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몸짱 2위 - 김현중 [BODY MAN - KimHyunJoong]

A poll was done online to see what are the netizen’s opinions about the ‘good figure’ of various korean idols. The results came out and according to list of the ‘best body’, Eeteuk of Super Junior top the chart. Many netizens who saw the ranking was amazed as he has won over other idols especially his group member, Siwon, who was popular for his ‘chocolate abs’. It was known that Super Junior members worked very hard to maintain a good looking figure and their gym trainer has pointed out that Eeteuk is the one with the most improvements( body) and has the nicest shape.

Look at the ranking now!

1. Leeteuk
2. Kim Hyun Joong
3. Taemin
4. Siwon
5. Jaejoong
6. Nickhun
7. TOP
8. Yunho
9. Jokwon
10. Dongho

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by:
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ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 재목이 잘어울리시나요? 네 내가 알아. ^^
Is the title appropriate enough? Yes I know

[영상] 3hree Voices -- JJ+HJ in CANADA (카나다에서는 재중,현중)

3hree Voices -- Jaejoong in Canada

this is a special footage captured for Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong aka 3hree voices ^^
this video featured here is about Jaejoong in canada. the trip in Jan, and you should know mr. Kim Hyun joong was there along as well...
Mr. Kimhyunjoong wasn't shown face at all, but you would know it is him -- from the backview + behavior + voice ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

direct link as follow :

출처-hyunbar66/video uploader in youku

He appears in :::

[영상] D@TV #1 {c}

iin order not to risk any thing/account, for the rest of the parts, probably refer to the original source trait, that will be better!

cr: chi subs/||yt@icqo206
if you see this in time, good

[영상] 0722 YSTAR MVI0 {c}

Dont think had this as record.

MVIO 0722 YStar {chi}

by: chi subs/transl-mret hj chi site // peeresspjm@yt

[오디오] 0731 Music high

every friday something to look forward to? other than WEEKENDS (!!) there is also music high. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

fr: prettyboy // yt@3kimheopark3

song: Come Back Again -- Infinite
노래: 다시 돌아와 -- 인피니트

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[영상] Channel V @ 100730

0730 Channel V

about Gdbye yoonjihoo DVD coverage and some introduction to it ^^
def not new stuff if you had seen it 찡~~~~~~~~~넹~~~**


NTV 24hr Programme 출연 결정

NTV Programme -- "24hour television"

KimHyunJoong supports the idea/aim of programme capsule Japan TV "24hour TV - Love saves Earth", therefore he will participate in this programme. Aim of this programme is to raise funds for charity purposes. Bae Yong Joon gun participated many times before, too.

There will be a special pre-recorded programme broadcasted in advance.

Pre-recorded programme broadcast
What: The highlight of this year's programme
When: August 1 (Sunday)
Time: 4.25PM~5:25PM

Official Programme broadcast
What: Love saves Earth
When: August 28 6.30PM ~ August 29 8.45PM

자료 출처

[vid] Arirang HJ

Arirang HJ

HJ signing on with Keyeast and whatsnots

fr: arirangworld@yt

Contract issues [1]

Following behind Kim Hyun Joong who signed on to a full contract with a Bae Yong Jun's agency Keyeast in mid-June after contract with former agency ended, it has been revealed that popular idol group SS501's member Park JungMin will also be signing on to a new agency company as well. Whilst on the other hand, 'SS301' will be carrying out their singer activities after the last 2008. SS301 (pronounced Double S sam-gong-il) is a unit group consisting of Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Jun.

SS501's personnel expressed that Park JungMin who's been having a huge interest over acting will be managing himself this time round, and has been searching for a new agency company. While Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun will wish to carry out singer activities together rather than doing solo activities, and is currently searching for new agency company.

