Friday, August 23, 2013

현중:: 『ROUND 3』 3rd Album Fansign (8/29)

*When : Aug 29 (Thurs), 7:30PM

*Venue : Yeoui-do, IFC Mall, L3, North Atrium

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현중:: Schedules Updates (8/25, 8/27, 8/29)

 Aug 25 (Sun)
[TV/Live] 3:40PM SBS Inkigayo ('Gentleman')
[TV] 4:55PM SBS Barefoot Friends

 Aug 27 (Tues)
[TV] 11:10PM KBS2 Cool Kiz on the Block 

Aug 29 (Thurs)
[FANSIGN] 7:30PM 'ROUND 3' 3rd Fansign at YEOUI-DO (Yeoui-do, IFC Mall)

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

현중:: 8/21, 3rd mini-album 『ROUND 3』: Oricon Japan Imported Album Chart No.1

2013.08.21 (Wed)

김현중, 오리콘 1위&3년 연속 수입 앨범 차트 부문 1위 "역시 한류킹"
Kim Hyun Joong, No.1 Imported Album Charts for 3 times consecutively, "Hanryu King indeed"

김현중이 일본 오리콘 차트 1위를 기록하며 한류킹의 저력을 과시했다.
Kim Hyun Joong has attained No.1 on the Oricon Japan Charts thus proving his power as Hanryu King.


21일 김현중의 소속사 키이스트는 "김현중이 미니 3집 '라운드 3(ROUND 3)'로 오리콘 차트 8월 셋째주(8월 19일~8월 26일 기준) 수입 앨범차트 1위를 기록했다"면서 "'엑소 샤이니 에프엑스 등 인기 아이돌을 제치고 정상에 올랐다"고 밝혔다.

On the 21st, his agency KEYEAST expressed, "Kim Hyun Joong's 3rd mini-album 'ROUND 3' has attained No.1 on Oricon Japan Chart's Imported Albums category for the 3rd week of August (Aug 19~Aug 26), thus beating out EXO, SHINee, f(x) for the spot".


이와 함께 김현중은 3연속 수입 앨범 차트 부문 1위에 오르는 기염을 토했다. 지난 2011년 첫 미니앨범 '브레이크 다운(Break Down)'과 두 번째 미니앨범 '럭키(Lucky)'에 이어 이번이 세 번째다.

In addition, this was also Kim Hyun Joong's 3rd consecutive No.1 on the Imported Albums Chart, following 2011's 1st mini-album 'BREAK DOWN' and 2nd mini-album 'LUCKY'.


김현중 소속사 측은 "앨범이 발매된 지 한 달 가까이 된 시점이다. 그럼에도 불구 국내외 팬들의 꾸준한 관심과 사랑에 김현중이 큰 힘을 얻고있다"며 "무대에 오를 때마다 더 좋은 모습을 보여 주겠다고 다짐하고 있다"고 감사의 말을 전했다.

His agency added, "It's merely only almost a month into the release of this 3rd album; despite so the love and support from domestic and foreign fans shown has given Kim Hyun Joong huge strength", "And so he's determined to show a even better side of his with every stage", as they expressed gratitude.


한편 김현중은 지난 달 22일 '라운드 3' 음원을 발매하고 활동 중이다. 태국, 필리핀, 말레이시아, 홍콩, 대만 등 아시아 8개국 아이튠즈 차트 1위에 올랐으며 지난 2일에는 미국 빌보드 월드 앨범차트에서도 1위를 차지하며 건재함을 드러냈다.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is currently actively doing promotions with 3rd mini 'ROUND 3'. The album has had attained No.1 on 8 asian countries' iTunes Charts (Dance Album) including Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. It also attained a No.1 spot on the U.S Billboard's World Album Chart as of Aug 2.

Source: Daum Cluster

Friday, August 16, 2013

현중:: 3rd mini-album 『ROUND 3』: 2nd Album Fansign on Aug 22 (Thurs)

*Date : 2013, Aug 22 (Thurs), 8:30 PM

*Venue : Ilsan, Kintex, 1st Convention Center, L3, No.305

Source: Notice

현중:: Schedule Updates (8/20, 8/22)

 Aug 20 (Tues)
[FANSIGN] 7:00PM 'ROUND 3' Fansign in Hapjeong (Hapjeong-dong, Mecenatpolis Mall)
[TV] 11:20PM KBS2 Cool Kiz on the Block

Aug 22 (Thurs)
[FANSIGN] 8:30PM 'ROUND 3' Fansign in Ilsan (Ilsan, Kintex)

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

현중:: 3rd mini-album 『ROUND 3』: 1st Album Fansign on Aug 20 (Tues)

* Date : 2013, Aug 20 (Tues), 7:00PM

* Venue : Mecenatpolis Mall, B1, Open Space

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정민:: Park Jung Min Featuring ROMEO 1st Malaysia Showcase / Fansign ― Oct 12~13

It will be the first show in Southeast Asia to feature ROMEO. Usually, it was only in Japan plays.

