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현중 :: 2012 아시아 팬미팅 투어 공식 포스터 - 2012 Asia Fanmeeting Tour poster

2012 아시아 팬미팅의 공식 포스터 입니다. 진짜 멋있다 완전이요 ^_^

This is the official poster for 2012 Asia Fanmeeting. Kim Hyun Joong the BEST!!!

Image copyright: KeyEast Korea
Image upload: JoyTime Entertainment, Taiwan, FaceBook

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정민 :: 『번당화원(Fondant garden)』 #9 preview

오는 금요일 #9 미리보기 영상입니다. #9 preview video. This will be good episode.

Video copyright: Taiwan CTV
Video uploader: Taiwan CTV,

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정민 :: April/12 (thurs) - Lawsuit Injunction with CNr Media

Is that why the Korea homepage ( became never updated since January 2012?

In 2011, the HomePage was less active as a homepage should have been.

박정민님 최고지 힘내세요 ^_^ 힘이 마음엔!

Title: 박정민, 소속사와 법정 싸움 '일만 하고 수익금은…
Title in english: Park Jung Min, lawsuit fight with agency, "Worked and worked, yet the profits were..."

CNR미디어는 박정민이 지난 2010년 SS501로 활동했던 DSP미디어와 결별하고 개별 활동을 위해 전속계약을 맺은 회사다.

english: CNR Media was the agency which signed on with Park Jung Min for his solo activities ever since he parted ways with the agency SS501 worked in - DSP Media last in 2010.

외국계 법인회사로 매니지먼트 대표는 중화권 비즈니스에 능통한 인사로 알려졌다.

english: It is a corporate agency whereby its management CEO is someone proficient in the Mandarin business circle (entertainment circle).

가처분 신청의 배경은 수익금 정산에 있다.

english: The reason for this injunction filed is because of the inappropriate calculation undertaken for profits that should have been received.

박정민은 지난해 1억 5000만원을 지급 받은 것을 제외하면 수익금이 배분된 게 없다는 주장이다.

english: Park Jung Min's stand/claim is that, apart from receiving 1.05 billion won from last year (not exactly only for last year's valid amount), there was no other appropriate amount of profits distributed.

최근까지도 박정민은 대만과 일본에서 배우로 활발한 활동을 펼쳐왔다. 지난해 말에는 일본 도쿄 2회, 22일 오사카 2회 공연 등 총 4회에 걸쳐 크리스마스 공연을 열기도 했다.

english: Even recently, Park Jung Min has had made his way across Taiwan and Japan as an actor. Like last year-end (2011 December 21,22), he had held 2 shows in Tokyo on 21st Dec, and also another 2 shows in Osaka on 22nd Dec for Christmas 2011.

그러나 갈등의 골이 깊어지면서 박정민은 현재 소속사와 '정서상' 결별한 상태다. 아직 서류상 전속계약 기간이 남아있기 때문에 다른 소속사와 함께 일할 수도 없는 상황이다.

english: As the emotional conflicts with his agency escalates, right now, Park Jung Min is already in a departed status as of 'emotionally'. Though however as according to paper proof, there is still some remaining period left as was in the contract. So because of that, he may not be able to work with other agencies. (probably only until the injunction is approved)

News source URL link: Sports Seoul,


박정민은 "소속사와 국내 수익금은 8대 2( Local—Jungmin 8: agency 2), 해외 수익금은 5대 5(Local—Jungmin 5: Agency 5)로 나누기로 했다.

english: Park Jung Min has said that he and his agency initially agreed on it this way, "Domestic (Korea) profits will be 8:2 (Jungmin 8, Agency 2); whereas overseas profits would be 5:5 (Jungmin 5, Agency 5)."

박정민은 "지난해 1억5000만원을 지급한 것을 제외하면 수익금을 제대로 지불하지 않고 있다"고 주장한 것으로 알려졌다. 박정민은 그동안 전 소속사 측에 수익금을 배분을 요청하는 등 계약 이행을 요구한 것으로 전해졌다.

english: He also disclosed, "Apart from the 1.05 billion won they paid last year, other than that, they did not been appropriately paying the necessary amount". All this while, he had been demanding the agency to fulfil their promise as was initially agreed on, though to no avail.