SS301 which consists of Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Jun are the recruitment targets that top agency companies are looking for in the current music FA industry scene. They have been receiving invitations from many agency companies here and there who are offering them huge contract fees, but despite so, 3 of them are hoping to move into a company whom they could trust and rely on fully, rather than the money that they are concerned about. A personnel of the members revealed, "Although the contract fees is of course an important element we consider, the members are wishing for a company whom they could trust fully/without qualms, and where they would be able to maximize the best of their abilities".

Since SS501 members are collaborating with and moving into various different agency companies, it seems like carrying out activities together as SS501 will be challenging for the time being. However there isn't much of a displease amongst members, all of them still want SS501 to be existent, and so it seems like the team will not break up fully (fully? that shouldnt even exist!).
Especially where SS501 has such high popularity in Taiwan, the possibility of them standing together on foreign stages again for promo purposes could not be ruled out, too.

On the other hand, SS501 who is quoting the '1+1+3' activity formula is similar to that of original ancestor H.O.T after they disbanded. -H.O.T information omitted-


My stand never changed. To be apart in different companies doesn't mean this person doesn't care about that, or that doesn't care for this. Just like back in 2008, Jungmin was for Grease with his oily hair (^^) and Hyunjoong was for BoF with his beautiful hair (^^);
just look at it -- isn't the so-called (decided?) 'tactic' they're using now the --
[[Extended version]] of back then ? What happened, did their love change? Will Hyungjun become a 1986-er? Will Hyunjoong become a 1987-er?
I believe everyone has each's own POV and AOC (area of conc)
Isnt what we're sharing in common?

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스카이파 어워즈 SkyPerfect Award 2010

Date: November 10, 2010
Venue: Tokyo JCB Hall
Time: 17:00 ~ 22:00 (5hours) (GMT +9)
Voting period: Aug 1 ~ October 31

Why say that? HyunJoong's programme "Just the way he is" has been nominated under the "Entry Programme". If you watched the #1 of DATV, he's had said on the programme about this too.

info fr:

If you can vote, remember Aug 1 onwards !

very many events soon!!!

HJ upcoming Japan activities

just a little summary, ne?

'Little Yonsama' Kim Hyun Joong will be starting his official Japan activities in Bae Yong Joon's footsteps.

He will be carrying out promotional events for drama 'Boys over Flowers' for the first time after his recruitment into new agency Keyeast. Promotional events will be on the 18 August at Osaka Grand Cube and 21 August at Tokyo International Forum, with 2 sessions held for each event, and so a total of 4 sessions will be held.

SS501 who has had visited Japan just 4 months ago for the Saitama Concert at Super Arena, and the 'Boys over Flowers' premium event that was held 9 months ago, Kim Hyun Joong will soon be visiting Japan again, but this time -- for his personal work schedule.

Kim Hyun Joong who newly moved into Bae Yong Jun's agency company Keyeast just last month had been receiving hot attention for his affirmed potential in rising to a Hanryu star. However analyses about Kim Hyun Joong's popularity already surpassing that of Song Seung Heon and So Ji Sub's surfaces itself as well.

Keyeast personnel expressed, "Though it's true that Bae Yong Jun's fanbase has had expanded to Kim Hyun Joong too, we don't know how wide the scale is. That's why this time's Japan journey will be an important gauge for us for his future promotion activities."

Keyeast's affiliated company, Japan cable channel DATV broadcasted Episode 1 of 'Kim Hyun Joong's Everything' special programme on 27 July, this programme will be scheduled for series broadcast, and this is targeted to boost Hyun Joong's hanryu popularity further.

In addition, Hyun Joong will be making a visit to 'Boys over Flowers' Shizuoka prefecture shooting site along with fans on August 19-20 during his journey in Japan next month. And of course not forgetting 2 sessions of his fanmeeting on October 11 at Tokyo's JCB Hall in commemoration of his 1st Japanese DVD and Photobook 'The 1st Love Story' release.

On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong has begun his emittance behind Bae Yong Joon where he's been recently selected to be the new ambassador for cosmetic brand The Face Shop.