Park Jung Min Featuring ROMEO 1st Malaysia Showcase 

Date : October 12, 2013 (Sat)

Time : 8:00PM 

Venue : Star Stage, Level 15 @ KWC Fashion Mall

Park Jung Min Fansign Event 

Date : October 13, 2013 (Sun)

Time : 2:00PM

Venue : Upper Atrium, Paradigm Mall

1st Malaysia Showcase

Fansign Event

Source: ParkJungMinOfficial, Jung Min Official Facebook
Source 2: Organizer NPS Facebook

현중:: Schedule Update (9/6)

Sept 6 (Fri)
[Play/Live] 7:30PM 'Our City & BMC 2013 China-Korea Cultural Exchange Charity Live' (Sichuan Gymnasium)

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

영생:: 2013 Heo Young Saeng South/Latin America Tour ― Changes in Fanmeet Schedules

There are some changes to the South/Latin America tour.


Quito, Ecuador on Aug 22 - cancelled 
Arequipa, Peru on Aug 24 - cancelled
*due to insufficient preparation issues on the organizers' side

Lima, Peru on Aug 17 - to proceed as per scheduled
Mexico on Aug 20 - to proceed as per scheduled 

Lima, Peru on Aug 24 (in replacement of Arequipa, Peru's fanmeet on Aug 24 initially) - NEW Encore Fanmeeting to be held

Source: Notice

현중:: [사진] 3rd mini-album 『ROUND 3』 Concept/Inset Photos from Official Korean Homepage

현중:: Schedule Updates (8/15, 8/18)

Aug 15 (Thurs)
[TV/Live] 6:00PM Mnet M!Countdown 
[TV] 11:10PM KBS2 Happy Together

Aug 18 (Sun)
[TV] 3:40PM SBS Inkigayo
[TV] 4:55PM SBS Barefoot Friends

Source: Schedule Room

형준:: 8/13, Summer Special Digital Single 『우리 둘이』 Full M/V

Full M/V for Summer Special Digital Single '우리 둘이' has been released!



Source: LOENENT Official Youtube Channel
Source 2: Kim Hyung Jun Official Youtube Channel

형준:: 8/13, Summer Special Digital Single 『우리 둘이』 Digital Release

Summer Special Digital Single '우리 둘이' is now digitally released.

멜론 (MelOn)

벅스 (Bugs)

엠넷 (Mnet)

올레뮤직 (Olleh Music)

소리바다 (Soribada)

Friday, August 09, 2013

형준:: 8/9, Summer Special Digital Single 『우리 둘이』 Teaser M/V

Summer Special Digital Single '우리 둘이' Teaser M/V has been released today (Aug 9).



Source: LOENENT Official Youtube Channel
Source 2: Kim Hyung Jun Official Youtube Channel

형준:: 8/9, 12:20PM: @SPLUSent Twitter Update - 『우리 둘이』 Teaser M/V release delayed

[NOTICE] Kim Hyung Jun new digital single '우리 둘이' Teaser M/V which was initially slated for release today at 12PM has been delayed due to audio distribution internal issues. We will notify again on the new release date after confirmation. We seek your kind understanding for not having notified in advance.

Source: @SPLUSent Twitter

형준:: [기사] 8/9, Summer Special Digital Single 『우리 둘이』

2013.08.09, 10:09

김형준(Kim Hyung Jun), 썸머 스페셜 디지털 싱글 ‘우리 둘이’ 음원 발매 ‘감미로운 보이스 돋보여’
Kim Hyung Jun, Summer Special Digital Single '우리 둘이' to be digitally released, 'The sweet voice stands out'

SS501 출신 가수 겸 배우이자 라디오 DJ로 종횡무진 활약중인 만능엔터테이너 김형준(Kim Hyung Jun)이 직접 프로듀싱한 썸머 스페셜 디지털 싱글 ‘우리 둘이’를 가지고 팬들 곁에 다시 돌아왔다.

