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Synnara Revised Notice for K-pop Fans outside Korea: 

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★ 2012 Round-Up Summary ★

드디어! 2012년도 마무리했습니다. 그럼 조금 생각해보시려면 올해는 어떠셨어요? 좋은 한 해였나요!?
2012 has eventually came to an end... So, let us think, what kind of year was 2012...? Has it been a great year!?

  • All members released own albums (be it Japanese or Korean), and took new challenges
  • Friendship beyond the sky:
    -All members took time out to congregate for Kim Kyu Jong's final Fanmeeting in 2 years
    -Support shown at Kim Hyung Jun's 2nd Korean mini-album showcase
  • All been very active in sports (hobbies/interests/recreation): Basketball, Football, Baseball, Scuba Dive

All had a successful record of solo career:

  • Hyung Jun:
    - Held 1st Story and 2nd Story Nationwide Tours across Japan! 2nd Story Tour was done in less than a month!

    - Released 2nd Korean mini-album 『ESCAPE』 and 2nd (half) Japanese mini-album 『ESCAPE』.

    - Got invited to quite many significant market shows, events, ceremonies, festivals, as VIP Guest/Sole Performer (eg, KNTV Japan Drama Parade 2012, Busan International Film Festival 2012, K-Drama Star Awards 2012, Malaysia Model Festival 2012, Thailand-Korea Friendship Festival 2012)

    - Got recognised as actor with 2 dramas as a protagonist in one (『Sunshine Girl』) and an important role in the other (『I Love You』)!

    - Got the 'newbie' award with his 1st solo drama 『Sunshine Girl』 ever, and is seen to be the new rising star!

    - Got casted in famous director's new movie 『Actors are Actors』 and stars alongside veteran actors!

    - Had many many opportunities to meet with fans through fanmeets, fansigns, events (with ESCAPE in Korea and Japan, Sunshine Girl, I Love You, Concert Tours, Festivals, etc)

    Conclusion: Only a newbie in the acting industry, and he can already be achieving such achievements. It really shows his hard work being acknowledged in the eyes of many professionals. His individual name is starting to really shine. It's a really proud thing to see.

  •  Jung Min:
    - Taiwan Drama 『Fondant Garden』 marked his 1st foreign drama where he was the protagonist and the role specially tailored for him.

    - Released 2nd Korean mini-album 『Beautiful』, and 2 Japan Singles under ROMEO 『Give Me Your Heart』, 『Tonight's the Night』, and 1 Album under ROMEO 『Midnight Theatre』

    - Debuted in Japan as ROMEO with 3 live shows. Despite speechless throughout the show, there was no lack of passion and enthusiasm. ROMEO was well-received. It is a fresh try.

    - Had many many opportunities to meet with fans through fanmeets, fansigns, tours, events

    Conclusion: There were several unpleasant happenings this year as well, but which will only make him even stronger. It has been a year of reflection and progress for him. 

  • Young Saeng:
    - 1st official acting in comedy 『I Need a Fairy』.

    - Released 2nd Korean mini-album 『SOLO』, and his 1st Japan Album 『Overjoyed』.

    - Held his 1st solo concert ever - but in Japan! He was able to wrap all that many audiences.

    - Had many opportunities to meet with fans through fansigns, concert

    Conclusion: It was a year of rest and continuous improvement for him, as we saw him doing recreation (sports) most of his leisure time. He is topping up energy and inspiration to do even better next year.

  • Kyu Jong:
    - 1st official drama 『Save Ahjumma Go Bong Shil』 where he showed solid acting chops

    - Released 2nd Korean mini-album 『Meet Me Again』

    - Held first solo fanmeeting in Taiwan, Bangkok, Japan

    - Held a final touching and emotional fanmeeting in Korea with all his fans, supporters and most importantly, 4 other brothers who turned up amidst busy schedule to support and encourage

    - Had many opportunities to meet with fans through fanmeets

    - Entered mandatory military and started his 2-year path to maturity as a man

    Conclusion: As he is slowly treading his way to a better future with the price of 2 years, he did not forget about others who cares for him and whom he cares.

  • Hyun Joong:
    - Made his first solo debut in Japan at the beginning of the year, and scored such good results with 3 Japan discographies (2 Singles - January 2012 『Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy』, July 2012 『HEAT』) (1 Album - December 2012 『UNLIMITED』) all getting No.1 on the significant Oricon Charts at Daily, Weekly, even Monthly. It also includes other music charts like Tower Records Charts, HMV charts, Tsutaya Charts, etc.

    - He created several history with the title of a foreign solo artiste/Korean solo artiste with his sole name. With his 3 Japan discographies, he even topped the top few ranks for half-year and year count.

    - Is the highest sales amongst Kpop Solo+Group singers who have had released Japan Singles in 2012 - with 『HEAT』! To which it also achieved the Gold status.

    - Came in top in the few music categories related to his 3 Japan discographies upon immediate release (ie, Ringtone, Caller Ring, MV viewcounts, Realtime Searches on music and news portals, etc)

    - Came in top on Oricon Charts under the 'DVD' category with 『First Impact』

    - Got invited to quite many significant market shows, events, ceremonies, festivals as one of the top and VIP performer

    - Successfully completed 1 Asia Fanmeeting Tour across 3 months (May-July) in 8 countries/cities!

