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KJ+YS Desktop Calendar 2011

Desktop calendar by these two fellas ^__^
2011 invadement. Brand new start, in just a month~~~more

KyuJong & Youngsaeng Calendar ^^
Price: USD 19.99

KyuJong & Youngsaeng Calendar+Clear File ^^
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Monday, November 29, 2010

[HJ] 29th Nov -- Movie VIP

VIP Premiere of movie [Petty Romance] starring Lee Sun-gyun, Choi Kang Hee etc took place at Lotte Cinema on 29th November evening.

This movie depicts the comical love story between a manhwa author (Lee Sun-gyun) and a sex columnist who only knows how to blow trumpets of herself.

-next bit omits about this movie-

[Petty Romance] opens in cinemas on December 2 onwards.

[HJ][Photograph] DS3fan HQ and so nice

All these photos are taken on Nov 17

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[JM][notice] Album & Showcase Date @ 11.29

As promised, the notice from CNR Media came out today on Monday

His album will be released as follow.

2010 11 29

This is SS501 Park Jungmin's agency CNR Media.

In just a short 1 week so many things have happened.
Due to the really heartbreaking matter, for us the citizens of Republic Korea, which happened 2 days before the album release, Park Jungmin gun's album showcase & fanmeeting has to be thus unavoidedly - cancelled.
This was an event where he has been eagerly preparing for as he counted down to meet fans on the original planned day. I'd think it will be good if the many fans could understand this situation with us the citizens of Republic Korea as it was not something that we could control about. Park Jungmin gun who has been sacrificing his sleeping time to practise studiously and does album preparations will now put it more effort than before so really, do give us your much much support.

The following information is collated by CNR Media, please take your time to read through them.

1. Album release: 2011 January 20, Thursday

2. Current status of the album: This album was previously slated to consist of 3 new songs. However due to the postponement of this album, it is expected that more songs will be added into it; this, we will discuss it with Park Jungmin gun again. Therefore, the previous notice about this single album's constituition will not follow but will instead be of a different kind. It will also be of a different price due to the above reason. Kindly take note of that.

3. Showcase & fanmeeting: 2011 January 22, Saturday
We will put up a notice laterwards as we are still in midst of adjusting the venue and timing. We will be selecting a time wherein domestic and international fans will be able to attend it carefreely, with that being the case, even if you may hold curiosity before our 2nd notice is put up, please just do wait a little longer.

4. Previously we mentioned about the autographed calendar by Park Jungmin gun to be given to participants. For those who have already received your tickets, please do come along on that day with your tickets. Instead of confirming your attendance with your ticket (for those who already have it), please only come forth to confirm your attendance for those who have not yet received your ticket.

5. For them pre-recorded schedules for tv broadcasts, we will be updating them through the 'Schedules' column on our domestic homepage (
www.parkjungmin.net), so for any related information at all, please just refer to the 'Schedules' column on our homepage.

6. Any information, news and schedules about Park Jungmin gun, whether it be notices by official homepage
www.parkjungmin.net or by media presses, will be relayed to you all personally by us in future days too, so for all other unrelated sources that you may see will thus not be of association with CNR Media.

7. For each and every comments that all of you send, we work hard to give you a reply in the fastest and shortest time possible after confirming every day. We do take into consideration of everyone's views and feedbacks as we work on them. Just like how we are operating now, you could either leave your comments via mail or the enquiries column, we will continue to take them into consideration.

8. Whenever there is any events to take place, we will reveal the selected people and also their contact numbers.

9. We do know that many of you fans hold much curiosity to many things. However please really do make use of the email function or the enquiries column. Because afterall we are doing business here, and once we get many phonecalls coming in, it might cause some disruption and all, and this will also hinder our settling and preparations for Park Jungmin gun's affairs/matters. On this, we really ask for your understanding and cooperation.

To fans who have always been so supportive and loving towards Park Jungmin gun, CNR Media is always very grateful for that. We hope that you could end off your remaining 2010 blissfully as we all take forward steps together with Park Jungmin gun's comeback in year 2011.

