Wednesday, February 09, 2011

【정민】:: Turning into a rocker on MCountdown 10/FEB

You have got to stay tuned to this day's performance!

SS501 member Park Jungmin who's had made his solo comeback recently with his soft charisma and musculine charm is expected to transform into a powerful rocker soon.

According to a producer of Mnet MCountdown, on the upcoming 10th, Park Jungmin will be appearing on stage with a rock band. It will be a surprise performance filled with a rock concert concept where fans can thoroughly enjoy such a stage together with Park Jungmin. He is in midst of preparation for this.

-next 2 paragraphs omitted, repetition of Jungmin's comeback description and review-

Meanwhile, Park Jungmin's hidden charms as a rocker could be seen on MCountdown to be broadcasted on 10th at 6PM, which will actually be conducted as a live broadcast at Seoul, Mapo-gu, Sangam-dong's CJ E&M Center.

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