Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Jungmin (정민) :: Taiwan Fanparty Promo (대만 팬파티 홍보 영상)

Talked before about how this Taiwan's fanmeet will turn out to be so exciting. It's been said from the horse's mouth too about such. Will you still let loose of such chances? Ticketing has begun since yesterday 1 Feb.

You may buy from HERE. But do take note, 3500 and 3000 tickets have been completely sold! (which happen to be the most expensive and best seats ones)

Hear him talk about how fun the fanmeet is gonna' be.

Should you come for this Fan Party, the most important thing, would be that you will get to see a brand new side of Park Jungmin... And you can also come onto stage to play games with me Jungmin! And also, limited to 100 fans only, you could also have a heart-warming hug with me! Please do many many of you come for this and feel to the utmost about me Park Jungmin!
Bye!!!! I will be waiting!!!!!!!!!!!

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