Thank you.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

[HJ][DVD] BoF Alumni Event ------ PBNTM

Please be nice to me - from Boys over Flowers Alumni DVD released November 19

youtube/exlley nim

[HJ][DVD] BoF Alumni Event ------ BTS

from: http://www.youtube.com/user/exlley

This DVD was released on November 19

*time flies*

Saturday, November 27, 2010

[HJ][article] Hongkong for Jangki Promo in Xmas? (+EDIT)

EDIT: There was this mistake with this article, even when this was first being translated something didn't seem right about it. The ceremony is not in Taiwan, but in HK instead. *error typo?* On the first day after Xmas, he'll be in TW and not HK, again, *confusion*? Probably his stop after TW is HK. And, I don't think he ever urged on fans to vote for him, he was never one such being
All in all, due to the many uncertainties of this article, please treat it with a light pinch of salt and or ignore. ^^Thankszz~~

Kim HyunJoong will be beginning his asian promotion tour for drama [Playful Kiss] starting from December 1st onwards in Singapore, and then to Taiwan, Malaysia, Hongkong, Japan etc, while Hongkong's stand is expected to be during Christmas. Kim HyunJoong even once previewed about his possible attendance to Taiwan's [Yahoo Asia Buzz Award] ceremony, and urges on fans to vote for him.

In addition, SS501 members Heo YoungSaeng and Kim KyuJong will also be holding their fans meeting session on January 8 next year at HongKong Asia World Expo, the most costly ticket is at 980 HKD. Also, SNSD also made their invade into Taiwan this year where they raked in 20.5 million HKD to reign king amongst all korean artistes.


[Jjun] Cafein OST _ LOVE IS

Anything that floats the boat, isn't it?

Kim HyungJun & Kim SoJung - LOVE IS
courtesy: KpopWorld - kpoparchieve.blogspot.com

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[JM][NOTICE] Album release + Fanmeeting Postponed


2010 11 23 (Tuesday) @ 22:06 PM

안녕하세요 CNr Media 입니다.

대한민국 비상 상황으로 인해 11월25일 예정되어 있던 박정민 음반 발매 및 11월27일 음반발매 기념

쇼케이스 & 팬 미팅의 일정은 연기 되었음을 알려드립니다.

즐거운 마음으로 여러분들과 함께 하여할 음반 발매와 행사 일정이지만 현재 상황으로는 순직하신 분들을 위해

애도하는 마음과 사태가 안전하고 신속하게 마무리 되기를 기원하는 것이

박정민군과 소속사인 CNr Media 직원들의 바람입니다.

갑자기 이루어진 상황으로 인해 각 업체등과의 의사 소통이 어려워 팬 미팅과 관련 된 모든 전반적인 상황에

대해서는 금주내로 정리 하여 다음 주 월요일 재 공지로 알려 드리도록 하겠습니다.

팬 여러분들의 넓은 마음으로 이해 부탁드립니다.


Dear Park Jung-Min’s fans, this is CNR MEDIA.

We are very sorry to inform you that due to today’s North Korean rocket attacks,

we have decided to postpone Park Jung-min’s upcoming “Come-Back” Single album release (Nov. 25th) and Fan Meeting Showcase (Nov. 27th).

After serious discussions and meetings, we have come up with this difficult decision. We are more than sorry to have to declare this sad news to all of you.

Jung Min’s “Come-Back” stage is supposed to be a gala event to share with all of you. However, concerning present political tension between 2 Koreas, it is definitely not a good timing for Jung Min to celebrate his new album release.

Once again, we apologize for having to postpone album release and fan meeting. We know that all of you have been waiting to see Jung Min’s new performance. Jung Min also has been working extra hard just to present you with his best performance….

Dear fans, please be patient and let’s pray for regional peace and stability together. We will let you know Jung Min’s most updated schedule as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

各位親愛的海外粉絲大家好,我們是CNR MEDIA.

在這裡我們很遺憾的要向各位宣佈一個消息! 由於今天下午北韓對南韓的炮彈攻擊事件,造成南韓國內政治情勢緊張.目前國內各項演藝活動以及電視演出日程皆受到影響.因此本公司決定暫緩推出朴政珉的單飛新專輯(原定25日發售)同時暫時取消27號的首爾場粉絲見面會.


CNR MEDIA會隨時為各位報告政珉的最新消息!! 請大家繼續為政珉加油打氣!!

from: CNR Media (http://www.parkjungmin.net/notice_board/17194)

[JM][article] Customization into Asia

2010 11 23

SS501 Park Jungmin will be tackling the 'specially-custom made' strategy to start his asia pacific activities.

Park Jungmin who will be releasing his first mini album on upcoming 25th November and who will begin his solo debut is expected to attack the many countries starting from Korea and then to Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, China and other asian regions.

