Tuesday, July 31, 2012

정민 :: 7.31 트위터에 올라오는 사진 (new photo posted on twitter)

오랜만에 트위터에 올라오는 사진입니다. 참 반가운 얼굴이네요 ^^*

Posted onto Twitter in a long while. Such a pleasant, delightful face ^^*

보너스한장더~~^^ 가족여행에서~ 계란 옷벗기는중~~~!!>_<

eng: Another bonus picture~~^^ During our family vacation~ Peeling the egg outer shell in progress~~~!!>_<

Photo by: Jung Min, http://twitter.com/JungMin0403

Monday, July 30, 2012

현중 :: Fuji TV 『Hey! Hey! Hey!』 출연 (will appear on Hey!x3)

현중군이 Fuji TV 『Hey! Hey! Hey!』에 출연한 게 결정 내렸습니다.

It has been decided he will appear on 『Hey! Hey! Hey!』.

Recording day: 2012/8/5 (Sun)
Where: in Tokyo

The day of broadcast for 8.5's recording is still unknown. 『Hey!x3』 programme airs on every Monday night at 8pm (GMT+9, JST).

Source: Universal Music Japan, Kim Hyun Joong Official Page, http://www.universal-music.co.jp/kim-hyun-joong/news/2012/07/0730

현중 :: 【도시정벌】 촬영 현장 스틸 (shooting scene - still)

미르님 촬영 현장 사진입니다.

Mir shooting in action photo.

Photo copyright: Baek Productions Co.

Friday, July 27, 2012

형준 :: 2nd 미니앨범 『ESCAPE(Japan Ver.)』 - 자켓 커버 (album jacket covers)

형준군 2nd 앨범 『ESCAPE(일본판)』의 자켓커버 이미지들입니다.

Jacket covers for 『ESCAPE (Japan Version)』.

Information for 『ESCAPE (Japan Version)』 : http://ss501ode.blogspot.com/2012/06/2nd-escapejapan-ver-album-information.html


CD+DVD #01

CD+DVD #02

CD+DVD #03

통상판 (Standard Edition)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

형준 :: 2nd 미니앨범 『ESCAPE(Japan Ver.)』 - 앨범 정보 (album information)

+July 25 : Newly added tracks information updated!+

2nd 미니앨범 『ESCAPE』 일본판은 한국판과 4개의 차이가 있으며 원래 결정된 노래들도 수록한다.

There is 5 additional songs included in the 2nd mini-album 『ESCAPE』 Japanese Version, inclusive of the original 5 songs.

Newly added tracks in 『ESCAPE』 Japanese Version :
『Sorry I'm Sorry』 (in Japanese)
『Callin'』 ('잘못 걸었어' in Japanese)
『君を歌う歌』('널 부르는 노래' remake by Hyung Jun; in Korean)
『A型の男』 (in Korean)
『Sweet, everyday』 (in Japanese)

Album Specs

※Version 1 : CD Only

01. Intro
02. Sorry I'm Sorry (Korean)
03. Just Let It Go (Korean)
04. 悪い男だから (ie; 나쁜 남자라서) (Korean)
05. 間違い電話 (ie; 잘못 걸었어) (Korean)
06. Sorry I'm Sorry (Japanese)
07. Callin' (Japanese)

※Version 2 : CD + Photo Book

01. Intro
02. Sorry I'm Sorry (Korean)
03. Just Let It Go (Korean)
04. 悪い男だから (ie; 나쁜 남자라서) (Korean)
05. 間違い電話 (ie; 잘못 걸었어) (Korean)
06. Sorry I'm Sorry (Japanese)
07. Callin' (Japanese)

Unrevealed pictorials 80P (210*190 size)

※Version 3 : CD + DVD #1

01. Intro
02. Sorry I'm Sorry (Korean)
03. Just Let It Go (Korean)
04. 悪い男だから (ie; 나쁜 남자라서) (Korean)
05. 間違い電話 (ie; 잘못 걸었어) (Korean)
06. Sorry I'm Sorry (Japanese)
07. 君を歌う歌 (Korean)

