Friday, March 30, 2012

현중 :: 03/30 (Fri) article - 2012 Asia Fanmeet in May

Maybe, Keyeast will release an official notice about this soon.

가수 겸 배우 김현중이 오는 5월부터 1개월 간 본격적인 아시아 팬미팅에 돌입해 아시아 각국의 팬들을 직접 만난다.

english: Singer cum actor Kim Hyun-joong will be indulging in his official asia fanmeeting starting May onwards across a month so as to personally meet and repay his fans.

30일 소속사 키이스트에 따르면 김현중이 자신을 응원해주는 각 국의 팬들의 성원에 보답하고자 '2012 아시아 팬미팅'을 기획, 올 5월 아시아 주요 국가에서 프로모션이 진행한다.

english: On the 30th, according to his agency Keyeast, in order to repay his fans' support towards him from each country, they have planned for an '2012 Asia Fanmeeting' and will be starting in upcoming May in the main Asian countries.

김현중은 팬들에게 좋은 모습을 선보이기 위해 팬미팅과 관련해서 직접 아이디어를 제안하는 등 기획 단계부터 참여하는 열의를 보이고 있다는 후문이다.

english: It was said that in order for him to show his best to his fans, Kim Hyun-joong had even participated actively in the planning of related ideas and concepts for the fanmeetings, which shows his passion for it.

그는 싱가폴 팬미팅을 시작으로 홍콩, 대만, 중국, 태국 등에 걸쳐 아시아 각국의 팬들을 만날 예정이다.

english: He is expected to meet his fans from each Asian country starting first from Singapore, then to Hongkong, then to Taiwan, China, Thailand, etc.

한편, 김현중은 한 달 간 진행되는 아시아 팬미팅을 마친 뒤 귀국해 잠깐의 휴식을 취한 뒤 차기작품을 준비할 예정이다.

english: On the other hand, after ending his Asia fanmeeting that will take place across approximately a month, he will then be returning to Korea to take a short rest and also to start preparations for his next work.

News source: Star News, TV Daily

형준 :: 『달콤, Everyday(Sweet, Everyday)』 M/V Making video

번외편 인 하와이의 메이킹 영상이 공개되었습니다.

The Hawaii Version M/V that was shot in Hawaii has reveal its Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) making video. This is the same as the one revealed by Japan Fanclub.

It is a making because it is BTS scenes captured while shooting for the special epilogue, made into a video for promotion.

Video upload: JUNUSOfficialTV, Youtube (
Video copyright: S-Plus Entertainment, Kim Hyung Jun Agency

Thursday, March 29, 2012

현중 :: Lotte Fanmeet cum Concert in Seoul, May 26 (sat)

In conjunction with Lotte Duty Free Korea, a tour organized by Lotte Korea cum entertainment (fanmeet) combined will be held in May. Such similar acts was also done before last December.

The details of the real tour will be publish soon.

It is soo good.^^


Tour details:
3D2N - May 25 (fri)~May 27 (sun)
4D3N - May 25 (fri)~May 28 (mon)

Event day (Fanmeet cum Concert day):

May 26 (Sat), in Seoul


1. High-touch event with all tour members
2. Original goods for all tour participants
3. Kim Hyun-joong Concert
4. Talk and Game corner
5. 10,000yen worth of Lotte Shop voucher

Ticket information, Notice URL: Kim Hyun Joong Official Japan HomePage,

정민 :: 2012 Seoul Fashion Show F/W - Runway model for Dominic's Way, 2/Apr (mon)

This year too, he will appear as the model on the runway, again. It is good. ^_^

매 시즌마다 감성적이고 강렬한 디자인으로 사랑을 받고 있는 Dominic's Way 디자이너 송혜명 서울컬렉션 쇼에 박정민이 모델로 선다.

english: Park Jung-min will appear as a model in this year's Dominic's Way designer Song Hye-myung's fashion show, which has been receiving much love every season because of its sensational and strong designs.