Park Jungmin has acclaimed that year 2011 will be 'the king-ly year of his asian activities'. Since this is his first solo activity outside SS501, he expresses that he intends to expand his activities beginning from Korea, and then onto other asian regions.

It seems with this that Park Jungmin's strategy for his asian activities will tackle that of a 'specially custom-made' type of it. Including Korea, professional people from the industries in Japan and the greater china regions are expected to magnify Park Jungmin's charms in time to come.

After he will set forth his foot in the domestic music industry, he will release a Japanese-flavored Japanese solo discography (single). After which, he will also hold fanmeetings in Hongkong, Taiwan, China, Thailand in beginning of next year, and with this, seems like he will expand his activities even larger in greater china regions.

First of all, singer Park Jungmin is expected to collaborate with famous hit song producers from Korea, Japan and China. Just like in his upcoming Korean solo release, hit maker Sinsadong Tiger has had held full control over his album concept, and it will be likewise for in Japan and China. It will be a case whereby famous musicians of the local will either do featurings or compose and produce his songs in those albums.

Park Jungmin is also looking forward to activities as an actor in dramas. Of course, Park Jungmin's new song will also be taking on the 'music tie-up' effect as it will be included in drama OSTs.

CEO of Park Jungmin's agency CNR Media, Na Kwang-hoon spoke to Money Today Star News about this, "We're planning to produce a drama that fits Park Jungmin straight and sharp", "We're thinking of finding his personalized role. Comical and humorous, one that shows his characteristic. We'll produce something that takes on the style of customization and will portray his image well and exact".

CEO Na also stressed about their strategy of localized regional activities including Korea and Japan and other asian regions, "In particular, since we're invading into greater china regions as well, it's very important we build a good relationship with the important partners there", and of course, "We'll fit Park Jungmin with the right and exactly decent clothes so as to solidy his status", as he states.

On the other hand, Park Jungmin will be revealing his title track from his first solo album 'Not Alone' on 25th, and will meet up with his domestic fans in such a long while. 'Not Alone' depicts him standing on his own feet without his members, yet many people still stand by him giving support.


[HJ][article] Dutch-paying among friends together

Hmm...I think if you meet only your friends whom you at least know, you'll never meet something unexpected...It doesnt goes that way...... =(

Kim Hyunjoong who recently clinched a 'big hit' CF deal with a fee of 1.7 billion won across 2 years has expressed, "I stick to my principle of sharing Dutch-paying together with my friends whom I grew up intimately with since young".

In an interview with Yonhap News recently, "Even if I may earn much more money, I'm just an ordinary friend to my long-time friends", "In order not to lose my long-time friends, when we meet up we'll share to pay about 10K won per meal. It's a principle I have so as not to lose them", as Kim Hyunjoong explains.

Since young, along with his 15 friends whom he grew up with in Songpa-gu, Kim Hyunjoong has been staying in contact with this 'Songpa-gu group of 15', and amongst which, there were a few who collaborated with him to open a roasted chicken store.

"With 2 of my friends, we opened a roasted chicken store in our frequent haunt-outs, though in reality I'm not able to go there often. If I do drop by down there, my friends actually have to roast the chickens or if not peel onions and all that, they're mostly busy, so actually, we can't gather together and have fun much", as we listen to his fun episodes.

He also added, "To those friends of mine, I'm just but another ordinary friend. Just like how my friends work, I do even have instances whereby I roast the chickens and prepare the dishes myself, too".

"I don't have a girl whom I meet up with and it's been some time I don't have a girlfriend. I tend to prefer and like being with my male friends and hyungs more. I like to play soccer with my male friends and eat baked meat together".

He also conveyed that because he "is busy so I've no time to be in relationship, and, it's not easy for me to meet a girl. The girl may know me well, but because I don't know the girl well, in such a situation, I don't think I can open my heart to the girl easily", "Since I'm the type where once I trust a person it won't be easy for me to doubt him/her, most of the time I just meet within my circle of friends/acquaintances only".

Kim Hyunjoong also once stayed together with JYJ's Hero Jaejoong where this displayed their close relationship, but recently they're living on their own in different places.

"It's definitely not that our relationship has turned bad or anything. We're fine. There were just too many fans than we expected who always crowded around our houses, and people in our neighbourhood protested alot. It came also that our house contract ended too, so we just moved out. I saw how much disturbance it caused to the people in our neighbourhood, and it seemed like only the nearby convenience stores reaped from that. Once again I'd like to say sorry to my neighbours".