Sorry I'm Sorry P/V (Dance Ver.)
Sorry I'm Sorry P/V (Drama Ver. 1)

※Version 4 : CD + DVD #2

01. Intro
02. Sorry I'm Sorry (Korean)
03. Just Let It Go (Korean)
04. 悪い男だから (ie; 나쁜 남자라서) (Korean)
05. 間違い電話 (ie; 잘못 걸었어) (Korean)
06. Sorry I'm Sorry (Japanese)
07. A型の男 (Korean)

Sorry I'm Sorry P/V (Dance Ver.)
Just Let It Go P/V (Drama Ver. 2)

※Version 5 : CD + DVD #3

01. Intro
02. Sorry I'm Sorry (Korean)
03. Just Let It Go (Korean)
04. 悪い男だから (ie; 나쁜 남자라서) (Korean)
05. 間違い電話 (ie; 잘못 걸었어) (Korean)
06. Sorry I'm Sorry (Japanese)
07. Sweet, everyday (Japanese)

Sorry I'm Sorry P/V (Dance Ver.)
悪い男だから (ie; 나쁜 남자라서) P/V (Drama Ver. 3)

Japan Fanclub members who purchase all 5 editions

-FREE entry/invitation to an exclusive event in October
-Special DVD (Hawaii footage taken in April 2012 - 20 minutes; Footage during solo activities - 30 minutes)
-P/V Making DVD (25 minutes)

Source: Kim Hyung Jun Japan Official HomePage, http://kimhyungjun.jp/event/2012_mini_album/h/cd_info.html/
Image copyright: S-Plus Company Korea

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

규종 :: [기사] 23일 군대 입소 (enters military on July 23)

기사 발췌입니다.

Extract from article.

김규종의 입소는 SS501 멤버들 중 가장 먼저 국방의 의무를 수행하러 떠나는 것이라 의미가 남다르기 때문이다.

eng: Kim Kyu Jong's entry into military is the first amongst SS501 members to serve his part for the country, that is why it is all the more meaningful.

김규종 소속사 관계자는 “가능하면 SS501 멤버들이 모두 참석하겠다는 의사를 밝히고 일정을 조율 중이나 아직 확정된 사안은 아니다”라고 전했다.

eng: Kim Kyu Jong's agency personnel disclosed, "SS501 members all expressed intention of joining in on that day if possible and are in midst of adjusting schedules,
but despite so, it's still not confirmed yet", as he mentioned.

현중 :: 【도시정벌】 오토바이 촬영 현장 사진 (motorbike exploding scene)

드라마 『도시정벌』 촬영 현장입니다.

Shooting location for the drama involving motorbike's exploding scenes.

Image Copyright: MEDIA BAEK Productions Co.

형준 :: 2nd 미니앨범 『ESCAPE』 - 「나쁜 남자라서」 M/V Teaser

이미 알고 있는대로 형준군 2nd 미니앨범 『ESCAPE』 중 수록한 사이드곡 「나쁜 남자라서」도 뮤직비디오가 있을 예정이고요. 티저 영상이는 7월19일 자정에 공식 유투브 채널에서 공개하였습니다.

Alternate song that is inclusive in 2nd mini-album 『ESCAPE』 named 「나쁜 남자라서(Bad Guy)」 will also release its music video. It has first released a teaser video.

Video URL: http://youtu.be/sc-h_cm3vBc
Video Source: Kim Hyung Jun Official YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/junusofficialtv
Video copyright: S-Plus Entertainment (Kim Hyung Jun, Lee Ki Woo, Kang Ji Hwan)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

규종 :: 2nd 미니앨범 『Meet Me Again』 - 타이틀 곡 「소중한 사람(My Precious One)」 M/V

규종군 2nd 미니앨범 『Meet Me Again』 타이틀 곡 「소중한 사람」(영어로는: My Precious One) 뮤직비디오 공개되었습니다. 같이 열심히~ 감상하세요~

『Meet Me Again』 title track 「My Precious One」 has revealed its M/V. Let us watch it sincerely~!!!

