Wednesday, October 26, 2011

형준 :: 10-21 Song Zio Fashion Show - BTS Video

10.21 2011 첫 런웨이 쇼의 뒷모습 이야기 영상이 공개됐어요.
The BTS story of the first runway show in 2011 has been revealed.

Copyright: S-Plus Agency/@junusofficialtv YouTube channel

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

형준 :: 『Kim Hyung Jun SPECIAL DVD』 (Korean Ver.)

김형준 SPECIAL DVD (한국판)도 곧 출시합니다.
After the Japan Version, now, Kim Hyung Jun SPECIAL EDITION DVD (Korean Version) will also be soon released.

인용한 출처(Source)-
KimHyungJun Official Homepage

Total Duration: ~300 minutes

Spec: DVD (3 discs) + CD (1) + Photobook (72P) + Goodies inclusive

Date of release: 2011 November 10 (Thursday)

Subtitles: Korean/English/Japanese

*DVD1:JAPAN 1st PARTY(100분)
-MUSIC VIDEO ('My Girl' album/'Sleepless Night' single, HD)
-MUSIC VIDEO MAKING(약 15분) ('My Girl' album/'Sleepless Night' single)
-Musical [Cafein] Highlight(약 10분)
-Showcase in KOREA(약 10분) (March 2011)
-Promotion(약 15분) (for album)

*CD:[MY GIRL] Repackage ALBUM
-[Long Night] Korean Version
-[Heaven] Instrumental Version
-[다른여자 말고 너] Space Cowboy Version
-[oH! aH!] E-Tribe Remix
-[Girl] Space Cowboy Version
-[My Girl] album, Remix Version

*Goodies inclusive: Signed Postcard+Poster+Limited Polaroid (Random)

Friday, October 21, 2011

현중 :: Oct-20 Music Bank - 「LUCKY GUY」 No.1

오늘 뮤직뱅크에서 현중님 LUCKY GUY로 1위 수상하였습니다! 축하하구요~~ ^^

Today's Music Bank, HyunJoong won No.1 with [LUCKY GUY]! Congratulations~~^-^

In addition, there seems to be some 'error' in 'ALBUM SALES'.
The 'BROADCAST' and 'ALBUM SALES' should change.

It was confirmed error. and that the scores for 'ALBUM SALES' and 'BROADCAST' were exchanged.

Digital-wise (Streaming+Downloading) :

Davichi: 7720
KHJ: 2892

Audience Fondness (goes through a survey) *usually 1 week only does not consider*

Davichi: 1018
KHJ: 0

Album Sales :

Davichi: 41
KHJ: 12660


Davichi: 601
KHJ: 177

Total ::

Davichi: 9380
KHJ: 15,729

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

현중,규종 :: 안선영의 라디오가 좋다 - Oct 18

오늘 라디오 [안선영의 라디오가 좋다] 출연한 규종, 현중

Today's HyunJoong and KyuJong who appeared in [An Sunyoung's Radio].

Origin(소스): 안선영 트위터 (An Sunyoung Twitter)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

현중 :: 『LUCKY GUY』 Full M/V + 『LUCKY GUY』 안무 연습

오후 1:50시 경:

김현중의 깜짝 선물은 바로 안무 연습 영상 입니다.
Kim Hyun Joong's surprise gift on Official Channel is the Choreography Practice scene for LUCKY GUY. (김현중 공식 채널)

오후 4시:

김현중 2번째 미니앨범 LUCKY에 수록한 타이틀 곡 LUCKY GUY의 풀 뮤직비디오 (M/V) 입니다.
정말 익살꾼이요☺ (김현중 공식 채널)

현중 :: 『Japan Tour 2011』 - 추가 공연 일정 ( more stands )

Because of feverish response, 『Kim Hyun Joong Japan Nationwide Tour』 has added 3 more additional stands. It will be in Tokyo. (김현중 공식 일본 홈페이지)

①2011年11月19日(土) 開場 17:00/開演18:00   
②2011年11月20日(日) 開場 12:30/開演13:30   
③2011年11月20日(日) 開場 17:00/開演18:00   

■会場: 東京国際フォーラムA

■공연 시간:
①2011 11월19일 (토), 시작 PM 6:00
②2011 11월20일 (일), 시작 PM 1:30 (낮)
③2011 11월20일 (일), 시작 PM 6:00 (밤)

■장소: 도쿄 국제 포럼 A

■Performance time:
①2011 November 19 (Sat), PM 6:00
②2011 November 20 (Sun), PM 1:30 (Noon)
③2011 November 20 (Sun), PM 6:00 (Evening)

Venue: Tokyo International Forum A

그리고 헤네치아 쟈팬 팬클럽도 개설하게 되었는데요, 11월부터 정식 오픈합니다.
Also, 『Henecia Japan fanclub』 will be officially established from early-November onwards.