    - Held many many fanmeetings and fansigns (ie, with Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy, HEAT, UNLIMITED, City Conquest, Lotte Duty Free, The Face Shop, Centerpole, Hangten)

    - Invited for the first time on China's most popular variety programme 『Happy Camp』 and achieved highest ratings amongst all other top Korean artistes who have had appeared on the same show before!

    - Got many many awards (Korea's Asia Song Festival, China's Miguhui Music Ceremony, Hong Kong's Yahoo Buzz Asia Awards). Amongst which, he received 4 trophies altogether ('Most Popular of the Decade', 'Hong Kong, Taiwan, Asia's Most Popular Korean Artiste'). This proves he is been internationally and massively acknowledged.

    - Confirmed his 3rd Drama to be an action melo-drama 『City Conquest』 where he is the protagonist.

    Conclusion: He focused on lots of opportunities to interacted with fans. This was an extremely helpful opportunity that help displayed his most honest, sincere and down-to-earth personality to his fans. And that is why his positive power just keeps influencing across Asia, and is slowly making its way towards the world!
    It was mainly his Japan activities and the Asia Fanmeeting Tour. This couldn't have been possible if there was not enough enthusiasm from the market. It is great!!

Final Summary of 2012::

It was such a self-developing and fulfilling year for all of them.

In 2013, their career paths will only start to shine even brighter and twinkle like the Orion star in the dark and unfathomable sky.

Let us await to see even bigger surprises!!

2013 Fighting!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012. 12. 25

크리스마스입니다. 메리 크리스마스에요 여러분~ ^_^

It's Christmas. Merry Jolly Christmas to you~! ^_^

Saturday, December 08, 2012

형준 :: 『대전 드라마 페스티벌 - K 드라마 어워즈(Daejeon Drama Festival - K Drama Awards 2012)』 - 'Rising Star' awarded!

오늘 12월 8일 대전에서 열리는 『대전 드라마 페스티벌 - K 드라마 어워즈 2012』에서 '라이징스타' 상을 수상한 김형준씨에게 축하의 말씀을 드리고 싶습니다!
완전 축하해요 형준씨!! 배우로서의 첫 상이기 때문에 더 뜻 깊은 것이죠! 다시한번 축하드립니다!!

Hyung Jun received the Newbie 'Rising Star' award to which he was nominated for at the 『Daejeon Drama Festival - K Drama Awards 2012』 held today (Dec 8) in Daejeon. Congratulations!! It is his first award as an actor, and even as a solo artiste!! Once again, Congratulations Hyung Jun!!

English: There's something really meaningful and significant for me today. It made my start as an actor joyously (encouragingly).! I may have received this award, but I'd like to dedicate it to all staff who suffered much together with me for the drama. To all fans as well, truly truly thank you^^. Kim Hyung Jun Daebak! Fighting!

형준 :: 12.08, Photos of him receiving 'Rising Star' from S-Plus Twitter

소속사 S-Plus 공식 트위터에서 올리는 '라이징스타' 형준씨의 사진.

A few photos uploaded by agency S-Plus on their official twitter of the 'Rising Star' Hyung Jun receiving and after receiving his award. ^^

Photo copyright, credit: S-Plus Twitter,

Sunday, December 02, 2012

December 2012

12월이다. 남은 한개월이 잘 마무리 해야돼요. 자기 꿈을 위해 늘 열심히 노력하고 발전해 나가는 그런 사람이 되었으면 합니다.

다들 파이팅하시오!! 꼭 이루어주시길 바랍니다!! 

It's now December... We should end off the remaining one month properly. It'd be great if we could always work hard towards our dream and be always constantly improving ourselves.

Fighting everybody!! May you succeed!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

현중 :: 1st Japan Album 『UNLIMITED』 title track 「Your Story」 M/V Teaser

첫 일본 앨범 『UNLIMITED』 타이틀 곡 「Your Story」 티저 영상이 공개되었습니다. 

1st Album 『UNLIMITED』's title track 「Your Story」 M/V Teaser video is been released. This video is an introduction to the songs that will be included in the upcoming album, inclusive of album 『UNLIMITED』's title track 「Your Story」.

Hyun Joong looks like a vampire in the final scenes. ^^

Video copyright: Universal Music Japan
Label: Delicious Deli Records, Japan

Friday, November 23, 2012

형준 :: 영화 『배우는 배우다』 캐스팅됐습니다 (has been officially casted in movie 'Actors are Actors')

형준군의 다음 작품이 결정되었습니다. 바로 김기덕 감독님의 영화 『배우는 배우다』라고 합니다. 역시 좋은 소식이네요. 드디어 리얼 김배우님을 만날 수 있게 되네요. 같이 기대하세요! 

Hyung Jun's next work has been decided to be Director Kim Ki-duk's new film 『Actors are Actors』. We will be able to meet the real actor Kim very soon. Let us anticipate together!! 