Source: B2M Entertainment channel, http://www.youtube.com/B2Ment
Video URL: http://youtu.be/uzsDwuGoXLY

규종 :: 2nd 미니앨범 『Meet Me Again』 음원 공개 (audio unleashes)

규종군 2nd 미니앨범 『Meet Me Again』의 음원이 공개되었습니다. 마지막 정성 담은 선물이라니까 같이 열심히~ 들어보세요~

Kyu Jong's 2nd mini-album 『Meet Me Again』 digital audio has been released. Because it is the last gift, let us listen to it together sincerely~!!!

멜론 (MelOn)

벅스 (Bugs)

올레뮤직 (Olleh Music)

엠넷 (Mnet)

소리바다 (Soribada)

다음 뮤직 (Daum Music)

네이버 뮤직 (Naver Music)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

현중 :: Jul 14 (Sat) - 나오토 인티 라이미씨와 함께한 찰칵 (a picture with Naoto Inti Raymi)

나오토 인티 라이미씨가 오늘 『DOUBLE FANTASISTA 'THE GREATEST ASSIST'』 공연 직후 자신의 블로그에서 남기는 현중님과 함께 어깨 나란히 서있는 사진을 게재하였습니다.

Naoto Inti Raymi has had uploaded a post with a picture of him and Hyun Joong after the show today at Saitama Arena backstage.

Source: Naoto Inti Raymi Personal Blog, http://ameblo.jp/nananaoto/entry23-11301315988.html

정민 :: 【ROMEO】 홈페이지에서 업데이트한 새로운 사진 (new photo from HomePage)

ROMEO 공식홈페이지 새로 업데이트한 사진입니다. 너무 멋져라 ROMEO님...^^

Newly updated photo on ROMEO HomePage Main.

Source: ROMEO Official HomePage, http://romeomidnight.com/index.asp

정민 :: 【ROMEO】 1st 일본 싱글 『Give Me Your Heart』 정보 (single information)

ROMEO 1st 일본 싱글 『Give Me Your Heart』는 9월5일에 발매할 예정입니다.

ROMEO 1st Japan Single 『Give Me Your Heart』 will be release on September 5 (Wed).

Limited Edition A

01. Give Me Your Heart
03. Give Me Your Heart (Instru.)

01. Give Me Your Heart P/V
02. ROMEO Trailer Clip

01. Lyrics book in poster-form
02. Photo Card (A,B,C; just 1 randomly given)

Limited Edition B

01. Give Me Your Heart
03. Give Me Your Heart (Instru.)

01. Photo Card File
02. Deluxe Case
03. Photo Card (D, E; both given)

Standard Edition C

01. Give Me Your Heart
02. Taste the Fever
03. Give Me Your Heart (Instru.)

01. Photo Card (F; limited)

정민 :: 【ROMEO】 1st JPN single (Sept 5), 2nd JPN single (Oct 31), Live Tour December 2012

ROMEO 공식홈페이지에서 캡처한 정보 사진입니다.

Info. photo captured from ROMEO Official Homepage Main.

1st Single 『Give Me Your Heart』 - 2012. Sept. 5 (Wed)

2nd Single 『Tonight's the Night』 - 2012. Oct. 31 (Wed)

Live Tour 2012 in Tokyo, Osaka - 2012. Dec

Source: Romeo Official HomePage, http://romeomidnight.com/index.asp

Thursday, July 12, 2012

규종 :: 2nd 미니앨범 『Meet Me Again』 - 앨범 트랙리스트 (album tracklist)

+ADD! Jul 12 (thurs)+

소속사 말에 따르면 원래 3,000장이었던 초회한정판의 수량을 늘린다고 합니다.

According to the agency, they will increase the number of 'Limited Ed.' that's available for sale (originally was only 3,000 copies).

