Friday, April 06, 2012

현중 :: Apr/06 (fri) - 『도시정벌(City Conquer)』 in discussions, but not confirm

"Adjustment of overseas' schedules is the main issue"...

Kim Hyun Joong's agency KeyEast spoke to 'Dispatch' on 6th April in a phone interview, "Kim Hyun Joong received the offer as the male protagonist for 'City Conquer' around beginning of last month March", and that they "are currently in feverish discussions with the production team about this".

However, the problem is with Kim Hyun Joong's overseas schedules. The current situation now, is that from next month May onwards all the way until June, his overseas schedules have already been fully packed and planned. Related personnel from the agency spoke, "Kim Hyun Joong is currently facing a very tight and packed schedule due to the preparations of his upcoming Asia fanmeeting", "But no matter what, as soon as the overseas schedules have been properly re-organized, we will then let know of the finalized decision for his drama appearance, about whether or not he will take up this offer", as they hinted.

Even if this drama were to be dismissed, there is still a high chance of being able to see actor Kim Hyun Joong. KeyEast personnel disclosed, "He has this extraordinary desire for acting. Even when he was carrying out his album activities, he was also constantly watching dramas and movies whenever he had time. He will be reaching out to the audiences with a good piece of work soon", as was mentioned.

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김현중 소속사 측은 4월6일 뉴스엔과 통화에서 "김현중이 '도시정벌' 출연과 관련해 검토 중이다. 그러나 확정된 사항은 아니다"고 말했다.

english: Kim Hyun Joong agency has told Newsen in a phone interview on April 6, "Kim Hyun Joong is currently in discussions about his appearance in 'City Conquer'. However, it is not a confirmation yet".

김현중은 지난해 TV조선 '스피드' 출연에 대해 긍정적으로 논의했으나 끝내 스케줄 등의 문제로 불발됐다. 이후 김현중은 다양한 작품으로부터 러브콜을 받았고 '도시정벌' 역시 그 많은 작품 중 하나다. 김현중 측은 "'도시정벌'은 고민 중인 많은 작품 중 하나다"며 "조만간 작품이 결정되는 즉시 알리겠다"고 말했다.

english: Last year, when TV Chosun 'Speed' offered him the role, although they were in positive discussions, due to schedule conflicts etc, the drama was then eventually dismissed. Kim Hyun Joong continued to receive many lovecalls of many diverse types and genres of work, and of course 'City Conquer' was amongst one of the many offers. Kim Hyun Joong agency said, "'City Conquer' is one amongst the many lovecalls received". The agency also stated that "as soon as it is confirmed, they will let know of it".

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