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[영상] OpenCon 0711 -- Medley {c}

as the television version was broadcasted on Jul 11, here is the chi subbed vers of during the medley time.

credit: hyunjoongchina *c subs/transl* || amber1775님@youtube

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[영상] 07-26 Jkpop, ChannelV

0726 Jkpop
fr: ying5387isme6@yt

0726 Channel V
fr: smilejuhan@yt

fr: ying5387isme6@yt
another version

[영상] Star Q10 @ 100609 {e}

0609 star q10 {eng}

credit: (chi subs) doubleS/no43park + (eng subs) crazynoona@yt
thanks to all parties.

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[사진] 영생군 -- Oseo Ankwa

you should have seen his photographs, so I will not repost, but rather his message

me like Wonjangnim very much..^O^
wonjangnim is so cute!!!!!!!!

" My vision which hasn't been good since my childhood days...

I had been hoping for just some cure to have a better vision.

Until lasik surgeries surfaced itself in this world...

To be honest, I wasn't able to choose to undergo an easy operation because I was feeling worried.

If I were to do a stage performance at one go... Vision will go worse.

But because I was given a short-term break... Looking at the people around me going for Lasik surgeries one by one, I was growing tempted too.

Seriously at first, I was very scared and anxious... I did eye checking at Oseo Ophthalmology, and sent my greetings to Wonjang-nim.

After discussing with Wonjang-nim for quite a bit, I gained trust and then my fear dissipated a little, where the surgery then began straight away.

No matter what, we are doing an operation on the eyes here... Whoever it may be will feel scared.

But if you think about it, a surgery is nothing without fears.

And so the surgery ended... At that time, my eyes were stinging, and I felt annoyed, but soon it was alright already.

At that moment, the feeling of what everyone who underwent Lasik felt came to me... I began feeling that same way too.

Also, whoever that has poor vision... I'm sure they want to sleep too while watching television.

Indeed I have that kind of wish... And now that I've done lasik, that wish became reality...

The Now that has passed Sunday had turned into confusion for me -- feels like I was a person with good vision to begin with... I'm now seeing clearly.

To the Wonjang-nim and other Seonsaeng-nims who have done this well a lasik for me -- thank you from the bottom of my heart. "

from: [oseo ankwa]

I will go for Lasik soon too^^

[영상] Persona Rehearsal

as said here, Persona concert Making DVD/Photobk has been released on Jul 23

these are the rehearsal footages from the DVD

thx to: exlley@yt

Seoul, Shanghai

Taiwan, Bangkok

[기사] Still Cut release on 26th

07/26 [news] Kim HyunJoong, Jung SoMin ‘Mischievous Kiss’ First Filming Photos Released

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Photos of the first filming for MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday mini series ‘Mischievous Kiss’ by Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin have been released.

According to production team Group Eight, Kim HyunJoong acts as Baek SeungJo and Jung SoMin acts as Oh HaNi in ‘Mischievous Kiss’, started their very first filming on 24-Jul at a residential area in SungBok-dong, Seoul. In this filming, scenes of both of them bickering while on their way to school are being recorded. Group Eight released this set of photos to the public on 26-Jul.

Group Eight said “Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin who have worked together in practicing with their scripts earlier on, when they got into the filming site, the staffs applause to congratulate both of them for the commencement of the real filming. Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin responded with bright smiles.”

In addition, they added “That day’s filming is about SeungJo and HaNi, who started to cohabit by chance, was squabbling on their way to school. We also captured SeungJo’s cold unfriendly looks where he told her to pretend that they don’t know each other in school, and HaNi’s sullen looks when she grumbles about SeungJo, this is also known as the start of their sweet romance in the future.”

Kim HyunJoong expressed his determination about this drama with the start of the filming.

Kim HyunJoong said “Today is the first filming, upon hearing the cue sign from the director, then only did I have the actual feeling that the filming has really started.” He also emphasized “Today I have been reborn again, not as Boys Over Flower’s Yoon JiHoo but as Mischievous Kiss’s Baek SeungJo, with the excitement and sense of responsibility, I will make this the best drama.”

