Saturday, February 19, 2011

【규종&영생】Tasting coffee and enjoying leisure time!

Posted : 19 February ^____^

Hmm I know where this is...^^

All looking great! Except for one.... He looks like he's tasting some real good genuine, authentic coffee from Ethiopia!!! *mmm~* all that milk on the lips~

6:02 pm
2kjdream: taewan & kyu & saeng & steven with coffee !! photo by hyung jin !!! ^^

6:25 pm
Steven_Lee_: @2kjdream 연예인 세명 사이에 일반인 굴욕 -_- ㅋㅋㅋ 충전기는 가방에 넣고다녀야겠다 안까먹게.

@2kjdream The humiliation of a commoner amidst the 3 entertainers -_- kkk, gotta not forget bringing my charger in the bag next time.


Anonymous said...

hello ode....this is a recent picture, yes?

Cute Young Saeng... me wants to kiss that milk off his lips like Hyun bin did in secret garden^^

is there any news of YoungSaeng's album... february is almost on its end and Hyung Jun will be the next member to officially release his solo albun on March 5.....

questions, questions, qhich i hope you can answer^^

thank you so much for everything about SS501 (A)

Ode said...


Haha well if you did that like hyunbin did, I think you'd better get ready your mr bean house! ^p^

Hyungjun's solo album, yah in upcoming March...
As for YS', news shld be flooding in by next week, not to worry ^o^ i can see you must be a saeng fan kkkkk

Too many of them releasing albums bit by bit that anony is getting confused there, rgt? *^^*