박정민은 최근 스타in과 인터뷰서 "이미 지난 3월(MARCH 2012)부터 홀로 활동을 하고 있다"면서 "원만한 해결을 기대하고 있다"고 말했다.

english: In an interview with STARin recently, he has said, "I've already started doing activities on my own since March 2012", "I look forward to a harmonious settlement".

이어 "또 수익금 내역을 청구했음에도 수익금을 누락하거나 비용을 과다청구 하는 등 계약을 제대로 이행하지 않고 있다"며 "전속계약의 효력을 정지해 달라"고 덧붙였다.

english: "Though I been constantly claimly the necessary profits from them, they either keep giving excuses that they omitted accidentally, or that they say I'm overcharging them than should be", "and so I went to plead for injunction", as he added.

News link collated from: Star Today Korea, Money Today Korea, TV Report, StarIN, etc

현중 :: MBC Documentary 『K-pop스타, 세계를 홀리다(K-pop star)』

Upcoming full-length documentary featuring the star who has the ability to change how the K-pop scene will change for the future (Kim Hyun Joong). simply because his hardworkingness touches all the hearts of the world-wide.

It will be broadcasted on April 14th (Saturday).

Broadcast Date : April 14th (Saturday), 12:20AM night (night of Saturday, not sleeping)

It will cover these:

-the preparation(s) done for overseas activities, concerts, etc
-what he is busy with recently

-Japan premium live February-05's Behind-the-scenes (BTS), his idea insertions and planning stages inclusive, Rehearsals and onto the Real-Stage

-Fanmeets that were held in Korea

-Overseas activities

-Album preparation for upcoming June's new album

-depression faced during Japan debut period, his feelings, etc
-10 over years of friendship with JYJ Kim Jaejoong

-Closest acquaintances and friends who will reveal about H.J's school days, younghood days, and what they feel truthfully about H.J's acting


News source URL link:
Sports World,

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정민 :: 『번당화원(Fondant garden)』 #8 preview video

점점 더 재미지고 있네요. 오는 금요일 #8 예고편 입니다.

Friday (13th April)'s #8 preview video. It is getting more and more interesting.

Video copyright:
Taiwan CTV,
Video upload:

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현중 :: Apr/9 (fri) - new endorsement 『CenterPole』 official model

스위스 아웃도어 브랜드 센터폴은 공식 모델로 김현중과 강소라를 선정했습니다.

Swiss outdoor brand CenterPole has officially announced its official model. They are Kim Hyun Joong (male) and Kang So Ra (female).

Article quote:

센터폴 윤재익 본부장은 “김현중의 활기차고 건강한 이미지가 센터폴의 브랜드 이미지와 잘 맞아 모델로 선정했다”며 모델 발탁 이유를 밝혔다.

english: CenterPole's deputy chief Yoon Jae-ik revealed their reason for selecting Kim Hyun Joong, "His lively and healthy image suits our CenterPole's brand image very well, so that is why we chose him as our spokesperson".

이에 김현중은 이달 중순부터 공식 모델로서의 활동을 시작하며, 각종 매거진 화보 및 인쇄물 등 다양한 경로를 통해 대중과 만난다. 이로써 김현중은 캐주얼의류, 화장품, 주얼리, 에스테틱, 면세점 브랜드 모델 등 명실상부한 ‘광고킹’ 임을 입증했다.

english: Kim Hyun Joong will start his activities as the spokesperson beginning from mid-April onwards, and will be appearing in front of the masses with diverse shoots via magazines and printouts. With this, Kim Hyun Joong is now truly the 'endorsement king', simply because he has casual apparels, cosmetics, jewelry, aesthetic, duty-free shops endorsement deals under his belt.

