Friday, April 30, 2010

[기사] 21st Golden Melody Awards attendance

remember that time there was this survey carried out
asking audiences which judge they want from hanguk
to present during 21st Golden Melody Awards?
now the 'result' (if you could say so) is out... told ya it'd be super high chance...!
Not like you didnt know... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

i didn't complete translating the entire news,
for 'The Mission' programme's broadcast part, I skipped the whole
description area
I wanted to add in some thing else act

source: taiwan yahoo news
eng: ode

SS501 who has been missing for about half a year will be back at the 21st Golden Melody Awards this year
after confirming attendance under eager invitation by Golden Melody Awards news press and GTV Taiwan!!

SS501 who had held their 1st taiwan concert last year in October at taiwan Arena expressed
their thoughts, this chance to attend the biggest music event of Taiwan serves a great meaning to them!
Warner Music Taiwan revealed, they will not just sing SS501's most hit songs, but will also sing their latest single
and dedicate it to the first stand, it being the Golden Melody Awards;

they're currently in midst of preparing feverishly for rehearsals of the event,
as to whether or not there would be any interesting or fascinating performances for Golden
Melody Awards, members divulged with a mystic expression, asking for everyone to wait patiently!
There will be a total of 20 people arriving in Taiwan this time for the awards,
this shows their value of importance to this award ceremony. In addition, the 5 boys
are already in progress of preparing for that day's outfit for Red Carpet ceremony as well as
for performance items, which did not give them time to breathe after arriving back in Seoul from Japan.
With regards to receiving invitation to attend the biggest and most important music event in the chinese music world,
GTV Taiwan expressed that SS501 is really anticipating to

meet with many important people in the Taiwan entertainment circle and connect with them,
so Taiwan audiences might have a chance to listen to them sing mandarin songs!

ChannelV Taiwan will also begin broadcasting [SS501's Mission] in 2006
where they had conquered Japan, beginning since May 2, every Sunday 8pm for a continuous 3 full weeks.

If you want to catch SS501's pure looks back then, in order to conquer Japan,
in order to experience Japan's culture, they had gone through every single challenge in view!
All interesting footage will be shown beginning May 2nd, every Sunday 8pm, on Channel V.

[TOK] 규종 30-04-2010

You know the sweet sweetest guy on earth will always go to TOK
room and leave message.. after leaving diary entry..

sigh... really nervous now..... just 1 more hour++..................... TOK방
eng by--ode

[사진] Basic house Summer '10 [2]

Basic House SUMMER '10

some other photographs.. previously never released.. ^^

oh, speaking about Basic house.. it's now available in Singapore town

source: basic house korea +
seen on:

there's some Eunhye-ssi's solo posted on smulky-ssi's blog also
I post here ^^;
'coz there's something about it~

very chaegyung.....!

[msg] 규종: 5월 1일.. 2010-04-30, 9:26:19 PM

seriously...! not long left...!


eng; ode


Not long left .. !!!!!!

Trembling.. Getting nervous.. Eum Eum..

May 1 day, after 1 year later, 2 years later, 3 years later, 4 years later.. Many years later..

To me, and also to us, it will become memories of a precious day..^^

Right?! ^^

Though I always say thank you, but really thank you .
To a person like me, beginning since the first day when we met, right up until now..

Was really very happy moments..^^ In future too, it will be like that also..

Until forever..^^ heh
Thank you♡

'501day waiting... from Kyul'



얼 마 안 남 았 네 요 .. !!!!!!

떨리기도 하고.. 긴장되고.. 음음..

5 월 1 일 이라는 날이 일년뒤 이년뒤 삼년뒤 십년뒤..몇십년뒤에도..

나에게는 그리고 우리에게는 소중한 날로 기억될거예요..^^

그치?! ^^

고맙단 말 늘 했지만 정말 고마워요 . 나란사람에게는 우리가 처음만난 날부터 지금까지..

너무나도 행복한 순간이었어요..^^ 앞으로도 그럴거구..

영원토록..^^ 헤 고마워 ♡

' 501day 를 기다리며... from 귤 '

[기사] Gummy MV's KimHyunJoong

news comes out always like this, ne?
I like the song.....^_^


source: newsen kr
eng: ode

Singer Gummy's new album title hit track 'As a Man' Music Video was released on April 30 at 4pm.

This time in this music video, the director who received the Best MV Director Award at
2009 Mnet 'Asian Music Awards' with Seo Tae-ji's album, shot for this MV, and he is director Hong Won-Gi.

