Wednesday, June 22, 2011

현중 :: M-Countdown 06.16 - Backstage Interview

Since there will be english subbed video of this, just share a few important points.

-this backstage interview was conducted last week at M-Countdown backstage. Questions were posed through Mnet Mcountdown Japan's Twitter account. They did this small Q&A session with HJ.

-He mentioned on his 0606 birthday, he had been busy preparing the entire day for the next day's showcase - rehearsing and all. So when he reached home, already half past 0606, but still he thought it's still part of his b'day. So later, he and his agency (KEYEAST)'s boss, both of them celebrated his 110606 birthday together by party-ing (maybe it was a physical party at his home, not sure).

-The present that left biggest impression on him was the game autobike that you see in arcades. If I'm not wrong, that was from KHJ24. It was delivered to his home, but because no place to put, he requested to deliver to his KEYEAST agency venue instead.

-Dance that he likes most, he said all. He also summarized nicknames for each dance. 'Breakdown' is the '3 Gear Dance', while 'Please' is the 'Mike Dance', whereas 'Kiss Kiss' is the 'handsign dance'. He also confirmed that 'Kiss Kiss' will be his follow-up activity. (previously, it was a rumor, not until it comes from the horse's mouth, right?)

-Fan asked him how he decides what age range is nuna/ahjumma. He said no restrictions.

-Asia Tour and overseas promo activity will be conducted. Around End-Sept ~ October he will release 2nd solo album.

-Around end-July ~ Aug, he will go over to Japan. Probably for personal fanmeet and for Playful Kiss' promo activity too.

Last but not least, the YS at the end of the video... Why did he have to bend down and creep into the lift? That was so hilarious, it got me laughing so bad.

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Video copyright: Mnet MCountdown Japan

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