Monday, February 28, 2011

【형준】:: 02.28 @ Digital Song 『GIRL』 releases

드디어 28일 형준군의 디지털 싱글곡 『GIRLS』가 발표했습니다.
Finally on the 28th, Hyungjun's digital single song 『GIRLS』 was released.

This will be inclusive in his official album too; and is called garnering hype for his 1st official solo album, first. was also released in the 『S-PLUS First Wave Present』 photobook, in that CD that comes along with it.

GIRL - Kim Hyung Jun

많이많이 응원해주세욧!
Please give alot of support!

【현중】:: Coupang CF Making

Coupang CF Making.. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
I thought the mouthpiece needed some clearing of saliva... How adorable is that action of repeating the word and the cheeks all puffed like a puff!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

【형준】:: Digital Song 『GIRL』 to be released on 28th

On 28th, Hyungjun's song 『GIRL』 which is inclusive in his 1st official solo korean album will be released as a digital song first!

Be sure to catch it.

【현중】:: Daum Star Ranking for February

This is Daum's Star Ranking where through the combination of Daum Searches, Daum Telzone Activity Rate, fancafe and digital music comes the ranking of 'popularity' of stars for each category.

For the month of February, under category of (Male Singer), we see Leader in the ranking. With no music publication, it still shows the amount of concern over him. Especially when February was a month with very little news of him. Other singers on the chart includes Heo-gak, John Park, Drunker Tiger, Lee Seung-gi, Taecyeon, Jay Park etc. Most of them have got exposures

Proof shot!

For the month

For Weekly (2nd week)

@ Feb 27, 2PM

What does this tell you?

【형준】 :: Progamer S2 #5 @ 18/FEB

uploaded by

【정민】:: 26/FEB Mnet M-Time Japan -- Valentine Fanmeet coverage

Footage of JM's Valentine Fanmeet special last February 13-14. This was aired yesterday on MNet M-Time Japan.

Friday, February 25, 2011

25/FEB Kibum : "They said I was lacking musically-wise..."

2011 02 25

Recently, Kim Kibum, who left the 7-member male idol group U-KISS along with Alexander, talked and explained about this incident personally through an exclusive interview.

News broke out on 23rd that U-KISS' Alexander was going to leave the group for academic reasons whilst it was said that for Kim Kibum, he wanted to tend to his character business that's operated together with his brother SS501's Kim Hyung Jun. Ever since then, cable channel KBS joy [Entertainment Magazine Entertainers] has tried contacting Kim Kibum.

In relation to this issue, Kim Kibum talked about it in an exclusive interview with 'Entertainers', "The agency requested that I cancel my full time contract because they felt I was lacking in musical terms. Though it was a pity, I agreed to it and thus got out and left since then", as he explained the concrete reason behind it. "There were talks that I left the group because of business reasons, but it's not like that", as he added on.

With regards to his brother Kim Hyung Jun, "He was very extremely angry but still he gave me alot of strength and told me to buck up and be strong", as he delivered his gratitude towards his brother.

Through and throughout the interview, Kim Kibum was consistently resolute in his talks, "I'll become the Kim Kibum who will work harder in future", as he showed his strong will.

This will be aired on 25th at 11PM.

Seriously.....ever since this news came out, now it made even worse... What did they mean by he was lacking musically? What are they requiring for? Could you even imagine how angry would the brother be?
That was just really irresponsibly done. "Get away, shoooo we need you no more!"

【형준】:: 25/FEB - Homepg diary entry「Hyungjun's here!!」

No no, just let go of that heavy breath~~~~

This should be dripped on Feb 21, which is...... Monday! How could have people not be shocked?
It's natural human reaction~~~~ If not the picture should have changed! But, that's honesty

여러분 안녕! 저 형준이가 왔어요
홈페이지에 처음으로 글 남기는데 너무 설레네요.
그래도 오픈하고 여러분들이 남긴 글 봤어요. ^^
한국 공식 홈페이지 많이 방문해주시구요. 3월에 앨범 나오니까 조금만 기다렸다가
저의 첫 솔로 앨범 많이 응원해주세요.