Jung SoMin revealed “I am someone who looks into the eyes of others when I am talking, the Director always looked into my eyes and gave me guidance, I can really feel his focus towards the actors/actress. Instead of perfect acting skills since I am still a rookie, I will show a non-stereotyped and innocent side of me.”

‘Mischievous Kiss’ will start broadcast on 9-Sep.

most news articles talk about the same thing.^__^
Everyone started to yell already, ne? ^_______________^

[직찍] 0725 HJ @ filming site

It officially began, thanks to the Pluto stalking team once again ^__^
The canon 50D sure is a pet ^_^

by n from: pluto-nim@hyuniversal0606

Hani calling out to me!..!

[직캠] 07-25 @ SeungJo in camera

0725 Arriving & Leaving the area [귀신현중]

출근퇴근 현중/승조
by: noblekhj 귀신현중


촬영중 In midst of shooting [킹현중]

strictly no reuploading onto other media sites

Sunday, July 25, 2010

[사진] 박대표 07-25 Sunday, July 25. The end of a new week. It's now 12am -- it's Monday, Jul 26!
Brand new week!
How was your weekend?

from: 07-25,

11:17 PM, gmt +9
Hi im kimgamsa korea is to hot [抓狂] now im do working hard to make china site ! and i think many many event to how to happy triple-s & lapincarrot ~ bonus !! 박대표 사진 이쁘죠 ? ^^

Hi im kimgamsa korea is to hot [going crazy] now im do working hard to make china site ! and i think many many event to how to happy triple-s & lapincarrot ~ bonus !!
park daepyo's photo is pretty right ?^^

thanks for always creating new brain juices, but it's time more oranges give to your CEO ^o^

Casting ISWAK

from: ISWAK DCGal // (backdoor) iswak BD // G8

Role Purpose : Actor (original = korean ; Character's name)

Male lead : Kim Hyun Joong (Naoki Irie = Baek Seung Jo)

Female lead : Jung So Min (Aihara Kotoko = Oh Ha Ni)

2nd Female lead (jealous of Ha-ni) : Jang Ah Young (Hong Jang Mi)

2nd Male lead : Lee Tae Sung (Kinnosuke Nakamura = Bong Joon Gu)

Younger brother (Seung-jo's) : Choi Won Hong (Yuuki Irie = Baek Eun Jo)

Teacher (of Ha-Ni's) : Hwang Hyo Eun (Song Kang-i)

Teacher (of Seung-Jo's) : Kang Du (Song Ji-oh)

Ha-ni Father : Kang Nam Gil (Oh Gi Dong)

Seung-jo Father : Oh Gyung Soo (Baek Soo Chang)

Seung-jo Mother : Jung Hye Young (Hwang Geum Hee)

Ha-ni rival (likes Seung-jo)*: Lee Si Young (Yoon Hae-ra)

Ha-ni best friend (clique) : Hong Yoon Hwa (Jung Joo Ri)

Ha-ni best friend (clique) : Yoon Seung Ah (Dok Go Min-ah)

They had script reading @ 19 Jul @ MBC dream Center.
1st shoot will begin 22nd.
It was said that HyunJoong liked it so much...^^

*Yoon Hae-ra is the rival of Ha-ni; will appear in latter half of drama. She forms a rectangular relationship with Seung-jo, Ha-ni, Joon-gu.

SeungJo's academy institution

Student Baek Seung Jo from Parang high school

First day school : September 1, 9.55 pm

Shooting will be in SoMyung Girls high school

photos shot from:

자유 이동 가능합니다
원출처는 꼬옥 밝혀주세여.
Can be moved freely. State source clearly.