[HJ][article] Actress wishes + BoF special edition

2010 11 23 (Tues)

"Actress whom I wish to act alongside - Han Hyojoo of Dongi"

'Flower boy' Kim Hyunjoong has selected Han Hyojoo as the actress he wishes to star alongside with in a work.

In an interview held with SPN E-daily recently, Kim Hyunjoong responded to journalist's question with "Han Hyojoo" as he was asked about an actress he would like to collaborate with.

When asked about the reason, "She's similar in age to me and acts well too", as he explained. As such, he wishes to act as a pair of couple.

In actual fact, Kim Hyunjoong is a 1986 June-er, while Han Hyojoo is a 1987 February, they only have a difference of 8 mere months. However, with Han Hyojoo having already starred in the 2005 MBC sitcom 'Nonstop 5' as her debut work, then onto KBS 'Spring Waltz', 'High like Ground and Heaven', SBS 'Iljimae', 'Shining Inheritance', MBC 'Dongi' etc, and even female lead of historical dramas, so it's for sure she's already had accumulated experiences of acting.

Should they have a chance to star alongside each other, it will be much of a big strength and motivation to Kim Hyunjoong, "I saw her in Dongi at that time, Han Hyojoo's image looks really bright", as he didn't attempt to hide his liking of her.



"10 years later I want to film a special coverage of Boys over Flowers alumni event".

Singer cum actor Kim Hyunjoong revealed his hoping-for similar to the above sentence as he divulged his unchanged affection for drama [Boys over Flowers].

In an interview held with SPN E-daily recently, "We'll gather all our casts of BoF after 10 years and see how much each has developed all this while, it'll be lovely if we could shoot it so fun", as Kim Hyunjoong says.

KBS 2TV drama [Boys over Flowers] was Kim Hyunjoong's debut TV work where it recorded above 30% of viewership ratings, and this was broadcasted during last January to March as it gave fame to Kim Hyunjoong. Including male lead Lee Minho as Goo Junpyo and Kim Bum plus Kim Jun, these 4 combined to be the members of 'plutocrats of the 2nd generation' - F4. This work was what catapulted them all into stardom.

Indeed, it was through F4 member Yoon Jihoo's existence in [Boys over Flowers] that Kim Hyunjoong has received affirmation and acknowledgement as he goes on to star as male lead of MBC drama [Playful Kiss]. To that extend, it is [Boys over Flowers] exactly that holds huge significance for Kim Hyunjoong.

"I still do come out for meetings with our [Boys over Flowers] members. And there are times that the female lead - Hyesun nuna comes out in our gatherings too", as he flaunted their unchanged friendship.


Jung-min's [PRESENT] Photobk (Normal Ed.) {+intl}

With regards to JM's first solo photobook named [PRESENT], you may start to pre-order.
However,..this is the
Normal Edition. Limited Edition is only available on official PJM Jp site, so far.

◆Normal Edition : comes in specially designed deluxe box in B4-size

-6 pieces of Posters in B4-size (photo in use to be selected from the pictorial book itself)
-64 pieces of fully-colored B5 bromides/photographs
-80-paged photobook in B6-size (includes: On-shot during Interviews + Offshoots + In casual mode etc etc)
-1 DVD (includes: 30-min of recording making + 10-min of MV making)

Size: 390 x 286 x 32

Price: ¥ 6,300



Price: USD 114.99

[HJ][article] Christmas + Jangki promotion

2010 11 23

Kim Hyunjoong who had officially challenged the acting field will be holding an exciting Christmas after ending filming for his first role-leading drama [Playful Kiss]. Different from others, he has plans to spend a slightly special year end this year, as was told in interview.

"I think I'll be spending my Christmas this year with males again", as he said it in as if it was nothing the case. Kim Hyunjoong who wears his personality on such good looks of his lets people find it unbelievable that he will spend Christmas with males.

"Last last year was with Jaejoong hyung, last year was with Youngsaeng. For this year's Christmas, because I don't have any special particular schedule, I feel relieved. But on 26th, I'll be leaving for Taiwan for [Playful Kiss] promotion, so on 25th I guess I'll need to pack up my luggage right?", "I'm puzzling over what to do on 25th. My other friends have girlfriends so if we meet up, it'll look like I'm off with nothing...", as he expresses his sadness.