특히 박정민은 평소 패션에 관심을 보였으며 송혜명 디자이너의 옷을 즐겨입고 있던 그였기에, 송혜명 디자이너의 러브콜에 흔쾌히 응했다는 후문이다.

english: In particular, since Park Jung-min has usually always been avidly wearing designer Song Hye-myung's designs, it was said that he had agreed readily to designer Song's invitation when she brought it up to him.

한편 송혜명디자이너의 2012F/W쇼는 오는 4월 2일 저녁 6시 올림픽공원내 평화의 광장 특설무대에서 진행된다.

english: This year's Designer Song Hye-myung's 2012 F/W show will take place on April 2, 6PM at the Olympic Park, Pyeonghwa Park, Peace Plaza.

News URL Link:
TV Daily,

현중 :: Keyeast notice 03/29 (thurs) - about upcoming Asia fanmeet

About the rumour of upcoming fanmeeting(s) in May in some Asian country(s), Keyeast has release a notice about it.

It is true there will be upcoming fanmeets in Asia. Whether or not it will be in May or after that, it is true he will have fanmeets soon.

Please, believe only what you will read from Kim Hyun-joong Official Homepage!
No matter how long they will take to write the notice (maximum 10-30minutes only), it will certainly still be published in the end.!

현재 해외 티켓 대행 예매 사이트를 통해 김현중씨의 아시아 팬미팅 예약 판매가 진행 되고 있는 것을 확인하였습니다.

english: We have confirmed the fact of some activity of pre-ordering of Kim Hyun-joong's Asia fanmeeting tickets is currently ongoing on some foreign ticket portal site (Japan)

허나 아시아 팬미팅과 관련된 사항은 현재 모두 예정만 되어 있을 뿐 개최 확정지가 아니므로 선예약시 불이익을 받으실 수 있습니다.

english: However, information and details regarding the upcoming Asia fanmeeting(s) is currently only scheduled and nothing is confirmed about those. So, it is likely that you will be disbenefited should you have already done the pre-ordering of tickets.

티켓 대행 사이트를 통한 예매로 발생된 불이익은 키이스트에서 책임지지 않으며 추후 아시아 팬미팅과 관련된 일정 및 개최지가 확정 되는 대로 티켓 구매 관련 자세한 사항은 공식홈페이지를 통해 공지 드리도록 하겠습니다.

english: Keyeast will not be responsible for any incurred losses on your part should you already have made your pre-order on the foreign ticket portal site. Soon, we will be posting a notice on this official homepage regarding the upcoming Asia fanmeetings' related schedules as well as information on the tickets' purchase as soon as is confirmed.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

영생 :: 『선녀가 필요해(Sent from heaven)』 - will first appear in 03/29 (Thurs) #23

아침 게재된 공홈 공지에 따르면 내일 목요일(03.29)부터 선녀가 필요해 #23에서 '허영생'역으로 나오는 예정인 영생님을 만나 보실수 있을테니 역시 기쁜 소식이네요.

According to notice published on HomePage this morning, Young-saeng who will be appearing as the role 'Heo Young Saeng' will appear finally in tomorrow (03.29, Thursday)'s Episode 23 of the sitcom.

KBS 시트콤 선녀가 필요해의 허영생씨 출연일정 안내해드립니다.

오는 29일 목요일 23회 방송분을 첫 시작으로
영생씨를 만나보실 수 있습니다.

Notice URL: Heo Young Saeng Official HomePage,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

형준 :: 『자체발광,그녀(Sunshine girl)』 Kang-min theme song 「달콤,Everyday(Sweet,Everyday)」 - special Japan P/V

자체발광,그녀 강민의 테마송 「달콤,Everyday」는 한국 공식 뮤직비디오(드라마 X-file-7에서 삽입된 것)에 이어 이제 일본 드라마 프로모션을 위해 만드는 스페셜 P/V 버전도 공개됐습니다. 강민.지현의 대표 뮤비...^^

After the official music video for Korea (inserted in the drama's X-file-7), now, the special P/V version for the sake of this drama's promotions in Japan is also released. The shoot at Hawaii on Feb.20 was for this special P/V version. This is Kangmin and Jihyun's movie.^^

The photo was this at Hawaii.