Through 'As a Man' teaser where anticipation has been built up on, SS501 KimHyunJoong
and actress Jung Ryeo-won's bonding was seen with their detailedly expressions portrayal.

The music video talks about love at its beginning stage and as time flows by quickly, and how women view from their point of perspective as men gradually grow indifferent, these feelings were expressed through its apt and finely lyrics; unexpectedly, the two people KimHyunJoong and Jung RyeoWon ended up falling in love with each other since living in the same house, such a love story was spinned in such a manner.

This music video also used the RedOne Camera that was shot for movie 'Country Representative' and drama 'Chuno', which heightened increasing realness for the video as could be seen.

Gummy's new mini album 'Loveless' full song has been released on 30th. Also, on this day,
in the afternoon, Gummy will have a fan showcase through SKT Live Session programme which would be broadcasted through Cyworld.

[영상] I'm david SUMMER '10

last time was Basic House SUMMER '10,
now is I'm David SUMMER '10
don't mixed up yo~

cr; yyy148b@yt + im david

that one where you know... you see so many various angles of suave and dashing HJ...^_^

[정보] persona hits the screens ++ detailed info

that time i wrote about the showing of persona on screens ne?
now with more details...

cinemart always do these things, dont worry...
wait, whats there to worry.............?


Persona in Budoukan will be shown on the screens again

【Budoukan LIVE Concert + behind-the-scenes footage】 (10~15 minutes)

***Advanced Sales Price: 2,500yen (tax inclusive)

--Beginning from April 29, tickets starting selling at Cinemart Shinjuku, Cinemart Roppongi,
Cinemart Shinsaibashi; by purchasing tickets from these 3 places,
you would get to receive the poster of your favourite member
from the 2 different genres of SS501 Original Posters!

***On the day sales price: 2,700yen (tax inclusive)

---Showtimes/Show period: 2010.05.22 (Sat) ~ 2010.06.04 (Friday)
(Until the ending time as on Cinemart Homepage and various cinemart theatres)

---Venue: Cinemart Roppongi, Cinemart Shinsaibashi

2009/Japan/121 minutes (+video 10~15minutes) / Color/

[영상] 남자라서 MV

the movie released today, sorry I mean MV
April 30
you definitely seen it already......

cr; lovekhj0606@yt

surprise surprise? eng subs version

fast, ne?

cr; (eng translate) + (eng subs, upload) hoonfami@yt

[직캠] Drama event party in Japan @ 29.04.2010

a ha ha ha ha...fancams fancams
i like saenggun's hairstyle mucho..!
얼굴보단 보컬이 짱시납니다.......역시나 가창력이 강하고 노래가수가 불릴만큼..그 농담 아니구..

사랑해요..미안해요... @ 29-04-2010, Will it Snow on Christmas (WISOC) Event party



Thursday, April 29, 2010

[직찍] WISOC Event Party -- 완전 귀염 폭발......~~~

Event jikjjikSS..!!
aiwoooong this guy so cute already...................withstand no more
와웅........잘했다 좋오ㅗ~~~타..............

출처: 핑크빛스캔들

and omo...this set is sooo clear! and captures perfect expressions^-^
ommoo really want to post all, its so hard to resist......
you should look at the full set here

Picked all the Essenceㅋㅋㅋㅋ

getting ready my aeroplane...

OMO! my airplane is flying towards me
my failed EXPERIMENT!!!

oh. HO!

Oh NO. am I dreaming in LaLaLand?
Am I still on Earth? Who's that in front? Beauty? or the Devil???
Don't care. just SMILE

aiguuuuu. not fun already.

[직찍] WISOC Event Party (2)

Playlist that he sung:
1) ILU... Sorry...
2) The Sky that I see for the 1st time (Literally)
3) Don't Give Up

some jikjjiks by elley-ssi. thx for sharing.


was held @ Shinjuku, Bunka (cultural) main Hall

Attendants: YoungSaeng, Gummy, Hwan Hee, Go Su

Caps Gummy's MV Teaser 'As a man' by SLOWDAL

credit: SlowDAL

I cant help to post this set of caps.. because slowdal caps is the best ^^ a soooo detaillll... Klik for enlarge... there is something about their editing photo that make photos always the best...

Jusst reupload some.. for more pics and gif you can go to here

[Fancam] Be nice to me perf @ saitama concert 100425 [close up] by PENTACLE501

credit: pentacle501

Hyunjoong focus by

seen on: