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【 현중 】:: Hangten Spring 2011 - Elmo!!!

Elmo's world~ lalala~ lalala~ ELmo's world!!

【 정민 】:: Message at lobby area of Friend's Whistle event

His message at Friend's Whistle Act for Tomorrow! lobby area.

Event takes place on 28th-29th today.


Let's all combine our effort and overcome this!

Strength of Love!

【 정민 】:: 29/April Interview with IB Times - 박정민 “애인? 데뷔 후 썸씽만, 재미있는 여자 좋아…팬들 얼굴 거의 알아"

2011 04 29

After his contract with former agency DSP Media ended, SS501 member Park Jungmin who had signed on with a foreigner corperation CNr Media last August has released his first mini album 'THE, PARK JUNG MIN' on April 7. Since then, he's been busy with asia tours and preparing for his Taiwanese drama, but not only did it stop at that, he's also been highly active with his solo activities.

Park Jungmin who has been busily spending his days across Thailand, China, Japan etc, met up with IBTimes recently at a cafe in Seoul Kangnam-gu Shinsadong's Garosu street as he shared candid talks with us.

In actuality, Park Jungmin actually dreamt of being an actor rather than as a singer. There were a few times where he's revealed to many media before that he was advised by his former agency's CEO to debut as a singer first while also paralleling acting on the other hand. In our interview with him, he divulged to us about him achieving his dreams and the process behind it.

"I think it'd be good if I get to do acting naturally as a process. However, acting just looked like a really vague dream. I had this thinking that actors have a totally different kind of lifestyle altogether", as Park Jungmin recalled those days of the past. He was first casted when he was in his 6th grade of elementary school but got opposed by his parents and so wasn't able to do his activities, but in fact it got to become the turning point where he realized that he can be an actor too, and that's when he really started dreaming about his dreams - officially.

It was when he was in his 2nd grade of middle school that he officially first stepped into an agency. However, it was different from the normal entertainment agencies where they won't ask for any training fee and all and yet still give training to these star trainees. It was actually a mini institute type of swindler agency which demanded for a full 4-months' payment of training fee. Despite so, it was in fact yet another turning point of development for Park Jungmin, "I met many of my actor friends then who has since turned into stars now, as we dreamt of a same dream together. That agency institute was located in Apgujeong so everyday when I returned to and fro around it, I got to receive many casting invitations", as he added.

Park Jungmin who has since transformed from an actor-wannabe into a Hanryu star now possesses a significant amount of fans across Japan, Taiwan, China, Turkey, Arab etc, "It was totally beyond my imagination to have fans from Turkey", "Turkey fans really wanted to see a performance event in their country and even written a letter of petition to their embassy and I received that invitation", as he disclosed about one such episode and felt really delighted.

Probably because he's been receiving so much love from his fans that he hadn't been able to date any girlfriends at all since his debut in 2005, "There were a few little cases but it was only that. For cases of a passionate relationship was almost zero. Seems like I've gotta go grab myself a lover already", as he laughed off lightly to that with his classic bright smile. He selected his ideal type as an interesting female who could make him laugh heartily.

"I feel that a guy who's able to courageously and decisively execute any kind of his work at all, and to be able to look after a female during her tough times is really manly", "And for me, I have the strength to guard by my family members and my biological sister", as he also talked about his inner thoughts. Especially when he has his family and his fans who are his pillar of support around him, all the more he feels really fortunate.

Park Jungmin, who focuses really hard when he works, gives off that air of charisma with his sense of responsibility. Although so, he is said to have another very mischievous yet cute profile while he's with his close and bosom buddies.

With regards to his fans who are always there supporting and rooting on for him, he expresses a true 'thank you', "Because I have a very good memory, I can remember all my fans' faces, especially those who visit often", as we see his unexceptional love for fans.

He who is taking a step by a step forward towards his dreams while also holding on to the love from his fans, Park Jungmin is, indeed -just like his words- a "beautiful youth".

