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Jungmin (정민) :: Hanja Name Clarification 한자 이름 정정 설명

New clip released on with regards to clarification on JM's official Chinese name. This is important because it is an official name!

朴 政 珉

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hyunjoong (현중) :: Collation of Radio Connections 2009

Collation of phone interviews connected during radio's on-air time with Hyunjoong in 2009, during Boys over Flowers days. Radio included the first one in Shimshimtapa and the 2nd in Park Kyung-lim's Starry Night. The first one was so funny where you listen to HJ disguise as a girl talking about 'her' hobbies like soccer and specialities in instruments!!! The latter one in Starry Night on the 2nd last day of BoF broadcast.

by: 별빛 님@

Jungmin (정민) :: Not Alone @ Inkigayo, 30/Jan

오늘의 인기가요 [낫얼론] 무대입니다.
Today's Inkigayo [Not Alone] stage.

아...나에겐 너무 멋진 그대...

HD 720P

youtube: Unknowncarrot360

Jungmin's Not Alone album - Inset photos


Just delivered in a different feel but are basically inset photos from Not alone

Jungmin (정민) :: Young Street Special DJ @ 28/JAN

Jungmin stands in for Heechul's Young Street because the Lady Heehee was in Japan for SM Town Tokyo. Jungmin is quite the popular DJ replacement, is he not? He wants to challenge more DeeJaying, as he's also said so himself. He also mentioned about wanting to do DJ with Kyujong and Youngsaeng together should they have the chance, 'coz it's already been 3 years that they did the last Young Street.

youtube uploaded by topofzh

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jungmin :: Not Alone @ Music Core, 29/JAN

오늘의 음악중심 낫얼론 무대 입니다.
Today's Music Core stage.

HD @ 720P

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Jungmin :: Not Alone @ Music Bank, 28/JAN

오늘의 뮤직뱅크 낫얼론 무대입니다.
Today's Not Alone stage on Music Bank.


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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

[article] Jungmin :: SS501 is not my rival @ 26/JAN

The most beautiful group when all five were as one. Now, it's not as five; but shared as one or as two. Last June when SS501 whose full time contract with DSP Media was up, did not sign on to a new contract with DSP Media. Members Hyunjoong, Jungmin, Hyungjun turned to stand on sole feet, while Youngsaeng and Kyujong moved to a new agency company as all of them began to shoulder troubles on their own as solo musicians. Without his 4 other intimate members, Park Jungmin has returned alone. As he poured his rythm of his heart, we listened to how he told about leaving the arms of SS501 to stand again alone on his own feet.

Our interview with Park Jungmin continued throughout without a pause. Two hours passed by in a huff with someone who was so affluent in speech. He was just like any other youth chattering on and on about his stories. If there wasn't any time restrictions for interviews, it could have just been like pure comfort listening to someone pour about his personal stories. Though he returned alone, he did not look lonely at all. In fact, even more manly now. Park Jungmin who is a part of SS501 member has came forth for the first time with his solo mini-album titled [Not Alone] as if attempting to make it known officially that he has fought off the word named 'Loneliness'. So how are his thoughts on stepping forth solo for the first time amidst his 6 years of experience in showbiz?

"The album name of 'Not Alone' simply means to want to contain the message of 'We are all not alone. We are all One'. For my case, it also contains the meaning wherein although I stepped forth alone, I will forever be a member of SS501. If you listen to the entire album, you will be able to feel that this album contains only my personal attributes and not as a concept of SS501's continuation of line. Without electronics or instruments, we tried our best to use bands and orchestras to animate the entire feel instead".

In order for Park Jungmin to create only-his attributes, the part that he had put in most effort was in the 'lyrics'. He wrote the lyrics with his imagination and personal experiences. Through the lyrics with a sentence by a sentence, a word by a word, Park Jungmin had obviously attempted to deliver his story there and then.

"When a singer sings on stage, the most important thing is to hold that sincere heart. For the fact that I decided to write the lyrics, it is for the sake of better expressing my feelings. Just like the songs 'Do you know' and 'Every day is Christmas' contained positive lyrics because I wrote them then with a serenic heart. Especially the song 'Do you know' - it was a song featuring the concept of a re-unite with the lover whom you already broke up with. I wrote the lyrics of this song in a puff upon hearing the melody of it a hundred times. It was in the feeling of a phone call conversation. There are also people who asked me if this song was written in view of feelings towards the members or not, but no it wasn't hinting at any one, it's just a story from my imagination (laughs)".

SS501 may be his forever-roots, but still he wants to create his personal character image. For the sake of transforming into 'the solo singer Park Jungmin' and not as 'SS501's Park Jungmin', he's shed 12kg of weight. With his slimmed body, he's managed to create a sharp image. Could it be for outlook transformation only? Still, you could see it as a form of stronger highlight of the feeling as 'solo singer Park Jungmin' who carries with him a rookie heart instead of that as 'SS501's Park Jungmin'.

"I went to watch past SS501 videos when I was preparing for my solo album, and I thought as I watched, 'Ah this won't do ne'. I didn't know that I was so huge in size (laughs). When there were many of us, I couldn't feel it clearly, but since I have to stand on stage alone now, I came to be worried about visuals wise. In order to slim down on my heavy body, I went on diets like diet treatments and exercising. I shed 12kg of weight, do I look different to you? (laughs)".

Park Jungmin's solo debut was full of bumps though. His album was originally scheduled to be released last November, but while he was in midst of preparing it, the North Korea's Yeonpyeong-do incident occurred, to which his album had to be inevitably postponed. There was no choice but to lay down his hands on it because it was to emphatize with the country matter. However though, it turned out that 2 months of emptiness was incurred. If you think of it negatively, you might have thought that this entire matter could almost fail through already, but for him, he thought of it in a positive light and auto-tuned his mindset. He waited, and waited - his higher goals for the completion of his album.

"I felt sad that the release had to be postponed about close to two months. But if you think of it in the opposite manner, there was more time for me to prepare and so I felt glad. The Yeonpyeong-do incident wasn't something to be happy nor laugh about, so I thought that it'd have been better as I emphatize with the country affair with the status of a citizen rather than to carry out my personal affairs. At that time I was in Japan holding my fanmeeting. Was studying alot then as I was preparing for my acoustic band performance. With the incident, it turned out as a period for me to better mature with the name as a musician to carry out activities".

While preparing for the album, the toughest part was to deal with SS501 related conjectures and unfounded rumors. Park Jungmin was dragged into the talk of town as "the cause for SS501's dispersal all around the place". Though that inflicted scars on Park Jungmin, he chose to shoulder all of these on his own. It wasn't something to have in control about where scars turn out to be inflicted on his family members SS501. He who has that strong affection for his family members strugglingly revealed talks of SS501.

"It was all along five of us, and the toughest thing was when we had to be dispersed. All kinds of thoughts came onto mind, but I managed to tune my mindset. There are many others who are more unfortunate than I am. What is mine as compared to really unfortunate matters? That thought crept through me all time long, and no sooner than later, all bad thoughts disappeared. I just want to talk about pleasant matters of SS501".