"I don't have any girl whom I fancy now, and I don't have chances nor time to have any. Until now in my life, I don't think I've spent Christmas with any girl before. This year will be my 3rd consecutive year to spend with males", as he seemingly expressed his giving in to fate.

Kim Hyunjoong also showed his desire to walk on the streets of Myungdong on Christmas. Is it interesting to observe people on the streets? It may be an ordinary matter for us, but to Kim Hyunjoong, this isn't acceptable. It seems like it'll still probably be difficult to see Kim Hyunjoong treading on the streets of Myungdong since he will be seen by so many people.

Last 12th (November), Kim Hyunjoong stood on the stage reaching out to people worldwide as he took his spot as a Korean rep to a greater height. He was a representative as a Korean singer who stood on the stage of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Game opening ceremony as he sung to the theme song "Sunshine Again".

So how was the feeling of that, as we asked, "I felt great as I could stand on such a huge stage to sing like that. When I first received the proposal I was like, is this a joke or what. 'Why would China send invitations to me?'. I couldn't believe and was shocked", as he still pours his surprise over it.

At that time in the broadcast, announcers introduced him as 'the representative singer from Korea stood right before the eyes of people worldwide', as they praised him like that. To this Kim Hyunjoong said he felt so shy about it because "they announced and expressed it in such a loud manner, I was so shameful (good)", "I just came to stand on that venue in the split of a moment, at that time, thoughts like holding a concert there and filling it with this amount of audiences came onto mind", with this it's evident how he holds passion as a singer.

Kim Hyunjoong is also expected to release his dance album in next May. If he is to release a solo album, definitely there will be so much more talks from people talking about SS501's disbandment. To this however, Kim Hyunjoong reaffirms that SS501 is not disbanded. "Previously if a group is to be disbanded, they will hold press conference telling everybody that 'we will be disbanded', but these days, because it's a natural splitting apart, it seems like that is the way how people tend to misunderstand and have those thoughts. But SS501 will still be appearing out public; we are not disbanded", as he gives relief to the worries of fans.

With the remaining 2 months left of 2010, Kim Hyunjoong will be spending his new year in various asian countries. Beginning off with Taiwan, he will proceed on to Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan, and other South East asian countries etc for promotions of his drama [Playful Kiss].

During those days when they were doing activities as SS501, they always had to give up their year end to sing on stages and perform as they await the countdown bells to a brand new year, and then returning to their homes on the morning of the 1st. However now, it won't be like that already and it seems like he's liking it as he pulled a smile.

Indeed, the '4-dimensional' charm to Kim Hyunjoong exists all the time. That's why he even let in talks about the G20 Summit Conference held last 11th. He lets in about his thoughts felt back then, "I felt that it was quite peculiar for our country to hold the summit conference when we weren't even able to ge into the G7. I was wondering if the consciousness of our citizens wasn't strong enough for it to be. Vehicles were overseen and cars behind one another just kept honking and drivers were frustrated, I didn't like it when I saw such a sight" and that "hopes for his kids to ever see our country entering the G7 for sure", as he delivers his hoping-for.

On this upcoming 26th December, Kim Hyunjoong will be leaving for Taiwan for promotions of [Playful Kiss]. It seems like Kim Hyunjoong will be in overseas longer than in the country with the status as an actor with the remaining of less than 2 months of 2010.


Monday, November 22, 2010

[HJ][interview] Nice interview - long

2010 11 22

Kim Hyun-joong took on an interview with Korea Star Daily last week... "Why do people like me? Yeah thats right, why do they like a person like me?"

Can you actually believe Kim Hyunjoong doesn't know why people like him? In dramas, Kim Hyunjoong always appear as the soft guy, but in reality, he's actually quite stiffened in personality. Exactly because of that, Kim Hyunjoong has had many bitter-sour love experiences, "I'm rather stiffened, and though I treat my girlfriend nice, I don't tend to express myself during relationships, that's why I often get dumped in the end".

Who could have expected Kim Hyunjoong to be dumped? He continued to add that he "has many experiences of being rejected by girls after confessing. I always get dumped by my girlfriend after dating. Probably she finds no interest in dating me. As compared to opposite genders, I like to meet my friends more, so I guess I tend to neglect my girlfriend more. I can't choose between friends and lover, but I do seem to enjoy being with my friends more, and times spent together is long too. But, I still treat my girlfriend well when I'm with her".

