Tuesday, April 12, 2011

【 규종 】:: Musical Goong – details

Musical play total duration: June 11 ~ July 1

Kyujong's play period [1st Round]: June 11 ~ June 19

Kyujong's play period [2nd Round]: June 20 ~ July 1

Ticket price for musical period between June 11~June 19:
VIP 13,000yen ; Class A 12,000yen ; Class B 9,000yen ; Class C 5,000yen

Advance ticket sales for 1st Round of play starts: April 15, 10AM onwards

Advance ticket sales for 2nd Round of play starts: Middle of May onwards

■Ticketing WEB Shochiku [for online sales, only]
PC-link -- http://www1.ticket-web-shochiku.com/pc/
Mobile-link -- http://www1.ticket-web-shochiku.com/


For further details on the musical, please refer to from April 14 onwards:


Main cast:
Kim Kyujong (SS501) - Lee Shin
Kwak Sonyoung - Shin Chaegyung

Audition and poster shooting sessions are already ongoing in the works in Korea. It will be posted on the official homepage too. Please check it often.


Anonymous said...

hm? What does first round mean? Kyu didn't play for whole period?

ode said...
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ode said...


He plays throughout, it's just that it's divided into two rounds to faciliate selling of tickets. :)

Elaine said...

Thanks for your repl!:)
I am so afraid if he is not the only leading actor. T.T