Extracts from article:

김형준 소속사 '에스플러스엔터테인먼트' 측은 23일 "김형준이 '영화는 영화다'에 캐스팅돼 11월 말에 크랭크인에 들어갈 예정"이라며 "이제는 스크린을 통해 팬들을 만나게 됐다"라고 밝혔다.
English: Kim Hyung Jun's agency 'S-Plus Entertainment' revealed on 23rd, "Kim Hyung Jun has been casted in the movie 'Actors are Actors', and will join in the shooting around end-November", "He will now be able to greet fans through the screens", as was disclosed.

기대할 만한 점은 상대배우와의 호흡. 김형준은 양동근, 서영희, 이준 등과 호흡을 맞추게 됐다. 연기파 배우들과 함께 출연하는데다가 김기덕 감독이 제작사로 나선 만큼 김형준의 연기 성장에도 긍정적인 영향을 끼칠 것으로 보인다.
English: What's worth anticipating is the collaboration chance with stars starring opposite him - Yang Dong Geun, Seo Young Hee, MBLAQ's Lee Joon, etc. This film will no doubt be of positive influence to Kim Hyung Jun's growth as an actor.

Article News URL: Dispatch

Friday, November 16, 2012

정민 :: 11.16, Sports Chosun interview photos 3P

오늘 게재된 인터뷰 기사를 통해 공개한 3장 인터뷰 사진들.

3 pieces of interview photos from interview with Sports Chosun that was published today.

Interview Article link: Sports Chosun, 2012.11.16,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

정민 :: 11.14, Recommended Interviews to read, An excerpt about Jeomrye

Recommendation interviews to read. Feel his depth and how he's grown from before. There will be more to come.

[Newsen Interview]
박정민 “소송문제로 힘들때 반려견 점례 덕에 힘냈다”(인터뷰)

[Herald Economics Interview]
박정민, 이제 ‘또 다른 나’를 보여줄 때(인터뷰)

Touching Story - Excerpt from Newsen Interview:

His affection for Jeomrye and how Jeomrye was his precious pillar of support and helped healed his heart during tough times during lawsuit. Jeomrye was always waiting for him at the doorstep when he returns home late due to work. Just by listening to his footsteps, Jeomrye will know he has returned, and will then make its way to the door to receive him.

다행히 박정민이 힘들 시간에 그에게 힘이 되준건 그의 반려견 점례다. 박정민은 "이번에 내가 키우는 개 '점례'가 내 뮤직비디오에 출연했다. 점례는 내가 소송 문제로 힘들었을 때 마음을 치료해준 소중한 존재다"고 말했다.

점례는 채 1살이 되지 않은 어린 강아지다. 박정민이 '국민 옆집개'로 키우기 위해 열심히 돌고보 있다. 박정민은 "점례는 새로운 사람을 좋아하고 노는 것을 좋아하는 아이다. 집에서 하도 낑낑대길래 풀어줬다. 만약 내가 일때문에 늦게 들어가는 날이면 문 앞에서 날 기다리고 있다. 내 발소리만 듣기만 해도 어떻게 알았는지 귀신같이 따라나온다"고 자랑했다.

정민 :: 「Beautiful」 Full M/V

정민군 2nd 한국 싱글앨범 『Beautiful』 타이틀곡 「Beautiful」의 뮤직비디오 (Music Video)가 공개되었습니다! 함께 보시죠!

2nd Album 『Beautiful』's same name title track 「Beautiful」 has released its full M/V! Let us watch it!

Video URL:
Artist: Park Jung Min, 박정민, パク・ジョンミン

정민 :: 2nd Korean Single Album 『Beautiful』 Digitally Release

정민군의 2nd 한국 싱글앨범인 『Beautiful』가  드디어 1년 10개월만에 돌아왔습니다. 꼭 들어보시죠.

2nd Album 『Beautiful』 is finally released after 1 year 10 months (22 months)! Please take a listen to the specially prepared album!

MelOn, 멜론

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

현중 :: Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2012

The annual year-end ceremony, Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards, is back again. It's Hyun Joong's 4th consecutive year in nomination. This year, Hyun Joong is nominated in the '亞洲人氣偶像(Asia Popular Idol)' (literal translation) category. If he wins, it will be his 4th consecutive year of winning streak.

If you'd like to make it his 4th consecutive win, you can vote for him like seen in this image:

Note: Voting is unlimited

Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards Ceremony 2012 - Information
When: December 17 (Mon)
Time: 8PM
Where: Hong Kong

Voting Homepage:

정민 :: 11.13, 『Beautiful』 new inclusive photos

모 인터뷰 기사를 통해 공개된 Beautiful한 사진들. 인터뷰 내용도 꼭 읽어주시길!

Images that were published in a particular interview article today. Please read the other various interviews as well!

Picture from article: OSEN Interview,

Upcoming releases of discographys/DVDs

현재까지 예정돼 있는 음반이나 DVD 발매 계획들입니다.

The current scheduled of upcoming releases of discographys/DVDs being collated. 