Kim Hyunjoong is a man of few words, but is also honest and straight. As soon as he opens his mouth, he'll speak whatever's at the bottom of his heart - this, is Kim Hyunjoong's charm. He also answered frankly when asked about love, "If I'm in a relationship, I don't intend to be open about this, because this girl might be veiled with the title like 'oh she's who and who's girl'; this is very disrespectful towards the girl, I feel. This might be a torture for the girl, so I won't want to be public about it".

He expressed that he's dated showbiz people, and also non-showbiz people. He divulged his thoughts for destiny, "I believe in love at first sight, and also had such experiences. She just greeted me once only, and then I already fell deep in. I like frank people, I don't know how to deal with too womenly or meticulous people, so I enjoy dating straight and frank people. I also feel kinda awkward towards junior girls who call me oppa. The girls I dated before is quite different from my ideal type, so far, I had only dated my ideal kind of woman - once".



Kim Hyun-joong has this real charm that simply goes beyond words. He possesses fame that an idol should have, and also the kind of sophisticated air about him just like an on-looker.

On-looker here means a person who does by his own book of rules, and one who won't be shaken nor moved easily, he's one youth who has real depth within him. After drama [Playful Kiss] ended, he flew straight to Guangzhou to perform for Asian Games. He looked kind of lethargic probably because of his tight schedules, but still, he did not lose that sophistication nor air, "I didn't sleep too short either, about 4 hours? During drama shooting, I didn't even manage to sleep for 4 hours across 3 days... 4 hours now is totally considered nothing, my physique has been good by nature; I'm a '86-er, wasn't the first Asian Game held in Korea. Yeah I was born at that time, now that I stood on the stage of this opening ceremony, I feel so amazing, and what is more I'm representing Korea, so I'm really so honored. Seeing so many audiences, I plan secretly - for all of these people to come watch my concert".

Responses from the audiences turned out particularly well, Kim Hyunjoong attracted the attention of numerous China audiences as he smiled brightly to his singing, "what amazed me was that my fans increased, next day when I left China, so many fans came to send me off at the airport. It's so amazing how there was such a huge change in just a day". Every one is so bothered by Kim Hyunjoong - from his airport fashion to every movement of his cause topics of discussions. "Airport apparels? How ever way they let me wear I just wear that way. I'm an aloof guy? I'm not aloof ne, it's quite different from that kind of aloof ah. In reality I'm a person who puts on casual exercising uniform and wears slippers to meet up and eat fried chickens and drink white wine with friends in the small towns. I'm definitely not an aloof city lad".

The CNN interview is also a special experience for him. CNN has been holding an interest for Kim Hyunjoong who is stirring about a Hanryu fever on Youtube. CNN even selected Kim Hyunjoong to be the next generation representative singer cum actor for leading Hanryu. "I'm still not a Hanryu star, this word is quite forceful to me, but I'm preparing to be one. (Bae) Yong-joon hyung indeed gave me much help, everybody thought we talked about something really big but in fact just daily life talks. Like yesterday, we even talked till 1AM". A meeting between Kim Hyunjoong and Bae Yongjoon is enough to agitate people, however their meetings have never been disclosed before. "How strange, hyung and I don't actually meet at some particular place or what, just some normal and plain coffee houses, yet I have never seen photos of our meetings on the internet at all".

So could it be that people don't believe in the possible appearance of two handsome males? "Really? Well we're just about the same... There're really many matters to thank hyung for. Hyung is a hanryu star, so he also sort of paved this road for me. Hyung is envious me, because at his time, noone gave him help nor advice, but I have hyung to teach me". Kim Hyunjoong and Bae Yongjun's relationship is touching as Kim Hyunjoong falls long of words to describe their friendship. Lastly Kim Hyunjoong says, "I took on [Playful Kiss] because I felt it's a work that could totally change my life. Yeah the ratings were kind of regretful to know of, but it's just a digit. The beginning now is the real beginning".



Kim Hyunjoong is an actor whose stark personality shines as he differentiates clearly between love and hate, and also one who asks alot of himself. Even his value principle is like that of his personality, unsure if it's because of this reason, the moment people mention him, every one thinks of him as demarcative.