한국 헤네치아 팬클럽 공홈은 (Henecia Korea) →

일본 헤네치아 팬클럽 공홈은 (Henecia Japan) →

현중 :: Oct 7~20th 『 LUCKY 』 schedule (+edit+)

7일~20일인 첫 무대까지의 스케줄이 아래와 같이 있습니다. Schedule from 7th~20th October of  『LUCKY』 related.

7th Oct (Fri) -
[2PM++] Lucky Guy M/V - 1st teaser

10th Oct (Mon) -
[3PM] Lucky Guy M/V - 2nd teaser

11th Oct (Tues) -
[12AM] LUCKY digital release+album on sale

[12AM] Lucky Guy M/V - 3rd teaser

13th Oct (Thur) -
[4PM] Lucky Guy M/V - Full Version

20th Oct (Thur) -
M Countdown 1st stage

짱이심. ☺

현중 :: >46 Interview Series (2011 Oct 10) - Golden Part (updated)

어제 11일에 게재된 많은 인터뷰 중에서 모두 비슷한 내용인 것 같아서 제일 중요한 파트들만 가져왔다. 저희 우주신은 진정 남자란다고 다시한번 깨달았어요. 그의 너무 착하고 예쁜 얼굴에서 늘 예쁜 말만 나오고 마음까지 예뻐서... 세상에 이런분들만 있었으면 얼마나 멋졌을까... 얼마나 아름다운 세상이 될까요.. 그래서! 진리는! 킹.현.중.! (King Hyun Joong)!

Only the very important parts extracted from a total of 46 (as of 12th Oct, Wed) interviews that he has done with more than 15 media presses on 10th Oct (Monday) at the Intercontinental Hotel. King Hyun Joong is the Legend!

인용한 출처/Source quoted from:  김현중 다음 검색

(1)After 30 years old, will stop being a dance singer, and will turn to band singer cum actor. He admits he's too impatient, because he wants to do all that he can as a dance singer while he still has the ability now, or it will be too late due to army. He also dislikes to become like a handicapped person if he rests for too long. He cannot stop doing things he love so much.

(2)He actually already thought of [LUCKY]'s concept and 3rd album's concept before [BREAKDOWN].

(3)On final/last day being a dance singer, he will open a free concert for fans all over the world at a huge venue in Korea, maybe like the Olympic Stadium or Jamshil Stadium. to thank all his fans, every single one.

(4)His previous girlfriend was a non-celebrity. Wasn't together for long, and broke up before [BREAKDOWN] because was too busy. He has no wish to date for now.

(5)When he prepares for his album, it was a complete full month without night sleep

(6)★Korea 60%, Overseas 40%; in Korea, Actor and Singer 5:5.

(7)The werewolf's howl at 「Lucky Guy」 02:21 is by Hyun Joong himself. ^^

(8)「U」 was the final recorded song. It was recorded after his Aug 2011 Asia Tour. His condition at that time wasn't good, it was toughest song recorded.

(9)It does not matter to him whether a full album/mini-album. It is meaningless (I think so too). It's the quality that matters. and he wants to keep releasing albums in mini- or single manner. Just like format "KHJ's 1st album", "KHJ's 2nd album", "KHJ's 3rd album", etc.

(10)Fans worry about him going to Sendai for Japan Nationwide Tour. his reply was that it is a place where people live too. If they are alright, he will be too. The stands were decided before the March 2011 earthquake. and he wants to keep to promise.

(11)Chorus for song 「웃어요(Smile)」 was originally to be done by JYJ Junsu and Jaejoong, but they were releasing album at same time, recording time wasn't right so could not.

(12)He says wants to get married at earliest 35 years old.

(13)He created the Uzooshin character because he likes outer space of course, and it would be so cool to see a thousand alien faces in a pitch dark venue, under one roof (concert/event venue), staring at him.

『Most Importantly』

(14)★It's almost impossible to release another SS501 album due to the group name's copyright by DSP Entertainment. But it is possible for a unite joint stage, maybe at big events like year-end ceremonies, etc. Friendship has never affected. It is not wise to spread rumors around like their album is already recording and will be released when-when-when; it will be more wise to just speak the truth because then, fans won't be waiting aimlessly, though it may be more hurt.

++Why is it not possible?++
-001- 4 agencies (Keyeast, B2M Entertainment, CNr Media, S+ Entertainment) have to join hands with DSP Entertainment Co. to produce an album. Such agreement of contract and process taken may take up to many years, and by the time they could jolly well be already old...

-002- Even if they were to release a group album now, it's not likely they can sell 100K+ or more, so be more realistic, there isn't so much of a necessity to produce an album to sell, too. This is not added by H.J of his own accord, this is speaking matter-of-factly on behalf of artiste agencies because producing an album is mainly to achieve sales, as is always understood.

