Monday, April 26, 2010

[기사] hyunjoong in gummyssi's MV

that time I posted about how he was seen by fans to shoot music video
for Gummy's here
it's true no worries ^_^


출처; star mt korea
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On the 26th accordng to YG Entertainment, Gummy will be releasing a new mini album called "Loveless" with its title track 'Because you're a man' on April 29. Music video of 'Because you're a man' has chosen Kim HyunJoong and Jung Ryeo-won as their protagonists.

YG has mentioned, "Kim HyunJoong and Jung RyeoWon had spent overnights to film the music video across April 22 and 23rd."
To this, "In the music video this time, they visited various venues like swimming pool, park, jewellery shop etc, which will be portraying a lovely afffinity between the both of them".
YG Entertainment mentioned that KimHyunJoong who has been maintaining a close friendship with Gummy decided swiftly to shoot for this music video after hearing that Gummy has a need to find the male protagonist for her music video of soon-to-released new album after 2 long years. Especially since SS501 has a concert in Japan on the 25th, even if so, KimHyunJoong wanted to complete the scenes handsomely of the music video up until the very last moment thus focusing all his attention, which gained exclamation from the staff present.

'Because you're a man' music video is a song produced by YG's main producer Teddy.

On the other hand, Gummy had released another of her new album's song 'No Love' previously on the 22nd, its currently climbing up all music charts.