"We may all be in different agencies, but we made it a must to prioritize this one condition that we have to re-unite under the name of SS501", as Park Jungmin delivered his affections. SS501 is not his rival, but instead his companions who will be walking with him for the whole of his life -- as he clarified it.

"The five of us don't see one another as rivals. All of us must succeed, and when so, that will be the most beautiful graphic is it not. All of us have good abilities, so we're not exactly very hugely worried. All of us are working hard on our own. Results will be different with each of us as per how much sincere preparation we put in. It will be lovely if you could realize that 'Ah so there's a person called Park Jungmin' through this time's album. I wasn't the person who shone to one's eyes at first sight when I was in SS501, and I wasn't superbly outstanding with my singing as well, but now I'm working hard for that, and I want to create good results".

The title that Park Jungmin yearns for is a 'All Rounded Entertainer'. Not just as a singer, but also as an MC and actor, and he dreams to hold results in many multi fields. He also met an agency that could accompany in his strides as they walk the same pace. He moved into the new agency CNR Media which would be his full-fledged partner. CNR Media collaborates alongside Taiwan's Comic Ritz. While for his activities in Greater China region, he chose to sign on with Sony Music Asia. With these, he is now able to fly wider. Soon, he will be starring in a drama with Comic Ritz who produced Taiwan version of 'Boys over Flowers'. Starting from May onwards, he will be leaving the country for Taiwan as he stays there and starts his path as an actor.

"I want to become a person who shows his various profiles as a singer, MC, actor, etc. Not only in Korea but also in China, Southeast Asia, European markets, I will work hard to show these people about a person called Park Jungmin. If I am to summarize my name, it would mean 'a person who sings with his heart', 'a person who acts with his eyes', and then when people recall me in future they would think of these descriptions. I will sprint only ahead bearing these in mind".

Ah his thought - "There are many other unfortunate ones than me" touches the heart. ode shares the same vision in mind. Do you...? Never think of yourself as someone who is poor-off or sickly annoying or worthless. Because every single soul is the best winner to themselves.

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Jungmin's Not Alone Fanmeet @ 22/JAN on BNT News

[article] Jungmin :: I felt like a genius (ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

SS501 Park Jungmin has attracted the attention of all where he praised to his talents of his genius ability to write the song lyrics with one heave on the day of recording.

On the 22nd at 7PM in Seoul Kwangjin-gu's Dom Art Hall, Park Jungmin held his solo album's commemoration showcase & fanmeeting where he revealed the incident of his writing of lyrics for title song 'Not Alone'.

"I was actually supposed to write the lyrics before recording but I couldn't", "It was only upon the day of recording did I write the lyrics with one heave in the recording studio; and the lyrics turned out great", as Park Jungmin praised to himself.

He added, "I wrote the lyrics with one heave though and yet it turned out so amazing, I thought I felt so genius", as he turned a nostril to that statement.

He's shown his extraordinary passion for music wherein he had written for his solo songs during SS501 days, and of course been recognized by public too.

To this incident, netizens exclaimed, "It's a song credible enough for self praise", "That wasn't a bull talk though", "You can already feel so once you hear to it once", "If so then don't listen to it yet", "Really like a genius", etc.

On the other hand, in this time's album, title dance track 'Not Alone' is produced together with star song producer Shinsadong Tiger where it shows an upgraded music style different from SS501's existent music trend. This song has the luxurious orchestration line of walk accompanied by real instrumentals as they form a perfect harmony amidst classical and modernity feel.

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Hongki & Kyujong went bowling yesterday

Hongki and Kyujong went bowling in Japan, yesterday I'd think. Kyujong is back in Korea now, but Hongki is still in Japan.

Their bowling scores as follow.

LEE is Hongki ^^

Wow, he's good isn't he? ^o^

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Jungmin (정민) :: Not Alone Fanmeet - Goods on Sale

Goods sold at Not Alone fanmeet yesterday. You have T-shirt, Photo Diary (nice to meet you), poster, album, penlight, mobile cleaner, postcard bla bla...

Just to take an overiew!

This was shared by a fellow fan from PJM IFC (International fan club).


[article] Hyungjun feels that JM will feel uncomfortable without him

At yesterday's Not Alone fanmeet.

-2nd paragraph onwards-

Kim Hyung Jun appeared on stage surprisingly when the song 'Rainbow' that Park Jungmin whom wrote full lyrics for was singing to it as he aroused much excitement from fans.

After the song ended, Kim Hyung Jun joked around as he made this one sentence, "Jungmin will feel uncomfortable if I'm not by his side and so I found my way here", laughing to it.

However jokes aside, he added, "This is Jungmin's first solo debut and I wanted to be with him together. I render him my support for his successful solo album".

-all other paragraphs ommitted, repetitive of Jungmin's album style & comeback on music programs-


Jungmin (정민) :: Not Alone @ Inkigayo, 23/JAN

Today's InGa stage. 오늘 1월23일 인기가요 폭발적인 파워풀한 【낫얼론】 무대입니다.

this is the only HD version so far that has not been blocked yet.


The atmosphere is really nice and powerful.

현중 (Hyunjoong) :: Hanryu Fondue (한류펀듀) @ 23/JAN -- Interview (인터뷰)

This interview was held when HJ was in Japan last month for the Smile Project. It was aired this morning at 11am

youtube@thejoongjoong (exlley nim)

Jungmin & Hyungjun BOBO @ Not Alone Fanmeet 22/JAN - Slow Motion x3

Because this is a great thing to watch, we HAVE and MUST look at it for many times (as also what is written in the video)


Hyungjun & Jungmin @ JM Not Alone Fanmeet 22/JAN - 티비데일리(TVDaily)

"김형준은요, 박정민한테는 xxx이다."
"Kim Hyung Jun, is xxx in the eyes of Park Jung Min".

JM: 형준은요. 나에게.. 정말.. 음? 아, 형준이는 박정민의... 바비(밥)다.
JM: Hyungjun. to me is.. a very....... mm? *hears audiences* *giggles*
Ah, Hyungjun, is..Park Jungmin's

HyungJun: 뭐? *a lil' dissatisfied*
Hyungjun: What?

JM: 좋은뜻으로
JM: It means good

*holds Hyungjun by the waist, don't worry*


After which you see the reaction of Hyungjun, pissed and surprised.
Obviously you could see that he cares so much about what Jungmin was going to answer.
and obviously you could see that Jungmin wanted to give something more than "Barbie".
and obviously you could see that both of them cared so much about each other's existence in this world.
and obviously you could see that both of them truly minded each other's ravings about each other.
and obviously you could see that JM was trying to suppress himself for fear of being too reliable as he had mentioned.

FYI, this "barbie" is not the doll that you know of. it has a side meaning...
Barbie is an assinuation, an informal lang that you use when you joke around about it; not as a doll, but rather as 'a meal'. Because 'meal' in Korean is Bab.


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Hyungjun & Jungmin Duet @ JM Not Alone Fanmeeting 22/JAN

Hohoho, you got it, you knew it!

by prettyboy, emizmj@youtube

[article] Jungmin flaunts his friendship with Hyungjun as they share a bobo

Starting the opening with his title track 'Not Alone', Park Jungmin pulled his vibrant stage with a chic atmosphere accompanied by his more refined outlook where he lost about 10kg and above for this time's comeback. After which, he lifted the atmosphere of the venue where he answered to 'fans drilling' corner with his witty and humorous replies.

In the middle of the fanmeeting, SS501's Kim Hyung Jun appeared on the stage all of a sudden as this stimulated all passionate reactions from the fans. Park Jungmin held hands tightly with Kim Hyung Jun as they exchange affectionate and amorous stares at each other, singing to a duet together warmly.

On this day, Kim Hyung Jun answered to the question of 'The Park Jungmin in your eyes?' as follow "Multi-vitamins, Knowledge-IN, humidifier" etc, which drew much laughters from fans.

'Multi-vitamins' refers to Park Jungmin's constant reminding to others about taking vitamins, it means his existence just like vitamin as he gives a form of power to others. 'Knowledge-IN' refers to Park Jungmin's undeniable amount of knowledge in this field, but in reality, if one were to search for the meaning on the internet, it always comes out as the opposite, hence hinting such a meaning, which drew much laughters again. As for 'humidifier', it refers to the cute mini humidifier gift that Park Jungmin gave to him when the latter went to support Hyungjun at his musical 'Cafein' not too long ago, showing his gratitude towards him.

On this day also, with regards to the hot response from fans, Park Jungmin and Kim Hyungjun both shared a massive fan service with a bobo (tiny peck). Amidst all the feverish atmosphere at the venue, fans cheered on for a 'bobo!', as soon as Kim Hyung Jun heard that, Kim Hyung Jun made an immediate dash bobo towards Park Jungmin. After the fanmeeting, Park Jungmin revealed in an interview, "It's been a while with Hyungjun, and it seems like all of us enjoyed it alot. Next time I must go to support Hyung Jun too and render him my huge support", as he delivered his gratitude.

On this day, Park Jungmin performed to his album's title track 'Not Alone', 'Do you know', and 'Everyday is Christmas' and also not forgetting to songs from SS501 as he spun sweet, moist memories for fans.

When requested to say something to the rest of the SS501 members, "No matter where you may be alone, please do put in much effort as you work to your career", sharing his support message.

Jungmin ≪Not Alone Fanmeeting≫ - 미디어 사진첩 Media Captures

At the Not Alone fanmeet today, JM performed to all 3 songs - 【Not Alone】, 【Do you know】 & 【Every day is Christmas】 from his album.

Look at these!

Every day is Christmas

I wanna hold your hand...lemme' move towards that~

Ahh, I'm a happy lad! My precious has such tender hands!!!
I wanna kiss it soooo much,
but alas, I HAVE to keep in control!!!

Ouch, 240Hz ~~~x100 = 24000 Hz

Ouch my gooooodness. That was so hard to bear!!!

So shy so shy so shy.
"손 꼭 잡고 다정하게~~" -- "Hands tightly held so affectionately~~"

My dear, your face is my vitamin,
My darling, your face is my sunshine.
I watch you sing to the beat as I control my desire to plant a kiss on your face.

I'm a beast as well~~~~

Talk time with MC gagwoman Jung Juri

Hyungjun says that he is very proud of Jungmin.

형준씨, 정민씨 팬미팅에서 깜짝 등장! Hyungjun appears in JM's fanmeet

yes, this morning I heard news that at tonight's JM fanmeeting, there will be a BIG surprise guest... It was previously made known already, except that more clues were given on today. You could kind of guessed what kind of surprise it will be anyway, and then true enough, the news a.k.a surprise came true...!!! The BIG surprise was Kim Hyung Jun. ^__^ He is there now and sang a song with Jungmin.

What did it say right, What did it say right, What did it say right?

Fancams will fall in soon.

NOT ALONE Taiwan Version on sale internationally

NOT ALONE Taiwan version on sale internationally.

Price: USD 16.99
Release date: February 7

Detailed Description:

English translation:
Please repost with full credit

20 January 2011 announcing a completely new start! Restart with completely new ‘Park JungMin’ ! First solo mini album, personally involved in song writing, truthfully presented his determination and idealistic.

Artist Name: Park JungMin
Album Name: Not Alone
Release Date: 2011-01-28
Album song list

Disc 1

1. Not Alone
2. Do you know?
3. Everyday with you is Christmas
4. Not Alone (Instrumental)
5. Do you know? (Instrumental)
6. Everyday with you is Christmas (Instrumental)
* Song Name translated from Chinese Song Name Album Introduction

Since SS501 go on solo activities, a brand new ‘Park JungMin’ make a completely new start!

First solo Mini Album personally involved in song writing, truthfully presented his determination and principle.

* Taiwan Edition exclusive included one card sticker (Total 4 different style of card sticker, one each in each album)

* First edition include 20 February 2011 hold in NTU Sports Centre (台大體育館), [2011 Park JungMin 'Because there's you' Not Alone Showcase & Fan Party] lucky draw ticket, have a chance to have a love hug from Park JungMin during the event, details of activity please see instruction on lucky draw ticket.

20 January 2011, Park JungMin first solo mini album ‘Not Alone’ finally reveal its mysterious veil. Holding the title of the most popular super male idol group, even prepare to use his own name ‘Park JungMin’ to come back splendorous to the music circle in South Korea and various Asia countries.

In this brand new solo album, working together with the hottest star producer ‘Sinsadong Tiger’, showing richer than SS501 period and more advance musical, creating a brand new style which is different from the past.

Especially during the preparation of this first solo mini album, participated as a song writer in the album production, allowing him to have the actual feel of the hardship and sweetness of music production. From the title song ‘Not Alone’, ‘Do you know?’ and also ‘Everyday with you is Christmas’, every songs are personally written by him, showing his most sincere feelings between the lines of lyrics.
I am not lonely, because there is you!!
- Not Alone

Park JungMin first solo mini album, first title song is ‘Not Alone’.

Together with the producer ‘Sinsadong Tiger’ after going through a long period of deep thought, decided to make ‘Not Alone’ as the title song. Hope that via this song, will convey Park JungMin’s gratitude towards his fans. Because of the existence fans, even though with the lacking of SS501 members beside him, he do not feel lonely.

The title song ‘Not Alone’ is a song accompanied by gorgeous orchestral, mixing with real instrumental and synthetic instrument, combining beatbox with classical music’s avant-garde dance music. Through Park JungMin unique gentle and delicate vocals, mixing with soft and lyrical orchestral music and strong percussion ensemble, creating a brand new alternative dance music.

The entire album songs are ingenuity arranged, track by track coordinate cohesively, very worth listening. In addition lots of effort is being placed in ‘Not Alone’ song lyrics, showing a unique style exclusively belongs to Park JungMin.

