Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Soribada : Digitally so important?

This FAQ for you all for the easier reference. This FAQ will be all related to how overseas fans can join to support, by downloading and streaming.

Please read this FAQ first before you ask…
Plese read patiently, becoz it can give answer for your question.


1. How overseas fans can buy digital song?
The only available way for overseas fans is just through SORIBADA and MNET. Other way is not available.
Buy from soribada tutorial -> HERE
Buy from mnet tutorial -> HERE

2. Are digital sales is so important? Even more important than buy CD’s?
 Nowadays chart system in korea give priority first for digital sales. The scouring for digital sales is 60% and CDs sales only just 10-20 %

 If you want to see your artist high on Korean ranking charts and win some mutizens, support with downloading and streaming is A MUST!

 So please support by do both of them: buy CD’s and digital song too, because the advantage of buying CDs and buying digital sales is different.

CDs = for more money they will get from CDs sales

Digitally = for boost their song popularity so non-fans/mass music lovers will notice.
Usually non-fans/mass music lovers just attract to the most popular ones.

If we can make public notice them in digital sales, their song can become a nation song,
that will give effect for:::

1.) more popularity
2.) winning K-chart
3.) and of course will add some more $$ to them

3. Is it true we have to give priority for NORMAL EDITION ALBUM more than SPECIAL EDITION ALBUM?
 YES!
Because based on past year experiences,
Hanteo divided normal and special edition. Not counted them as 1.
Music bank: counts both of NORMAL and SPECIAL
Inkigayo: counts both
Annual award like GoldenDiscAwards: counts just NORMAL
(example, based from suju’s experience in 2009.
They lose to G dragon because the award didn’t considered SUJU’s special edition album sales and just count the normal one)

So yeah after you see that significant factor: for win awards and K-chart you have to buy both the NORMAL and SPECIAL one!

So you will not just contribute for more money to them but can contribute more for popularity, kchart, and year end award!

4. Can I use other browser than IE to buy SMC?
 If u want to buy Soribada music card, you should only use IE as your browser, because payment check DOES NOT WORK in any other browser. Just works valid in IE only.

5. I have bought and music card from soribada, can I use my 40 quota download for one targeted song only?
 Cannot! Because for one song -- one chance for download only in order to be counted!
So use it wisely when the right time to buy your song!

 My suggestion: for international fans: if you guys decide to buy the title song together on few particular days, then buy other songs in the album first.

6. After buy music card and their digital song, what I have to do next for show support? I heard we SHOULD streaming listening their song too?
 YES! Your task haven’t finished yet! You have to do STREAMING LISTENING to help them!