News URL link: The Star, Korea,


첫 공식 활동으로 이들은 4월19일 센트럴시티 밀레니엄홀에서 진행되는 스위스 트레킹 여행 테마 센터폴 사업설명회에 참석한다. 이번 설명회에서 센터폴은 스위스 각 도시를 테마로 개발된 유럽형 아웃도어 상품라인을 선보일 예정이며 행사 당일에는 2012 센터폴 F/W 패션쇼도 함께 진행된다.

english: The first official activity will be their (Kim Hyun-joong, Kang So-ra) attendance for CenterPole's Business Presentation session for CenterPole's exhibition of new Swiss-trekking-themed products. It will be held on April 19 at Central City Millenium Hall. Also, on this day, a 2012 F/W Fashion Show will be carried out, too.

News URL link: Newsen,


Image copyright: CenterPole, Swiss-trekking technology, South Korea

형준 :: is preparing for a full-album

정규앨범 기대한다!

Anticipate the full-album!

Since ending this time's Japan live tour in success again, Kim Hyung Jun shared his thoughts, "It's been a long while since I stood in front of fans singing, so I was really happy. Thanks to my fans who have been rendering their support and giving encouragement as always no matter what profile of mine was, that I'm able to become who I am today". He also said that "this year will be the year where I will be running even harder than any other year. My 2nd drama 'I love you' will be broadcasting soon, and I am also preparing earnestly for my full album currently, so please anticipate much for the future".

이번 일본 단독 라이브 투어를 성공적으로 마친 김형준은 "오랜만에 노래로 팬 여러분들 앞에 서 있을 수 있어서 너무 행복했다. 어떤 모습으로든 늘 응원해주시고 격려해주시는 팬 분들 덕분에 지금의 제가 있을 수 있는 것 같다"며 "올해는 정말 그 어느 해보다 열심히 달리는 한 해가 될 것 같다. 곧 두 번째 드라마 도전작인 '그대를 사랑합니다'도 방송이 되고 또 정규앨범도 열심히 준비하고 있으니깐 앞으로도 많은 기대 부탁드린다"고 전했다.

News source URL link: TV Daily,
Photo copyright: S-Plus Entertainment

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현중 :: Apr/06 (fri) - 『도시정벌(City Conquer)』 in discussions, but not confirm

"Adjustment of overseas' schedules is the main issue"...

Kim Hyun Joong's agency KeyEast spoke to 'Dispatch' on 6th April in a phone interview, "Kim Hyun Joong received the offer as the male protagonist for 'City Conquer' around beginning of last month March", and that they "are currently in feverish discussions with the production team about this".

However, the problem is with Kim Hyun Joong's overseas schedules. The current situation now, is that from next month May onwards all the way until June, his overseas schedules have already been fully packed and planned. Related personnel from the agency spoke, "Kim Hyun Joong is currently facing a very tight and packed schedule due to the preparations of his upcoming Asia fanmeeting", "But no matter what, as soon as the overseas schedules have been properly re-organized, we will then let know of the finalized decision for his drama appearance, about whether or not he will take up this offer", as they hinted.

Even if this drama were to be dismissed, there is still a high chance of being able to see actor Kim Hyun Joong. KeyEast personnel disclosed, "He has this extraordinary desire for acting. Even when he was carrying out his album activities, he was also constantly watching dramas and movies whenever he had time. He will be reaching out to the audiences with a good piece of work soon", as was mentioned.

News Source URL link:


김현중 소속사 측은 4월6일 뉴스엔과 통화에서 "김현중이 '도시정벌' 출연과 관련해 검토 중이다. 그러나 확정된 사항은 아니다"고 말했다.

english: Kim Hyun Joong agency has told Newsen in a phone interview on April 6, "Kim Hyun Joong is currently in discussions about his appearance in 'City Conquer'. However, it is not a confirmation yet".