"I'm definitely not an aloof city lad who knows nothing about emotions", as Kim Hyunjoong expresses his dissatisfaction for an adjective "aloof city lad" amongst all adjectives being used to describe him. Previously when he was in Guangzhou for the 2010 Asian Games opening ceremony, his [airport fashion] was also described by people as "aloof city lad". To this, Kim Hyunjoong expressed utter detachment from his real personality, "Yeah don't tell me my style is an aloof and city-beat? Don't think so, I'm not aloof at all. I'm actually one who will go to drink spicy chicken soup and drink soju with my friends at roadside stalls in casual slippers and sports uniform, I'm definitely not one who knows nothing about emotions".

With that, it seems like we can't use the adjective "cold and icy" to describe Kim Hyunjoong, anymore. Even he does not feel such about himself, "I'm totally not terse, regarding fashion I'm totally dumb-bell. About things like smart phones, I'm also not interested, and is also not one who's very sensitive to fashion trends or anything". If that's the case like what he's said, then what is it he concentrates most effort on, besides work? "I'm not very same as other guys, I don't really like gaming nor billiards. I love playing soccer the most, and also to rent a housing car to go camping at the mountainous areas with friends, and definitely play soccer once every week".

After starring in one after another dramas, words like "2nd Hanryu star" also began to surface on him. However, Kim Hyunjoong actually possess a very matured side to him which does not suit in with his age at all. He may be a youthful idol but he already has a detailed plan for his entire life, "I've always been living with plans, and also enjoys planning for each and every thing. If I don't do according to such a way I'll feel uncomfortable, and will also in turn become more careful. I previously said I'll retire once I earn 2.2 billion, but to think back of it now, it's so childish. I used to think 0.1 billion can be so easily earned, but now I gradually learn that making money is so not easy".

When our journalist asked him if he still wants to get married early, he expressed his original plan to marry at 30 years, and then live on happily, but now there's a change of plans, "I've always thought 30 years old is so matured, but it's not like that at all. I presume I'll not be able to marry at 30, and in the end my plan to have kids will also change. Currently I don't have thoughts to get married, I'm enjoying alot in my career, working". Things that Kim Hyunjoong wants to do is still many many, though ratings for his drama is low, [Playful Kiss] will still seemingly continue to open the second door to his life.

"To me, every day is a new turning point. I like to plan my timetable for every single day, even meal times. Even promises I made at the slip of a mouth - I really keep to them. I hope to live my life in a scheduled and planned manner, because I have aplenty of matters to complete".



"Ghost? I think I still see about 2 in a year". Until now, Kim Hyunjoong will still say some sentences that gives rise to bursts of laughters. Though he isn't one who can totally open his heart in front of outsiders, so long content comes from him, it never fails to be frank and sincere and, real.

In showbiz, one could hear the many ghost stories of celebrities, but no one, ever told a ghost story as calmly as Kim Hyunjoong did. You know, even "meeting ghosts" is like a daily routine for him, he often portrudes this eerie and uncontrollable air about him. "Kyujong and I saw ghosts before, and we both asked each other, 'did you see it just now?', 'yeah I saw'". Goosebumps rose on the back skin of our journalist, but on Kim Hyunjoong's face, it was expressionless as though nothing was the case. Interview also came to an end then, but still, we couldn't quite grasp what kind of person Kim Hyunjoong is.

Recently there are so many new words to describe Kim Hyunjoong, like what "Bae Yongjoon's successor", "2nd generation of Hanryu star", "representative icon of youth and fashion" etc etc, but him who lies within the core of discussion is ever so calm-minded, as if it does not concern him at all. Since he does everything according to plans, he's a more rational person than sentimental. He reveals that he often tries hard to change from a sensational person to a rational one, because this is a pavement where everybody has to walk past in order to turn mature.

Until now, Kim Hyunjoong has been living his life according to his plans, exactly because of that, he will take in people's suggestions and feedbacks while ignoring the harsh and bad talks abut him, not because he's doing it on purpose but rather it comes as a form of him - born by nature. "I've never bothered myself with those harsh talks, I'm very extremely satisfied with my fans who support me and my working environment. Why should I please the people who don't like me? Even if these kind of people humiliate my parents is fine as well, because I have absolutely no need to take these people who don't understand me into heart. Besides, they're not speaking truth". With such a reason, he does not mind at all how people rate him based on acting in [Playful Kiss] and its low ratings.

"My hanryu generation will be a brand new generation", as he says. Kim Hyunjoong with such confidence will surely turn to a glorious sight. This is no big talk as this has already formed into a concrete map presented right in front of us.