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【 현중 】:: 28/April 9th Story .......................

[9번째 이야기] ......................

날짜 : 2011.04.28 | 작성자 : 우주신

앨범마스터링 6시6분전에 끝.......................................................................................................................................'

간다 시동걸어놔라

[9th Story] ......................

Date: 2011.04.28 | Author: God of Universe

Album mastering had wrapped up at 6.06PM just now.......................................................................................................................................'

Am off.. Hold your breath to await the start of it all

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Soribada : Stream - FAQ


Streaming Listening = SL
Soribada music card = SMC ( you have purchased soribada music card)
Non SMC holders = you don’t have SMC because you don’t have CC

Nicely collated, gathered and done up by : stalking_hj as of May 2010
Edited too on : May 2011
Thank you very much.

 SL is listening song direct/live from Korean portal music.
 Not any kind of listening can be counted/scoring as SL. So you have to be aware of this.
Example: listening trial song of 1 minute without log in with Music Card doesn’t count / listening trial song of 1 minute even as a registered member doesn't count.

In short, listening to 1 minute does not count.

2. How important is SL?
 Extremely important!!
 STREAMING itself counts for maximum 60 % - and calculation is across ALL music charts (Mnet/Bugs/Melon/Soribada/etc)
 Even Korean artist in twitter said so too. They said nowadays SL is so important!
 In Soribada, both 'Pay' (buying of digital song through Music Card) and 'Non-pay' method (streaming listening through SORIBADA REGISTERED ACCOUNT - only for Koreans) are count in. but 'Pay' method would be count in more!

3. Overseas fans can support by SL too?
 YES. The way available for overseas fans is from soribada and mnet.
Other online portal music like melon, bugs, dosirak you need KSS number or they blocked international IP address.

4. I have a question. With IE, I am able to trial listen 1 minute on Melon and Bugs. But do these count? Or do we have to register and log in at these sites as well?
 You have to register to be count in. No register/ID --- not counted. And to register in melon, bugs, dosirak you need KSS (Korean social security number)
 So the conclusion is, it doesn’t count!
 For sites like Melon/Bugs, they require Korean ID card so overseas fans can't really help.

5. Are just Soribada Music Card holders (the one who have purchased) that can support by SL?
Those whom don’t have CC can't support by Streaming...
Like I've said in THIS (Why buy SMC?) and THIS (How to Stream) , these tutorials tell you why you can't support if you don't have a credit card, basically.

6. If I have a music card does that automatically mean I have an account and dont have to register as site member?
 You don't have to register again. Just make sure you log in with your music card number as sent to you in e-mail.

In short, SL will count in even if you have not downloaded the song - just not of a bigger, compared impact.
It will just be : Pure Streaming on its own.

ie; 3 Steps to let you count your SL:
-Be a SMC (Card) Holder first.

-Start Stream Listen to the song on Soribada (or if you wish to download first, up to you).
By forming a playlist and have 30 times (ideal, can be more or lesser) of the targeted song.

7. I have Soribada Music Card (SMC). I haven’t downloaded the song yet (safe for later). I just listened to the song only! Can that be counted into SL?
 Yes, COUNT! But being a SMC-holder, your SL will be count in GREATER, if you stream the song AFTER you have purchased/downloaded. As repeated, should you wish to just do Pure Streaming on its own (before DLing or not) is your choice, but yes it counts.

8. What if i bought a music card? if i follow the exact same instructions on listening to a whole playlist and deleting it then re-adding, will it count?
 Yes, COUNT IN.
PS: you have already have SMC, it's really all that matters.

9. So the SL tutorial for SMC holders & non-SMC holders that have registered use this tutorial is same?
 YES. The SL tutorial both for 'SMC holders' and 'non-smc holders who are already registered' are SAME! But anyway, in order for any Streaming to count in, Non-smc holders basically have to be members of Soribada site - and that, only available to Koreans. so does not apply for most international fans, anyway.