첫 글 남기는 보~너스!
사진 보시고 놀라기 없기.ㅜㅜ
요즘 스케쥴 하면서 앨범 준비하면서 멋진 모습을 보여주기 위해
뮤비 촬영 전날 비타민 주사 맞았어요^^

이게 바로 비타민 주사 인증샷!!!
여러분 살람해요!

Hyungjun's here!! @ 2011-02-25 15:04:45

Hi everybody! Hyungjun's here

It's my first time leaving an entry here, I feel very excited ne.
I saw all the entries that all of you left here since opening of homepage.^^
Do visit this official Korean homepage often ya.
My album will be out in March so just wait a lil' longer,
and please give alot of your support for my first solo album.

A bo~nus that I'm attaching with my first entry!
I hope you don't get shocked when you see this.ㅜㅜ
These days as I was doing my schedules and preparing for my album,
in order to show forth the best of my profile,
I took an injection of vitamin on the day before my MV shooting^^

This' the proof that I took vitamin injection!!!
I Love Ya' everybody!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

【규종.영생】:: 1st Private DVD+photobook -- SUMMER & LOVE FANMEET (intl')

Remember that Summer & Love DVD+Photobk will be released soon on March 25. And that for the sake of this special 1st private DVD that features both YS and KJ, they made a trip to Japan in January 22 for a commemoration fanmeeting. Now, this fanmeeting will go on DVD, too.

Don't miss out if you didn't manage to go for the fanmeeting/wants in your collection.

Price: USD 56.76
Release Date: 2011.April.25

Fanmeeting itself

Rehearsals etc

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

【현중】 :: Coupang CF -- 세상을 쿠팡하다!!!

반값 아이디어, 세상을 쿠팡하다!!!

Released: February 23


Saturday, February 19, 2011

【규종&영생】Tasting coffee and enjoying leisure time!

Posted : 19 February ^____^

Hmm I know where this is...^^

All looking great! Except for one.... He looks like he's tasting some real good genuine, authentic coffee from Ethiopia!!! *mmm~* all that milk on the lips~

6:02 pm
2kjdream: taewan & kyu & saeng & steven with coffee !! photo by hyung jin !!! ^^

6:25 pm
Steven_Lee_: @2kjdream 연예인 세명 사이에 일반인 굴욕 -_- ㅋㅋㅋ 충전기는 가방에 넣고다녀야겠다 안까먹게.

@2kjdream The humiliation of a commoner amidst the 3 entertainers -_- kkk, gotta not forget bringing my charger in the bag next time.

Jung Somin's 'humiliation'...

Haha, who wouldn't have that expression on their faces on a rollercoaster? & & can you control your heartbeat? kkkkk

The humiliating photographs of the female protagonist of MBC Wed-Thurs drama [Playful Kiss] which ended its run last October 21 is garnering quick discussions.

In the 9th episode of the reality travelling programme 'it City, Let's play in Japan!' which's to be aired on 19th February at 11PM, Jung Somin found her way to the 'Fujikyu Theme Park'.

In the souvenier-shot candid photographs showed Jung Somin screaming her lungs out in just a mere 1.8 seconds upon riding on a 172km/per hour roller coaster ride named 'Do-don-pa' as well as another one that took riders on a 14-round revolution ride.

Jung Somin who guaranteed that she could pull through the scary rides ended up with shocked expressions on her face throughout the rides, which was a contrast obviously to what she said, and this brought about the attention of netizens. Even after Jung Somin came down from the roller coaster, her knees turned jelly and she wasn't able to stand for awhile.

And then again at the haunted house 'Horrorifying Maze', she was so scared that she cried and had to be pulled out by her friend Lee Soo-bin, which was yet another humiliation for her.

