Friday, June 10, 2011

현중 :: 06.10 Music Bank『제발 (Please)』,『BREAKDOWN』, Backstage Talk

오늘 6월10일 뮤직뱅크 무대입니다.
Today's Music Bank stage.

Thank you to each respective uploader!

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Backstage Interview


pengfoo said...

So happy for Hyun Joong's success! Very well-deserved for this really charismatic guy. He has worked very hard for it and deserves will be justly rewarded.
His vocals have improved so much - his range is so high now. I have always enjoyed his singing and voice and thought he always had a special style and sound.
What can I say about his dancing? Loads - such energy and power, so well controlled, coiled and released like whip lash as in 'Break Down' and smooth as silk as in 'Please'. Also so playful and ultra cute as in 'Kiss kiss' and finally, (my favourite)visually esthetic and singing incredible in 'Let Me Go' His dancing is out of this planet!!! His team has also performed so well.Such great support from them. Well done all!!

Thank-you for all the beautiful photos and videos. Great job! Thanks for your devotion in posting so fast.

ode said...


That's pengfoo? Once again, your beautiful language...
definitely appreciated by HJ if hr hears.^^