Video copyright: Kim Hyung Jun Japan official fanclub, JJUNAWAY
Video link in JJUNAWAY:
Youtube upload:, Pretty Boy
Youtube URL Link:
Thank You.

정민 :: 『번당화원(Fondant garden)』 #6 preview

오는 금요일 #6 방송되기 전에 여기 미리보기 영상입니다.

This is #6's video preview before upcoming Friday's broadcast.

Video copyright: Taiwan CTV (
Video URL:

현중 :: 『결혼의 꼼수(Wedding's Scheme)』 OST M/V Preview - 「그대도 나와 같다면(If you feel the same too)」

He will participate in the OST for new tvN drama 『결혼의 꼼수(Wedding's Scheme/Wedding's Plot)』. It will be the drama's theme song.
The song name is 「그대도 나와 같다면(If you feel the same too)」. It is a romantic ballad.

The full audio will be release official on Apr.3 (Tuesday).

This is the M/V preview cum song preview of this theme song for the drama.

Video copyright: tvN Drama
Video upload: CJENMDRAMA, Youtube (
Video URL Link:

Monday, March 26, 2012

현중 :: Kim Hyunjoong's charm...

On the day of TGC event in Shanghai on Mar-24, this was taken backstage.

A-star mainland/taiwan star Ady An specially took efforts to run to look for him just to get a signature for her little female cousin.

HJ's lounge was far from her VIP room, but she still stepped on 15-cm kill heels just to get his signature. To the extend, she had even nearly lost her Chanel handbag which costed about 500K, in the bag also consisted of a VERTU luxury handphone, iPhone, identification card, and credit cards. Luckily, in the end, she managed to find it in the lost-and-found room found by some kind soul.
It was such a close shave, imagine if she lost her handbag, but this shows Kim Hyunjoong has such terrific charm!

참 매력적인 김현중. 실감 나네요^^v

Photo copyright: 摄影控James, Weibo (
News source:

Friday, March 23, 2012

형준 :: 『그대를 사랑합니다(I Love You)』 - new still photos

Still photo release by SBS-Plus. A so handsome officer...^^;;

Broadcast details is:

Date: April 16 (Monday)
Time: PM 9:00 (GMT+9)
Channel: cable SBS Plus

2012/03/22 (Thursday)

Photo copyright: SBS Plus, Y-Tree company

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

정민 :: 『번당화원(Fondant garden)』 #5 preview

오는 23일(금)에 방송되는 #5 미리보기/예고 영상입니다.

This is the 60s preview for #5 that is to be aired on upcoming 23rd (Fri).  

Video copyright: CTV Taiwan (

Monday, March 19, 2012

형준 :: new drama 『그대를 사랑합니다(I Love You)』 - script reading session

'그대사' 이순재 정영숙vs김형준 김윤서, 따뜻한 사랑 그린다

english: 'I Love You' Lee Soon-jae, Jung Young-suk VS Kim Hyung-jun, Kim Yoon-seo : Depicts a heart-warming love

케이블채널 SBS PLUS 새 월화드라마 '그대를 사랑합니다'(극본 김명호, 연출 윤류해)의 대본연습 현장이 공개됐다.

english: Cable channel SBS PLUS new Monday-Tuesday drama 'I Love You' has revealed its script-reading session.

한편 '그대를 사랑합니다'는 인생에 마침표가 아닌 새로운 시작점에 선 노년들의 사랑을 통해 변치 않는 가치와 우리가 잃었던 소중한 것들을 되돌아 볼 수 있는 시간을 가져다 줄
작품으로, 내달 16일 첫방송된다.

english: On the other hand, 'I Love You' will start its first broadcast on next month (April) 16th onwards.

News report:
Photo copyright: SBS Plus

현중 :: Yahoo! Korea - Ask the Celeb event

There is an event conducted on Yahoo! Korea with the ultimate chance of interviewing Hyun-joong eventually. It is a creative process, and is also challenging.