Multi-entertainer Kim Hyung Jun from SS501 who's currently active as a radio DJ, singer and an actor is back with his self-produced summer special digital single '우리 둘이'.

‘우리 둘이’ (작곡 장영찬,태봉이 / 작사 장영찬,태봉이,이유나 / 편곡 태봉이,이유나)는 베짱이찬가, Goodbye To Romance, 만인의 연인까지 연이어 히트시키며 국내 음악시장의 음원 강자로 자리매김한 그룹 써니힐의 보컬리스트 코타와 함께 호흡을 맞춘 어쿠스틱 미디엄 알앤비 장르의 듀엣곡이다.

'우리 둘이' is an acoustic medium R&B duet song with group SUNNYHILL's vocalist Kota. SUNNYHILL's hit songs include 'The Grasshopper Song', 'Goodbye to Romance', 'Darling of all Hearts', etc.

평소에도 밝고 솔직한 성격으로 많은 사랑을 받고 있는 김형준(Kim Hyung Jun)의 매력이 고스란히 묻어나는 꾸밈없는 가사는 사랑을 싹 틔우는 연인의 감정을 담백하게 표현하여 공감하기 쉽고, 자극적인 기계음을 덜어내고 국내 최고의 세션들로 가득채운 어쿠스틱 사운드는 동갑내기 듀엣의 아름다운 화음과 어우러지며 순수한 사랑의 달콤함을 전해주듯 절로 입가에 미소를 짓게 한다.

Kim Hyung Jun who is usually well-liked for his cheerful and honest personality has lent his charm to the singing of the lyrics where it directly and realistically depicts the identifiable situation of two parties slowly growing their feelings for each other.


친구들과 함께 떠난 여행에서 서로가 간직하고 있던 설레는 감정을 점점 확인하게 되고 연인이 되어가는 이야기를 담은 뮤직비디오는 아이유 'Last Fantasy', 원티드 '너에게로 간다', Ra.D '고마워 고마워' 등으로 그 실력을 인정받고 있는 김도연 감독과 영화 '최종병기 활', '연애의 온도' 등의 박종철 촬영감독이 콤비를 이뤄 기존 뮤직비디오에서는 볼 수 없던 항공 촬영 신과 수려한 영상미로 보는 이의 시선을 사로잡고 있다.

The M/V depicts a situation wherein on a vacation trip with friends, they grow to gradually confirm their passionate feelings for each other as they develop to become lovers. The M/V will feature aviation shooting style that hasn't been seen in existing music videos yet, as well as beautiful cinematography. It will be helmed by Kim Do Yeon PD who's renowned for M/Vs like IU's 'Last Fantasy', Wanted's 'Going to You', Ra.D's 'Thank You', etc. Kim Do Yeon PD will also be joined by film PD Park Jong Chul renowned for films 'War of the Arrows', 'Temperature of Love', etc.


또한 SBS '런닝맨'의 고동완PD가 1인 다역 까메오로 깜짝 출연한 것과 아시아 최고의 모델들로 활약하고 있는 권은진, 강초원, 지영, 최준호, 마로, 오혁원 6인의 탑모델 찬조 출연까지 보는 재미가 가득하다.

In addition, SBS 'Running Man''s Go Dong Wan PD will also be making a surprise cameo in the M/V. 6 of Asia's top models including Kwon Eun Jin, Kang Cho won, Ji Young, Choi Jun Ho, Maro, and Oh Hyuk Won will also be making guest appearances.


김형준(Kim Hyung Jun)은 국내외를 오가며 드라마, 라디오, 일본 투어 콘서트 등 바쁜 스케줄을 소화하면서도 곡 선택과 스탭 섭외까지 모든 부분을 직접 꼼꼼하게 검토하고 신경 쓸 정도로 이번 디지털 싱글에 애정이 남달랐다고. 김형준(Kim Hyung Jun) 본인이 직접 프로듀싱에 참여한 디지털 싱글 ‘우리 둘이’는 이후 발매될 김형준(Kim Hyung Jun)의 스페셜 앨범에도 수록될 예정이며, 일어버전으로 일본 발매 또한 앞두고 있다.

Despite having to juggle his busy schedules for drama shooting, radio, and Japan tour concerts to and fro, Kim Hyung Jun was involved in the song selection as well as staff recruitment this time round for the digital single, which proves his affection for it. Kim Hyung Jun's self-produced digital single '우리 둘이' will also be inclusive in the Kim Hyung Jun Special Album that will be released at a later date, not forgetting a Japanese version for release soon, too.

