Wednesday, April 06, 2011

【 현중 】:: article 04.06 - Signs on with Lotte Duty Free Shop

Actors Hyunbin, Kim Sarang, Kim Hyunjoong, Jang Geunsuk and group 2PM have been selected as the new models for Lotte Duty Free Shop.

Personnel of Lotte Duty Free Shop has revealed on the 6th that in order for them to further create bigger buzzes for their marketing, they have thus decided to sign on the 2nd generation Hanryu stars.

Along with the already existing models Choi Jiwoo, Song Seungheon, Rain, JYJ, new models which include Kim Sarang, Kim Hyunjoong, Jang Geunsuk and 2PM will be joining in the queue. For 16 stars to be participating in one same advertisement itself could be said to be a peculiar sight.

When asked about how they have decided on these new models, Lotte Duty Free Shop has explained that in order to release a stronger synergy effect amongst asian tourists, they have thus decided that it was a must to recruit new Hanryu stars like Kim HyunJoong, Jang GeunSuk, 2PM, etc adding alongside to the already existent models with top Hanryu actors like Choi Jiwoo and Song Seungheon.

On the other hand, Lotte Duty Free Shop also has plans in discussion for a range of diversified events like Star Relay Fanmeetings. Kim HyunJoong, Jang GeunSuk, 2PM etc are expected to hold performances and talkshow sessions with fans as well.


Kim Hyunjoong has been selected as the new face model for Lotte Duty Free Shop.

Kim Hyunjoong is the representative Hanryu star who's debuted in 2005 and has since been receiving a wide range of love from all age levels across countries like Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hongkong and other asian regions where he enjoys immense amount of popularity.

All these while, Kim Hyunjoong has had experiences of endorsing for apparels, cosmetics, home appliances, banking industry, etc. He endorses most top brands of the country, and has been receiving attention as the No.1 model that public and firm industry personnels would like to recruit. As Kim Hyunjoong signs on with Lotte Duty Free Shop, it is expected that he will raise further awareness of Hanryu brands within domestic and in Asia.

Personnel of Lotte Duty Free Marketing department has told the reason behind why Kim Hyunjoong was selected to be their model. "Kim Hyunjoong-ssi has immense amount of popularity domestically and in various regions of Asia. I'm sure with his -a representative Hanryu star- joining in, a greater surger of synergy effect is expected to be produced along with the other existing models".

End of last month March, Kim Hyunjoong has already recorded for Lotte Duty Free's CM song 'So I'm loving you' as well as shot for its paper adverts.

It was said that Kim Hyunjoong was always cheerful whilst recording and shooting as he led the atmosphere vividly. Especially the CM song that Kim Hyunjoong sang was said to turn out as a joyous song that matches very well with Spring with its soft, gentle tone quality and distinct emotions that was portrayed by him.

Currently, Kim Hyunjoong is spending his time busily discussing for his next work and preparing for the release of his solo album.

Spend time fruitfully!

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