What you can get : a upclose chance to interview Kim Hyun-joong personally. Only limited to 3 lucky winners.

You may try out on this URL

According to KeyEast's notice today on the homepage, there is some important details to note. It is so interesting ^^

I wanted to ask him about '인생(life)'. When I tried some fun, this is what is got:

Wear sunglasses with a police officer at a library, and do a hula-hoop while you (two) put on make-up

Wear uniforms with a person you first meet and pose a sexy pose at your house while you two sing passionately together

Meeting KHJ upclose is indeed such a precious chance... You challenge yourself to do it...^^

김현중을 직접 만나신다니 너무 소중한 기회죠... 그런 것들까지도 할줄 몰라요^^;;


Details of join event:

이벤트에 참여해주신 팬 여러분들께는 추첨을 통해 소정의 선물 지급 및

김현중씨와 직접 만나 인터뷰를 할 수 있는 기회를 제공할 예정으로

이벤트에 대한 사항은 아래 내용을 참조하여 주시기 바라며,

보다 자세한 사항은 야후!코리아 또는 야후!셀렙을 통해 문의하여 주시기 바랍니다.

english: Through a lottery draw, there will be precious gifts given to fans who participate in this event, and also chances for you to meet up directly to interview Kim Hyun-joong.

Please refer to the following link ( for more information.

Should you have more request, you may have it answered by Yahoo! Korea or Yahoo! Celeb.

◆[참여 기간]

2012년 3월 19일부터 4월 18일 까지

english: [Participation period] March 19 to April 18 (one full month)

◆[참여 방법]

1.     야후! 셀렙 내 개설된 이벤트 페이지( 접속

2.     김현중에게 직접 묻고 싶은 키워드 입력

3.     ‘랜덤(random)미션’ 수행 후 인증샷 찍어 본인 SNS, 블로그, 미니홈피 등 업로드

4.     4월 23일 당첨자 3인 발표

english: [How to participate]

1.     Access the event page at

2.     Enter the Keyword that you wish to ask Kim Hyun-joong

3.     After you get your 'Random Mission', execute it and then upload your proof (video) via personal SNS (twitter/facebook, etc), Blogs, Mini-homepages, etc. You should tag when you upload, and that includes on SNS media.

4. On April 23 (Mon), the 3 winners will be announced.

How to upload on Twitter:

1. Get hold of your proof video.
2. Upload onto your personal Twitter account. Tag
3. Click on 'details' of your tweet
4. Then copy the new URL link of your tweet expanded with its corresponding details. Copy it onto Mission No.2's page's URL box when you apply.

How to upload on Facebook:

1. Get hold of your proof video.
2. Upload onto your personal Facebook account. Tag
3. Find your status post that you did in Step.2. and copy details of that status (__ hours ago)
4. Then copy the new URL link of your status post expanded with its corresponding details. Copy it onto Mission No.2's page's URL box when you apply.

How to upload on your blog:

1. Get hold of your proof video.
2. Upload onto your personal blog page. Tag
3. Copy the URL link of your blog post.
4. Then copy the new URL link of your blog post expanded with its corresponding details. Copy it onto Mission No.2's page's URL box when you apply.

※You can only join Mission No.2 if you had participated in Mission No.1.

How to know if you had been selected: In Mission No.2 page, you must fill in your personal details like Name and Telephone Number. They will call you to notify you on April 23.

현중 :: 2012/03/19 (Mon) - 18th story 『............』

오늘 아침 10시 쯤엔 18번째 이야기가 떴네~ 오랜만이요 현중씨~~ 지난번이 1월 29일이었는데 ^^;; 여름 드라마도 기대할께요~^^

The 18th story was published this morning (Mon) at around 10AM++... It's been a long time since the previous Jan 29 ^^;;
We will wait for your hot Summer drama~^^

Please read here only.