Nov.14 - [KR] Park Jung Min 2nd Single Album 『Beautiful』

Dec.12 - [JP] Kim Hyun Joong 1st Album 『UNLIMITED』

Dec.19 - [JP] Park Jung Min 1st Album 『Midnight Theatre』

Dec.25 - [JP] Kim Hyun Joong Documentary DVD 『世界を魅了する(세계를 홀리다, Bewitch the World)』

Monday, November 12, 2012

정민 :: 「Beautiful」 M/V Teaser No.2

박정민군 2nd 싱글앨범 『Beautiful』 타이틀 곡인 「Beautiful」 M/V Teaser No.2 입니다. ^^

2nd M/V Teaser for 「Beautiful」 is released. ^^


LQ, from Official Park Jung Min YouTube Channel

Video URL:,

Monday, November 05, 2012

정민 :: 2nd Korean Single Album title track 「Beautiful」 M/V Teaser

정민군 2nd 한국 싱글 앨범인 『Beautiful』 동명 타이틀 곡 「Beautiful」의 M/V 티저가 공개되었습니다. 개인적으론 너무 좋은 스타일이네요. ^^

Jung Min's 2nd Korean Single Album 『Beautiful』's same-name title track 「Beautiful」 M/V Teaser has been released. It's a style I really like ^^

Video channel: CJENMMUSIC,

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Happy 27th Birthday to Young Saeng ☆

11월 3일이 허영생군의 27번째 생일입니다.

진심으로 축하드리고

늘 항상 행복한 일만 가득하고

더 좋은 더 높은 성적을 이루어 주시길 바랍니다.

always 건강하시고 행복하세요!!

November 3 is Young Saeng-gun's 27th Birthday.

Happy Birthday to him with utmost blessings,

and may he achieve more proud and higher achievements.

Please be healthy, and indulge in happiness as always!!

2012. 11. 03 (Sat)

Friday, November 02, 2012

정민 :: 2nd 싱글 앨범 『Beautiful』 - Jacket Image & Tracklist -Releases November 14

박정민군의 2nd 새로운 싱글 앨범 『Beautiful』가 11월 14일(수)에 발매한다고 합니다. 이 앨범은 1년 10개월만에 컴백하는 앨범이에요.


01. Beautiful

02. 있잖아요 (with Zuwan)
03. Beautiful (Acoustic Ver.)
04. Beautiful (Instrumental Ver.)

Image: Park Jung Min 2nd Single Album 'Beautiful' Jacket Cover

Friday, October 26, 2012

현중 :: 1st Japan Album 『UNLIMITED』 - December 12 release!

가수 김현중 대망의 일본 1st 정규 앨범 『UNLIMITED』가 12월 12일에 발매된다고 합니다.

Finally, Singer Kim Hyun Joong's highly anticipated 1st Japan Album 『UNLIMITED』 will be released on December 12!

◈Discography Name : UNLIMITED

◈Release Date : 2012 December 12 (Wed)

Limited Edition/초회 한정판 A
Design A

Your Story P/V + Making

01. Save Today
02. Let's Party
03. U (Japanese Version)
04. KISS KISS (Japanese Version)
05. I'm Yours
06. Your Story
07. 僕は君のもの (Japanese Version)
08. Marry Me (Japanese Version)
09. Lucky Guy (Japanese Version)
10. BREAK DOWN (Japanese Version)
11. HEAT
12. Your Story (Instrumental)
13. Save Today (Instrumental)
14. I'm Yours (Instrumental)

Greeting Card (same design as other versions)
A2 Calendar Poster, Design A (January ~ April 2013)

Limited Edition/초회 한정판 B

Design B

Save Today P/V + Making

01. Save Today
02. Let's Party
03. U (Japanese Version)
04. KISS KISS (Japanese Version)
05. I'm Yours
06. Your Story
07. 僕は君のもの (Japanese Version)
08. Marry Me (Japanese Version)
09. Lucky Guy (Japanese Version)
10. BREAK DOWN (Japanese Version)
11. HEAT
12. Your Story (Instrumental)
13. Save Today (Instrumental)
14. I'm Yours (Instrumental)

Greeting Card (same design as other versions)
A2 Calendar Poster, Design B (May ~ August 2013)

Standard Edition/통상판

Design C

01. Save Today
02. Let's Party
03. U (Japanese Version)
04. KISS KISS (Japanese Version)
05. I'm Yours
06. Your Story
07. 僕は君のもの (Japanese Version)
08. Marry You (Japanese Version)
09. Lucky Guy (Japanese Version)
10. BREAK DOWN (Japanese Version)
11. HEAT
12. Your Story (Instrumental)
13. Save Today (Instrumental)
14. I'm Yours (Instrumental)

Deluxe Photo Booklet
A2 Calendar Poster, Design C (September ~ December 2013)


Design D
Tall Sized Digipack

-no DVD-

01. Save Today
02. Let's Party
03. U (Japanese Version)
04. KISS KISS (Japanese Version)
05. I'm Yours
06. Your Story
07. 僕は君のもの (Japanese Version)
08. Marry Me (Japanese Version)
09. Lucky Guy (Japanese Version)
10. BREAK DOWN (Japanese Version)
11. HEAT
12. Your Story (Instrumental)
13. Save Today (Instrumental)
14. I'm Yours (Instrumental)

Luxurious Cosmetic Box
Hoodie in the looks of the one that he's usually been using