10. So for non-soribada music card holders, we have to register?
 Even if you want to register, I'm afraid you can't do that anymore... I said it already HERE that such service (to become official member) is not available for foreigners anymore... Just repeated that point above, too. So no choice, you NEED to buy the music card.

11. I have actually purchased the music card with the 40-song download limit. If I have used up my 40 songs / if my card expires, am I right to say that I will not be able to log-in using that serial number anymore?
So then in other words it would mean that I have to either purchase another card?
 After your card expired, you will not be able to log-in using that serial number anymore. So if you want to do SL, you must purchase another new card.

13. Is use IE is a must. I am Mac user, can we use firefox or opera or safari?
IE is the most strongly recommended browser for this SL. There are some worried, if we don’t use IE, can we make sure every step we did is valid enough or be counted? I can understand this, why Korean fans strongly recommend IE, because Korean people basic/standard browser is IE, so its understandable if most Korean sites use some rules that just can apply in IE only. We have to make sure each step is valid. So just use IE, if you have IE.

 But if you really don’t have IE, you can use firefox/chrome. But I cant gurantee it will be absolutely count it. Because nothing fix opinion about this problem, some said it still count in, but some said not.
So my take on this: just do use IE first, if you don’t have its not wrong to try use firefox or IE because there is still opinion said use firefox/chrome still count in!

14. Can we still stream on soribada if we don't register? Take it that you don't have SMC (music card).
 There are two options for you if you don't register nor own Music Card.

1) Trial listen - 1 minute. Does not count AT ALL.
2) You need to get SMC. Only count in when you get the SMC!!!
Like I've said an umpteenth time, they no longer allow foreigner to register as a member even if you want to (so that you dont have to spend money to buy the Music Card)... You can't register as member - unless you're a Korean with KSS, of course. Get the point? ^^

15. I have already been approved by soribada, and currently I am playing, but why does it only play for a min? Is this normal?
 Yes you can only listen to 1min trial version because you didn't pay nor any member. The song only plays in full for those who bought music card.

16. Won't it count if we listen to the 1:00 trial listening? I really couldn't register!
 It won't be counted cos you need a valid account for it to be counted.

17. If we listen to the trial one (ie the 1 min one) is it also count?
 1 minute version is NOT counted in ^^

18. Why does soribada took a long time to load? I've been trying to register but the website is too slow
 Actually SORIBADA site is not stable, especially now more people go to register ^^. So do it earlier.It is friendly, don't worry.

19. I've actually bought the songs of Soribada and read somewhere that once you buy the song, even if you listen online (because you have overseas IP),
it's not counted. Is this true?

 Don't worry your SL is still count in, even if you're from overseas ^^
( I have reconfirmed this with Korean fan and they have asked soribada staff)

20. Can I just click Love Ya and the ‘replay 1’ time button?
Can't click on replay (of same ONE song)! need to add into the playlist - on LOOP mode with the same song in the playlist - can (+).

21. My friend say that for soribada, even if you don't have an account, the trial listen will be count in when you listen to trial listen. Is it true?
 Its not true! For you to have your SL to be counted in, you should have an account first (given that you already registered b4 the termination-of-service as of now)
Just get the SMC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22. I am able to add more than 30 songs to the playlist. But does it mean i need to restrict to 30 for it to count? I have been adding like 50-100 each time before logging out!
 Yes you can, but don’t add too much, because I am worried you will get error or caught in skip playing condition. Recommended is : 30 times

*****(you are allowed to add the same song into your playlist continuously for 30 times. but you should not just add one time only of your desired song and then repeat that one song again and again - you can add about 5 times, then loop it.)

23. What happen if the playlist skipped, Still counted or not? or i should delete and make a new playlist?
 If playlist skipped, please delete all and create a new playlist

24. The song seems to be playing, but it's not highlighted in blue like you said. So does that mean the song isn't playing from the playlist I created?
 Its still playing, and of course its still count. So yes don't worry about it if your song is not highlighted.