Jul 11 (wed)

소속사 말에 따르면 2nd 미니앨범이 오늘 오후 4시부터 예약 신청이 시작되었지만 3,000장을 소진함과 동시에 예약이 마감되는 것이 아닙니다.
그냥 3,000장 소진되었을 경우에도 '일반판'으로 앨범 구입이 아직도 가능한다고 합니다.

Although the pre-order had begun for album at 4pm today at major online sites, it does not mean you cannot get any single copy at all anymore.
It just means that, once 3,000 copies are being grabbed off, the version that you are able to buy will be the 'Normal Ed.'. It has the exact same specs and content, just no special numbering.

01. 소중한 사람 *Title song*
Type: Ballad song, song about fans

02. One Luv [Duet with 태완 Aka C-Luv (Feat. Shorry.J)]
Type: Fast and upbeat R&B Hip-hop

03. 고마워 [Feat. Thankyu]
Type: Self-composed by him, lyrics and melody. Depicts his love for fans, inclusive of fans singing along too

04. 소중한 사람 (Inst.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

규종 :: [기사] Final album before enlisting 『Meet Me Again』 - title track 「소중한 사람(Precious Person)」

Tracks inclusive on 『Meet Me Again』.

타이틀 곡 '소중한 사람'은 '곁에 있어도 소중한 사람아/ 옆에 있어도 그리운 사람아/ 사랑에 사랑에 이별을 더한다 하여도 마지막이 될 사람'이라는 노랫말을 통해 팬들에 대한 각별한 마음을 표현했다.

eng: Title song 'Precious Person' attaches his heart of gratitude for fans. (lyrics omitted)

또 김규종이 직접 작사한 '고마워'라는 곡도 인상적이다.

eng: In addition, the song that he self-wrote the lyrics for 'Thank You' is also inclusive and strikes an impression.

여기에 작곡가 태완과 듀엣곡인 'One Luv'에는 마이티마우스의 쇼리가 랩피처링에 참여했다.

eng: To add on, in another duet song with composer Tae-wan named 'One Luv', Mighty Mouth's Shorry J had also taken part in the rap featuring for the song.

Source: Daum, http://media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?newsid=20120710103720416

Monday, July 09, 2012

영생 :: [안내] Jul 9 - 리패키지 앨범 취소, 3rd 한국 미니앨범 9월말 발매예정 (repackage album cancels, 3rd mini-album release end-Sept)

오늘 공지된 새로운 안내입니다.

New notice published today. The 3rd mini-album is only scheduled for end-Sept.

안녕하세요. 비투엠엔터테인먼트입니다.

허영생씨의 리패키지 앨범 발매를 기다리고 계실 팬여러분들께 죄송한 소식을 전해드리게 되었습니다.

CRYING 리패키지앨범 발매를 위해 오픈 일정 등의 상세사항 조율만을 앞두고 있는 시점에서
모든 작업의 진행을 멈추고, 리패키지 앨범의 발매를 취소하기로 결정하였습니다.
영생씨와의 많은 고민과 회의 끝에 최종적으로 리패키지 앨범은 취소가 되었습니다.

올림픽을 앞두고 시기가 적절한지, 회사와 본인이 원하는 퀄리티로 완성될 수 있는지 등의 고민을 계속 해왔습니다.
본인이 만족할 수 있고 여러분들께도 부끄럽지 않은, 보다 나은 퀄리티 있는 앨범을 위해 리패키지 앨범 발매를 대신해 완전히 새로운 앨범을 제작하는 것으로 결정되었습니다.

향후 일정은 일본에서 발매할 앨범준비와 함께 한국에서 발표할 세번째 미니앨범(9월발 발매예정)의 준비에 들어갑니다.

허영생씨의 리패키지 앨범을 많이 기다리고 계시던 팬 분들께 다시 한 번 죄송하다는 말씀 전해드립니다.

Hello, this is B2M Entertainment.

