Thursday, June 30, 2011

현중 :: 06.30 M-Countdown - Wrapup of January~June 2011

Today's MCountdown. He was in No.4 today.

Camera-hogging period

Highest Ratings



TODAY'S WINNER - f(x) Hot Summer

Video copyright: cable MNet Korea
Video upload: (YouTube) CrazyCarrotExtra
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

현중 ::【BREAKDOWN】Limited Edition - Inset Photos (HQ)

BREAKDOWN 한정판에서 수록돼 있는 48P 포토북에서의 사진들입니다.

완전 뿌샤뿌샤 +_+...

Photos included inside the 48P Photobook.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

현중.영생 :: 06.26 Inkigayo (+special stage performance)

YouTube upload: crazycarrot370
Video copyright: SBS, Korea
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Special Stage - Heo Youngsaeng & Kim Hyunjoong - Twist King (original by Turbo)

Today's Winner - f(x) Hot Summer

Saturday, June 25, 2011

현중 :: 06.25 Music Core

Today's Music Core.

Youtube : crazycarrot270
Video copyright : iMBC, Korea

현중 :: 06.25 / 10번째 이야기【................... 】

This dawn at around 12AM+, he has left his 10th Story.
As sincere as it may sound, it is subjective to each. It depends on how you are going to interpret it and comprehend it and take it as it is.

멋진사람이되자 윌위라는거 좋지만 언젠간 잊혀지는거야
온리원이되자 정말 ...난 너희가 씨디 많이사는거 바라지않아 ..
그냥 지금처럼만 ...영원은아니더라도 ...순간만이라도 같이 추억을남기는게좋은거지 ㅋㅋ
알아???????너네들의 1등이 내가아니라 우리일수도있다는거 ...
말했지 ???한참전에 말했던거 ㅋㅋ기억하라항상.....
내가 언젠간 보호줄날이올꺼라고 잘보호받고이습니까??????ㅋㅋ
즐겨보자 하루하루를
멋진 하루하루를위하여 ㅋㅋ

Let's all become an awesome person yah
No.1 may be good but it will soon be forgotten someday
Let's all become the only one yah, honestly ...
I don't hope for you all to buy alot of CDs ..
Just like now will do ... Even if it won't be a Forever ... It may just be for the moment,
but it's nice to spin and leave memories together still, isn't it kk
Goddit??????? You guys' Number 1 is not Me, but instead, WE can all be that ...
I said it before right ???Quite awhile ago I did say that kk
Bear it in mind, always.....
One of these days, the day where I can give my protection will come, are you guys well protected for now??????kk
Let's enjoy it ya, each day and each day
For the sake of an awesome day after day kk


Friday, June 24, 2011

현중 :: 06.24 Music Bank - 2nd win

Second win in two weeks!!! 4th trophy altogether!

김현중 최고!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Backstage with Secret


This week's winner - HJ!!

YouTube uploaded: (version of) UnknownCarrot170
Video copyright: KBS2 Korea
Thank you.

Scores as follow.

2,504 - HJ - lower
6,719 - Secret - higher

Audiences' liking
637 - HJ - lower
693 - Secret - higher

Broadcast scores
3,829 - HJ - higher
2,238 - Secret - lower

Album sales
10,324 - HJ - higher (it is this that made him win so much)
99 - Secret - lower

17,294 - Kim Hyun Joong!
9,749 - Secret

현중 :: He will participate in this year's【M-Net 20s Choice】

He will take part this year. As a singer.

2011 06 24

Singer Kim Hyunjoong who's now standing solo has kept to his promise to fans from one year ago.

Personnel from Mnet '20s Choice' has revealed on the 24th, "After getting the award last year as the most influential star selected by the 20s, he gave his winning speech that he will definitely stand on stage again as a singer next year, and indeed, he has now done so", as he said.

It is expected that Kim Hyunjoong will be delivering a powerful stage through this time's performance. Related personnel from the event ceremony also added, "A mammoth stage that could never have been visible elsewhere will be set up in accompaniment to the powerful performance that he'll be putting up, so do keep your anticipation high", as he pleaded.