계획 중에/Projects in plan

- 인터뷰중에서 인용함 (Quoted from interviews) -


October 2011 - 2번째 미니앨범 2nd mini-album [LUCKY]

※3 weeks of [LUCKY] promotion※

November 2011 - 일본 전국 투어 Japan Nationwide Tour in 7 cities

December 2011 - 디지털 싱글 Digital single


January 2012 - 3번째 미니앨범 3rd album

※3rd album : 2~3 weeks promotion※

end-January 2012~May 2012 - Asia Tour/World Tour in 12 countries (purely music only)

March 2012 - Starts preparing for acting (see script, read and observe through a variety)

June 2012 - 3rd drama

Year-end (Oct-Dec) 2012 - 4th album

Dec 2012~ - 2nd solo concert

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

현중 :: 두번째 미니앨범 『LUCKY』 - 음원 공개

마침내 김현중의 2번째 미니앨범이 탄생했어요!

발매일: 10월11일(화요일)
이름: 김현중 2번째 미니앨범『LUCKY』

같이 들어보실래? ^-^






다음 뮤직

네이버 뮤직

『LUCKY!』 기원합니다 →

현중 :: 『LUCKY GUY』 3차 티저 ( final )

마지막 3차 티저도 공개되었습니다. 풀버젼은 다다음 날 13일에 공개할 예정입니다.

Final 3rd teaser has also released. Full version will be released on 13th. (김현중 공식 채널)

Monday, October 10, 2011

규종 :: 『STAR MK』 인터뷰 - 한 부분만 (Golden Part)

긴 인터뷰에서 중요한 부분만 가져왔다. Only the golden words, again.

Date of interview done: Oct 4 (Tuesday)
Date of interview published: Oct 10 (Monday)

★ 사실 규종씨를 보면 자신감이 부족해보인다는 생각이 들었어요. 팬들 눈치를 봤던건가요?

심했죠. 데뷔 때부터 사실 팬들에게 저랑 영생이형이 빠져야 그룹이 성공한다는 말을 많이 들었어요. 편지도 많이 받았고요. 그때 영생이형이랑 술을 정말 많이 마셨죠.(웃음) 둘이서 이런 저런 얘길 한참 하면서 ‘나중에 우리 꼭 웃으면서 이 날을 얘기하자’ 했는데 그 즈음에 도쿄에서 콘서트를 했어요. 공연 막바지에 저희 노래 ‘세상의 날개’를 부르는데 둘다 눈물이 터져버린거죠. 당시 멤버들이 붙잡아줘서 큰 힘이 됐어요.


★(Reporter): To be honest, there are thoughts like whenever I see you, I feel like you don't have enough confidence. Have you ever gotten outcasted treatment from fans before?

"Quite seriously in the past. Beginning since our debut, we've heard alot from fans about how the group can only succeed if without me and Youngsaeng-hyung. And we had also received alot of letters. At that time I drank alot with Youngsaeng-hyung (laughs). When both of us were together, we shared many talks about this about that for a long time, 'In future we must definitely laugh to talking about this day'... Then, we did a concert in Tokyo at that time. At the finale moment, we sung to 'Wings of the World', and both of us started crying like a river. Our members came to hold us all together, and it became a real huge strength of power since".

★ 아직 연예인 ‘김규종’의 대중의 인지도가 높진 않은 게 사실이에요.

이제는 대중들에게 저를 알리고 싶어요. 택시를 타도 기사님들이 어디서 많이 봤다는 말씀만 되풀이하시거든요. 막상 그룹명을 말해도 잘 모르세요. 그럴 때 현중이형 이름을 대면 기사님이 ‘아~’하시면서 알아보시죠. 하하. 멤버가 잘 되는 건 참 좋지만 같은 멤버로서 인지도가 따라주지 못하니까 미안한 면이 많죠. 이번 앨범, 드라마의 목표는 정말 단 하나에요. 대중들에게 ‘김규종 알리기’요. 그래서 지방도 많이 다닐거에요. 제 노래 많이 들려드리려고요.(웃음)


★(Reporter): It's a fact that celebrity 'Kim Kyu Jong' is still not popular enough, though.

"Yes and for now, I want to let the public know. Even when I take the taxis, the drivers would often say they seem to have seen me alot somewhere but cannot recall my name. I tell them our group name and he still does not know well yet. Until when I bring up Hyunjoong-hyung's name then the driver will go 'Ah~' like that, and that's how he got to recognize. Ha ha. Of course it's a good thing that our members can get to fare really well, but though in a group, some members who cannot get to have same amount of popularity really is quite sorry to know... So for this time's album and drama, I only have one goal. And it is to let the public know 'Who Kim Kyu Jong Is'. And so I'll be heading for the rural regions more often too. I will let my songs be more known (laughs)."