We're here to deliver a piece of sad news to all fans who have been awaiting Heo Young Saeng's Repackage Album.

While we were awaiting for detailed scheduling and other arrangements for the release of 『CRYING』's Repackage Album, it came to us where we decided to stop all producing works and make a conclusion to cancel the release of album. This was after much hesitation and many meetings held with Young Saeng-ssi himself too that we decided to eventually do away with the Repackage Album's release.

Our concerns were that, with the oncoming Olympics approaching, we wondered if it would be an appropriate time to release the album, and also if the album can finish in the quality that the singer and the agency hopes for, or not.

In order for the album to be a satisfying piece of work for both the singer and all fans as well, we aim to produce a piece of album with even higher quality. And so, in place of the initially scheduled Repackage Album, we have hence decided to go ahead to produce a totally brand new album instead.

For the future plans, we will be starting on preparations for new Japanese album as well as 3rd Korean mini-album (slated for release end-Sept).

Once again, we wish to say sorry to all fans who had been eagerly awaiting the repackage album.

규종 :: 2nd 미니앨범 『Meet Me Again』 판매 안내 (on sale information)

규종군 2nd 미니앨범 『Meet Me Again』 초회한정판과 '일반판' 발매 정보들 재정리하여 올리겠습니다.

To summarize the release info:

July 18 (Wed) : Limited Edition 3,000 copies (numbered)
Buy : Online, Offline

After 3,000 copies finishes, you can buy : (so-called) 'Normal Edition' (because it is not being numbered anymore)
Buy : Offline/Online

'Limited Edition' releases July 18 : http://ss501ode.blogspot.com/2012/07/2nd-meet-me-again-713-2nd-mini-album.html 


김규종 2nd Mini Album [ Meet Me Again]

- 출 시 일 정 -
2012년 7월 18일 (수)

초회 한정수량 3,000장에 한하여 (0001~3,000번까지 한정넘버링)이
인쇄되어 있습니다.

초회 수량 (3,000장) 소진되면,  넘버링 없는 버전으로 구매가 가능합니다.

현재 예약 오픈도 되지 않은 규종씨의 앨범이
국내 및 해외 사이트 등에서 고가에 거래되고 있습니다.

구매를 원하시는 분들은 예약구매 오픈 시에 각 온라인샵에서
구입해주시기를 부탁드립니다.

Hi, this is B2M Entertainment.

Kim Kyu Jong's 2nd mini-album Meet Me Again will be released on July 18 (Wed).

For this limited edition of 3,000 copies, there will be the embedding of numbers 0001~3,000 on the albums.

Once these 3,000 copies finish its imprinting, you are able to then buy the un-numbered versions (online/offline).

Right now, the pre-ordering has not begun yet, but it is already being traded at high prices on domestic and international market sites.

For those who would want to get a copy of it, please buy them through various online sites when the pre-order begins.

Source: Kyu Jong Official Korea HomePage Notice, http://www.kyu-jong.com/1stmini/board_view.asp?brd_code=common&page=1&brd_idx=1583/


eng: For the [Normal Ed.], the album specs and content is exactly the same as [Limited Ed.), only no numbering.

eng: The day for 2nd mini-album [Meet Me Again] release has been changed to July 18 (Wed) where the album will be on sale simultaneously at both offline and online.
On the same day too, it will release digital audio on music portal sites, and will also become available for purchase at offline shops.

형준 :: 「Sorry I'm Sorry」 M/V (Dance vers.)

2nd 미니앨범 『ESCAPE』 타이틀 곡인 「Sorry I'm Sorry」 M/V (댄스 버젼) 공개되었습니다.

2nd mini-album 『ESCAPE』 title song 「Sorry I'm Sorry」 M/V (Dance Vers.) has been revealed.

Youtube video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GfHkf-WztE/
Video copyright: S-Plus Entertainment, Korea
Video uploaded by: Kim Hyung Jun Official YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/junusofficialtv/

형준 :: Jul 9 (Mon) - 2nd 미니앨범 【ESCAPE】 음원 공개

가수 김형준의 2012년 대망인 2nd 미니앨범 『ESCAPE』가 발표되었습니다!

