Friday, July 16, 2010

스타들의 이상형 설명 *꾸빠라꾸뽀라*

Stars have revealed each of their ideals in the latest published 'SBS Inkigayo' 'Take 7' July magazine.

-goes straight into-

Amongst which, SS501 Kim Hyun Joong says, "Because it's been some time I've drawn, it's very awkward. When I look for an ideal, the first and foremost thing I look for is an egg-shaped face and straight, long hair. Besides looking pure, she will also attract me if she's sexy at the same time. Pure + Glamour type is my type". However, his drawing and his statement showed a total contrast, which aroused much laughters.

Park JungMin also revealed his ideal type very detailedly, "One with beautiful nice collarbone, one with double eyelids, and big eyes like that of a deer's, pink lips, as well as long, straight brown hair." Adding on to that, "She must be able to communicate with me well without any reservations, she must be able to let me feel her nature".

SG Wannabe's Lee Suk Hoon expressed, "Honestly when I look at a pretty face, it's the intelligence I see. She will be one whom I can learn alot from, one who acts and talks sensibly, a smart girl. Rather than her having to have huge interest over fashion, a cute, clean style by wearing jeans with tee along with wavy permed hair will be good enough". And he too, differentiated his statement and drawing.

MBLAQ's Seung-ho disclosed, "I want to see her inner beauty and her sincerity in the eyes, rather than face beauty". He drew his ideal in the form of a squid and went on, "I feel the sexiness in all the female celebrities in our circle who always give their best. But compared to the exterior sexiness, interior sexiness is more important".

Also featured are Jung Yong Hwa who has long ago revealed his ideal through the internet as "virtue and pure housewife style" that had queries in doubt whether it's SeoHyun or Victoria; Seo In-guk's ideal who is someone "with slightly protrusive forehead that's beautiful enough, lively and bubbly, one who can do gaming with him, one who looks like Yong Shimi (manhwa character)" (obvious who it is); Seeya's Boram with her ideal of "no need to be double-eyelid, single will do, one who has a bright and pretty smile", all of their ideals will be revealed in the issue.

I'm sure both THEIR ideals were already have seen by billion pairs of eyes *flower* But I realized some tiny weeny details werent included
So I felt like rewriting... and others' as well. If I can dig out the remaining mag, I will
picture of their Ideals will no *flower*