Design E
Plastic Case

-no DVD-

01. Save Today
02. Let's Party
03. U (Japanese Version)
04. KISS KISS (Japanese Version)
05. I'm Yours
06. Your Story
07. 僕は君のもの (Japanese Version)
08. Marry Me (Japanese Version)
09. Lucky Guy (Japanese Version)
10. BREAK DOWN (Japanese Version)
11. HEAT
12. Your Story (Instrumental)
13. Save Today (Instrumental)
14. I'm Yours (Instrumental)

Smartphone Stand

Information collated: Kim Hyun Joong Universal Music Japan Homepage, Kim Hyun Joong Japan Site

Saturday, October 13, 2012

정민 :: 2nd 한국 앨범 타이틀 곡 M/V 스틸 사진 (2nd KR new album's title M/V Stills)

11월 컴백한 정민군 새 앨범 중인 타이틀 곡의 뮤직비디오 스틸 사진입니다.

Still photos of the title song's Music Video (M/V). The M/V was shot on 12th (Fri). It seems like the 'Disco' concept will be showcased this time. 

Photo copyright: A&R Yamaha

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

형준 :: 10월 中 공연, 행사, 이벤트 (Events in October)

10월이 '형준복(福)'도 많이 받을 수 있는 한 달! 10월이 왜이리 좋을까요 ^^

October is the month to receive much 'HyungJunFortune(福)' too!
Summary of Event Listing to see Hyung Jun's appearance upfront and upclose

10월 4, 5일 (October 4, 5) (Thursday, Friday)

・『17th Busan International Film Festival』 (제17회 부산 국제 영화제)
Busan, Korea

10월 7일 (October 7) (Sunday)

・『Kim Hyung Jun 2012 Premium Event -あなたと-』
Tokyo, Japan

10월 8, 9, 10일 (October 8, 9, 10) (Monday-Wednesday)

・『Kim Hyung Jun x JJUNAWAY Offline Party 2012 F/W』
Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Japan

Monday, October 01, 2012

현중 :: 10월 中 공연, 행사, 이벤트 (Events in October)

10월이 '현중복(福)'을 많이 받을 수 있는 좋은 한 달! ^^

October is the month to receive much 'HyunJoongFortune
Summary of Event Listing to see Hyun Joong's appearance upfront

10월 4일 (October 4) (Thursday)

・HENECIA JAPAN 1st Anniversary 『都市征伐(City Conquest)』 Memorial Event
Budokan Stadium, Tokyo, Japan

・『都市征伐(City Conquest)』 Production Conference
Budokan Stadium, Tokyo, Japan

10월 13일 (October 13) (Saturday)

・『LOTTE : KIM HYUN JOONG Fanmeeting in Seoul』 (*3rd time*)
Seoul, Korea

10월 28일 (October 28) (Sunday)

・Hunan(China) TV Variety 『Happy Camp』 - Recording in Studio
Changsha, China

Sunday, September 30, 2012

정민 :: Tentative Discography Plans

This is a summary of discographies that will and may happen soon, by reading from the news content about the mini meet-the-media session held after ROMEO 2nd Contact ended on Sep.29 yesterday, from KR and JPN portals.

Tentative Planned Target

10월 31일 (Oct.31) - 2nd Japan single 『Tonight's the Night』

11월 3일 (Nov.3) - 『ROMEO 3rd Contact』 (for purchasers of 5 versions of 2nd single)

11월 초/11월 중순 (early-Nov or mid-Nov) - 2nd KR mini-album
(related link)

12월 12일 (Dec.12) - First JP Official Album

12월 18일 (Dec.18) - Japan Tour 『ROMEO LIVE 2012』 : Tokyo, etc

12월 (Dec 2012) - Plan to do activities in Korea with 'ROMEO' name

2013년 1월 (Jan 2013) - Plan to release an album in Korea with 'ROMEO' name

Information extracted from:
Daum, Naver, etc

정민 :: 『ROMEO LIVE 2012』 in Tokyo on 2012.12.18

12월에 열릴 'ROMEO 라이브' 콘서트 정보입니다.

The date for ROMEO LIVE 2012 (Concert) is published.


When : 2012 . December . 18 (Wednesday)

Where : Tokyo Dome City Hall

From: ROMEO Official Fanclub,

정민 :: 9.29 『ROMEO 2nd Contact Showcase』 - DVD로 출시될 예정 (Will be produced into DVD soon)

9월29일에 진행되었던 ROMEO 2nd Contact Showcase 이벤트에 대한 정보입니다.

Some little info about the event held on September 29.

ROMEO 2nd Contact Showcase Live 



Translation: 또한, 이 모습은 곧 DVD로 출시 될 예정입니다. In addition, this day's event will be made into DVD soon.

Information extracted from:
JP News

Monday, September 24, 2012

현중 :: 『도시정벌(City Conquest)』 제작보고회 in 부도칸 (Drama Production Conference in Budokan), Oct.4

오는 10월4일, 현중군이 주연하는 드라마 도시정벌이 한국에 방송하기 전에 먼저 일본 부도칸에서 대규모 제작보고회를 열립니다.
현중군과 정유미양 주연 두 분이 참여할 예정입니다.

