Thursday, July 12, 2012

규종 :: 2nd 미니앨범 『Meet Me Again』 - 앨범 트랙리스트 (album tracklist)

+ADD! Jul 12 (thurs)+

소속사 말에 따르면 원래 3,000장이었던 초회한정판의 수량을 늘린다고 합니다.

According to the agency, they will increase the number of 'Limited Ed.' that's available for sale (originally was only 3,000 copies).

Jul 11 (wed)

소속사 말에 따르면 2nd 미니앨범이 오늘 오후 4시부터 예약 신청이 시작되었지만 3,000장을 소진함과 동시에 예약이 마감되는 것이 아닙니다.
그냥 3,000장 소진되었을 경우에도 '일반판'으로 앨범 구입이 아직도 가능한다고 합니다.

Although the pre-order had begun for album at 4pm today at major online sites, it does not mean you cannot get any single copy at all anymore.
It just means that, once 3,000 copies are being grabbed off, the version that you are able to buy will be the 'Normal Ed.'. It has the exact same specs and content, just no special numbering.

01. 소중한 사람 *Title song*
Type: Ballad song, song about fans

02. One Luv [Duet with 태완 Aka C-Luv (Feat. Shorry.J)]
Type: Fast and upbeat R&B Hip-hop

03. 고마워 [Feat. Thankyu]
Type: Self-composed by him, lyrics and melody. Depicts his love for fans, inclusive of fans singing along too

04. 소중한 사람 (Inst.)

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