If you still have some question that you havent found it here in the FAQ list, you can ask via e-mail. Thank you!

Soribada : Digitally so important?

This FAQ for you all for the easier reference. This FAQ will be all related to how overseas fans can join to support, by downloading and streaming.

Please read this FAQ first before you ask…
Plese read patiently, becoz it can give answer for your question.


1. How overseas fans can buy digital song?
The only available way for overseas fans is just through SORIBADA and MNET. Other way is not available.
Buy from soribada tutorial -> HERE
Buy from mnet tutorial -> HERE

2. Are digital sales is so important? Even more important than buy CD’s?
 Nowadays chart system in korea give priority first for digital sales. The scouring for digital sales is 60% and CDs sales only just 10-20 %

 If you want to see your artist high on Korean ranking charts and win some mutizens, support with downloading and streaming is A MUST!

 So please support by do both of them: buy CD’s and digital song too, because the advantage of buying CDs and buying digital sales is different.

CDs = for more money they will get from CDs sales

Digitally = for boost their song popularity so non-fans/mass music lovers will notice.
Usually non-fans/mass music lovers just attract to the most popular ones.

If we can make public notice them in digital sales, their song can become a nation song,
that will give effect for:::

1.) more popularity
2.) winning K-chart
3.) and of course will add some more $$ to them

3. Is it true we have to give priority for NORMAL EDITION ALBUM more than SPECIAL EDITION ALBUM?
 YES!
Because based on past year experiences,
Hanteo divided normal and special edition. Not counted them as 1.
Music bank: counts both of NORMAL and SPECIAL
Inkigayo: counts both
Annual award like GoldenDiscAwards: counts just NORMAL
(example, based from suju’s experience in 2009.
They lose to G dragon because the award didn’t considered SUJU’s special edition album sales and just count the normal one)

So yeah after you see that significant factor: for win awards and K-chart you have to buy both the NORMAL and SPECIAL one!

So you will not just contribute for more money to them but can contribute more for popularity, kchart, and year end award!

4. Can I use other browser than IE to buy SMC?
 If u want to buy Soribada music card, you should only use IE as your browser, because payment check DOES NOT WORK in any other browser. Just works valid in IE only.

5. I have bought and music card from soribada, can I use my 40 quota download for one targeted song only?
 Cannot! Because for one song -- one chance for download only in order to be counted!
So use it wisely when the right time to buy your song!

 My suggestion: for international fans: if you guys decide to buy the title song together on few particular days, then buy other songs in the album first.

6. After buy music card and their digital song, what I have to do next for show support? I heard we SHOULD streaming listening their song too?
 YES! Your task haven’t finished yet! You have to do STREAMING LISTENING to help them!

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【 정민 】:: 22/April arrives in Hongkong - 2 fancam by PJMIFC (PJM IFC)

Arrival at Hongkong airport this morning!

Houses and apartments make a huge deal

Hyunjoong apartment:

Cost: 3 billion won
where: Chungdamdong in Kangnam-gu
type: Villa

Hyungjun apartment:
Cost: 3 billion won
type: new built villa

Jungmin apartment:
Cost: 1.4 billion won
Where: Nonhyundong in Kangnam-gu
type: luxurious 2-storey villa (mansionette)

SS501 - the plutocratic idol group?^^

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21/April PD Wave Concert - Identification


Where familiar family is located

Horoscope Readings for all 5 horoscopes


Leo is the fifth sign of the astrological year and is known by its astrological symbol, the Lion. Leo individuals are dynamic, self-confident, and highly dramatic. They are considered to be good organizers, with an ability to lead and inspire others.