This year's event ceremony for the 20s named 'Mnet 20's Choice' will be held on July 7 at 6PM at Seoul Gwangjang-dong's Walker Hill River Park's outdoor swimming pool and will be hosted by Song Joongki and Miss-A's Suzi.


Singer Kim Hyunjoong has been selected as the '20 most influential stars' at this year's Mnet 20s Choice award ceremony.

With this, at the award ceremony on the 7th of next month, Kim Hyunjoong is expected to carry out a powerful performance at the outdoor swimming pool there.

Along with Kim Hyunjoong's stage will also see Super Junior's Kim Heechul performing for the first time with TRAX's Jungmo, as well as girl group f(x)'s special appearance, etc.

현중.영생 :: Happy Together 06.23 - Captures by HSSC

Captures by: HSSC [ LINK ]
Thank you!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

영생 :: Rainy Heart M/V - 1080P HD

드디어 공개!!
Finally released!

YouTube: b2ment

현중 :: 06.23 MCountdown - 3rd Trophy!!!

MCountdown is always so good. Giving him longest encore stage.

With this, if we want to secure the next week, as seen, it could be getting more and more difficult. The one component we have got to secure tight will be streaming and still streaming!!!

3920 - f(x) - highest
3840 - Secret
3600 - HJ - lowest

1000 - HJ - highest
250 - Secret
240 - f(x) - lowest

1500 - HJ - highest (so long you're No.1, you get 1500 points-ie; full 15%)
1440 - f(x) (because they were No.2 highest in the voting in the last session of voting)
1380 - Secret - lowest

980 - f(x) - highest
960 - Secret
960 - HJ

1500 - f(x) - highest (they were always on Top 5, in fact No.1)
1200 - Secret
900 - HJ - lowest

Combining all the above + SMS votings...

Kim Hyun Joong 8561 !!!

He thanks all his fans, all TripleS and Henecians.
He also says his sorry to all those who have put in alot of effort for his album that they got hurt in process
He'll improve for the better and be more hardworking to repay all.
I also notice that recently, he talks about becoming a more improved person, not as a star or celebrity.




YouTube : crazycarrotextra
Video copyright : Mnet Korea
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김현중 최고다!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♡

현중 ::【BREAKDOWN】Limited Edition ― Info + Preorder begins today

This is Keyeast.

Preordering for Kim Hyunjoong-ssi's 1st mini album [BREAKDOWN] Limited Edition will begin from June 23 (Thursday) onwards.

In this album, besides the current 6 songs as was already included in the Normal Edition album, there will also be an additional DVD as well as unreleased photos.
It will be limited to only 10,000 copies.
The poster will also be different from the one in the Normal Edition album.

Information to preorder Kim Hyunjoong 1st Mini Album [BREAKDOWN] Limited Edition...

When: 2011 June 23 (Thursday), 3PM onwards~
At where: YES24, Kyobo Online, Interpark, Aladin, Synnara media, Music Korea, Libro Online, Music Land, Liz Music, Apple Music

We ask for much of your concern and support towards Kim Hyunjoong's 1st mini album [BREAKDOWN] Limited Edition.

Thank you.

For more information, please post your enquiries to the respective online sites and stores.




1CD (same as Normal Edition) + 1DVD, Normal Edition's photos+additional photos shot in studio = Total 48P Photobook

**in the DVD**
Making Film includes Greetings, Showcase footage, Choreography Rehearsing Video, MV On-the-scene

Release Date : June 30 (Thursday)

01_Intro (Let Me Go)
02_Break Down (Feat. Double K)
03_제발 (Please)
04_Kiss Kiss
05_Yes I Will
06_제발 (Please) (Instrumental)

02_Break Down M/V
03_제발 (Please) M/V

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

현중 :: M-Countdown 06.16 - Backstage Interview

Since there will be english subbed video of this, just share a few important points.

-this backstage interview was conducted last week at M-Countdown backstage. Questions were posed through Mnet Mcountdown Japan's Twitter account. They did this small Q&A session with HJ.

