Wednesday, February 29, 2012

정민 :: 『번당화원(Fondant Garden)』 #2 preview

오는 금요일, 번당화원 #2 방송입니다. 요거 미리보기라고 합니다~ ^^
드라마 너무 좋아요.

This is preview for #2 that is to air in upcoming Friday, 2nd March.

Video copyright: CTV Taiwan (

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

영생 :: End-march comeback with 2nd Mini Album

According to the article, there is now official confirmation by agency that will release his 2nd mini-album at around end-March, and he is undergoing recording and selections now. It is such elated news to learn!

기사에 따르면 오는 3월 말쯤 영생군 컴백합니다요
너무 기쁜 소식이구요 ^^

-27일 허영생 소속사 B2M측은 스타엔에 “허영생이 3월 말 컴백을 위해 음반 준비중에 있다”고 밝혔다.

-english: On the 27th, Heo Young Saeng's agency B2M has told Star-N News, "Heo Young Saeng is currently preparing for his oncoming discography return at around end-March".

-이 관계자는 “허영생은 미니앨범으로 컴백하게 될 것”이라며 현재 좋은 곡들을 선곡하는 작업에 열중하고 있으며 아직 콘셉트 관련 확정된 사안이 없다고 전했다.

-english: The spokesperson also added, "Heo Young Saeng will be making his comeback with a (2nd) mini album", and that he is currently selecting and receiving good demo tracks at the moment. There is no specific concept set yet.

-이에 관계자는 “허영생의 ‘선녀가 필요해’ 방송분은 아직 나오지 않을 것”이라며 “‘선녀가 필요해’ 녹화 일정과 컴백 활동이 겹칠 수도 있다”고 덧붙였다.

-english: In addition, "Heo Young Saeng's appearance in 'Need a Fairy' will not appear yet", and that "Shooting for 'Need a Fairy' may clash with his comeback activities".

*previously, it was said that his appearance will be shown only at around middle period of sitcom's broadcast.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

현중 :: World tour talk...

이거 확정되지 않았지만 신뢰할수있는 출처이므로 팬들 사이에서 흐르고 있었습니다...

그리도 이리도 제일 중요하는 거!! 김현중 월드투어는 진짜니까!!
엄청나게 기대되네요!!!

Although this isn't confirmed news yet, the news source has been a credible news source since the past.
It has been the talk amongst fans since yesterday (Fri) morning.

Whatever it may be, it is a fact that Kim Hyun Joong World Tour is a truth!!! 

So exciting!!!

2012 September 3rd Week (week of 17 Sept) ~ 2013 January = about 6 months

Worldwide 20 regions, total of 30~40 shows

Starts in Seoul (Korea)
Ends in Busan (Korea)

Regions slated to cover: North America, South America, Europe, Central Asia, Eastern Europe

Partnership in alliance: a global IT entrepreneurship

How to know more details: By next month (March), the IT entrepreneurship will open an official site and start its promotions for this world tour in there

For now: Busily preparing for 3rd album's recording, etc (did not mention when this 3rd album would be out)

In April 2012: A project album collaboration with (might be a/many) Chinese showbiz's topstar, and will carry out activities there

Approximately, Jang Keunsuk receives about 90 million yen for one CF shot. and Hyun-joong receives approximately about the same for one CF shot.

He has currently 4 CFs deals (ambassador for 4 companies) clinched under his belt (Japan) - apparels, aesthetic, jewellery, confectionary
*this has been signed on since January 2012*

Friday, February 24, 2012

2012.Feb.24 (Friday) - Happy 26th birthday to dear Kyu-jong~

..... (¯`v´¯)♥
... (
/ \ ♥♥

또 2.24입니다.

세월이 흐르다. 시간이 엄청 빠르다.

SS501의 중심에 늘 서 있어던 저희 잘 생기고 마음 너무 이쁜 왕자님, 김규종군 생일이예요.

2012년, 모든 분들의 힘으로는 더 잘해줄께요.

함께 할께요. 추억이 될 기억만 선물할께요.

그댈 이렇게 많~~~~~이

사랑하고 있으니까요.

그대로 이대로,

그렇게 하면서 이렇게도 하고

그대 하나만.

진심 26th 생일 축하한다요!!!

Happy 26th Birthday Kyu-jong nim!

TripleS always love you!!!

Reach for the Skies and the Sun, Always the Best SS501's J-Dream!!!

..... (¯`v´¯)♥
... (
/ \ ♥♥

Thursday, February 23, 2012

현중 :: new endorsement 『Slim Beauty House Japan』 - CF, Making, Message, Interview, Image extract

He has been newly appointed as the ambassador for Japan aesthetic brand Slim Beauty House.

The CF was said to have been shot right after when he finished his Japanese activities and returned to Korea, around 8-9 February. This is the brand's first time having a male endorser. Previously, it had always been female endorsers.

The CF has begun to air on Japan TV starting 23 Feb (Thurs).

Special Message (6)

Mini Interview (2)

CF 30''

CF 15''

CF Making 2'13''

Version collated by fan:

CF 15'' + 30''

Special Message (6)

Mini Interview (2)

Making 2'13''

HomePage Outlook:

추출된 이미지 - extracted images:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

정민 :: 『번당화원(Sugarcake Garden)』 #1 60s preview

#1 preview!

점점 더 기대되네요!!

2/24 (Friday), PM 10:00 (GMT +8).
Channel is taiwan CTV.

Do not miss!

Video from: CTV Taiwan (

현중 :: DVD 『1st Impact(Japan Ver.)』 - 상품 개요 (product outline)

This product is to capture the memories spun from 2011 November's 1st Japan Tour and 2012 February's 1st debut Premium Live.