Previously during group activities not often listen before, exclusively ‘Park JungMin’ special vocal charm, will be completely presented in ‘Do you know?’. ‘Do you know?’ is a song with dreamy British rock style, Park JungMin personally involved in the song writing and behind the scene production, it is a song fill with ‘Park JungMin’ music style and passion.

‘Everyday with you is Christmas’ is a love letter presented to his fans. With lyrics writen by Kang HyunMin from Loveholic, it is a dreamy like, lively and sweet song. From this song, could feel the warm Latin jazz (bossa nova) style, and will easily mesmerized by Park JungMin unique sensual and warm music charm.

After SS501 ‘Love Ya’ activities, on 2011 Park JungMin stand on the stage for the first time, in future his traces will cover South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and other Asia countries, predicted to received passionate support and welcome from his fans.

Jungmin 2011 Photo Diary (정민 2011 포토 다이어리 - 반갑습니다!)

Jungmin's Photo Diary 2011 - Nice to meet you on sale internationally (for sure it will, is it not?)

Not Alone electronic violin cover

Just thought this was interesting. When you get music into different kinds of versions, that's when you get perfect Harmony!

played by

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jungmin's THANKS TO from Not Alone album

This is the THANKS-TO message in NOT ALONE album. It is very sentimental as you listen to him thank all the very important people and also all helpers who's aided him in a way or two - detailedly. It shows what kind of person he is. Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Company-DSP/CNr, Album producers, Cheoreography team, SS, TripleS............

I would like to express my gratitude through penning it here to the many people who has helped to release my album! I've been living in the much blessings of God.

To my beloved dad and mom who's suffered because of this very problematic kid..! When I return to home at dawn, they definitely don't fail to wake up and prepare healthy meals for me... Always sorry but I love you! (even when I make uncalled talks at times, but because they are my closest mom and dad, I'm sure they will forgive me right?^^ Love ya~~!!)

Our very kind sister..! Sorry for having you to inflict wounds on me with your stern talks! Yeah anyway get yourself a boyfriend soon and move to your hubby's home already!~ Move it!

As well as our beloved brother, sister-in-law, and His Majesty...! Fighting as always - healthily and courageously!^^

As well as our charismatic CNR Media's Na Kwang-hoon CEO nim who has always dearly looked after me though I was still very much imperfect, WoDeLaoBan (mandarin; meaning my boss)!! WoDeBaBa (mandarin; meaning my daddy)~! Thank you. (Thanks to our lady boss as well! Hoping the kid will be born healthily too!^^)

As well as our adorable co-CEO Kim Tae-hyung ajussi..! Your excuse of not having any girlfriends due to your hardworking pains my heart..but the fact that you always work hard in whatever you do makes me thankful. But keep working harder!

As well as NaiNai (mandarin; grandma), Ahma (mandarin; granny)~! Cute granny, our director Wendy nim... The Mandarin teacher..!! Let's work harder and move to the 30-storeys high building ya, aja aja!!

As well as our so-ever-talkative and passionate mom~~ Nam Ji-yeon director~! Thank you for always fighting and fighting~ You are already down with health issues, so don't push too much further ya~!!^^

As well as our new staff - Jinah, Hun-hee ssi~! You guys are very very precious treasures, you don't know how fortunate we are to have you with us..! Let's get closer as we form our huge business ya!

As well as our very charismatic director Kim Bum-jun nim who has become a part of our family, and also to our Hong Seung-sung director who is of a huge support for us -- thank you.

Not forgetting about our beauty centre's staff members who make us look so yummilicious handsome, I want to say thank you too. And our Seo-yoon nuna who always preach so fast in such a weird manner whom I dont-know-why I'm close to! We've gotta make a trip to Taiwan together!!

As well as our pretty Shin-ae teacher who resembles Kyungho ajussi~hh.. Again, thank you to our friendly staff and employees.

As well as to our An Sung-yeon Director nim who always gave me flattering stylings and made me a fashionista - please give me your guidance in future too! Thank you to Geum-nam nuna too for always being there for me no matter what kind of matter I may have!!^^

As well as our Seung-hoon hyung who rears this flower boy with beautiful complexion (who is me) through-out Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter! You're the best~!

As well as the secret to my body! The 'expert' of blood-vessel therapy -- SkinStar family, thank you!

Our Hong Jang-hyun director and staff who make me go 'indeed (awesome massaging)!!, no matter how many times we congregate together to do blood vessel therapy' -- thank you very much! Also, to our Johnny Brothers Hong Won-gi PD, Lee Sang-ho PD, Kwon Jin-mo PD who are always with me, thank you very much. Much hard work from all of our countless staff! Thank you!

As well as our Horaeng hyung (Shinsadong Tiger) who delivered the songs so last minute and can truly anxiously murder people~! Thanks alot for having worked so hard~ Indeed, Horaengi is the trend! But, if it happens again the next time I'm gonna catch you straight! hh..

As well as our Kang Hyun-min teacher who's been with us in this period of time too? Senior? Hyung? Truly thank ya~! It's a lovely song the moment it rings around the ear..! It's struck a sensation already! At least it will be with us!! Lo..Likin' it! kk..

As well as Sangwon hyung, Yoonwon ssi, Yeonjung ssi, Steven hyung who would like to compose again for me~~! Very thanks to all of you!^^

Also, to our Han Won-jong hyung who teached me how to sing in a so-ever-charismatic manner! Thanks~~ Though we have more chit-chats than straight lessons~! hh, was so enjoyable!

As well as Shin Sung-won teacher who aided me in how to become an amazing actor, thank you~! I need to become an actor who can deliver with my eyes, and, my heart.

As well as Ok-soon teacher, Hyun-won hyung, Min-bum hyung, Hak ajussi, Gunja, Syndorim, Maknae, thank you for being together for this time's chereography team, thank you for the powerful cheoreography.

As well as to Na Jung-yoon professor who willingly 'lent' his students for this time's music video, very thank you!!

As well as to our Royal Avenue's family members. We need to keep fighting fighting to create business records!

As well as to our DSP CEO Lee Ho-yeon nim who made me where I am now, and of course to our lady boss and also inclusive of all other company employees, I wish to say thank you. (I miss all of you very very much!!~ Though we do see one another sometimes... But because we are all scattered around like this now, one by by one... All of you, I miss you all so much..!! By the way, Jin-hee nuna! Nono, Junchul reporter nim pasted 'PJM Donation' on the outfits that I bought and placed in the rehearsal room~ Or he didn't?? hh)

As well as, though we are all dispersed around now... Keep guarding by SS501... Will definitely deliver the real proposal over..kk

Also, more than anything - because all of thee are reading this for now, and so I exist. I will never forget! All TripleS, Thank You.

from: 뉴스플뽐 님@ss601 for typing it out from the album.
thanks alot!

