Friday, October 21, 2011

현중 :: Oct-20 Music Bank - 「LUCKY GUY」 No.1

오늘 뮤직뱅크에서 현중님 LUCKY GUY로 1위 수상하였습니다! 축하하구요~~ ^^

Today's Music Bank, HyunJoong won No.1 with [LUCKY GUY]! Congratulations~~^-^

In addition, there seems to be some 'error' in 'ALBUM SALES'.
The 'BROADCAST' and 'ALBUM SALES' should change.

It was confirmed error. and that the scores for 'ALBUM SALES' and 'BROADCAST' were exchanged.

Digital-wise (Streaming+Downloading) :

Davichi: 7720
KHJ: 2892

Audience Fondness (goes through a survey) *usually 1 week only does not consider*

Davichi: 1018
KHJ: 0

Album Sales :

Davichi: 41
KHJ: 12660


Davichi: 601
KHJ: 177

Total ::

Davichi: 9380
KHJ: 15,729

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