-He mentioned on his 0606 birthday, he had been busy preparing the entire day for the next day's showcase - rehearsing and all. So when he reached home, already half past 0606, but still he thought it's still part of his b'day. So later, he and his agency (KEYEAST)'s boss, both of them celebrated his 110606 birthday together by party-ing (maybe it was a physical party at his home, not sure).

-The present that left biggest impression on him was the game autobike that you see in arcades. If I'm not wrong, that was from KHJ24. It was delivered to his home, but because no place to put, he requested to deliver to his KEYEAST agency venue instead.

-Dance that he likes most, he said all. He also summarized nicknames for each dance. 'Breakdown' is the '3 Gear Dance', while 'Please' is the 'Mike Dance', whereas 'Kiss Kiss' is the 'handsign dance'. He also confirmed that 'Kiss Kiss' will be his follow-up activity. (previously, it was a rumor, not until it comes from the horse's mouth, right?)

-Fan asked him how he decides what age range is nuna/ahjumma. He said no restrictions.

-Asia Tour and overseas promo activity will be conducted. Around End-Sept ~ October he will release 2nd solo album.

-Around end-July ~ Aug, he will go over to Japan. Probably for personal fanmeet and for Playful Kiss' promo activity too.

Last but not least, the YS at the end of the video... Why did he have to bend down and creep into the lift? That was so hilarious, it got me laughing so bad.

Youtube uploaded by: satomama13
Video copyright: Mnet MCountdown Japan

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

영생 :: 11.06.20 WITH YOU -「 Rainy Heart 」

First time sang Rainy Heart at a public event. To be added.

Fancam by: Madeleine 마들렌 (
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Monday, June 20, 2011

현중 :: Fanphoto by MurdererQ - 06.19 Times Square Fansign

* 재 업시 변형하지 마세요!!!
* 転载ない场合にのみ変更!!!
* 图片严禁二次修改。 谢谢合作。

By: MurdererQ @ 뒷조사 (Investigation KHJ) [ LINK ]
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현중 :: Article「About 4 bottles of Soju...」


Kim Hyunjoong has once again proved his status as the representative of a drinker in the entertainment circle.

On SBS Power FM 'Park Sohyun's Love Game' that was aired on the 17th June, Kim Hyunjoong shared talks on the subject 'Slightest misunderstanding that people have of KHJ', speaking "I often hear people say that I will drink wine or western style liquor and though I don't drink it often, I do drink Soju for about 3.5 bottles to around 4 bottles".

To this, he continued, "Because I debuted at a young age, there were contract terms like you cannot mention talks about 'moustache', 'first loves', 'beer', 'smoking' etc", "But because I do those talks very conveniently and easily these days, I'm no longer an idol anymore", as he even added.

On the other hand, Kim Hyunjoong has recently released his first solo album 'Breakdown' and is undergoing aggressive promotional activities.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

현중 :: 06.19 Inkigayo「BREAKDOWN」

HJ is part of the Take 7 contenders too.


Today's Winner - SECRET

영생 :: 06.19 Inkigayo「LET IT GO」― 마지막 무대

마지막 스테이지였습니다... 다음 무대까지 계속히 기대속으로...!!!

Until the next time! Today is the last stage - Inkigayo.

YouTube by: crazycarrot370
Video copyright by: SBS Korea, Inkigayo

Saturday, June 18, 2011

현중 :: 06.18 Music Core「BREAKDOWN」

Today's Music Core stage of BREAK DOWN.

YouTube: crazycarrot270
Video copyright: MBC Korea
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영생 :: 06.18 Music Core「LET IT GO」

오늘의 음악중심 무대입니다.
Today's Music Core stage.

YouTube: crazycarrot270
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Friday, June 17, 2011

현중 :: 06.17 Music Bank - 2nd No.1

두번째 1위를 했습니다. 2nd No.1 in a row.

Video courtesy of: Unknowncarrot170
Video copyright by: KBS2 Korea
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Break Down

Winner - No.1!