Jungmin 정민 :: 뮤직뱅크 (Music Bank) 컴백스테이지 @ 21/JAN



by kpopbisu@youtube

Jungmin will be the replacement DJ of SSTP 24~26/JAN

Jungmin will be the replacement DJ of Shimshimtapa from 24~26 Jan. This is because Kyuri of KARA is down with her complicated case, and that Shindong ssi will also have his personal schedules on the days itself. henceforth, Jungmin will take in Shindong's place. As for the female DJ, it is said that Shimshimtapa's PD is still looking for her.

Hyungjun is No.20 most influential in Twitter

He is quite something truly since he is the No.20 most influential on Twitter. That is an increase from No.38 since last year (how many months ago??)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jungmin (정민) 1st 컴백스테이지 Mnet MCountdown @ 20/Jan

Not Alone first comeback stage on Mnet's MCountdown on 20th January
This was the stage that got so many hyperventilated, is it not? Whole world in fact, I think...

quite HQ version.

kpopbisu@youtube //

Jungmin (정민) :: Not Alone (낫 어론) M/V (HD 고화질)

Full HD...noooahr!

1080P - Youtube Version

GOM Version
*MVs in GOM matters alot as well! Please PLAY it by installing the GOM PLAYER
+DOWNlOAD (as a foreigner member)!*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Park Jungmin's NOT ALONE Digital Music Release

It's out! Quickly with faster steps!

Jungmin :: [NOT ALONE] Come-back War!

Here comes D-Day...!!! It's time for another round of FIGHT!!!

As you should know, Soribada matters a~lot~ to contribution on music charts. International fans can do alot as well, so pls don't think that only domestic fans will help. With the massive support of all international fans, I'm sure results will surpass what is called 'outstanding'.


  1. About Soribada |

  2. Becoming a Soribada Music Card holder |

  3. Streaming+Downloading |

  4. FAQ about Streaming |

  5. Why do I buy the digital songs |

Remember to buy the album:
(1) Album+poster {into Hanteo chart} |

Should you have any enquiries to make, please don't fret to enquiry as well.
For any 'updates', I will notify via the 'update' tagbox in the bottom pane - I'll try best!!!
Ganbatte for 1st SOLO RETURN - a sooo significant return!!!!!!

Because..? He's Park Jungmin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jungmin :: 14/Jan TV Interview with Sports DongAh - Eng Transl

2011 JAN 14

  • Reporter: Nice to meet you. You've now returned as a solo singer Park Jungmin apart from SS501, how have you been all these while?

JM: I've prepared alot in return of this time's solo comeback. Since I'm coming back as solo and not as a part of the group, there are many things for me to show to everybody, and so I've took up vocal lessons and also did fanmeets in Japan; I've to show a much more refined side of mine as compared to before - I've prepared alot in many different areas.

  • Reporter: There were 5 members during SS501's activity period, but now you're doing these alone, I'm sure pressure on your part will be equally huge...?

JM: When 5 of us were doing activities together, there were many insufficiency on my part that the other members could cover up for, but now no matter what, I'm standing on my own matter where I may go to, there are just many things for me to do. Not long ago when I was doing recording for a show programme, I really realized that I have got no special talents... Which is why I need to do that kind of matter by myself as well. Generally when there are 5 of us, we could just say "Ya you're better at this so you do it", but now I have to do that kind of thing by myself, so it's really surprising for me. I really do not have any special talents so if I attempt to show my special talents to everyone by standing like that with my toes here, people would start feeling, 'Ah Jungmin has gotta really work harder. There's still alot for him to prepare for', etc isn't it.

  • Reporter: If you were to introduce the solo singer Park Jungmin's album?

JM: Though you would be able to see it as a kind of SS501's continuation of music, it would become the more refined and impressive kind of music. For myself to see it, this time's "NOT ALONE" concept is something like the feeling of a General director though, it's like I'm controlling somebody and that somebody is always beside me, which is why I'm definitely not alone - yeah that kind of lyrics and concept. I personally like straight-band music too, so I had put in some band parts to boom up the choruses etc. There were many perplexes over the album production, and I feel that the album has turned out in the way it should.

  • Reporter: Please let us know in abit on how the other members are faring.

JM: I heard that Kyujong will be doing acting in either a drama or a movie, while for Youngsaeng, he's preparing for an album to be released in the beginning of this year. Hope that everybody will continue to give your attention to each of our member.

  • Reporter: Fans are all eagerly awaiting, is it possible for SS501 to re-unite again?

JM: There is ample of possibility for that, but as for when it will be, we're still in the stage of arranging, so I can't tell you when exactly it will be during. But if it were to be my personal hopes, I hope that it would be anytime at all, like for instance to "set time for these days to these days for a few months", and probably to be about 2 months or so. It'll be lovely if we can just do activities together for let's say 2 months.

  • Reporter: Speak a little about your new year wish?

JM: My schedules until the end of year have already been fully filled. My wish is for these schedules to be successfully completed. It'll be good to be healtheir and with better matters to come. The tiger-fate told me that my ability and capacity for this year will be 120%. I broke into laughter learning that, but it seems like I've gotta wait in anticipation of what this tiger-fate that will have me breaking out hugely in this year tells.

  • Reporter: Thank you for your interview today.

JM: Beginning with my solo album for 2011, I'll move on to dramas and overseas activities. I wish to complete those schedules as per scheduled. Hopefully all of you will watch your health ya. Do fulfil all your wishes you have for the year. It's been Park Jungmin here speaking. Thank you......Be blessed.

translation in text form by:

Chapbo!!! Great!

Jungmin (정민) :: Schedule for Jan Comeback {edited}

Boxed in pink are:

20th JAN
12am - Official Release of NOT ALONE M/V and Digital Songs across all online music sites!

22nd JAN
[TV] mbc# Music Core
note: It has been confirmed. It will be a pre-record.

27th JAN
[RECORDING] mbc# New Year Special - Dance Battle

Keep it keep it keep it!!!

Jungmin :: NOT ALONE 2nd Teaser on 18/Jan

Jungmin's 2nd [NOT ALONE] Teaser will be released on January 18, while full M/V will be released on January 20.

Please watch much!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

[JM] Not Alone (+poster) - Buying for Int'l

First posted: 29 Nov 2010
Last edited: 14 Jan 2011

Other than buying from
KYO-BO bookstore itself which will help to increase sales on Hanteo chart [though without posters sending to overseas], you can buy from here for easier access for international fans. DVD_HEAVEN will also add to Hanteo, remember!

[JM] Official Calendar 2011 - Full Package {intl}

first posted: 14 Nov 2010
last edited: 14 Jan 2011

All of the following are the [Full Package] for Jungmin's [Official Calendar 2011]
Grab them while you can, because it comes in limited quantities only...!!

Others included in his Full Package also comprises:
-Official Diary (SALE CANCELLED)
-Official Wall Calendar A (OUT OF PRINT)
-Official Wall Calendar B (SALE CANCELLED)

Only the following are still available, so do it while you can.

