Friday, May 28, 2010

[사진] 28th fansign

안냐하세요 SS501임당~~!

28th fansign daebak!!

On the 28th evening, group SS501 held their album commemoration fansign event and carried out photo sessions
at Seoul Guro-gu, Guro-dong, Shindorim Techno Mart.

This fansign event is a fansign event held through 'YES24' for special customers who bought DESTINATION album
specially from YES24 in 7 months since SS501 had their last comeback.

Previously on the 24th when album's title track 'LOVE YA' 's teaser was released, it topped many various
music sites as Number 1 for Realtime chart.

SS501 who's returned with new album 'DESTINATION' will be having their 1st comeback stage on June 4th
through KBS Music Bank.

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How, how's my autograph?
-well I don't know about your autograph but I'm looking at the photos

Hi, I am the HyunJoong you're in love with ^^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Signing seriously for each and every autograph

Powerful Hi-5

JungMin: "Yeoreobun, Annyonghaseyo"!
I so love this pose

YoungSaeng: "There's a need to confirm the fan's name" (^_^)

HyunJoong: "Tough footsteps"
JungMin: "See, I wore the bracelet too!!" (...)

KimKyuJong, HeoyoungSaeng, "Nervous in front of fans~"
JungMin, "Sunshine Beautiful smile~~"

"Hyung......Me...Wants to say something...
Ijen... Stop me..."

"Heng who cares about you. Me wave to fans media first......"

There are alot more photos floating around (media), but I'll just stop here. ^^;
It will be no end.^^