The Leo Friend

Despite their winning personality, it isn't always easy to be friends with Leo people, whose talent and self-confidence usually seem to place them at the center of things. That leaves a Leo's buddies always hanging out at the edge of the circle, waiting for someone to notice them. Leo individuals are best in a one-to-one friendship where their ego is less likely to intrude upon the relationship. Leos need to be brought down to earth at times.


Leos born on August 3 have star quality. Like most people who have an extroverted nature, they are talkative and friendly. They also are extremely ambitious. They work tirelessly toward their goals and do whatever they can to better themselves. They possess great personal charm and are deeply committed to causes that benefit others.

Friends and Lovers

Even though they have an engaging personality, August 3 natives may have trouble making friends, usually because they have so many talents and so much appeal that it's easy for others to be jealous of them. In love, they adore the courting ritual. But when it comes to actually working at a relationship, personal commitment isn't their strong suit.


Most August 3 people have robust good health. They are good about sticking to an ambitious exercise regimen. Although they may be less careful about their eating habits, they prefer a generally balanced diet.

Career and Finances

August 3 individuals have a great deal of creativity and are likely to seek careers where they can indulge this ability. They are good speakers and motivators, which makes them effective in any sales position. They also make exceptional actors, teachers, media personnel, and lawyers. When it comes to making budgetary and savings commitments, they tend to be disinterested.

Dreams and Goals

Career success is a must for these individuals, and it is to these ends that they are most likely to put their efforts. They often have the need to be a pillar of their community, and for this reason they are likely to become involved in local projects.



Aries is the first sign of the astrological year and is known by its astrological symbol, the Ram. Aries individuals are willful, positive, and independent. People born under this sign have amazing stamina and a potent drive to succeed.

The Aries Man

Even if he isn't handsome -- though he usually is -- he's the one noticed by everybody when he walks into a room. Aries men are dedicated to their career aspirations and getting ahead, and people often assume that family life doesn't fit in with their lifestyle, though this is unfair. The ideal Aries man combines rugged masculinity with urbane charm.

The Aries Lover

Aries natives have a powerful love nature and a strong sexual drive. Once they set their sights on a romantic interest, they go after that individual with all of the enthusiasm and purpose typical of this sign. Aries men and women are highly romantic. They have an extremely idealistic view of what love should be. Unfortunately, Aries natives often revert to type after they marry, devoting the greatest amount of their energy to career goals.

The Aries Friend

With their powerful leadership potential, Aries natives make inspirational friends. They often will do what they can to help their pals achieve their dreams. The typical Aries friend will try to help his/her buddies become more successful and professionally centered. It's difficult for these driven individuals to understand anything but absolute dedication to career goals. Aries people are interesting and enjoyable social companions. They make friends easily and show remarkable loyalty.

April 3

An Aries born on April 3 will think of themselves as a social rebel. However, they always manage in some way to draw upon the resources of the status quo in order to fund or support their iconoclastic aims. They have a broad view of life and see themselves as citizens of the world.

Friends and Lovers

April 3 people are never without friends. Because of their great interest in helping the underdog, they often surround themselves with people far less fortunate. These romantic individuals are great lovers who may have a difficult time settling on one special person as a companion. Though not naturally promiscuous, they do not like to limit themselves where love and sex are concerned.


Too much of a good thing is one way to characterize the health habits of April 3 people. Because they love to eat, it is virtually impossible for them to adhere to a structured eating plan. People born on this day need to redefine their attitudes toward health and fitness, preferably by enrolling in a program that promotes moderation.

Career and Finances

April 3 natives love taking chances in all avenues of life, and this includes the professional arena. High-stakes choices offer the thrills they seek. While April 3 individuals have the ability to make a great deal of money, they are just as likely to lose it.

Dreams and Goals

April 3 people find life's meaning through their cherished dreams. While others may find their life-goals far too ambitious, these individuals have a way of making the right choice at the right time.