Scoring details as follow:
Digital Sales
HJ - 2065 - low
BEAST - 7060 - high

Viewers' ratings
HJ - 0 (because it's only been a week, not long enough to calculate)
BEAST - 720 - high

Broadcastings ratings

HJ - 2168 - lower (only been a week, obviously lower progs attended yet)
BEAST - 2943 - higher

Album sales
HJ - 11547 - higher
BEAST - 835 - lower

HJ - 15780 - higher
BEAST - 11558 - lower by 4000+

Break Down - Kim Hyun Joong !!!

영생 :: 06.17 Music Bank「LET IT GO」

Music Bank stage of LET IT GO. The one where microphone gave him glitches.

Youtube uploaded: (version of) UnknownCarrot170

현중 :: Why does he not use smartphones?

This is the period where smartphones are getting more and more publicized everywhere around. Indeed true that most stars these days use smartphones. Whether for promo shoots relating to work, or during free intercession breaktimes during recordings, stars have the tendency to play the games on their smartphones and or watch videos to pass time. Smartphones are certainly the effectively one of a kind tool for them to pass time.

In addition, even smartphone companies have this ongoing promotion sale for celebrities who buy from them. And so because of this, most of the stars are using smartphones. There are even some stars who have 2~3 handphones with them.

However, amidst such a trend, there are, too, stars who don't use smartphones. And he is none other than Kim Hyunjoong who's recently made his solo comeback with a new album. Kim Hyunjoong is currently using an old model folder phone. Kim Hyunjoong has also mentioned himself that he's never used a smartphone at all before. So what exactly is the reason why Kim Hyunjoong doesn't use smartphones?

Recently, Kim Hyunjoong who met up with our eNews said to this, "Smartphones are inconvenient, whereas a normal phonepiece is convenient". In fact, Kim Hyunjoong's handphone was recently spoilt and he actually got a new handphone too. Despite given the chance to, he still again selected and went for a folder phone. A related personnel from his agency has commented, "Kim hyunjoong doesn't show any kind of stark interest to any latest gadget and whatsnot", "He finds that smartphones are inconvenient and has insisted to use the original style of phone that he's always been using".

Kim Hyunjoong is a star who's almost insensitive to the latest trend at all. He doesn't play mini homepages. Twitter or even SNS*. Since he doesn't own a smartphone, it would obviously be hard for him to use SNS too. A related personnel who knows Kim Hyunjoong very well has divulged, "Rather than to say that he wants to maintain his mysterious profile, it is more apt to say that he doesn't exactly enjoy communication through the internet medium", "Kim Hyunjoong likes to share talks with people by meeting them directly and personally, rather than over the net. The matters he thinks of is not like a 1986 at all. He has trend sensitivity just like those in their 30s".

*SNS is Social Networking Service.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

현중 :: 06.16 M Countdown 1 위 ( No.1 ) !

During his winning speech, a rough outline:

Very thankful for this award today.
All thanks to Yongjoon hyung, KEYEAST's boss and staff, cordi nuna, managers, our best dance team Artmatic, and all many others
As well as our fans of course, really want to say thanks
This award today is given by all our fans who have worked hard
Thank you all!

In addition, these are the scores.

Digital Sales
3520 - lowest HJ
3840 - FTI
4000 - highest SECRET

Album Sales
800 - HJ highest
372 - FTI
215 - SECRET lowest

Mnet online poll (Mnet Korea+Mnet Japan)
1500 - HJ highest
1480 - FTI
1360 - SECRET lowest

Liking by professionals
900 - HJ highest
840 - FTI
840 - SECRET

Realtime charts ranking that gave this score:
900 - HJ lowest
1050 - FTI
1350 - SECRET highest >> this shows their ranking on charts are very high

8078 - HJ WINNER!!!
8042 - FTI
7845 - SECRET


Little BTS

WINNER - NO.1!!!

YouTube videos by: crazycarrotextra
Video copyright by: Mnet Korea
Thank you!

영생 :: 06.16 M Countdown「LET IT GO」

YS' final week of comeback. 마지막 컴백주 입니다...
Inkigayo will be his final. 인가는 마지막중의 마지막이라고 합니다...

