Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[기사] tt tt tt

few days ago I saw on a korean site where a fan asked about the twitter,
and even gained the interest of other fans to dissect each twit further
I think because twitter is too popular.................?
just a short article only

출처: star mt
영어: ode

Though SS501's leader KimHyunJoong's twitter account has created a buzz of discussion amongst netizens, but in reality, it was revealed that HyunJoong doesn't use twitter at all.

It applies the same for SS501's leader KimHyunJoong's case too. The operator of a twitter account created under Kim HyunJoong's name introduced himself as SS501's leader. But in actual fact, this person is not KimHyunJoong.

KimHyunJoong's media agency DSP Media personnel had said, "KimHyunJoong does not have twitter, and so of course, he doesn't use twitter".