Pisces is the twelfth sign of the astrological year and is known by its astrological symbol, the Fish. Pisces natives are in touch with their emotions, though not to the point of mawkishness. With Neptune as the ruling planet, they are apt to be idealists. Pisces natives are physically and emotionally strong but may put their hardiness to the test if they try to resolve others' emotional conflicts.

The Pisces Man

The man born under the Pisces sign has great warmth and charm. He is not afraid to show vulnerabilities -- in fact, he displays them with pride. He connects with others on an emotionally satisfying level. As a parent or guardian, he may try to relive or remake his early relationships to spiritualize them. If his work or profession does not provide the self-expression he needs, he will look for it in hobbies (drawing, painting, songs, etc). Relationships make up the primary focus of this man's life.

The Pisces Lover

Pisces men and women have an idealistic view of love and romance. Because of their sensitivity, they often prefer a fairy tale scenario to the real thing. Pisces know their vulnerabilities and are sometimes afraid the magic "bubble" will burst. The Piscean individual who is deeply in love may sacrifice themselves for their lover.

The Pisces Friend

Friendship comes naturally to Pisceans. Their commitment to easing the pain of others often draws them to less fortunate individuals. But pity is not involved. Although they may seem weak or unfocused, they are sympathetic listeners. They have strong links to the past and are likely to keep the same friends for years. Also, because of their intense family ties, Pisces natives may count a sibling or other relative among their closest friends.

February 24

A Pisces born on February 24 has a dynamism that sets him or her apart from other Pisceans. They are go-getters who enjoy an interesting social life. They may have difficulty finding a focus, but when they do they are true to it. This often is in the form of humanitarian concerns.

Dreams and Goals

It's often the goal of people born on this date to have a goal! They are sometimes slow to recognize their talents. Even when they do, they may find their material goals conflict with their spiritual needs. Learning to reconcile these is the greatest goal they can achieve.



Scorpio is the eighth sign of the astrological year and is known by its astrological symbol, the Scorpion. Scorpio individuals are enigmatic, strong-willed, and passionate. With Pluto as the ruling planet, people born under this sign are considered to be dynamic and extreme in their opinions.

November 3

November 3 Scorpios are sarcastic, inventive, and precocious. Although they enjoy the good things that come their way, they never quite believe their good luck will hold. They are fond of gambling, yet they are far too savvy to take unnecessary chances or draw undue attention to themselves. They place high value on their privacy.

Career and Finances

Many November 3 individuals do not have a career strategy. Instead, they often use their intuition to pick up opportunities that arise. Their work often gives them the chance to show off their way with words. Although capable of handling their finances, they are often impatient with the details of bookkeeping.

Dreams and Goals

November 3 men and women need to defy authority. They want success, but on their own terms. They have a hard time balancing professional success against personal happiness. They seem career-oriented but are more concerned with personal relationships.



Gemini is the third sign of the astrological year and is known by its astrological symbol, the Twins. Gemini individuals are bright, changeable, and inquiring. They have many interests and great social adeptness.

The Gemini Man

The typical Gemini gentleman has strong intellectual inclinations but isn't the intimidating sort. These men are often dedicated to their career, seeing it almost as a calling rather than simply a way to make a living. Gemini men excel in advertising, media, politics, teaching, or any field where language and communication skills are useful.

The Gemini Lover

Gemini lovers are versatile, witty, and fun-loving individuals that possess so much charm they can be almost impossible to resist. Whether through a clever fax, a romantic letter, or a few endearing words left on an answering machine, the Gemini lover understands the erotic power of language. It takes a unique individual to get a Gemini to settle down. Even when a Gemini does tie the knot, he or she can lose interest quickly if the excitement wears off.

The Gemini Friend

The naturally sociable nature of a Gemini friend is a big plus in drawing people to him or her. They aren't snobbish about friends and don't attempt to choose their companions thoughtlessly. Though these individuals have a love of gossip, they never indulge in it with malice. A sympathetic listener, the Gemini friend likes to use humor to leaven the troubles of others.