Meanwhile, in the 10th episode of 'it City, Let's play in Japan!', there will be re-enactments of famous venues in Kamakura City which was where the famous manga 'Slam Dunk' was shot at.

Jung Somin also held hands with her best friend Lee Soo-bin as both of them travelled across Shizuoka and Yamanashi which locates the famous Fuji mountain of Japan. They also weaved enjoyable memories by attending to the traditional paper crafting event and the visiting to festivals of the blossoming of cherry flowers.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hyungjun (형준) :: Progamer S2 #3 @ 4/FEB (+chi subs)

Jungmin's video message to Hyungjun. supports him for high ratings
uploaded by



uploaded by


Full One-Shot Version --- Chi.Subs

chi subs and translation by {withjun}
youtube uploaded by ss501loveds

Monday, February 14, 2011

【형준】Say Cheese!

~Say Cheese~
and so... you love to smile~~~ ^-^

【형준】:: Kan Mi-yeon 「Paparazzi」 M/V Teaser

That hairstyle is so similar to some shoots that he's done ^o^
But yes, he shot this recently only. I'm guessing beginning of this month

17 Feb PAPARAZZI releases. Only M/V is worth you noting, I suppose

youtube uploaded by TonyKPOPMv

【정민】:: 13/FEB Fansign & Handshake session

At Kobe yesterday where a handshake session was carried for Japanese album version of 「Not Alone」; and an autograph session for pictorial 「Present」

looking fresh and sleepy

Sunday, February 13, 2011

【정민】:: 13/FEB V'Day Fanmeet @ Kobe

Today is JM's Valentine Fanmeet special in Kobe
We'll see more fanpics and fancams soon! @
could he be preparing a cup of choco coffee for fans...?
maybe a VTR..

【정민】:: 10/FEB Fansign by Phero (72P)

The one at Synnara on 10 Feb. Epic day was it not? Every an epic day with him.^^
10일 팬싸인회 @ 신나라 센터.

by | [1] [2]

아싫어어어어엉!!!!!! 나가나가

【정민】:: 5/FEB Mnet Japan - Charisma PJM

Finally the video version is out. Had been awaiting this. This is a very good watch.

video copyright - of course
youtube uploaded by KYUlOVECHAU3

Saturday, February 12, 2011

【정민】:: article >> I'm Not Alone @ 9/FEB

2011 02 09 - Sports DongAh

He's now on himself as aside from the five like before.

Park Jungmin who has stood forth in his solo activities for the first time outside of SS501. Because of the burden from going 'alone', he even developed insomnia; despite that, he embraces the excitement with regards to a 'brand new start' with his stepping forth alone.

That is why his song title is named 'Not Alone', too. To analyse into it, it could be interpreted as "I'm not alone", and of course, lyrics of all three songs from within this album have been written by himself personally.

"For a singer, it is the most important thing for him to put in all his heart and sing a song. And so for my case, I put in all my heart and experiences into writing the lyrics word by word. Hahaha. We're all not alone, and 'are as one'. Though I may be alone for now, SS501 is Forever - such a meaning exists too".

For the sake of showing an individual like Park Jung Min instead of as a member of SS501, he's ripped off his soft image of the past's.

"I want to show a sharper image than before, and so I lost weight of about 12kg. In the gym that I attend includes many body-fit singers like Kim Jong-gook hyung, Super Junior, SHINee etc. I cannot possibly lose to them if compared, can I".

Though he changed in terms of outlook, his preposterous side and straight-forwardness couldn't be hidden. He revealed his dieting secrets such as 'hot creams', 'thigh trimming', 'blood-vessel massages' etc.

Although other team members are all now doing activities in each of their agencies, their tenacious affinity still goes on.

"We're apart for now but we don't use the term 'disbandment'. We made a few priority conditions that although we're dispersed here and there for now, when we gather back as one SS501, we will turn down all personal schedules and be prepared to re-unite. Rather than it being forced, we'll make it happen au naturel as we shall emit illumination on each of our own when we stand together on one stage in chances to come. We're preparing to lash on that opportunity when it's here".

