Thursday, July 15, 2010

[기사] VIVITO launching party

fashion guests included Kim Hyung jun and Kim Kyu jong.

from: art news

Professional premium makeup brand VIVITO held its launching party at Seoul Banpo-dong's Central City Millenium Hall at 6pm on July 15. On this day's launching party, popular girl group Davichi held their performance stage, also, a laser show exhibiting representative colors of Vivito was carried out, not just that, renowned makeup artists also put up a fashion show by making use of Vivito's makeup products to display each's individual style.

-in middle description about VIVITO omitted-

Vivito's marginal area includes 2 types of makeup bases, 2 types of foundation, 2 types of powder, 7 types of lipsticks, 2 types of mascara, 2 types of cheek touch-up, 17 types of eye shadow, 5 types of lipgloss, apart from that, eye-liners, eyelash pencils, concealers are also not missing in line.

this is totally crooked. I just came into contact with VIVITO today!!!!!!!!