As usual,
Youtube uploaded by: crazycarrotextra
Video copyright: Mnet Korea
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

현중 :: 06.12 MBC Section TV【섹션 연예통신】

YouTube upload: mbraaandt

Talks about his album as well as the entrance rowing test he took for Infinite Challenge...
During 0607's showcase.

Wow, time flies. It's been 5 days after the showcase...

현중 :: 06.12 Inkigayo「Talk」/「Please」/「Breakdown」

Video uploaded: (version of) Youtube - ReL4KPOPZ
Video copyright: SBS Korea
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

현중 :: 06.10 Music Bank『제발 (Please)』,『BREAKDOWN』, Backstage Talk

오늘 6월10일 뮤직뱅크 무대입니다.
Today's Music Bank stage.

Thank you to each respective uploader!

Video copyright: KBS2 Korea.



Backstage Interview

현중 :: 06.10 Hanteo Charts - No.1 Real-Time , No.1 Daily , No.1 Most Searched

11-06-10 14:10

Singer Kim Hyunjoong's first mini album 'Break Down' is currently receiving feverish popularity for it.

On the 8th when Kim Hyunjoong officially released his album in the morning, and right until this moment (10th Jun, 2:00 PM), on the Hanteo Charts, in the Album Sales category, his No.1 status is currently holding a 3 times and bigger difference with the No.2 on the Real-Time Charts and the Daily Charts. In addition, he is also the No.1 Most Searched Real-Time keyword recorded - which is 3 thrones for him recorded altogether.

The representative charts of Korea - the Hanteo Charts, takes into record of sales data from its nationwide merchant outlets as well as the nation's biggest few discography shopping malls, and added on with sales data from medium and small internet/online merchants to get the calculation for Real-Time charts and rankings.

Kim Hyunjoong's agency KEYEAST told about this on the 10th, "Rather than putting it across that album sales have results as follow, which focuses mainly on digital singles and title tracks, is to tail behind the transformation of the music industry (in order to fit into it), it is more evident of Kim Hyunjoong's hard work put into for the full album as being verified and appreciated by fans - as proved through the results".

On the 9th, Kim Hyunjoong has since begun his official and luxurious comeback through Mnet MCountdown with his oozing charisma on stage.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

현중 :: 06.09 M Countdown「Intro(Let Me Go)」,「제발(Please)」,「BREAKDOWN」

첫 무대였습니다!!!!!!!!!
First stage!!!!!!!!!!!

According to item performed.

Youtube uploaded by: crazycarrotextra
Video copyright: Mnet Korea
Thank you!!!

Intro (Let Me Go)



현중 :: Talks about 501 on MBC『Knee-Drop-Guru』

This programme was aired yesterday on MBC.

This version varies a little from the one on allkpop. Allkpop holds a larger standard deviation from what is deemed the 'original content'. . .

Kim Hyun Joong "All that SS501 could do together when united had almost all been shown"

Kim Hyun Joong has explained about the background of how SS501 went onto their respective roads.

In the episode of MBC 'Golden Fishery - Knee-drop Guru' aired on June 8, Kim Hyun Joong's recently made his comeback as a solo singer poured about his troubles 'Feels like all of mine I have is like a bubble', as he also displayed his 4-dimensional charm.

In the past where he appeared on 'Radio Star', he ever disclosed "If the agency doesn't chase us away I don't have intention to leave too", to this, Kim Hyun Joong gave a further explanation - "It was when we had only 5 months remaining of our contract left at that time".

He added, "That time was when we had one more album planned for release. That time was a period where I had not discussed about the agency's problem with our members yet", "However after our album activities ended, I talked to our members about it", as he came frank.

Kim Hyun Joong continued, "Didn't we already almost shown all that we SS501 could do as one. I told them it is not a disband, it's just that if we were to go on each of our paths for time being it'd seem like a not bad thing too", "After we have discussed it out with our members, eventually, we have decided to go on the path that best fits with our personal shine/color", as he added.