잘지내고있나모르겠네 나는대외적으론 일이없어도 ..나름바쁜생활을하구있어^^

한단계 더도약하기위함이랄까??

화이트데이때 아무것도 못올려줬네 생각해보니까 ^^;;미안미안

대신좋은 작품과노래를들려줄께 이번년도에는^^;;


진짜심심하네 .......^^ 그렇다고 쉬는건아니고 뭔가를하긴하니까 오해말아

한몇일쉬면서 집에있으니깐 안읽었던 책두보게되구 드라마도많이보고 음악도많이듣게되네

내가아닌것같아서 굉장히자기자신이 낯설어 ㅋㅋㅋ

12시에서한시면 잠두자보고..ㅋㅋ이것두정상적인건아니지만

여러분도 쉴때는 가만히자기에대해 미래에대해 한번생각해봐봐

재정비가 되더라구 ^^ 나이제 재정비해서 다시 .....멋진계획을세운데로

가볼생각이야 잘쉬고있어봐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

날씨도풀렸으니깐 상쾌하게 공기도좀 쐬러다녀보구

그냥 그리워서??????ㅋㅋ심심해서??????몇자 끄적여봤어 ^^;;;

암튼미안미안 화이트데이못해줘서 ㅜㅜ내년에는 꼭줄께 이미지난거라서 뒤늦게 올리진않을래

^^ ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

난 가을이아니라 봄을타는것인가 -_-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Don't know if you all have been well or not but, even though I don't have official activities now ..I still am busy-ing in some way^^

Can I put that (busy-ing even if no official acts) as a kind of way so as for me to leap farther??

Now that I think of it, I realize I didn't upload anything on White day at all ^^;; sorrysorry
In turn, I'll present to you all good works and songs.. in this year ^^;;

Have you all been well???????? It's been about close to a month since I last (officially) appeared ne
So feels really bored .......^^ Despite so, I ain't resting but is instead doing some things actually, so don't misunderstand

Been resting these few days at home, and so started reading books that I haven't read, and also watching many dramas, and also listening alot to music
It's not seem like the usual me to the extend I start feeling like a stranger of myself to myself kkk
I even sleep at around between 12AM to 1AM..kk, and that is also abnormal

You all too, you all should spend some time thinking about yourselves, about your future when you're resting
It'll become some form of re-charge ^^
Now I'll re-charge and then again ..... I will proceed on towards my amazing plans that I have in mind.. So you all take a rest well ya kkkkkkkkkkkkk

The weather's been getting fine these days, so you all ought to go out get some fresh air too
I guess I just missed (you all) ???????kkk or that I'm just plain bored?????? .so that's why I ended up on here writing some stuff ^^;;;;
Anyhow, (I'm) sorrysorry, because I couldn't give anything on White Day ㅜㅜ
I'll definitely give in next year,
but anyway I shall not upload even any belated image (here)
^^ hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Am I like getting some spring fever now instead of the usual fall fever -_-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Saturday, March 17, 2012

형준 :: recording for new single - 새 싱글 녹음

새 싱글앨범 발표할 듯이요. 기대됩니다^^. 녹음이 어제(16일,금)에 진행됐다고 합니다.

Seems like he will be releasing a new single soon. Anticipate~^^ Recording had taken place yesterday (16th, Fri).

SS501의 멤버 김형준님의 새로운 싱글앨범(작곡가 BRAVE)의 보컬녹음이 에버모어 B/ 에서 진행됐습니다.^^

SS501 member Kim Hyung-jun's new single album(composer BRAVE) had its vocal recording at Evermore B.^^

형준 :: Interview with Korea embassady in Japan

Interview done on Feb 28 during his visit to Japan was captured. It is with his heartfelt regards and is a sincere interview.

Video copyright: koreanembjapan (

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

형준 :: new drama 『그대를 사랑합니다(I love you)』 - more role information

There are new information about his role as released from today published articles.

His role name has been changed from 'Yoon-chae(윤채)' to 'Jung Min-chae(정민채)'.