Before setting of crew

After crew setting

Art room
circled looks like : 파랑고등학교 (Parang High school)
which means name of school: Parang high school

3년 6반 -- Year 3, Class 6 (Class F)
originally Class 7, but it was on upper storey, so for convenience sake
they decided for this class

Outside architectural view -- 'Parang High school' (somyung girls')

0724 HJ shooting [2]

some Dessert for Hyunjoong

by: (bluenim/sarahnim)

영생군 눈이 브링브링잉~

Many artistes are opting to go Lasik these days. so its not really a surprise, because when you undergo lasik which is painless and takes less than 15 mere minutes, you get a brand new lease of life to view this beautiful world with a heart lighter than that of a feather. ^_____^
Wouldn't you, too?

source- [오세오 안과 - Oseo Ophthalmologist @ Kangnam]

message left by Ophthalmologist about His Majesty @ 07-23:::

Group SS501's member full-point charmer Heo Young Saeng had administered himself into our OseO Ophthalmology Clinic. Heo Young Saeng who has received much courage after seeing the results of member Kim Kyu Jong who's undergone the same lasik surgery too~
Because of these two (3 you mean) awesome guys, Kangnam's Oseo Ophythalmology Clinic has been crowded in high favor since then ^^
Heo Young Saeng who's visited our Kangnam Oseo Ophthalmology Clinic~
Be happy always~

[상품] Persona Making-of Photobook & DVD

1st posted: 18 may
last edited: 25 July

it's now released hurry up grab your copy before stocks last!


Yeasia::: HERE

Cost: USD 128.75 (O.O)
Expected Release Date: July 23, 2010
Contents: All the same as below


SS501 Persona Concert "Making of Story" Photobook + DVD (3 discs)

Price: 10,920yen (tax inclusive)
Release date: 2010.07.23 (3 discs)
Subtitles: Japanese+Korean
Region Code: ALL
Goodies: (Special) 200 Page Deluxe Photobook

**3 DISCS**

DISC 1: Making Story Part 1

DISC 2: Making Story Part 2

DISC 3: Making Story Special Feature
-VCR Making
-Photo Slideshow

Includes precious footages of the members captured candidly,
as well as full versions of the Making-of-Stories.
Comes along with 200Pages long worth of deluxe coloured photobook.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

[직캠] HJ shooting 0724

Parang high school -- 3rd year Class F/6 student -- Baek Seung jo ...may day!
shooting for his scene right that moment!

fancam spotted! daum version

fancam spotted! youtube version
from: wwlovehjl3@yt

fanpic spotted! direct link

[상품] Persona in Seoul Encore DVD {jp ver} (+intl)

1st posted: Jun 12
last edited: July 16

available here: click

Persona in Seoul Encore DVD Release!

What: February 28's concert -- 2 Discs + Mini photobooklet + Luxurious Box

Price: 6,090 yen [tax inclusive] // ~USD 69.25

Release date: 2010 August 27 (Friday)

Subtitles: Korean, Japanese

Region code: All

Total duration: 150 minutes

*DISC 1*
-Concert footage

*DISC 2*
-Concert Encore
-Special Talk Time



--Disc 1--
04 4 Chance (remix)
05 Song calling for you (remix)
06 How are you (HyungJun solo)
07 NEVER LET YOU GO (KyuJong solo)
08 WUSS UP (KyuJong solo)
11 Because I'm Stupid
12 Only Me (JungMin solo)
13 KISS [with Rainbow] (JungMin solo)
14 U R Man
15 Only Our Memories (YoungSaeng solo)
16 FIND (YoungSaeng solo)
17 Please be nice to me (HyunJoong solo)
19 Haruman (Only One Day)
20 Love Like This

--Disc 2--
01 Snow Prince
02 Coward
03 Bye Bye
04 You're my heaven
05 Special Talk Time
06 OBSESS (Multi-angle)
07 Wasteland (Multi-angle)

It will be released in Korea as well, no worries!

