Monday, May 24, 2010

Soribada : ABOUT

1. 40 quota download means you just can download 1 song once only.
Example: you cant use ALL of your 40 quota download for buy LOVE YA only
Proof it isnt work for same song: when u try to download same song, the quota wont reduce.. Bcause it is same song. (look at the quota number if you dont believe)

my suggestion: save ur quota for LOVE YA later during the group/individual's comeback week..
But you can download the rest of the song (not title track, yah) from the album now.. as alternative.
You can dl many of their old song too.

2. Its not monthly subscribe.. The card will get expired after the limited time (1 month).
So b4 the expired time, buy many song as u want..

3. After u DL, it means u now have that song legally as ur own collection. you can save in your media player/computer/etc

For all of u have downloaded your targeted song already, don't worry.

With much download in 1st release day, will boost up their ranking in online portal music sites, so people/non fans/music lovers will notice and will attracted to download.. Thats the effect..

But for you havent bought yet (meaning, you only Streamed),
nevermind, you can wait for the following week where you think chances of winning will be higher.

In short, keep your cool in wanting to DL the title track - first.