Game genius who invents new games, a very smart lad who manages to enter Seoul University.
He may look like the rich kid, but has actually a sad domestic story.

The name of his female partner as played by Kim Yoon-seo will be named 'Kim Yun-ah(김연아)'.

정민 :: 『번당화원(Fondant garden)』 #4 preview

오는 16일(금) 방송되는 4화 미리보기/예고 영상입니다.

Upcoming preview of #4 to be aired on 16th Mar (Fri).

Saturday, March 10, 2012

형준 :: New drama is confirmed : 『그대를 사랑합니다(I Love You)』

첫 드라마 자체발광,그녀에 이어 두번째 드라마는 아직도 케이블이지만 새로운 작품이여서 정말 기쁜 소식이네요. 기대하겠습니다.

Although it is still a cable channel drama, it is his 2nd drama work, which proves that industry experts likes him and want him to help them.
It is very refreshing to know that. :)

We will anticipate this.

March 09 (Friday)

SBS 플러스측의 한 관계자는 8일 TV리포트와 전화통화에서 “영화 ‘그대를 사랑합니다’에 출연했던 이순재씨가 16부작 드라마의 남자 주인공으로 캐스팅됐고 정영숙과 노년의 로맨스를 펼친다”고 말했다.

-english: A related personnel of SBS-Plus told TV Report on 8th March, "Lee Soon-jae who had starred in the movie version of 'I Love You' has been casted as the main protagonist in this 16-episode drama, and will be unfolding romance with Jung Young-suk".

'그대사'는 SBS 플러스에서 자체 제작하는 첫 드라마이며 4월 편성이 확정된 상태다. 4월 둘째주 정도 첫방송이 예고돼 있고 방송 시간대는 미정이다.

-english: 'I Love You' is the first self-produced drama by SBS-Plus themselves, and has already confirmed for an April broadcast. They have scheduled for its pilot episode to be around the 2nd week of April, though the timing slot is not yet decided.

이순재 정영숙 외에 SS501 출신 김형준과 KBS 2TV ‘포세이돈’에 출연하며 얼굴을 알린 신예 김윤서도 합류하게 됐다.

-english: Besides Lee Soon-jae and Jung Young-suk, SS501 Kim Hyung-jun and newbie actress Kim Yoon-seo who has had previously made her face known in KBS 2TV drama 'Poseidon' were also been confirmed to join the drama.

김형준은 오는 4월 케이블 TV SBS 플러스에서 방영되는 ‘그대를 사랑합니다’에서 공익근무원 윤채 역을 맡아 열연을 펼친다.

-english: Kim Hyung-jun will be starring as a public officer named Yoon-chae in upcoming April's new drama on cable TV SBS-Plus named 'I Love You'.

김윤서와 러브라인을 보여줄 예정이다. 

-english: He will be sharing a love line with Kim Yoon-seo.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

정민 :: 『번당화원(Fondant Garden)』 #3 Preview

오는 9일(금) 방송되는 3화 미리보기 60초 버전입니다.

60s preview of upcoming #3 to be aired on 9th Mar (friday).

Video copyright: CTV Taiwan (

Friday, March 02, 2012

Anticipated March

Maybe news of these might be let known. We will wait~!

-more details may be announced about world tour in September
-maybe news about discography

-sitcom 'Need a Fairy' will show his appearance
-news of 2nd mini-album
-comeback with 2nd mini-album at late-March

-maybe news of new work

-maybe news of Japanese album
-maybe news of new Korean drama +new+
-broadcasting of 'Fondant garden'

-maybe news of new work
-promotion of 'Sunshine girl' in Japan
-1st Story in Japan concert

Thursday, March 01, 2012

현중 :: 『COOLISHFACT』 CM - 30s''

CM character for AEON's sub-brand COOLISHFACT started on-air today (Thursday, 1 Mar).
Theme is him wearing the COOLISHFACT shirt and sweating without odour, light and odourless.

이온 브랜드 COOLISHFACT CM 캐릭터 맡는다.

Video copyright:
AEON Japan

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