There will be a press and report and production conference to be held in Budokan, Japan next week. It will be a full scale event.

When: October 4 (Thursday), 7:00 PM (GMT+9)

Where: Budokan Stadium, Tokyo, Japan

How many people: 16,000 fans, 400 local and international media (egs, NHK, Fuji TV, TBS, etc)

Who: Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Yoo Mi, Producers from Baek Media

Itinerary: Production conference, 1st Promotion Video will be revealed, Drama Introduction Session

It is the first time such a big event for the broadcast of a Korean drama is being held in Japan, even before its airing.

Information: TV Daily

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

영생 :: 1st Japan album 『Overjoyed』 title song 「1,2,3」 Full M/V

영생군 1st 일본 앨범 『Overjoyed』 타이틀 곡 「1,2,3」 풀 뮤직비디오가 공개되었습니다.

1st Japan album 『Overjoyed』 is released today (Sept 19) in Japan. At the same time, 「1,2,3」 has revealed its full M/V too.

Video upload: Pony Canyon Japan,
Video copyright: Pony Canyon Japan

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

영생 :: 1st Japan Album 『Overjoyed』 title song 「1,2,3」 M/V preview

영생군 1st 일본 앨범인 『Overjoyed』 타이틀 곡 「1,2,3」 뮤직비디오 미리보기가 공개되었습니다. ^_^

Young Saeng 1st Japan album 『Overjoyed』 title song 「1,2,3」 has revealed its M/V Preview! Let us take a look!

Video upload: Pony Canyon Japan Official YouTube Channel,
Video copyright: Pony Canyon Japan

Saturday, September 15, 2012

정민 :: Sep.15, 트위터 업데이트 (twitter update)

오늘 '급여행' 가는 정민군 트위터에서 올라오는 사진들입니다. 첫 사진에선 아주 멋있네요 o_o...

Jung Min posted on Twitter today that he is off to a 'holiday'. Looking so model in the first photo...

From: Park Jung Min Twitter, [1] [2]

Friday, September 14, 2012

정민 :: 【ROMEO】 2nd Japan Single 『Tonight's the Night』 음반 정보 (single information)

10월31일에 발매하는 일본 2nd 싱글 『Tonight's the Night』 음반 정보입니다.

Discography information about 2nd Japan single 『Tonight's the Night』 that will be released on Oct.31 - Halloween. ^^

◈Discography Name : Tonight's the Night

◈Release Date : October 31, 2012

Limited Edition A/초회 한정반 A

I. Tonight’s the Night / The Dawn-沈黙-(ロメオ・サウンドストーリー)
II. 君を、守りたい
III. Tonight’s the Night(Instrumental)

Photocard No.7

Limited Edition B/초회 한정반 B

I. Tonight’s the Night / The Moon-蒼い月-(ロメオ・サウンドストーリー)
III. Tonight’s the Night(Instrumental)

Photocard No.8

Limited Edition C/초회 한정반 C

I. Tonight’s the Night / The Touch-輪郭-(ロメオ・サウンドストーリー)
II. Hide & Seek Love
III. Tonight’s the Night(Instrumental)

Photocard No.9

Limited Edition D/초회 한정반 D

I. Tonight’s the Night/The Thirst-渇望- (ロメオ・サウンドストーリー)
II. Sin
III. Tonight’s the Night(Instrumental)

Photocard No.10

Standard Edition/통상판

I. Tonight’s the Night/The Fate-彷徨-(ロメオ・サウンドストーリー)
II. Dream Out Loud
III. Tonight’s the Night(Instrumental)

Photocard No.11

Information from: ROMEO HomePage, Amazon Japan

Sunday, September 09, 2012

정민 :: 【ROMEO】 Sept.09, 공식 팬클럽 오픈! (Official Fanclub opens)

오늘 9월9일 19시19분에는 ROMEO Official Fanclub 페이지가 오픈했습니다~

At 7.19pm today, Sept.09, ROMEO's Official Fanclub was opened! From now on, this will be the official homepage and official fanclub page about everything ROMEO.

Website Outlook

Saturday, September 08, 2012

정민 :: 【ROMEO】 공식 팬클럽 9월9일 오픈한다 (official fanclub opens on Sept.09)

ROMEO님도 이제 곧 공식 팬클럽이 열린다고 합니다.

ROMEO will now open an official fanclub too!

ROMEO Official Fanclub Site will open on Sept.09 (Sun) at 19:19 (7.19pm, JST).

ROMEO's activities and news will be delivered via this medium.

ROMEO Official Fanclub will be the official fanclub for ROMEO in Japan to cheer and root him on. It's a fanclub for ROMEO's fans.

Source: ROMEO Official Mail Magazine

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

정민 :: 【ROMEO】 1st Japan Single 『Give Me Your Heart』 Full M/V

ROMEO님 1st 일본 싱글 『Give Me Your Heart』 동명 타이틀 곡인 「Give Me Your Heart」 풀 뮤직비디오가 공개되었습니다.

1st Japan single 『Give Me Your Heart』 that is released on Sep.05 (Wed) has revealed its title track 「Give Me Your Heart」 full M/V!