  • Park Jungmin 2011 Official Desktop Calendar (Japan Version)

  • Park Jungmin 2011 Official Mini Diary (Japan Version)

Good luck to your mini-wallet~~~~~V

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HyunJoong hung on the streets

really nice! hung outside of the huge walls of major (?) shopping malls in China... where I'm not sure but it's really appetite! So did you think only SNSD gets such treatment on the major streets of Tokyo? Naaaaah, ours is bigger than that, I think. I'm just sayin'... Nothing to compare~

Monday, January 03, 2011

[HJ][TV] Dream High #1 @ 3/JAN

HD ne! Was just wondering if it was even 1 min..^^ the *sparkle*


[JM][article] Breaks through his shelter and stands on his own feet


■Year of rabbit is my year!
Park Jungmin who releases his first solo album

"My tiger-fate* this year is pretty good. I broke into laughter though. I'm not one who believes much in such tiger-fate* or tarots, even if it may be something positive".

2011 being the year of the Hare belongs to him. He who is born in 1987 has the zodiac of a Hare, which brings about huge anticipation along with him too. Beginning since last year end he's already been slowly moving his way. He published his pictorial 'Present' in Japan and even had fansigns and fanmeetings as he made known the start of his solo activities. His first solo album will be released on the upcoming 20th. The amount of matters he has to do within this year is so densely written on his schedule planner. Group SS501's Park Jungmin (24) is on his way to preview you with his soon-to-be active activities as the first solo Hare star.

New album too abruptly decided last year end
With a damage of about 15K, re-recording was done
Showcase tickets were sold out in just mere 14 minutes

"Will be doing my album activities in Korea in January. From mid-February onwards has been decided to carry out overseas tours in Japan and Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand. In April, I'll be shooting my drama in Taiwan. Though I will also be making my visit back to Korea for fanmeetings or birthday-wise, it seems like I'll be spending about 3 months for drama shooting over there. Also in May, my album will be released in Japan. After this, it's also expected that my album activities will be started in the greater china regions too. In the latter half of the year I'll return to Korea again and prepare for album release and new drama".

There's no sight of a pause. He calls himself as a 'lazy person', but it just looks like the year of 2011 is not a year for him to enjoy that laziness. His group SS501 that acted as his shelter has had guarded by him for the past 5 years, and won't be his shelter now, which is why he has to further self-motivate himself even more.

"I didn't want it at first ya. Probably I didn't know that I wanted to just enjoy within the group. But for the sake of each of our developments, we chose different individual paths. And to me, if I could consider this to be the momentum of my development, it'll be really good. I could just really enjoy life though but now it seems like 'standing on your own feet' has turned into the momentum to break that comfortable edge already".

Could it be that reason why he does not want to release a sloppish album. It was decided that his first solo album will be released in the form of a digital single where preparations for it was carried out since last November; however, it was inevitably delayed to February because of the 'Yeonpyeong-do Incident'. Because of this, in order to make up for the insufficiency, he wanted to take in more songs, so he thought of changing it to a mini album or an official album form. The 15K album pieces that were already printed have all gone to waste, they have all gone into the drain.

"We were rushing out the preparations and all that so there were many areas that lacked. Time was so short and schedule couldn't make way for that. Anyway this just turned out to be the start all over again. I'm the first in SS501 to release a solo album isn't it. For sure I'll feel responsibility and stress. After putting all the previous effort into the drain, we did re-recording and did re-mastering, and also re-edited the music video. It's good to even expect from these".

His album participation level is high. From the album concept to the music video idea, he's tended to it all inside and out. Even as a lyrics composer.

"I beared in mind all the time about being frank and candid (in the lyrics). I do enjoy and like it as I listen to the song with addictive lyrics that I fill in for, but I also want to create a song with a message to deliver. Title song 'Not Alone' is about a story of being estranged. Rather than having the fame, I want to show to my fans about much of my having matured up to this stage. To aptly add some flavor of the mainstream group to some non-mainstream music".

Response to his first activity is as feverish. His first showcase cum fanmeeting that will take place on the upcoming 22nd was sold out in just mere 14 minutes since its opening of tickets sales.

"Beginning this year onwards until my 30 years old, I will execute matters firmly and steadily as it is. I'm having lotsa luck coming onto my shoulders now, and so I will continue to sprint with all my might. This year is truly one year that I'm really anticipating after".

▶Personal Hopes

"Hope to move though. My contract with the house will be up this coming February so I will have to move house then. I'm thinking if I should move to a comfortable place. I realized that there are many people who prefers to live in the outer circle of the city rather than in the city. I want to give my mother who retired just last year end a small store. She does cooking very well so she's thinking of doing a small eatery business, or even a cafe or something like that. Whatever it may be, I just hope for it to be a healthy year for all my family members. And also for me Park Jungmin, I want to go closer to my fans and let more people know about me if they haven't already. All these while I've been trapped within the group too much, there is a limit to how it limits me ne. I hope for it to be a year where I could feel proud for and of".

*tiger-fate is making use of your place of birth, geography of birth, time of birth -- year/month/day/min/second etc etc to predict your fortune. you know that kind...

[JM] 2011 Plans *just a rough one*

This is extracted from a related article. It is *rough* Jungmin's Plans for 2011. Byasha!

January in Korea

Mid-February onwards in Japan and Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand for oversea tours

April in Taiwan for drama -- about 3 months

May - Japanese album out and also probably release in China too with promotions

Latter half year -- back in Korea for drama and another album

Sunday, January 02, 2011

[HJ][MESSAGE] @ 2/JAN : ........... {edited}

this is the edited version, only in a few parts^^
anyway here's something interesting where you could see how his message was interpreted in different POVs^o^

2011 01 02 .................................

Wasn't able to take a photo of me praying for a new year wish ...'coz I had some personal matters on hand then..
So that explains why I'm up on the internet here belatedly moving over a picture of the rising sun here ..ㅡㅡ;;;;
Is this non-movable ...kk
Mm I mentioned all the time (that fans will support him) didn't I ?????? I'm growing so much older now and doesn't even know if I can still guard by you well enough ... Anyway I'll work harder to the extent of an admission ticket kk
I will become one whom you have to fight for another 3 admission tickets to see after kk
Have you drunk the ricecake soup ????????
I'm gonna go drink it now kk, in fact I ate it just yesterday.. as a side dish that is
26 years old already ne ................. Darn, shit kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
This darn thing .. Such damning.... geeez geeeez geeez
Such xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
kkkkkkk Just joking ...kkk
Be much blessed in the new year and be healthy, and for me, I'll work harder to become one who will make you go crazier over me
Now that our house has been reported on the internet, you sure are delighted ain't you?????? Even so let's just see each other on the net world
TT I'm chased out yet once more ...TT
Sonata...Annoying no??????? I will go watch it for once for sure kkkkk
Will release an awesome album in this new year, been crazily rehearsing and practising, to release 1 drama and 2 awesome albums is my yearly target ne kk
Only then could we meet one another next year delightfully ^^
Sorry I couldn't keep to my promise
And so instead, I'll become one whom you could better guard by about kkk

새해소원비는사진을못찍었어 ...개인적인 일이좀있어서..