With regards to the issue on his former agency's CEO collapsing due to deterioration of health, Kim Hyun Joong said, "As far it's concerned, the most fortunate thing would be that I managed to say 'Sorry' to him before he collapsed. Should I have not been able to say that, I couldn't have came out", "If I happen to get No.1 for any drama or any music programme, I definitely want to say something like 'Sajang-nim, I've done well. Please be healthy' to him".

현중 ::「BREAKDOWN」Jacket Covers (4)


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

현중 :: 네이버 촬영현장 BTS / Naver on-spot shooting BTS

BREAKDOWN Shooting of M/V and Jacket Cover - On-Spot

SS501 :: 6주년 입니다.. 6th Anniversary...

벌써 6년이 되었다..
할말이 많아서 조금이라도 모자란 것이다..
우리 다섯이 젤 멋진 남자들.. 6년이 지나가도 엊그제같은날...
시간이 엄청 빠르다구요..
옛날의 그들이가 이제 훌륭한 사람이라 되었답니다.
정말 뿟뿟합니다.
사실이 생각해보면 시간이 제한된 건 아니라
사람 나름대로 멋모르는 사이에
당신이 지혜가 있는 한 사람을 만들것 같습니다.
저희 다섯이 그골을 다쳤었지요? 그리고 목표로 진행중이 오니...
그래서 영생님의 한마디를 인용한다면
"SS501! 다들 팀이름의 뜻을 까먹지 마라"고 기억해주시면
결국엔 우리 꼭 최고 Number 1가 되게 가능합니다.

6월8일...앞으로의 이 날처럼... 우리 모두 한 자리에서 모여라, 모여라!!

2011.06.08 (수)

It's already 6 years..
There's so much to say that if only a little is to be said, it would be insufficient..
Our most awesome five men.. Even as 6 years have past, it's just like yester days...
Time flies too much...
Those boys of the past yester years have since transformed into truly fine ones.
Really proud and honorified.
To be honest, Time is not restricted to anything
It is dependent on each person, before he/she knows it,
he/she would have become/formed a person of wisdom in no time.
Like our case, our five have reached that goal isn't it? and working towards it...
And so, quoting YS' one line,
"SS501! Let us all not forget the meaning behind our team's name",
if we bear that in mind,
eventually, it's certainly possible to become the best and Number 1, surpassing all other barriers.

June 8... Just like this day on any other year... We all be standing fixed in one place,
Unite, Unite!!

2011.06.08 (Wed)

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

현중 ::『BREAK DOWN』M/V 720P

오늘 공개된 뮤직비디오 BREAK DOWN!

BREAK DOWN M/V that was released today!

Youtube : kimhyunjoong606
Video copyright : CJ E&M, Keyeast

현중 :: 「BREAKDOWN」Video Footage

Break Down footage

Greetings video

Choreography Video

현중 :: First mini-album『BREAKDOWN 』digital release!

첫 솔로 미니앨범 BREAKDOWN가 공개되었습니다!
오늘도 쇼케이스날이구요, 다들 즐겁게 놀러가며 다녀오세요!!

Solo mini album BREAKDOWN is finally released!
Today is also the day of the Showcase, may everyone enjoy properly and return!
It will be such a meaningful day... :)


Monday, June 06, 2011

현중 :: 26번째 생일, 진심으로 축하드립니다!

Today is our God of Universe's 26th birthday.

오늘 6월6일 우리 우주신의 26번째 생일날입니다.

진심으로 축하드리구요~~짝짝

우주에서 세상에서 제일 사랑하는 현중님아~

The most beloved Hyunjoong in Universe and on Earth,
Happy~~Birthday to U~~~~~~

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Friday, June 03, 2011

영생 :: 06.03 뮤직뱅크『Let it go』

Today's Music Bank stage. It has been awhile! No matter what, keep on going.

Youtube upload: (version of) UnknownCarrot170
Thank you!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

현중 ::『제발(Please)』720P Full HD M/V

오늘 드디어!!!!!!!!!! M/V 풀버전이 공개하게 되었습니다!!!!!!!!!!
Finally full version of M/V is released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1080P HD

Video copyright: KEYEAST, CJ Entertainment
Uploaded by: (Official YouTube channel) kimhyunjoong606 (
Thank you!!!!!!