Video URL:
Copyright: Victor Music,

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summary update of current works & preparations in progress

요즘의 그 들이 뭐하고 계셨었어요?

What have the five of them been doing recently?


Hyun Joong - 『도시정벌』 열심히 촬영 중, 광고 촬영 등 (Shooting 'City Conquest' very hardworkingly in progress, shooting for endorsements)

Young Saeng - 1st 일본 정규 앨범 『Overjoyed』 관련 작업 준비 중 (Preparing for all related works for 1st Japan Full Album 'Overjoyed')

Kyu Jong - 군사 활약 중 (Serving military)

Jung Min - 1st 일본 공식 싱글 『Give Me Your Heart』, 2nd 일본 공식 싱글 『Tonight's the Night』, 일본 음반 활동 관련 작업 준비 중 (Preparing for all related works for 1st Single 'Give Me Your Heart', 2nd Single 'Tonight's the Night', and all activities in Japan)

Hyung Jun - 『2nd STORY in JAPAN』 순회 공연 끝남, 다음 음반이나 작품이나 기타 작업 준비 중 ('2nd STORY in JAPAN' just ended, preparing for other related misc and upcoming works)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

영생 :: 1st 일본 앨범 『Overjoyed』 앨범 정보 (1st Japan album, Album Specs)

영생군 1st 일본 앨범 『Overjoyed』의 앨범 정보 입니다.

Information for 1st Japan album 『Overjoyed』 is collated. This time's concept seems to be fun and vivid, vibrant, lively.

◈Discography Name : 『Overjoyed』

◈Release Date : September 19, 2012 (Wed)

Limited Edition/초회 한정판

「1.2.3」 Music Video + Making

001. DraMagic!
003. 1.2.3 ★title track★
005. True Tears
006. Crying (Japanese Ver.)
007. LET IT GO (Japanese Ver.)
008. Dream On
009. とぎれた夜をつないで
010. Timeless Love
011. Hello Mello (Japanese Ver.)

◇[Bonus : Special inserted]
Application ticket A to 'After Talk Show' on Sept 22, 24

Standard Edition/통상판

001. DraMagic!
003. 1.2.3 ★title track★
005. True Tears
006. Crying (Japanese Ver.)
007. LET IT GO (Japanese Ver.)
008. Dream On
009. とぎれた夜をつないで
010. Timeless Love
011. Hello Mello (Japanese Ver.)

◇[Bonus : Special inserted]
Application ticket B to 'After Talk Show' on Sept 22, 24

Source: Pony Canyon, Heo Young Saeng Artist Page,

Friday, August 17, 2012

영생 :: 1st 일본 앨범 『Overjoyed』 수록 사진 (inset pictures)

1st 일본 앨범 『Overjoyed』 수록 사진들입니다. 일부 공개했어요.

Some inset pictures from 1st Japan album 『Overjoyed』 revealed.

Source: Pony Canyon Heo Young Saeng page,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

규종 :: Aug.14, 훈련소에서 쓰는 친필 편지 (letter self-written)

훈련소에서 쓰는 편지가 도착했어요! 빨리 읽어보세요! 금주는 마지막이요, 화이팅하고 버텨야돼요!

Letter from the military base has arrived! Read it and appreciate it quick!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

현중 :: 2nd Japan single 『HEAT(히트)』 'Gold Disc' July 2012

He has received the 'Gold Disc' award for July 2012 under 'Singles' category with 2nd Japanese single 『HEAT(히트)』.

It is awarded by the Japan Records Association when a discography has a sales of more than 100K copies.

in Korean: 골드는 음반 10만 장 이상 판매 시 수여되는 일종의 '훈장'.

in Japanese: ゴールドとは作品が10万枚以上販売された時に授与される勲章のようなもので、キム・ヒョンジュンが7月4日に発売したニューシングル「ヒット」でゴールドに登極した。

Friday, August 10, 2012

정민 :: 『Park Jung Min STYLISH BOOK』 - 상품 개요

패션 사진집 『Stylish Book』의 수록 사진들 예약 사이트에서 추출했습니다.

Park Jung Min 『Stylist Book』 will be released in end-September.


257mm x 364mm / 48-page

1 DVD Disc (unreleased footage 10mins) + A1-size huge poster

Thursday, August 09, 2012

현중 :: 『2012.Aug.4 Asia Song Festival』 리허설 & 공연 땐 사진 (photo during rehearsal & the live)

8월4일 여수 엑스포에서 진행되었던 『2012 Asia Song Festival』 현장 리허설과 공연 땐 사진입니다.

Rehearsal and during the live play's photo during 『2012 Asia Song Festival』 held at Yeosu Expo on August 4.

Source: Kim Hyun Joong Official Facebook,

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

정민 :: 【ROMEO】 [기사] Aug.8, 솔로 가수 '로메오'로 日本 활동 스타트

오늘 게재된 기사들 입니다.

Articles reported today.

