Thursday, April 12, 2012

현중 :: MBC Documentary 『K-pop스타, 세계를 홀리다(K-pop star)』

Upcoming full-length documentary featuring the star who has the ability to change how the K-pop scene will change for the future (Kim Hyun Joong). simply because his hardworkingness touches all the hearts of the world-wide.

It will be broadcasted on April 14th (Saturday).

Broadcast Date : April 14th (Saturday), 12:20AM night (night of Saturday, not sleeping)

It will cover these:

-the preparation(s) done for overseas activities, concerts, etc
-what he is busy with recently

-Japan premium live February-05's Behind-the-scenes (BTS), his idea insertions and planning stages inclusive, Rehearsals and onto the Real-Stage

-Fanmeets that were held in Korea

-Overseas activities

-Album preparation for upcoming June's new album

-depression faced during Japan debut period, his feelings, etc
-10 over years of friendship with JYJ Kim Jaejoong

-Closest acquaintances and friends who will reveal about H.J's school days, younghood days, and what they feel truthfully about H.J's acting


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