[영상] 0724 music high

0724 Music high

Good girl, Bad girl

from: mangosorbet/crazynoona@youtube (maker) // prettyboy
(thx to all parties)

[영상] 0723 MBC SungChunShow

this is the one where ha tae gi nim PD and player Shark in the show dialed out to Hyungjun. See how Hyungjun gun introduce himself as SS501 HyungJun^^

this was yesterday's show.

from: 501스런하루님@601//wwlovehjl3@yt

eng sub version
from: (chi translate) 不吃鱼的丫头 transl sub) poohlhl & friend@yt

Friday, July 23, 2010

[vid] DON TV preview

0722 DON TV -- Oguri shun & Hyun Joong Preview


from: 3kimheopark3@yt

very firm handshake and sincere smiles yet awkward -- love at first sight?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

[영상] 0722 Ystar -- Hyunjoong MVIO F/W 2010

100722 Ystar -- HyunJoong MVIO F/W 2010


Direct linkage as follow:::

from: kimhyunjoongth@yt

[영상] 0722 Idol Fashion Evolution @ SOHU

0722 Idol Fashion Evolution @ SOHU tv

from: wwlovehjl3@yt

[영상] 0721 ChannelV

0721 Channel V

from: ying5387isme6@yt

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

'Acct' on encounter with 2 men

I've returned from Korea!

Met up with two fantasy-like men yesterday ^^
Even feeling ecstatic now (*^_^*)

In the first episode that will soon be aired on July 27 -- DATV's [Kim Hyun Joong~Just the way he is~], special guest Oguri Shun will be coming on the show! Though it's only a talk between both of them in a particular restaurant in Seoul, but because both of them are so tall and handsome, who began out of dramas, I had that very ecstatic feeling inside of me when I met them. But before such feelings could set still in me, the interview soon began!
I still vividly remember the comment Oguri Shun-ssi made of HyunJoong-ssi -- "it's such a pretty face". In the interview conducted (with DATV/other Japanese media), it began with Oguri Shun-ssi talking about his movie "Surely Someday" and then went on talking about HyunJoong-ssi's acting and other various topics... In between the talks, they then found out about something both of them liked in common, and even went on to discuss about it excitedly. Hmm, what may that be (^v^).

If you wish to know more, you will get to enjoy watching it in [Kim Hyun Joong~ Just the way he is~]. First episode broadcast will be on July 27, in it scheduled, you will see KimHyunJoong-ssi's interview (with us). As to his interview with Oguri Shun-ssi, it is scheduled to be broadcasted on August 26's episode 2.

This is a must-see.
Jya everyone!
Please don't forget to watch it ~

Yuko miyamoto is announcer of DATV. Written by Yuko Miyamoto-san.

원출- (DATV blog) // Yuko miyamoto blog author

[기사] 1st Shooting 22nd

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min will be beginning the shooting for MBC drama 'Playful Kiss' soon.

On the 21st with a phone interview with Newsen, a drama related personnel revealed that both of them will begin first day shooting on 22nd. They have been preparing alot for this.

'Playful Kiss' is adapted from the original same-name Japanese manga titled 'Itazura na kiss'. Kim Hyun Joong will be portraying the male protagonist Baek Seung Jo, whilst rookie actress Jung So Min will be portraying the female protagonist Oh Ha Ni.

Both Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min had held several meetings together inclusive of script reading before official shooting will start, that's done so as to further progress in chemistry since it will be their first time working alongside each other. Especially for Jung So Min's case, even before she could finish filming for 'Bad Guy', she's already decided for her next project, which just proved the potential in her in future days to come.

This drama will air on September 1.
(9.55pm, MBC, Wed & Thurs)

출처-newsen 뉴시엔

As revealed previously, now official statement ,shooting will begin Tomorrow.

[영상] 20100609 Star Q10 {c}

20100609 -- Star Q10 {chi}

chinese subs.

thanks to: no.43 park//DoubleS chinese (chi subs,translate) + youtube uploading - amber1775

[사진] HJ & Oguri Shun

Oguri shun & Hyun joong meeting @ 0720

from: as tagged

supposedly both of them were very eager to meet with each other. And both are very sincere and enthusiastic.

Drama 'Boys over Flowers' Korean and Japanese protagonists - Kim Hyun Joong and Oguri Shun met up with each other.