현중 :: 『LUCKY GUY』 2차 티저

LUCKY GUY 2차 티저 나왔습니다. 여주인공은 홍수현씨라고 합니다. 같은 소속사 KEYEAST안에 있었습니다.

Starring Hong Soo-hyun ssi from also agency KEYEAST. (김현중 공식 채널)

Saturday, October 08, 2011

정민 :: 『3D2N TOUR in KOREA』 Oct 30~Nov 1

As mentioned, there will be another 3D2N tour in Korea. It will be another promotional event combined with Taiwan drama.
It is also limited to Japanese fans. This is cross-marketing strategy.

Only the important day (Oct 31) was extracted. The tour will last from Oct 30~Nov 1.

Oct 31 (MONDAY)

Taiwan Drama [Fondant Garden] Press Conference in Korea
대만 드라마 [설탕 화원] - 기자 발표회 

Incheon city ambassador - entrusting ceremony
인천시 홍보 대사 위촉식

Park Jung Min's Mini-fanmeeting
박정민의 미니 팬미팅

Friday, October 07, 2011

현중 :: 『 LUCKY GUY 』 1st Teaser

오후 2.36시 쯤엔 1번째 티저가 나왔습니다! 두근두근!! 1st teaser was out around 2.36 PM.

How is it? I'm so buffaloonish?!

이런 컨셉이 아주~~~입니다. This concept is sooo...very~~. ^^

현중 :: 『 LUCKY 』 새로운 인셋 사진 ( new inset pic )

티져가 나오기전에...

그리고 이게 새로운 인셋 자켓인가 보네요... 유튜브 탬플렛 사진... ^^
Background pic of KHJ Official Youtube page.

현중 :: 『 LUCKY 』 Teaser・MV - Oct 7 부터 (+edit+)

LUCKY GUY 티저는 정말 뜨는겁니까?

Yes, the LUCKY GUY teaser will be released tomorrow for the first series, first time.

It's released 3 times so as to create anticipation. and of course, the M/V has already finished shooting.

Schedule like below

7th (Fri) - around 2PM (GMT+9) | 1st teaser |

10th (Mon) - 3PM | 2nd teaser |

11th (Tues) - 12AM (GMT+9) (night of 10th) | 3rd teaser |

13th (Thurs) - Time unconfirmed | Full M/V |

Where to watch | 공식 김현중 채널 |

많이 기대되네요☺.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

규종 :: Musical Goong in Tokyo - Schedule

Basically, Kyu Jong will be Shin from 24th~30th Dec.

24th: 1PM, 6PM
25th: 1PM, 6PM
27th: 2PM
28th: 7PM
29th: 2PM, 7PM
30th (final day of play): 1PM, 6PM

Rest of the other days, Sungmo from Chosinsung will be Shin.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

현중 :: 『 LUCKY 』 자켓 커버 공개

11일 발매할 2번째 미니앨범 LUCKY는 자켓 사진을 공개되었습니다. 역시 시크하면서 댄디하게!

Jacket photo for 2nd mini album LUCKY has been revealed. A gambler, who's chic, dandy, naughty and cute!

Song Brief Intro

인용한 소스(source quoted from): 연합 뉴스(YONHAP NEWS)

『Do you like that』: Rock-N-Roll
『나는 네 남자야』(I'm your man) : Ballad
『U』: Sweet song
『LUCKY GUY』: Rhythmic electric guitar and brass used to form this up-tempo funky rock song. It is a band song that can make you dance and play the instruments at the same time. This is an idea from Kim Hyun Joong himself, who has been loving such style for such long time.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Soribada : Register an official soribada account + Buy Card ( for Int'l users ) ( new system )

The following is for foreign users to register a "Foreigners' Account"
- under the New System.


Create Official Account

Look at 3rd box - "국내거주 외국인".
Underneath, select "회원가입",

This will appear. Click on the blue button.

Then again, such page will appear. Tick all 3 mini boxes (Terms and Condition).
Then move to bottom to click blue box.

Fill in necessary details. as follow.

Name(Real name) - Male/Female
ID: *4~12 english smallcase, allows numbers/special punctuation*
Password confirm:
E-mail address: __ @ __
Mini to-check box: *to receive newsletters or not*
ID Picture: -scanned version is preferred-
Verification Code

After double confirming all your details, then click on the blue box "소리바다 ID 만들기 완료".
Words '가입승인을 위하여 1~2일(주말 제외)이 소요되며, 승인 후 이메일로 통보됩니다' means = It will inform you via e-mail after you successfully manage to join, after 1~2 days.

That's it. You had just registered an official account.


Buying Card

credit, done by, pictured, and produced by:
Thank You!

*please enlarge to view.

규종 :: 음악중심 ( Music Core ) - Oct 1