Monday, April 26, 2010

Top 10 Most Gorgeous Men (extracted fr 100) -- 4위

I extracted only the males' portion.
but in case you're wondering who's 1st for females' portion, it's hyesunssi~~
if not wouldnt come from her comm ne?
just happened to chance upon~~


Source: ipoll
Credit: Mia_Mia@soompi / pam-SSH thread
Reseen on: GHS fancommunity
allow me to edit the names for abit......

IPOLL had a poll open for voting from March 22 until April 25 for “Korea’s Top 100 Most Gorgeous Men and Women.” The poll ended yesterday after seeing millions of votes from fans of various artistes. The winners of the poll were popular new actors - Jang GeunSuk and Goo HyeSun, but while actors may have won the poll the presence of singers of the top 10 list could not be ignored. The younger idols were represented byJaebum and Sunye on the list, while the older idols were represented by Kangta , Eugene and Hyori.

(Ipoll is Korea's most popular polling site seeing traffic of almost 500,000 people a day , with 50 million clicks in 4 hours)

Top 10 Most Gorgeous Men

1. 장근석 - Jang Geun Suk
2. 바재범 - Park Jaebum
3. 이승기 Lee Seung Gi
4. 김현중 - Kim Hyun Joong
5. 송승헌 Song Seung Hun
6. 이민호 - Lee Min Ho
7. 민경훈 - Min Kyung Hoon
8. 강타 - Kangta
9. 윤시은 - Yoon Shi-eun
10. 이준기 - Lee Jun Ki