These 2 events are milestones created. It is meaningful and shall be commemorated in the DVD form.

Product name: 『 1st Impact 』

Release Date: May 16 (Wednesday)

First Press Deluxe Limited Edition (초회 한정판) (DATV Ver.)

2011 November : [1st Japan Tour in Tokyo International Forum] - The Live / 1st Japan Tour Making

2012 February 05 - [Premium Live at Yokohama Arena] - The Live / Footages of 1st debut Japanese Single's promotion period in Japan

+Bonus Disc of extra 40 minutes of footages; Mini Tote-bag
+comes in luxurious solid box-set
+commemorative T-Shirt (Black)

DVD : 8,800yen
BluRay : 9,800yen

First Press Deluxe Limited Edition (초회 한정판) (from other online/offline except DATV)

2011 November - [1st Japan Tour in Tokyo International Forum] - The Live / 1st Japan Tour Making

2012 February 05 - [Premium Live at Yokohama Arena] - The Live / Footages of 1st debut Japanese Single's promotion period in Japan

+Bonus Disc of extra 20 minutes of footages; Mini Tote-bag

DVD : 7,800yen
BluRay : 8,800yen

Regular/Standard Edition (통상판)

2011 November - [1st Japan Tour in Tokyo International Forum] - The Live / 1st Japan Tour Making

2012 February 05 - [Premium Live at Yokohama Arena] - The Live / Footages of 1st debut Japanese Single's promotion period in Japan


+Photobook 32P

DVD : 5,800yen
BluRay : 6,800yen

All 4 Versions (4종 세트 전부)

For all 4 versions bought together,
customer shall get a B2 poster (should not be bought from DATVshopping Japan).

Information collated from: DATVshopping Japan, Universal Music Japan, Tower Records Japan, Music-Man Japan

Monday, February 20, 2012

정민 :: 『Park JungMin Birthday Party in Japan 2012』 (only for JP fanclub) - Mar 30 (Fri)

4 days prior to his 25th birthday this year, he will hold a birthday party in Japan.
This event is only for Japan Fanclub members.
He may also hold something special in Korea :)

올해 생일 맞이하여 일본에서 생일파티가 열립니다. 이번 파티는 일본 팬클럽 회원분들만 참여 가능합니다.

Park JungMin Birthday Party in Japan 2012 (with Japan Fanclub members)

March 30 (Fri)

Tokyo U-Port Hall

PM 7:00 - starts

Information from:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

규종 :: Valentine 2012.02.14 TW Fanmeet - fan-made video

On the Valentine fanmeet event that happened on Feb 14 (tues) in Taiwan,
4 of Kyujong's main chinese fanclubs came together to create a flash video.
It is so touching in a subtle sense. We should watch it.

If Kyujong is happy, we will be happy. :)

2월14일 대만에서 가졌어던 발렌타인데이 맞이 하는 '김규종 V-Day 팬미팅' 당일날엔 공개한 팬메이드(fan-made) 영상입니다.
너무 감동 먹었네요... 정말 잘해봤어요.

왜냐하면 김규종이 행복하다면 우리도 행복해요.

Creator: JongSing (, Kyu's (, TripleS Taiwan (, Yoyo501 (

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

정민 :: 『Sugarcake Garden(번당화원)』 character intro video

Character Park Hee-hwan's introduction in the show. It includes some snippets!

드라마에서 박희환이라는 역할 맡았다. 아래는 캐릭터 소개 영상입니다.

Video copyright: CTV Taiwan (

Thursday, February 09, 2012

영생 :: Sitcom 『선녀가 필요해(Need a fairy)』 role, New album plan period

Today's news talks about confirmation in "Need a Fairy", his role discussion, his new album's estimation period.

It is very exciting ^-^.

SS501 허영생 ‘선녀가 필요해’로 연기자 출사표

1. 이와 관련해 허영생 측 관계자는 2월9일 오전 뉴스엔과 통화에서 "아직 확정되진 않았지만 허영생이 한 달 정도 나올 것 같다. 역할은 아직 정해지진 않은 상황이다. 다음주 쯤 확정이 될 것으로 보인다"고 말했다.

english: Personnel on Heo Young Saeng's side has also talked to Newsen on Feb 9 (Thursday) through the phone on this, "Though it hasn't been confirmed yet, Heo Young Saeng will appear across the show for about a month. His role still has not been decided yet. It will be confirmed around next week".

2. 하지만 허영생이 출연하는 방송분은 첫방송이 시작되는 2월 말이 아닌 3월 중순 또는 말에 전파를 탈 것으로 보인다.

english: However, Heo Young Saeng's appearance will not be appearing around when the drama first airs in end-Feb. Instead, it will be around mid-March or even end-March.

3. 허영생은 시트콤 출연과 함께 3월 또는 4월께 새 앨범활동을 시작할 계획이다. 

english: Along with his sitcom appearance, he is also planning to start his new album activities in March or around April.

정민 :: 『번당화원(Sugarcake Garden)』 - 3 Promotion Trailers

1st Taiwan drama Sugarcake Garden has release its official PF (promotion film).

It will air on Feb 24 (Friday)! It is nearing!

첫 정식 드라마 "번당화원" 공식 PF (홍보 영상) 공개되었어요!
2월 24일 (금) - 첫 방송 합니다!

너무 기대돼요 ^-^

Video copyright: Taiwan CTV (

Monday, February 06, 2012

현중 :: 『Lucky Guy(Japanese Ver.)』 P/V

Lucky Guy(Japanese Ver.) P/V that is to be released only on Feb 6 is release!

P/V 공개 예정되어 있던 2.6. 드디어 공개되었습니다!

キム・ヒョンジュン - Lucky Guy [JAPANESE VERSION]

Video copyright: Universal Music Japan (