Monday, April 11, 2011

【 현중 】:: <Making of イタズラなKISS>- Vol.1 & Vol.2 DVD {int'l}

These DVDs have been decided for release back in March. It will release in April. Of course there have been too many different versions around, through discs, through TV, but if you'd like, of course you will buy it yourself. It is available internationally, don't fret!

release date: Apr 27

*DISC1* An unbelievable dream of co-habiting with each other
-Press Conference / Paran High School story

*DISC2* Is it fate that led us into the same university!
-Paran University story / exclusive videos (inclusive wrap-up party too)

Inclusive: Photo booklet
Special: Wrap-up party footage

release date: Apr 27

May vary. To be updated.

Inclusive: postcards

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