그는 지난 8월 7일 본지와 만난 자리에서 “오랜만에 만남인만큼 최선을 다하는 모습 보여드리겠다. 기대해달라”고 각오를 전했다.

eng: As we met up with him on the 7th (Aug), he expressed his determination, "Since this will be my appearance in a long while, I want to show the side of myself doing to the best. Please anticipate".


박정민은 조이뉴스24에 "지금까지와는 다른 모습을 보여드리고 싶다"며 "오랜만의 활동에 마음이 설렌다. 새로운 마음가짐으로 좋은 모습 보여드리겠다"고 설레는 각오를 전했다.

eng: As he met up with Joy News 24, "I want to show a side to myself that's different from what I've been showing from past until now", "It's been in a long while, I feel excited. With this new attitude thereafter, I'd like to show a new profile to myself", as he conveyed his excitement.


박정민은 7일 스타뉴스와 만나 "약 1년 전부터 준비해 온 프로젝트로 '로메오'란 이름으로 내가 앞으로 선보일 음악 장르를 구분할 것"이라며 "걱정해 주신 분들 덕분에 새로운 마음가짐으로 활동을 시작하게 됐다. 오랜만의 활동에 설렌다. 열심히 하는 모습으로 보답할 계획이다"라고 각오를 전했다.

eng: As he met with StarNews on 7th (Aug), "As this project has been prepared from since around 1 year ago, this new name 'Romeo' will be able to distinctively differentiate the kind of music I'll be delivering hereafter", "Thanks to the concerns and worries from everyone, I'm thus able to start off activities with a new determination. I feel excited because it's been a long while. I'll repay by working hard".


박정민은 9월 5일 첫 번째 싱글앨범 '기브 미 유어 하트(Give Me Your Heart)'를 발매한 뒤 본격적인 일본 프로모션을 시작한다. 9월 29일 도쿄에서 3회에 걸쳐 라이브공연을 펼치며 12월 말 일본 전국투어를 개최할 예정이다.

eng: Soon as Park Jung Min releases his 1st Japan Single 'Give Me Your Heart' on September 5, he will hence begin official activities and promotions in Japan thereafter. On September 29 ('ROMEO' 2nd Contact), he will hold 3 sessions of live plays in Tokyo, while also hold a nationwide tour in Japan around end-December.

향후 박정민은 일본 활동에 치우치지 않고 한국과 일본을 오가며 활발한 행보를 보여줄 계획이다. 가까운 시일 내 국내 무대 복귀도 진지하게 검토 중이다.

eng: In the times to come, Park Jung Min is expected to go forth between Korea and Japan for his singer activities. In a short while he's planning for a domestic comeback as well, and is currently in serious discussions.

본격적인 일본 활동에 앞서 박정민은 8월 7일 뉴스엔과 만난 자리에서 "지금까지와는 색다른 매력을 보여드리고 싶다. 로메오 프로젝트를 위해 1년여 전부터 야심하게 준비해왔다. 오랜만에 활동할 생각에 마음이 설렌다. 새로운 마음가짐과 최선의 노력으로 팬들에게 좋은 모습을 보여드리겠다"고 밝혔다.

eng: Park Jung Min spoke with Newsen on 7th (Aug), "I would like to show a different and unique charm of mine that's different from what has been shown all these while. For this 'Romeo' project, I've been eagerly preparing for it since 1 year ago. I feel excited since this time would be in such a long while. With this new attitude and my hard work reaped, I want to deliver this new profile to my fans", as he expressed.

Source: Daum, Naver

정민 :: 【ROMEO】 「Give Me Your Heart」 M/V - 1분38초 ver.

ROMEO님 1st 일본 동명 싱글의 타이틀 곡 「Give Me Your Heart」 Music Video (1분38초 버젼) 입니다.

1st Japan Single, with the same name, reveals the Music Video (1m 38s ver.) for title track 「Give Me Your Heart」.

Video upload: VictorMusicChannel,
Video copyright: Victor Entertainment, Inc.

영생 :: Sept.22 & 24, 東京, 大阪 일본 첫 콘서트 (first individual concert in Japan)

영생군 일본 첫 단독 공연 (콘서트) 소식이 밝혔습니다. ^-^

His first individual live in Japan (concert) has been let known.

[Tokyo Live] September 22 (Sat), 5pm

[Osaka Live] September 24 (Mon), 6:30pm
Osaka/Zapp NAMBA

Go to this page (Japan Homepage) for ticketing information.

Source 2: Young Saeng Official Japan Homepage,

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

정민 :: 【ROMEO】 Aug.8, 「Give Me Your Heart」 M/V 공개 예정 (M/V will reveal)

내일에 「Give Me Your Heart」 M/V가 공개될 예정입니다.

Tomorrow, 「Give Me Your Heart」 M/V will be first revealed.

Finally tomorrow! 1st Single Give Me Your Heart will reveal its MV!!
Please anticipate.

형준 :: 『2nd Story in Japan ~Zepp Tour~ in Tokyo』 미디어 기사 사진 (media photos)

『2nd Story in Japan ~Zepp Tour~ in Tokyo』 미디어 기사 사진입니다.

Media press photos shared by agency for 『2nd Story in Japan ~Zepp Tour~ in Tokyo』.

Source 2:
Photo copyright: S-Plus Entertainment