Thursday, May 27, 2010

Soribada : How to stream

Foreigners overseas could register for an account... like HERE

Foreigners Overseas cannot register for an official account as member anymore...
But you can read about how to stream here.

DONE BY: former STALKING_HJ (with help from her korean stalking friend, soo ^^ thx so much)

Streaming Listening = SL

Soribada music card = SMC (you have purchased soribada music card)

Non SMC holders = you don’t have SMC because you don’t have CC

1. Become a Soribada Music Card holder [Tutorial go here]

PLUS point :

ð U can buy digital song, so can help to boost up our boys digital sales.

ð U can streaming listening in FULL SONG. With streaming listening full song, you add more points than just streaming listening trial 1 minute version. Because in Soribada the rules is, streaming with both paid (with SMCard) and non-pay method (by being a Soribada member) are count in, but PAY method would be count in more!

ð So please do keep listening for you already have SMC through your account
(though It will take longer than the trial. Trial Listen is only 1 Minute but! - It DOES NOT count in at all, whether or not you are a Soribada official member!!!)

ð For SMC holders, but haven’t downloaded yet LOVE YA because you want to save for later, your SL still COUNT (though you probably haven’t downloaded the song yet).

ð So how to do SL for SMC holders who haven’t downloaded yet ; You just have to download it and listen in FULL. This is important because Trial listening 1 minute (as a non-member + as a member) DOES NOT count in EVEN IF you have/dont have an account.
Trial of 1 minute DOES NOT count in!

2. Become soribada subscriber / registered soribada member [Tutorial go here] (free charge)

ð To support with SL you MUST register first. If not your SL wont be count in.
No account/card, no SL count in.

ð Streaming listening in soribada account per song = 1 minute only. Because its trial listen.
The song only plays in full for those who bought music card.
TRIAL LISTEN 1 minute in soribada account NOT counted in as SL, even if you do that after registering for an account! Yes, it's that rigid...

ð No listening of full song, because listening to full song just available for SMC holders (you have to buy the CARD before you can listen full song).

This is the weakness of soribada account, because you just can listen to 1 minute vers only. Probably to kill your desire, but so sad, your participation won't be counted...

So let's move on to see how to STREAM...


★2012 : Now, only this is important, See here!


Some FYI about Streaming Listening (SL) for SMC holders.

- For SMC holders ......
=ur SL is in full song, so more points you get because listening in full purchased song (though need more time to finish 1 round playlist)

Only [SMC Holder with Full Song Played] is COUNT IN to streaming listening in kchart scoring.
The one which DOESN’T COUNT IN if you do streaming listening with 1 MINUTE (ie; you MUST buy SMC...)!

So HOW to stream?

1. Click this log in button (in Orange). In the drop-down box, select "Foreigner".
It brings you to Put in your CARD NUMBER sent to your e-mail again.

2. If you log in successfully, you will see this : (eg; Special13198)

3. For Newest Released Albums, it will usually be featured on the main page ( So you usually don't need to search for your album by entering in the search query bar or anything.
When you see your desired album on the main pg, click on it. and you'll be directed to the album's page.

URL will look something like that:

And the page will look like that...

There are 3 buttons beside the song.

Click middle one (DOWNLOAD) to Download the song (if you want).

*reminder: A pop-up will appear, telling you to install some application for the Download Window. Just click OK*

After you installed the application, and when you try to Download songs, a pop up window will open... Because you still virgin user you noticed the '40' number in the pop up? It shows how many songs you have left in your card. Then click the download sign! Finish!
It will ask you in which folder to save the song, it’s like a direct download, so no need software.

4. So after you've downloaded the song, go back to Stream it now.
Click "+" button to add song into playlist.
Just add title song will do.

5. When this pop up choose/click the first one: "Add to my Current Playlist"

6. Repeat adding desired song in to playlist up to 30 times (30 times is the 'ideal'. can be more or less)

7. After you put on 30 of the same DESIRED SONG on your playlist, how to play it?
It will autoplay even though you are not finish adding 30 times yet.

But in case if it's not autoplay, then you can do this:
The bottom bar features your "playing song". Notice the button just on the right of your "Volume" button.
Click on it and you see your Playlist. It is supposed to be feature all your added songs. Since you have added 30 songs already, go ahead to click on the first track. Then it will auto play.

8. You can LOOP the playlist.

9. The song that is currently playing will be highlighted in "blue" color.

10. After finish listening to the 30 (ideal times; can be more or lesser) songs in your playlist, you have 2 options:
_1_ Delete all songs by checking all the songs and then click DELETE button (the far left button - 삭제; with a 'minus' sign) and then restart to add the 30 songs again.

_2_ CAN repeat the same list that you formed (without deleting at all).

11. You can choose to log out after 2-3 hours, then log in again - if you want (though you don't have to)

12. Logout by 11.50pm (Korean Time). Logout as seen on top right corner. That writes "로그아웃" (Log Out)

Important notice regarding PLAYLIST!

1. Don’t add new song to playlist when the song plays near end - wait until next song, if not “skip playing” is easily occurred.

2. “Skip playing” will happen if:
a. Adding song when previous song about to end
b. Your browser or server at low speed
c. Using wrong steps to add song

If u have above problem please delete the playlist first then re-add.

If because server or browser please log out first then refresh the website.

★3. Can we add more than 30 songs?
* Yes you can, as many as you wish. But it's better to add up to 30 songs for once (it is most ideal), because problem of 'skip playing' can happen. Or if not, you can have fewer songs in the list, just click on the LOOP button as above mentioned.
* For new user with unstable connection, try not to do add many songs at one time, you never know how the server will respond.

4. Confirm what song is playing by: highlighted in 'blue' color when playing.

Important notice regarding STREAMING LISTENING!

1. Please listen each song until finished. You can form a playlist with 30 songs (or more or less) in it. You can LOOP the playlist.

2. You can not click mute while listening, but you can lower the volume, KEEP IT SOUND!!!!

3. After finish listening you must log out (by 11.50pm) before closing/leaving the website. If not it won’t be counted in.

4. 1 IP - 1 COMPUTER - 1 ID !
Soribada records your IP address. So don’t use other SMC to log in to your computer.
But...! 1 Music card may be entitled to 3 IP addresses (ie, 3 computers)

5. Must use Internet Explorer!

6. (for overseas IP) You are welcomed to leave messages should you wish on the artist's particular album's page. No points deducted (as per rumour from last time).

7. Please log out before Korean time 11.50pm (GMT +9) and login again after 1 hour,
because soribada will count in this number in this period.

8. Listen FREE with 1 minute (with/without official account) isn’t counted! (Crucial)

9. Just purchase the title track will do, it will contribute enough to the reflection of charts.