그래서 인터넷을뒤져서 새해에 떠오를는 태양사진을 퍼왔어 ..ㅡㅡ;;;;

이게 불펌이라는건가 ...ㅋㅋ

음 언젠가 내가말했지 ??????내가 많이많이 커서 지켜준다고

잘하구있는지모르겠네 ...어쨋든 내가 더열심히해서 방청권정도는 ㅋㅋ

3장은더빼볼수있는 사람이될께 ㅋㅋ떡국은먹었어 ?????????

난이제 먹으러갈려고 ㅋㅋ 사실어제도 먹었어..안주로

26이네 ............................제길 쒯 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

아런제길 ...이런망할....퉤퉤퉷


ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ장난이고 ...ㅋㅋㅋ

새해복많이받어 건강하고 나도 이제더열심히해서 더기대에 미치는사람될께

우리집 인터넷에떠서 방갑지??????그래두 인터넷에서만봐줘

ㅜㅜ 나또쫏겨난다구 ...ㅜㅜ

쏘나타...찔리지??????ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ내가한번봐준거야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

새해엔 멋진음반 한번내볼께 미친듯이 연습해서 좋은드라마 1편멋진앨범 2개가내일년목표야 ㅋㅋ

이루고 내년에 방갑게인사하자공 ^^미안약속못지켜서

대신에 내가 더지켜줄수있는사람될께 ㅋㅋㅋ

oh nO.....OOoOOOooo isn't that you on the sun praying for a wish, no? and oh I think he meant the Sonata to be the kind of car that his sasaeng fans 'stalk' on him...and he meant to watch the car with the person inside for doing so.
All in all, his message is ambiguous. How many parts do you find it direct? Best part is that, he brings himself into the situation and shows it out.

*bolded = about his sasaeng fans*

Saturday, January 01, 2011

~REVIEW Twenty-O-Ten~

It's a brand new year. 2010 was a really truly, deeply, madly significant year for all of us TripleS. Time may blink past in the huff of an air faster than water, but you may never stop it going. It's now 2011. With all these significant events that happened in this one year, here's hoping 2011 will definitely truly, deeply, madly be a much more fruitful year with every thing possible. Not for one gold, but for five golds. Love has never been this blissful. (^-^)v

❀ ✿❀ ✿새해복많이많이많이~~~~~받으세용❀ ✿❀ ✿


JANUARY 18 (Monday) :
Political ‘birthday bash involvement’

[TV] mbc every1# Life Theater 2010

JANUARY 27 (Wednesday) ~ MARCH 31:
[TV] mbc# Hyungjun Becomes a Progamer


FEB 2 (Tuesday) :
[EVENT] Pretty Bride Contest 2010 in Japan

FEB 13 (Saturday) :
[CONCERT] Persona Asia Tour 2010 @ BangKok, Thailand

FEB 24 (Wednesday) :
24th Birthday!!!~~~!!!~~~

FEB 27,28 (Saturday, Sunday) :
[SS501][CONCERT] Persona Asia Tour 2010 @ 2 Encore Stands in Seoul

MAR 21 (Sunday) :
MBC gaming @PLAY – Live Competition

MAR 26 (Friday) :
[Hyungjun][EVENT] SONGZIO HOMME Fashion Show Model on the Runway

MAR 26 (Friday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] Mvio F/W Fashion Week Guest

MAR 26 (Friday) :
[Youngsaeng+Kyujong][EVENT] G.I. Fashion Show Guest

MAR 27 (Saturday) :
[Jungmin][EVENT] Dominics Wap Fashion Show – Model on the Runway

MAR 28 (Sunday) :
[Jungmin][EVENT] Kwak Hyun-joo Fashion Show – Guest
[Youngsaeng][EVENT] Kwak Hyun-joo Fashion Show – Guest

APRIL 2 (Friday) :
[Jungmin][EVENT] Project Runway Fashion Parade

APRIL 3 (Saturday) :

24th Birthday!!!!!!

APRIL 7 (Wednesday) :
[Hyunjoong] Goes to Spain for Pictorial Book “Ready, Action!”

APRIL 12 (Monday) :
Releases digital single “Awkward Confession” for mini serial special drama “SuperStar” where he stars in it.
Also stars Hyungjun and Jungmin in this drama.

APRIL 25 (Sunday) :
[CONCERT] Saitama Arena Hallyu Fancard Concert in Japan

APRIL 29 (Thursday) :
[EVENT] kntv# Will it Snow on Christmas Party @ Shinjuku, Japan

MAY 1 (Saturday) :
*originally scheduled to release mini-album ‘Destination’ today*

MAY 22 (Saturday) :
[EVENT] Dream Concert 2010

MAY 27 (Thursday) :
Mini-album ‘Destination’ Released.

MAY 28 (Friday) :
Fansign event for ‘Destination’ @ Shindorim Technomart, Seoul

MAY 29 (Saturday) :
Fansign event for ‘Destination’ @ Busan, Korea

MAY 29 (Saturday) :
Fansign event for ‘Destination’ @ Daegu, Korea

MAY 30 (Sunday) :
[SS501] Fansign event for ‘Destination’ @ KBS Gymnasium Hall, Seoul

JUNE 4 (Friday) :
[COMEBACK] First ‘Destination’ Comeback Stage! @ KBS Music Bank

JUNE 5 (Saturday) :
[COMEBACK] Second ‘Destination’ Comeback Stage! @ MBC Music Core

JUNE 6 (Sunday) :
25th BIRTHDAY!!!!!

JUNE 7 (Monday) :
Records for TV program TVN’s Newton

JUNE 8 (Tuesday) :
5th Anniversary since 2005!!!

JUNE 8 (Tuesday) :
[RADIO] Hong Jinkyung’s Cool FM + Shimshimtapa

JUNE 8 (Tuesday) :
[SS501] End of contract with DSP Media Korea

JUNE 11 (Friday) :
[COMEBACK] Third ‘Destination’ Comeback Stage! @ KBS Music Bank
– First K.Chart No.1

JUNE 11 (Friday) :
[RADIO] Kim Heechul’s ‘Young Street’

JUNE 12 (Saturday) :
[COMEBACK] Fourth ‘Destination’ Comeback Stage! @ MBC Music Core
– HyunJoong is the special MC here along with KARA's Seungyeon & Hara

JUNE 13 (Sunday) :
[COMEBACK] Fifth ‘Destination’ Comeback Stage! @ SBS Inkigayo
– Last appearance stage

JUNE 13 (Sunday) :
[EVENT] 5th Anniversary Fan-event @ CGV Hall

JUNE 18 (Friday) :
[COMEBACK] Sixth ‘Destination’ Comeback Stage! @ KBS Music Bank
– Second K.Chart No.1, without appearance

JUNE 18 (Friday) :
[FANMEET] Fanmeet @ Philippines

JUNE 19 (Saturday) :
[EVENT] Manila Charity Concert for the Young Mothers

JUNE 26 (Saturday) :
[EVENT] 21st Taiwan Golden Melody Awards
– Award Presenter

JUNE 29 (Tuesday) :
[Hyunjoong] Signs on with KEYEAST

JULY 24 (Saturday) :
[DRAMA] First shoot of Playful Kiss

AUGUST 1 (Sunday) :
3rd Anniversary since debut in Japan

AUGUST 1 (Sunday) :
[BIRTHDAY] B’day Party with fans @ Melon X Hall.
Jungmin, Kyujong, Youngsaeng were the special guests.
Hyunjoong was busy for drama shooting.