김현중은 지난해 TV조선 '스피드' 출연에 대해 긍정적으로 논의했으나 끝내 스케줄 등의 문제로 불발됐다. 이후 김현중은 다양한 작품으로부터 러브콜을 받았고 '도시정벌' 역시 그 많은 작품 중 하나다. 김현중 측은 "'도시정벌'은 고민 중인 많은 작품 중 하나다"며 "조만간 작품이 결정되는 즉시 알리겠다"고 말했다.

english: Last year, when TV Chosun 'Speed' offered him the role, although they were in positive discussions, due to schedule conflicts etc, the drama was then eventually dismissed. Kim Hyun Joong continued to receive many lovecalls of many diverse types and genres of work, and of course 'City Conquer' was amongst one of the many offers. Kim Hyun Joong agency said, "'City Conquer' is one amongst the many lovecalls received". The agency also stated that "as soon as it is confirmed, they will let know of it".

News Source URL link:

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영생 :: 『선녀가 필요해(Sent from heaven)』 #27 (4th Apr, Wed) - still cuts

From today's #27 onwards, Top-star Kaki (카키) (the top-star in drama Heo Young-saeng's stage-name) will be officially joining in the line-up of sitcom.

According to the preview, Top-star Kaki is preparing for his comeback into music industry.^^

Image Copyright: SunJin Entertainment
News source URL link: TheStar Korea,

형준 :: 『그대를 사랑합니다(I love you)』 - poster shoot's couple cuts

드라마 『그대를 사랑합니다』 포스터 촬영 스틸 컷입니다.

Drama 『I Love You』 poster shoot still cut.

Image copyright: SBS Plus Korea
News URL link:

B2M Entertainment CEO Kil Jong-hwa nim - wedding ceremony April/3 (Tues)

어제 3일 B2M 엔터테인먼트 現 대표 길종화님의 결혼식을 가졌습니다.
결혼식에 참석한 연예인들: 전 DSP 식구들 SS501 허영생, 김규종, 김형준, 이효리, 옥주현, 현 DSP 식구들 스피카, 레인보우, 카라, 등.
SS501 김현중도 결혼식 시작하기 전에 잠깐 축하하러 갔다고 들었습니다 (사실상 불분명하다). 

Yesterday, B2M Entertainment's current CEO Kil Jong-hwa nim held his wedding ceremony.
Entertainers and Stars who attended include: SS501 Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Jun, SPICA, Rainbow, KARA, Lee Hyori, Ok Juhyun, etc.

According to news reports, 4 members stepped trail into the hall yesterday. SS501 Park Jung Min was attending the 2012 Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2nd Night for "Resurrection by Lee Ju-young".

From the picture, we could see that Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Jun are so down-to-earth people. They look so honest people just by one glance.

Quote from article.

SS501 김규종은 피로연 사회를 봤으며 김규종, 김형준, 허영생이 핑클의 ‘영원한 사랑’을 피로연 축가로 불렀다. 세 사람은 “오디션을 보는 기분이다”며 귀여운 율동을 더한 발랄한 노래로 분위기를 띄웠다. 스피카도 축가를 불렀다.

english: SS501 Kim Kyu Jong was the MC of the wedding banquet, while Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Jun and Heo Young Saeng also sung to 'Forever Love' during the wedding banquet. The three of them joked that they "felt like attending an audition" at that moment, as they sung the song cheerfully and lifted the atmosphere. SPICA sung the congratulatory songs too.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

정민 :: 『번당화원(Fondant Garden)』 - #7 Preview

오는 금요일 #7 미리보기 예고 영상입니다.

Preview video for #7 of drama on Friday.

Video copyright: CTV China (

현중 :: DVD 『FIRST IMPACT』 - Jacket covers and product outlook

As according to the decision of releasing the first important commemorative DVD in memory of 2011 November 1st Japan Tour as well as 2012 February 1st Japan Premium Live in Yokohama,「1st IMPACT」was decided to be released.

Now, the cover and outlook is appeared. It is very beautiful.

Name of product has also been changed from『1st IMPACT』to『FIRST IMPACT』.