Singer Kim Hyung Jun has finally revealed his 2nd mini-album 『ESCAPE』!

멜론 (MelOn)

벅스 (BUGS)

올레뮤직 (Olleh Music)

엠넷 (Mnet)

소리바다 (Soribada)

다음뮤직 (Daum Music)

네이버뮤직 (Naver Music)

Saturday, July 07, 2012

규종 :: 2nd 미니앨범 『Meet Me Again』 (한정판/limited edition) - 7월18일 발매

2nd 미니앨범『Meet Me Again』(한정판)이 7월18일에 발매 예정입니다. 팬들을 위한 자작곡도 수록합니다.

2nd mini-album『Meet Me Again』(limited ed.) will be released on July 18 (Wed). It will include his self-penned song for fans, too. It will be limited to 3,000 copies (numbered from 0001~3000).

Jacket cover

Source: Kim Kyu Jong Official Homepage, http://www.kyu-jong.com/
Notice URL: http://www.kyu-jong.com/1stmini/board_view.asp?brd_code=common&page=1&brd_idx=1576/

정민 :: 「ROMEO」 1st Song ringtone releases digitally + 『ROMEO』 debut day - Jul 12 (thurs)

ROMEO는 곧 밝혀 집니다...

ROMEO will reveal...

Ringtone will release on Jul 12 (thurs)

Where: Rekochoku, iTunes, etc

ROMEO 1st CONTACT - Romeo's debut day

When: Jul 12 (thurs), 7:19pm
Where: Tokyo Shinjuku Blaze
Who will attend: ROMEO himself
For how many attendees: 444 people only

Source: Romeo HomePage, http://romeomidnight.com/

Friday, July 06, 2012

형준 :: 2nd 미니앨범 【ESCAPE】 - 발매 정보 (release information)

【ESCAPE】 발매 정보입니다. 두근두근... ^^

Release information for 【ESCAPE】.

2 0 1 2 0 7 0 9  음원 - eng: Audio releases digitally

2 0 1 2 0 7 0 9  'Sorry I'm Sorry' M/V Full Ver.

2 0 1 2 0 7 1 0  < ESCAPE > TYPE A. CD + 화보 - eng: Type A. on sale

2 0 1 2 0 7 1 3  < ESCAPE > TYPE B. CD + DVD  - eng: Type B. on sale

Source: Kim Hyung Jun Official Korea HomePage, http://hyungjun.spluscompany.co.kr/board/board.asp?id=notice&mode=view&no=15&page=1&search_key=&search_keyword=&category=

형준 :: 「Sorry I'm Sorry」 M/V Teaser 3

「Sorry I'm Sorry」 M/V (댄스 버젼) 2차 티저 영상입니다.

2nd teaser for 「Sorry I'm Sorry」 M/V (Dance Version).

Youtube video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89q6sXK20lE/
Video copyright: S-Plus Entertainment, Korea
Video uploaded by: Kim Hyung Jun Official YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/junusofficialtv/

Thursday, July 05, 2012

영생, 규종 :: DVD 『1st Party in Tokyo』 - releases Sept 19 (wed)

The event that took place last November 4, 2011 will now be on DVD.

Release Date : September 19, 2012 (Wed)

Where to buy : HMV Japan, http://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/5103753

Product Specs/상품 사양

Running time: 180minutes (1h 20mins)

Language: Korean, Japanese

Subtitles: Japanese


◆DISC1 : 『YS+KJ 1st Party in Tokyo』
- Night session (Full Capture)

◆DISC2 :
- Making Film 01 : Young Saeng
- Making Film 02 : Kyu Jong
- Find your moment! (Full Capture of Hi-5 session during both Noon & Night sessions)

+52-page Photobook

Source: HMV Japan, http://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/5103753/

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

형준 :: 「Sorry I'm Sorry」 M/V Teaser 2

2nd 미니앨범 ESCAPE 타이틀 송인 「Sorry I'm Sorry」 M/V 티저 (댄스 버젼) 입니다.

