Sunday, July 25, 2010

SeungJo's academy institution

Student Baek Seung Jo from Parang high school

First day school : September 1, 9.55 pm

Shooting will be in SoMyung Girls high school

photos shot from:

자유 이동 가능합니다
원출처는 꼬옥 밝혀주세여.
Can be moved freely. State source clearly.

Before setting of crew

After crew setting

Art room
circled looks like : 파랑고등학교 (Parang High school)
which means name of school: Parang high school

3년 6반 -- Year 3, Class 6 (Class F)
originally Class 7, but it was on upper storey, so for convenience sake
they decided for this class

Outside architectural view -- 'Parang High school' (somyung girls')