Both of them met up on 20th July in a restaurant in Seoul Kangnam area, and held interviews with the Japanese presses. The reason why both of them are sharing this affinity is because of their portrayal of the same character in a same drama. Kim Hyun Joong starred as the Korean version of 'Boys over Flowers' as Yoon Ji Hoo, whilst Oguri Shun starred as the original Japanese version of 'Boys over Flowers' as Hanazawa Rui. Both of them had been taken in fiery comparison with each other very frequently. This drama had achieved huge success and popularity in many other countries as well.

On this day too, many fans, especially Japanese fans, came down specially to Korea just to see these two megastars.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is preparing for his next work 'Playful Kiss' and Oguri Shun is now in Korea to participate in the 13th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival with his directed work 'Surely Someday'.


Both of them had a meal together and shared enjoyable conversations as far as to sharing sentiments in starring in the same drama. In actual fact, Kim Hyun Joong once disclosed in an interview with the Japan presses about a Japanese actor whom he wishes to meet the most, and that person is Oguri Shun.
Both of them carried out friendly, natural and in-depth talks with each other, which gave their meeting another deeper significance. According to Kim HyunJoong's agency Keyeast company, they talked about topics like episodes that happened during the shooting of Boys over flowers drama, about how they both portray the character, and Oguri Shun also gave advises about shooting a movie, which pulled their relationship closer.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

[영상] 0720 Jkpop

beginning features Jungmin & Hyungjun together congratulating the revamp of Jkpop newly hosted by new VJ Calvin (of Fahrenheit)

from: ying5387isme6@yt

[영상] Jkpop 0719

0719 Jkpop

from: ying5387isme6@yt

Monday, July 19, 2010

[영상] Channel V @ 20100719

from: shu351511@yt

0719 Channel V -- Unlock

[기사] KR-JP beauty boys meet each other

Korea and Japan's fellow 'beauty boy representative icons' Kim Hyun Joong and Oguri Shun will be meeting up with each other. Both of them will be holding a meeting and conducting interviews together with several media presses on the 20th July in a restaurant somewhere in Kangnam, Shinsadong. They will be carrying out interviews with several media presses in a short timeframe, and it will be a secret meeting. This comfortable meeting will be held in order to encourage friendship, it will be on an undisclosed basis that outsiders cannot view. Korea and Japan's top stars Kim HyunJoong and Oguri Shun will be meeting for the first time, and this meeting of theirs will be one affinity shared just because of a same role from the same drama.

Because both of them are the individual pretty boy from Korean version of 'Boys over Flowers' and Japanese version of 'Boys over Flowers', this has attracted much attention.

Oguri Shun played the character Rui in Japanese original version of 'Boys over Flowers' whilst Kim Hyun Joong was the character JiHoo who was the Korean version of Rui in remade 'Boys over Flowers'. Oguri Shun was invited to come to Korea on the 19th in order to attend the "2010 Bucheon International Movie Festival" with his directed movie 'Surely Someday'. Before Oguri Shun's meeting with Kim Hyun Joong on the 20th, he carried out a public talk in Bucheon on the 19th afternoon.

On the other hand, Kim HyunJoong will be starring in upcoming new MBC drama 'Playful kiss' / 'It started with a kiss' while Oguri Shun had also met up with director Goo HyeSun who participated in the '2010 Yubari International Festival Movie Festival' in February.

from: edaily
*all contents about the same*

Sunday, July 18, 2010

BIG SHOW 2010 K-POP Big Concert movies

Once again, not just in Japan, in Thailand this event is held too.

BIG SHOW 2010 K-POP Big Concert movies

"SS501 Persona in Seoul" in BIG SHOW 2010 K-POP BIG CONCERT MOVIE

4 years after debut, SS501 the 1st Asia Tour Persona in Seoul was held at the OIympic Park, South Korea. In this concert, Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum and Koo Hye Sun, the leading actors and actress of BOF, also attended to give spirit and support to Kim Hyun Joong. Total 30,000 tickets were sold out !