한편, 김형준(Kim Hyung Jun)과 코타가 함께 호흡을 맞춘 사랑스러운 듀엣곡 ‘우리 둘이’는 8월 9일 낮 12시에 티저 영상이 먼저 공개될 예정이며, 13일 낮 12시 음원과 뮤직비디오 풀버전이 공개될 예정이다.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun and Kota's sweet and lovely duet song '우리 둘이' will release its Teaser M/V on Aug 9 (Fri) at 12PM. The digital release along with its full M/V will be released on Aug 13 (Tues) at 12PM.

Source: Top Star News

형준:: Digital Single 『우리 둘이』 Teaser M/V (Aug 9), Digital Release & Full M/V (Aug 13)

New Digital Single '우리 둘이' will be released on Aug 13. A teaser M/V will be released in advance on Aug 9 at 12PM.

Summer Special Digital Single:
우리 둘이 (김형준 & 코타(SUNNYHILL))

2013.08.09 12:00 Teaser M/V

2013.08.13 12:00 Digital Release

2013.08.13 12:00 Full M/V

Source: Hyung Jun Official Website

Thursday, August 08, 2013

현중:: Schedules Updates (8/11, 8/20)

 Aug 11 (Sun)
3:40PM [TV/Live] SBS Inkigayo
4:55PM [TV] SBS Barefoot Friends

Aug 20 (Tues)
11:20PM [TV] KBS2 Cool Kiz on the Block

Source: Schedule Room

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

형준:: Officially recruited as the Lotte JTB Ambassador

"김형준은 기존 모델인 김재원, 지성과 함께 롯데제이티비를 대표하는 얼굴로 활동하게 된다."

"Kim Hyung Jun will hereafter be a representative face of Lotte JTB along with existing models Kim Jae Won and Ji Sung."

"앞으로 김형준은 롯데제이티비의 대외적인 홍보 활동은 물론 한류 이벤트 등 다양한 활동에 참여하게 될 예정이다."

"In future, Kim Hyung Jun, as the ambassador for Lotte JTB, will participate in and be a part of Hanryu events as well as promotional activities, etc."

Source: 아주경제(Aju News)

Saturday, August 03, 2013

형준:: ★ ☆ 2013.08.03, Happy 27th Birthday to Hyung Jun ★ ☆


Happy Birthday to Hyung Jun ♥

사랑하는 형준씨~

또 8월 3일이네요~ 생일축하드려요~ 

오래오래 건강하시고 행복하세요 

그리고 또, 오래오래 함께하자~

-2013, Aug 3 (Sat)

Friday, August 02, 2013

현중:: 3rd mini-album 『ROUND 3』: 8/2, 『Music Bank』 ― Press Photos

On his 3rd comeback stage today (Aug 2) on 'Music Bank', he performed to 'Your Story'.

Source: Asia Economy

현중:: 3rd mini-album 『ROUND 3』: 8/2, Billboard World Albums Chart ― No.1

Billboard ― World Album Chart ― No.1 ― Kim Hyun Joong 3rd mini-album 『ROUND 3』

*월드 앨범 차트는 닐슨 사운드스캔(Nielsen SoundScan)의 비영어권 국가에서 출시된 앨범을 대상으로 한 주간 음반 판매랑 기준, 순위를 정하는 차트다.

*The World Album Chart is a chart that reflects its rankings based on albums' (that were released in non-English countries) sales across a week by Nielsen SoundScan's standards. 

(Chart as at Aug 10, 2013)

Related Tweets:-

Reference: Star Daily News, Sports Donga
Source: Billboard Homepage - World Albums

Thursday, August 01, 2013

현중:: 3rd mini-album 『ROUND 3』 Comeback : 8/1, 『M!Countdown』 Official Videos by Mnet

On his 2nd comeback stage today (Aug 1) on 'M!Countdown', he performed to 'Unbreakable' and 'Your Story'.

Your Story


Source: Mnet Official Youtube Channel

현중:: 3rd mini-album 『ROUND 3』 Comeback : 8/1, 『M!Countdown』 Press Photos

Today was the 2nd comeback stage on 'M!Countdown' with 'Unbreakable' and 'Your Story'.

현중:: 3rd mini-album 『ROUND 3』 Comeback : 8/1, 『M!Countdown』 Backstage Photos

2nd comeback stage on 'M!Countdown' today (Aug 1).

Source: M!Countdown Twitter

It's now Aug 2013...

8월이다... 참.......

다들 화이팅하시오!