Title song for new 2nd mini-album 「Sorry I'm Sorry」 M/V Teaser video (Dance Version).

Youtube video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohwoR5TNz1M/
Video copyright: S-Plus Entertainment, Korea
Video uploaded by: Kim Hyung Jun Official YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/junusofficialtv/

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

현중 :: Jul 4 (wed) - Fuji TV 『ノンストップ! (Non-stop!)』 1st 「HEAT」 Live Performance

He will be on-air tomorrow early morning on Fuji TV to sing 「HEAT」. It will be his 1st live performance of 「HEAT」 (not pre-recorded).

5000 people congregated at the handshake session (Jul 3)! Hyun Joong's Live Performance of song produced by B'z

Source: Fuji TV Non-Stop HomePage, http://www.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/nonstop/

Monday, July 02, 2012

형준 :: 「Sorry I'm Sorry」 M/V Teaser

2nd 미니앨범 『ESCAPE』 타이틀 「Sorry I'm Sorry」 뮤직비디오 티저는 드디어 공식 유튜브 체널에서 업로드하였습니다.

Sorry I'm Sorry M/V Teaser is finally uploaded on official YouTube channel.

Youtube video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PHFLqDvIlk
Video copyright: S-Plus Entertainment
Video uploaded by: Kim Hyung Jun Official YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/junusofficialtv/

형준 :: 2nd 미니앨범 『ESCAPE(Korean Ver.)』 - 앨범 정보 (album information) (+updated)

+DVD Contents added!+

7월 초에 발매 예정 있는 2nd 한국 미니앨범인 『ESCAPE』의 앨범 정보 입니다.
이번 테마는 '이별'이라고 하면서 남자다운 모습을 보여줄테니까 벌써 기대 고조되고요..

전체상으로는 인상적인 것 같습니다. 기대됩니다.

Information for 2nd Korea Mini-album 『ESCAPE』 is revealed.
The theme is 'Separation' and that he will show his musculine side this time.

Commemoration Mini-concert and Showcase on June 29 : http://ss501ode.blogspot.com/2012/06/2nd-album-commemoration-concert-in.html

Release Date : July 10 (Tuesday)


01. Intro (I'm)

02. Sorry I'm Sorry (★타이틀/Title)

03. Just let it go

04. 잘못 걸었어

05. 나쁜 남자라서

앨범 구성/Album Specs

TYPE A. CD + Pictorial (60p) + Bookcover

TYPE B. CD + DVD + Booklet (12p)

DVD Contents

Music Video - 「Sorry I'm Sorry」

Music Video Making

고해상도 수록 이미지/HQ Inset Image

고해상도 자켓 커버/Jacket Cover

Type A

Type B

Source: Kim Hyung Jun Official Homepage, http://hyungjun.spluscompany.co.kr/
Image copyright: S-Plus Company Korea

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Thoughts 02... July 2012...

벌써 7월이네요. 시간이 참 빠르다... 이미 후반기 되었네요...

시간이 가면 갈수록 우리 자기자신이 어느덧 더 발전했다는 반면에 때론 힘들게 만들 수도 있겠지만 

항상 믿음으로 하자요. 다섯명 모두도 그렇게 말씀하시다 왔는 대로

7월이 좋은 달!!! 가수 겸 연기자 김현중님 2nd 일본 싱글 HEAT 발매! 3rd 정식 드라마 도시정벌도 촬영 시작!! 기수 김형준님 2nd 한국 미니앨범 ESCAPE도 발매! 활동도 이어질 것!

그리고는 다른 멤버도 뉴 계획 발표할테니까 바람이 더 크다.

다들 잘 될꺼다 잘 될꺼야~

다들 Fighting Fighting!!! ^o^