Saturday, July 10, 2010

김현중 in ≪SPAIN Photobook≫

tada! Finally Spain's PB ^o^
Which makes it even more obvious this Spain's Photobook & 1st love story Photobook will be 2 different ones altogether.

you can purchase it from this

caps from the website from Investigation.

This will be produced by SBS Korea media hub & DSP Media.
Will be released in Korea later part of time.


Ready, Action!

Special Features : 1 DVD disc, 5 photo bromides

Preorder Special : Specially-made Poster

Price: 3,675 yen (tax inclusive)

Expected release date: August 10

#1 Ready
- Beach - Comfort - Dog - Football - Friend - Holiday - Music - Travel

#2 Action
- Adventurous - composure - charisma - Defiant attitude - Mood - Passion - Playful smile - Romance

Size: 205*270
Pages: about 200 pages
Subtitles: Japanese, English

Approximately about 5 minutes of captured footage about HyunJoong's highlights in Spain
Region code: ALL
Language: Korean
Subtitles: Korean, Japanese