Saturday, July 17, 2010

[톡] 규종 KyuJong @ 2010 07 17

from: @ TOK ROOM + 완두콩별소녀 님@ur 6th member

When rain falls and music plays, I...begin to think of you..^^
@ 3:30:26 AM

You've been fine right.. hahaha!! Because I just did Lasik, I was resting for a little bit!!!! ^^
@ 3:31:49 AM

uriah heep ... rain... The song I've been enjoying listening to these days.. Everyone go and listen to it !! ^^
@ 3:36:16 AM

It's a song that feels really great to listen to on a rainy day.. eum eum.. !!!
@ 3:37:23 AM

rain rain rain.. in my tears..Measuring carefully my years~~~
@ 3:38:42 AM

What I'm writing doesn't appear.. Aye seriously!! Heum heum!!
@ 3:42:04 AM

It,s raining outside But that,s not unusual
@ 3:43:03 AM

Wah indeed..
@ 3:43:11 AM

Amazing ........ All of you really know well !! Indeed !!!
@ 3:43:23 AM

Woke up from sleep.... The sound of rain was so loud..T Kept hearing thunder !! hh
@ 3:44:57 AM

But didn't everyone sleep? ^^
@ 3:46:46 AM

Aiyo go to sleep everyone~~
@ 3:47:53 AM

Besides dreaming of a nice dream, you should also make your fantastic dream come true right, hh!!!!
@3:48:12 AM

Slept already Slept already Slept already Slept already Slept already Slept already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (question form in literal sense)
@ 3:49:00 AM

Raining Raining..hehehe, pretties, sleep well o o o ^^ h
@ 3:49:52 AM

Wonderful song a a a a~~~ Really have to go, sleep well, hehe ^^
@ 3:51:51 AM

The Love (sarang) !! The Smell (naeeum) !! The Sight (bora)!! hh. No idea, it's difficult, I keep taking in the difficult stuff only...... ?!!
@ 3:55:01 AM

bye bye ^^ Always thank you !! Yeah!!!~~~~~ Fyah~~^^
@ 3:55:55 AM

Definitely everyone goes to find the song to hear?
Oh I'm surprised he didn't complain his computer again, next time complain about Lasik? ^O^
crazy who will complain Lasik