AUGUST 3 (Tuesday) :
24th Birthday!!!

AUGUST 18 (Wednesday) :
[Hyunjoong][DRAMA] Boys over Flowers’ Alumni Event @ Osaka, Japan
Attended participants included Goo Hyesun, Kim Bum, Kim Jun

AUGUST 19 (Thursday) ~ AUGUST 20 (Friday) :
[Hyunjoong] First Love Story Entourage Event, 2D1N @ Shizuoka

AUGUST 21 (Saturday) :
Boys over Flowers’ Alumni Event @ Tokyo, Japan.
Attended participants included Goo Hyesun, Kim Bum, Kim Jun

AUGUST 26 (Thursday) :
[DRAMA] Playful Kiss Official Press Conference

AUGUST 26 (Thursday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] MNet 20s Choice 2010
Most Influential Star

AUGUST 27 (Friday) :
[Hyungjun][AGENCY] Signs on with S-Plus Entertainment

AUGUST 29 (Sunday) :
[Hyungjun][FANMEET] Fanmeet in Singapore

AUGUST 30 (Monday) :
[AGENCY] Signs on with CNR MEDIA
– the overall undertaking agency

SEP 1 (Wednesday) :
[Hyunjoong][DRAMA] Playful Kiss Premieres!

SEP 17 (Friday) :
[Jungmin][AGENCY] Press Conference held for signing on with Japan’s Yamaha Music

SEP 20 (Monday) :
[Hyungjun][EVENT] Song Seung-hun nim’s Fanmeet in Japan – Special Guest Appearance

SEP 30 (Thursday) :
[Hyungjun][TV] Variety Program ‘Kids in the middle of the night’ Premieres – Special MC

SEP 30 (Thursday) :
[Jungmin][AGENCY] Press Conference held for signing on with Taiwan’s Sony Music

OCT 11 (Monday) :
[Hyunjoong][FANMEET] First Love Story Fanmeet @ Tokyo

OCT 21 (Thursday) :
[Hyunjoong][DRAMA] Final day of Shooting for Playful Kiss

OCT 21 (Thursday) :
[Hyunjoong][FANMEET] Finale Event for Playful Kiss

OCT 22 (Friday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] MVIO S/S 2011 Fashion Week – Guest

OCT 22 (Friday) :
[Hyungjun][EVENT] Song Ji-oh Fashion Show – Model on the Runway

OCT 22 (Friday) :
[Jungmin][EVENT] BON Fashion Show Guest

OCT 22 (Friday) :
[Hyunjoong][DRAMA] Wrap-up Celebration Party for Playful Kiss with other casts present as well

OCT 24 (Sunday) :
[Hyungjun][FANMEET] 1st Taiwan Fanmeet

OCT 25 (Monday) :
[Youngsaeng+Kyujong][AGENCY] Signs on with B2M Entertainment

OCT 28 (Thursday) :
[Hyunjoong][FANSIGN] The Face Shop Fansign @ Myung-dong

OCT 30 (Saturday) :
[Jungmin][EVENT] Mountain Climbing with him

NOV 1 (Monday) :
[Hyunjoong][DRAMA] Press Conference for Playful Kiss Youtube Edition

NOV 2 (Tuesday) ~ NOV 16 (Tuesday) :
[Hyunjoong][DRAMA] Playful Kiss Youtube Edition Premieres on Youtube

NOV 3 (Wednesday) :
[Youngsaeng] 25th Birthday~!!!

NOV 3 (Wednesday) :
[Jungmin][EVENT] 20th Seoul-Tokyo Music Festival
– MC along with KARA’s Park Gyuri, Big Bang’s Daesung

NOV 10 (Wednesday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] Sky Perfect Award 2010 @ Tokyo

NOV 12 (Friday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] Asian Games Opening Ceremony Theme Song singer
– along with David Tao from Taiwan, Joey Yung from Hongkong, WeiWei and Tanjing from China Mainland.

NOV 17 (Wednesday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] Style Icon Awards 2010
– Most Popular Award

NOV 18 (Thursday) ~ NOV 24 (Wednesday) :
[Jungmin][MUSICAL] Kizuna begins @ Shinjuku

NOV 23 (Tuesday) :
[Jungmin][TV] Japan’s biggest talk show – Dancing Mackerel Mansion
– as special invited guest

NOV 24 (Wednesday) ~ JAN 28 (Friday) :
[Hyungjun][MUSICAL] ‘Cafein’ starts

DEC 1 (Wednesday) ~ DEC 3 (Friday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] The Face Shop in Singapore Promotion

DEC 4 (Saturday) :
[Youngsaeng+Kyujong][FANMEET] Story in SEOUL + Press Conference

DEC 4 (Saturday) ~ DEC 5 (Sunday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] The Face Shop in Malaysia Promotion

DEC 9 (Thursday) :
[Hyungjun] Twitter Interview with Fans

DEC 10 (Friday) :
[Jungmin] Twitter Interview with Fans

DEC 10 (Friday) :
[Youngsaeng+Kyujong][FANMEET] Story in THAILAND Press Conference

DEC 11 (Saturday) :
[Youngsaeng+Kyujong][FANMEET] Story in THAILAND

DEC 14 (Tuesday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] Smile Project @ Tokyo Dome

DEC 15 (Wednesday) :
[Jungmin][EVENT] 2010 Melon Music Awards
– duet with singer IU

DEC 17 (Friday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] 2010 Yahoo! Buzz Awards
-Asia's Most Searched Artist, Taiwan's Buzz Artist, Hongkong's Buzz Artist

DEC 21 (Tuesday) :
[Jungmin][FANSIGN] For Pictorial Book ‘Present’ @ Shinjuku, Japan

DEC 22 (Wednesday) :
[Jungmin][FANMEET] X’mas 2010 @ Osaka, Japan

DEC 23 (Thursday) :
[Jungmin][FANMEET] X’mas 2010 @ Tokyo, Japan

DEC 23 (Thursday) :
[Kyujong][EVENT] Mnet M.Super Concert – Special MC

DEC 29 (Wednesday) :
[Hyungjun][BUSINESS] HnB's Product PiroPiro officially launches!
-mark of the start of his HnB Business

DEC 30 (Thursday) :
[Hyunjoong][EVENT] MBC Drama Awards 2010 – Most Popular Award

23 Entries
[Hyunjoong] 29 Entries
[Youngsaeng] 7 Entries (Individual+Combined)
[Kyujong] 7 Entries (Individual+Combined)
[Jungmin] 19 Entries
[Hyungjun] 13 Entries