Park Jungmin who's been actively appearing in all kinds of music programmes and variety programmes these days has already filled his work schedules to the brim for the entire of this year.

"After May, I'll be doing Asia tours in 5 countries, after which I'll be starring in a trendy Taiwan drama in around July~August. In about Fall or Winter, I'll be back in Korea to do a drama for I want to let people know about an actor called Park Jung Min".

Of can do it. The best has yet to come, has it...?

【규종.영생】:: Story in Manila Assorted Itinerary fancam

this was another compilation video of Kyu&Saeng in Manila during their 3rd-7th Feb trip... // freepunkt_17@twitter

【형준】:: Cafein DVD - Content Outline

Finally, for those who weren't able to be down at the theatre in Korea to catch his 1st ever significant musical debut, it's finally on the Discs!
Be sure to show much love!

  • DVD 1 - Full Musical
-about 100minutes

  • DVD 2 - Musical Making
-about 100minutes
-rehearsal sketch : 20minutes
-countdown event on 12/31 : 20minutes
-highlights of first musical stage & final musical stage : 30minutes
-BTS of the final musical stage! : 30minutes

  • PhotoBook

많이 사랑해주세욧!

【형준】:: Forms a Progamer #4 @ 11/FEB

#4 aired on 11/Feb.

video by junique,
youtube uploaded by babyjunnie501

Friday, February 11, 2011

【정민】:: Not Alone (마지막 무대) @ Music Bank, 11/FEB

오늘의 마지막 출연인「낫얼론」 뮤직뱅크 무대입니다.
Today's final goodbye stage of 「NOT ALONE」 on Music Bank.

video uploaded by

He is a busy man. All good things must come to an end......

...Good things...? What are you talking about! The best has yet to come!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

【정민】:: Not Alone, Do You Know @ MCountdown 10/FEB

오늘의 「넌 알고있니」 , 「낫얼론」 엠카운다운 무대입니다.
Today's 「Do you know」, 「Not Alone」 MCountdown stage.

HD 720P

DO YOU KNOW (넌 알고있니?)


youtube uploaded by unknowncarrot170

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

【정민】:: Turning into a rocker on MCountdown 10/FEB

You have got to stay tuned to this day's performance!

SS501 member Park Jungmin who's had made his solo comeback recently with his soft charisma and musculine charm is expected to transform into a powerful rocker soon.

According to a producer of Mnet MCountdown, on the upcoming 10th, Park Jungmin will be appearing on stage with a rock band. It will be a surprise performance filled with a rock concert concept where fans can thoroughly enjoy such a stage together with Park Jungmin. He is in midst of preparation for this.

-next 2 paragraphs omitted, repetition of Jungmin's comeback description and review-

Meanwhile, Park Jungmin's hidden charms as a rocker could be seen on MCountdown to be broadcasted on 10th at 6PM, which will actually be conducted as a live broadcast at Seoul, Mapo-gu, Sangam-dong's CJ E&M Center.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

【형준】:: Cafein DVD opens preorder on 9/FEB on Japanese site

Hyungjun's 【CAFE-IN】 DVD will be starting its preorder beginning February 9, 8PM (GMT+9) onwards.

Only limited to 500 DVD sets, available for preorder only at

Monday, February 07, 2011

【정민】:: Not Alone Fansign @ Seoul, 7/FEB : SSTV+BNT Video Coverage

Not only did he signed for them, he also grabbed their hands and squeezed tightly, hugged and gave electrifying smiles. Heaven was waiting for all of them.


【정민】:: Fansign Session @ Seoul, 7/FEB

Singer Park Jungmin's first solo album's commemoration fansign session took place at Seoul's Shinsegye Centre's Cultural Hall at 7PM evening. This day's fansign session is held so as to meet up with fans whom he wasn't able to meet on last January 22nd during the showcase and fanmeeting at Dom Arts Hall.