Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weibo how-to

Good boys and good girls
Its time for lesson again
Did you do your homework? *smack*
NO sweet for you.

for Email Address: State in your existing email address
(for verification purposes later on aft successful registration)

Valid email address, it will show up with a 'tick' (boxed in green)
Available options include:

Notice the 'tick' alongside 1st box = Valid email address.
In 2nd box, Choosing of password :::
Notice the boxed in red description which states:
6-16 characters, alphabets, numericals, half-case '.', '-' or '_' will be possible

If possible & successful creation of password, the tick will appear (boxed in green)
Go on to confirm password in 3rd box (boxed in red).

Notice the tick boxed in green. It means correct confirmation of password entered.
Go on to last box -- verification code.

If you have the keyed in the right authentification code, notice the tick boxed in green.

Finally click the huge green button at the bottom. (circled in pink)
Remember to also check the 'agreement' box.

complete. Go to your email inbox to check for verification mail.

You can choose to click on the huge green button @ middle to direct you to your email hosting server. Or just manually head towards.

Then check for verification mail. Log in from therein.