June 6

Geminis born June 6 are remarkable individuals and have a need to express themselves through artistry and words. They have unbounded curiosity and never tire of learning new things.

Friends and Lovers

June 6 individuals are psychological magnets, drawing to them the individuals best equipped to teach them what they need to learn about life. Where love is concerned, they tend to fall in love deeply, and if they are severely disappointed, they can take a lifetime to get over it.


These people require a powerful spiritual interest in life to maintain their emotional equilibrium. Meditation, prayer, and even fasting can help them to center themselves. Light to moderate exercise plays a big role in keeping June 6 people in fit condition (soccer, fishing).

Career and Finances

With so many artistic talents at their disposal, these people can easily make a place in some creative field. True to their creative heritage, they are not particularly adept at handling finances. They often turn that duty over to a spouse or business partner.

Dreams and Goals

June 6 natives are dreamers. They often set goals for themselves that seem impossible, and yet on some level they seem able to hit their mark. They aspire toward a high level of spiritual perfection.


It is all so true!

【 정민 】:: about TW and KR drama from an article


a Korean student who studies overseas in Taiwan, and shares a romance with a Taiwanese actress. It will be a romantic comedy. Will stay in Taiwan for shooting and preparation from middle of May onwards until about August.

Also, he has been selected as the protagonist of writer Lee Yoo-jin's next work, and will start shooting end of this year. Lee Yoo-jin has had written for shows like 'Phoenix' and 'Bad Love'.

An extract of the last few paragraphs talking about the main essence, only. The others omitted because repeated before in other interviews.

【 형준 】:: 20/April Radio Star - "Pls give me just 1 song!"

caption: I really need it (the song)

I love you from head to toe
Please just help me once
I really need the song

Really needs it
I hope to receive the song

Group SS501's member Kim Hyungjun who's recently returned as a solo singer has suddenly turned into a 'song beggar'.

On MBC's 'Golden Fishery Radio Star' that was broadcasted on the 20th, Kim Hyungjun made an appearance and expressed, "Everytime I go on TV I always said that I like Park Jinyoung, but until now, truth is I haven't had any single contact with him at all", as he showed signs of bittery. "Even to the extend that my manager had to ask the favor of him instead, but still, he somehow only did it with singer UV (Yoo Seyoon)".

He also talked about his thoughts upon watching the 'Lee Taewon Freedom' music video. "To be honest when I was watching it I felt kinda angry. I didn't receive any single song at all, I don't understand why only UV got the collaboration chance instead".

However, he took a turn to his words immediately, "Please just give me one song - humanisticly", as he then recorded a video message for Park Jinyoung, begging for a song. This aroused much laughters from the audiences. Kim Heechul who saw this sight joked that Kim Hyungjun has since turned into a 'new kind of song beggar', as this caused a bout of another sea of laughter.

On the other hand, on this day's programme also featured the continuation of guests from last week's episode - Kim Hyungjun, Kim Jongmin, ZE:A's Kwanghee etc.


He also sung to Rain's "Friends" on this day's programme.

음성파일 (audio file) + video cut - by oh하늘높이ah @ Pretty Boy

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daum No.14 - 실시간 검색어

No.14 - 허영생 입원

Heo Youngsaeng Hospital Admission


【 영생 】:: Article 20/April - Admitted into hospital, solo CB delayed

2011 04 20

Heo Youngsaeng admits into the hospital, solo comeback delayed

Group SS501's lead vocalist Heo Youngsaeng has been admitted into the hospital because of a hand fracture.

Heo Youngsaeng's first solo album was slated for release on this upcoming 28th, and while he was practising his title track's choreography on the 19th in the dance room, he suddenly injured the back of his hands and was admitted into the hospital soon after.

After diagnosis, it was known that it'd take about 4~5 weeks for his hand fracture and rusture of ligaments to recover.

Right now, Heo Youngsaeng is in the hospital and is awaiting for a more detailed diagnosis result. Because of this, date of his album release and all other broadcast schedules have to be postponed.

