on June 6 (Thurs).

It is a ballad piece infused with Hyun Joong's sweet vocals accompanied with a sweet melody.

It is a surprise gift to thank local fans for having always waiting for him all this while.

Release date : June 6, 2013 (Thurs)

Time : 12PM (KST; noon)

Where : All digital music portal sites

Source: Hyun Joong Official Korea Homepage

Saturday, June 01, 2013

It's now June 2013...

It's now June. We're entering the second half of the year. 
There are many upcoming things, matters, happenings to anticipate and see.