Come to experience Korean Concert in Digital Sound and Screen at Paragon Cineplex; the first and the only one cinema in Thailand.


-Friday July 30, 2010
-Saturday July 31, 2010
-Sunday August 1, 2010

Time: 1.50 pm and 6.10 pm

Venue: Zenith Paragon Cineplex, Siam Paragon

Price: THB 300/ 500/ 700/ 1,000

Selling Date: From Monday July 19, 2010 ( 10 am.+) at Thai Ticket Major distribution channels

TTM Website:

if you are keen in it, remember to purchase your tickets starting tomorrow (19 Jul).
Includes also BigBang concert.

[기사] JungSoMin, 웃으면 복? ^^

from: this

If you have a bright smile, luck will come in your way too...?
Newbie actress Jung So Min brushed aside all thorns amidst the fiery battle for the female lead position as 'Kim HyunJoong's woman' with her bright smile, which brought about attention towards her.

Jung So Min was confirmed to be the female lead for new MBC summer-scheduled drama 'Playful Kiss'. 'Playful Kiss' production company confirmed this piece of information on 16 July.

'Playful Kiss' is a work ambitiously produced by 'Boys over Flower' production company - Group Eight. Battle for the female lead position varying from f(x) Sulli to child-actress-borne Park Eun Bin etc alongside Kim Hyun Joong, who was long casted, but in the end, the position went to a newbie, and it was revealed that she belongs to the same agency company as Kim HyunJoong - Keyeast, which attracted attention. With this, Keyeast's influential power became an immediate topic of discussion.

However, despite all these speculations, the first and foremost reasons why Jung So Min was chosen is because of her beautiful-burst-through smile (a bright, beautiful smile that strikes through you), which led to people wondering if luck will follow after you when you smile very brightly.

Genius flower teen Baek Seung Jo (original-Irie Naoki) portrayed by Kim Hyun Joong will be expected to deliver a new side to some cold and aloof transformations. Jung So Min will be a dumb girl Oh Ha-Ni (original-Aihara Kotoko) who never excels in academics but yet will manage to melt Kim Hyun Joong's character with her specialty - friendliness and innocence, and with this, it made both their combination a perfect one.

[vid] 100717 Channel V sp...

100717 Channel V Special SS501

from: ying5387isme6@yt

Saturday, July 17, 2010

[영상] Channel V special @ 20100717

from: shu351511@yt

KyuJong, HyungJun special @ Channel V

JungMin, HyungJun special interview @ Channel V
*aigu epic still shot*

[영상] magic0606 opening video

watched this and found it very nice video skills that I admire

from: intro video (by magic xian 0606)
youtube: icqo206@yt

Project Idol msg book

from: (thanks missS)

Did you want to tell them something? once more? once again? one more time?
No, no more dreams. No, no more aches.

It's time for Inception.

"Fans who wants to send their messages to SS501 (everyone in the world can participates), you have to email your:

-real name
-a picture of their country flag/postcard (place in your country)
-a picture of yourselves

message contents has to be a:

-maximum of 7 sentences
-can be written in your own language but please provide an English translations on the side
-if you know Korean that would be awesome but DO NOT use Google translator. If you don't know Korean that is fine.
-NO foul messages please or else it will be discarded

We have 2 sets of message form
1) Group message = a message for our idol as a group
2) Bias Message = a message for you bias member

you can do one or both."

In addition, is there something you might wanna say to HyungJun-gun / youngsaeng-gun for upcoming birthday?

You could also participate in. I mean, there are so many different projects every where here and there. Nobody's forcing you to do anything^^, but I really believe your love conquers your rationality (^^)

Contact details found on the top-most attached link in this post. Refer to it for more information. Hopefully your emotions takes over your rationality.

nope, nope... this is not Inception.
I ain't planting a thought into your mind - I'm noting thoughts.

Now, it's all up to U.