DVD Product Outline/Contents:

Limited Edition - DATV Version (ie; to be bought from DATV Japan only)



Jacket Cover

Full Set

Limited Edition - all other elsewhere (not from DATV Japan)



Jacket Cover

Full Set

Normal/Standard Edition - all other elsewhere (not from DATV Japan)

Information source: Henecia Japan, Kim Hyun Joong Official Japan Site (
Information source 2: Universal Music Japan, Kim Hyun Joong Page (
Information source 3: DATVshopping Japan (

2012 Apr 03 (Tuesday) - Happy 26th birthday to Park Jung Min ^_^

Happy Birthday to dearest Park Jungmin nim~~
It is another day of precious existence recorded in history.
It will be a long path ahead to go~~
He will do very well~

Spread the wings~ and fly~~

To the Moon~~~

Out the Universe~~~

and Soar Into the Unknown~~~

정민님 26번째 생일 진심으로 축하합니다!!

Merry 26th Birthday~~~


Monday, April 02, 2012

정민 :: 2012 Seoul Fashion Week Apr/02 - Runway model for 'Dominic's Way'

He was the runway model chosen for 'Dominic's Way' for this year 2012 Seoul Fashion Week F/W. The theme is angel.

This is quoted from article.

박정민은, "천사가 되어서 기분좋았다. 즐거운 작업이었다. 기회가 되면 다음에도 런웨이에 서고 싶다"고 소감을 피력했다.

english: Park Jung-min shared his thoughts, "I'm very delighted to have turned into an angel. It was a happy experience carried out.
Should there be another chance, I'd like to strut down the runway next time again".


Star News
[★포토]박정민 '위풍 당당한 발걸음'

[★포토]박정민 '모델 아우라 철철'

[★포토]박정민 '타락한 천사처럼'

[★포토]박정민 '화려한 날갯짓'

[★포토]박정민 '날아오를 것 같아요!'

TV Report
[T포토] 박정민, '나는 모델이다'

[T포토] 박정민, '하늘에서 내려온 천사'

Sports Seoul
[SS포토]SS501 박정민, "게임속에 나오는 천사캐릭터 같죠"

Sports Korea
박정민, 만화 속에서 툭 튀어나온 듯~

`모델 변신` 박정민, 카리스마 워킹~

`천사 날개` 박정민, 하늘에서 내려온 왕자님

[포토엔]박정민 ‘런웨이에서도 빛나는 조각미모’

[포토엔]박정민 ‘타락한 천사같은 날개짓’

[포토엔]박정민 ‘모델 뺨치는 카리스마 워킹’


Rehearsal at Backstage/백스테이지 리허설

TV Report
[T포토] 박정민 "런웨이 기대하세요"

[T포토] 박정민, '리허설도 실전처럼'

[T포토] 박정민 "제 날개 어때요?"

Sports Korea
박정민, 날개의상 괜찮은 가요?

`백스테이지` 박정민, `긴강감 가득`

박정민, 오랜만에 모델 변신 설레요~

Star News
[★포토]박정민 '만화 주인공 같은 포스!'

[★포토]박정민 '날개 떼니 허전하네~'

Picture Version(s):

Video version(s):

현중 :: 『결혼의 꼼수』 Main Theme - 「그대도 나와 같다면(If you're like me)」 M/V

오늘 밤 11시 첫방되는 새 드라마『결혼의 꼼수』메인 테마송의 공식 M/V에서 삽입된 곡은 바로「그대도 나와 같다면」입니다.

This is M/V for tvN new drama『Marriage's Plot』. The song in this M/V is called「If you are like me/If you feel the same too」sung by Kim Hyun Joong.

Video copyright: CJENMMUSIC, Youtube (
Audio copyright: CJENMUSIC Korea

Sunday, April 01, 2012

현중 :: 『결혼의 꼼수(Marriage's Plot)』 OST Part.1 - 「그대도 나와 같다면(If you are like me)」 audio release

tvN 새로운 드라마『결혼의 꼼수』OST Part.1 음원이 공개되었습니다. 드라마 메인 테마송은 바로 김현중님 부르는「그대도 나와 같다면」입니다.
너무 아름다운 곡이시네요. 같이 들어보자~

tvN new drama『Marriage's Plot』has revealed its OST Part.1.
The main theme song for the drama is sung by Kim Hyun-joong, named「If you feel the same too/If you are like me」. It is a beautiful song!.