It was known that he is very much disturbed mentally that he can't keep to his promise for his fans amidst such a situation right now.

On the other hand, date to when his solo album will be released is undergoing adjustments at the moment.

【 영생 】:: B2M Notice ― Injured and solo debut will be postponed

Hello this is B2M Entertainment.

We're here to deliver a piece of sad news to all fans who have been eagerly awaiting for Heo Youngsaeng-gun's release of his first mini album and his solo activities.

While practising for his choreography, Youngsaeng-gun had hurt his hands, and until he recovers from that, all of his schedules and album have decided to be postponed.

All of you guys have been eagerly awaiting for him, and for the fact that we have decided for a delay is because Youngsaeng-gun's health is of utmost priority more than anything.

After diagnosis, it was known that the fracture of the back of his hands and rusture of ligaments will take about 4~5weeks to recover. For that, he is currently receiving treatment. Apart from Youngsaeng-gun's hands, there aren't any other health issues that he's facing for now.

We'll do all our best that we can in ensuring the recovery of Youngsaeng-gun. As for his album activities and all, we will make another notice soon after he is discharged.

Once again we wish to say sorry for having worried everybody.

We hope for Youngsaeng-gun's fast recovery.

*all originally arranged broadcast schedules are now in midst of adjustments

All originally arranged broadcast schedules include: RECORDING, TV BROADCAST, etc.

He was injured on 19th yesterday, while practising. He will make his comeback in May.

Monday, April 18, 2011

【 형준 】:: 17/April Gag Concert - cut

KBS2 Gag show aired on 17th night, yesterday.

Kim Hyungjun was dealt with a 'humiliation' by Song Young-gil with the sentence 'is that Boys over flowers Kim Hyunjoong?'.

Variety KBS2 'Gag Concert' that was aired on 17th featured Kim Hyungjun who appeared as a surprise guest in the 'Bongsungah School' programme corner.

On this day's programme, Song Young-gil posed a question on who the guest of the day will be "Who's coming to challenge me today". After he was responded with the name Kim Hyungjun, he followed to reply, "You mean [Boys over flowers] Kim Hyunjoong has approached?", as he began to flurry and get all worked up.

However, as soon as he learnt that it wasn't Kim Hyunjoong but Kim Hyungjun instead, he teased, "What's this ganjanggongjanggongjangjang* all about huh? makes me all confused", as he then caused a bout of laughter.

After this, Song Young-gil compared his own photos from 9 years ago and 3 years ago separately with Kim Hyungjun's, as he amazed over how Kim Hyungjun did not change much at all, "The 'vampire terminator' huh? How on earth could you not have developed at all throughout these 9 years? As the years go by we're supposed to be more and more filling. Tending to is more important than having born that way naturally", as he then proceeded to reveal his own photos of the past. In the photos showed a different profile of his no matter 9 years ago, 3 years ago or even now, which aroused yet another round of laughter amongst audiences.

After Song Young-gil saw what he thought was a pair of rough hands of Kim Hyungjun's, he volunteered to give the pair of socks that he's been wearing for the past 3 days as a glove gift to Kim Hyungjun, which then got the latter taken aback.

Don't worry it's all for show, and all scripted. The gagman did not mean it. It's always the same act done towards guests on this programme.

*ganjanggongjanggongjangjang is a famous Korean tongue twister line.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

【 형준 】:: 16/April Busan fansign - Fancam by 하루히

Fancam shot by : 하루히@SS601
Youtube uploaded : ying2HJ

Long, zoom-in

【 형준 】:: 16/April Busan fansign - 직찍 by AGAPE

Shutterbug camera by : AGAPE (


무슨 냄새냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

【 정민 】:: Scan → Trendy No.22 (April 2011)

Scans by : Mint Angel five O one.TW // 薄荷天使501台灣後援會


HQ and huge.