[HJ] surge of articles - He tells his Future

"Seems like I'll have to delay my wedding plans to about 10 years later".

Singer cum actor Kim Hyun-joong revealed his love and wedding related views.

Many people plan for how they'll turn out to be like some 10,20 years down the road. Kim Hyun-joong, too, is not too different.

He says, "I was expecting myself to be able to marry before 30", "I don't even have time to be in a relationship now and I have no girlfriend too, so it looks like it'll be impossible" (to get married before 30).

Kim Hyun-joong will be 26 next year in Korean age. Though he has completed shooting for drama [Playful Kiss] recently, he still has overseas promotion schedules, as well as schedules like preparation work for his discography to be released in May next year; he's busy as ever.

He added on too that he "will go into army for sure, and after releasing from the army I need to re-affirm my position as an actor so I'll take on a work. It looks like I'll only be able to go into a relationship at that time. Around 35 years old?", "In the end, it only seems like I can get married at 40 years old", as he dissects.



"Before I enter the army I want to fulfil every thing"

Actor cum singer Kim Hyun-joong has revealed similar thoughts to this.

Recently, during an interview held with E-daily SPN, Kim Hyun-joong says, "I need to go into army about 4~5 years later", "Before that, I wish to fulfil every single matter".

These days, military problems have once again been highlighted as a socialized problem in showbiz. Similarly for Kim Hyun-joong where he has to deal with pinnacle activities, military duties which he has to perform also thus turned into a burden. However Kim Hyun-joong showed no signs of hesitation as he firmly expressed his going into army. But, he wishes to also fulfil and make his activity plans and targets come true before his enlistment into army.

Amidst his many targets, there's one - which is to "open a free concert for fans", as he explains "Fans who will be willing to fork out money after watching the concert will have their money collated, to which I want to donate it away".

"I also want to do not dance music, but another kind of music", as he divulged that he has plans at the moment for a very musically-filled transformation to come.



"I've never regretted at all choosing Playful Kiss".

After moving into different agencies as other SS501 members as he chose Bae Yong-jun's Keyeast, Kim Hyun-joong took on his first male protagonist drama [Playful Kiss] of MBC, and the above was a statement made from him.

It remained a single digit from start to end with its TV ratings. Though being put on par alongside hot popular dramas like KBS2 [Baker King Kim Tak Goo], [Fugitive Plan B], SBS [My girlfriend is Gumiho], [President] etc, the results attained by this drama where he first stars across as the male lead fell below expectations.

To this however, Kim Hyun-joong explained that he "Wasn't too bothered with the ratings". "I took this on with the final high-teen drama that I'll do as I placated my many imperfections for [Boys over flowers]. It became a piece that I like". Though many actors reveal their feeling of sadness after drama ends, Kim Hyun-joong was different. He felt pleased and contented with his achievements because of the amount of hardwork he had put in for it.

In particular, after the TV drama ended its run, a special Youtube edition consisting of seven 10-min episodes were released on the net; after its release, North Africa Tunisia and South America, Argentina etc began pouring in favors for a visit to their countries. Having no relations at all to domestic ratings, Kim Hyun-joong had once again solidified his status as a Hanryu star through the help of [Playful Kiss], and this is very much obvious.

But of course, sadness was not in absence. The biggest problem lied in the script - it came in late to him. There was insufficient time to prepare for the shooting. He mentioned that he felt he could have done better had the script reached him earlier. As what is called a "slice of scripts", he thus had to catch up on filming and speed up hastily with limited time due to the late arrival of his script, and this - has been a persistent problem of Korean drama production systems.

Despite having 'made some noise' towards the production system, Kim Hyun-joong did not forget about his newbie status as an actor, "The female lead Jung So-min was a newbie, and I am, too, a rookie, that's why there were quite lot worries from people around us", "As time passed by, I believe we could improve, my chemistry with Jung So-min also tapped better as it went along".

From people around them, they have also been giving feedbacks like they were slowly improving with each episode. However, Kim Hyun-joong did not hide his growing greed.

"In future, I want to hear feedbacks. Not those like 'you've improved', but rather 'So anticipating', and my acting skills will be what makes them anticipating".

It's a tiring work where 70-minutes of 2 drama episodes have to be shot in a week. After [Boys over Flowers], now came [Playful Kiss]; Kim Hyun-joong had no chance to escape such. For the same amount of time used in a week, it was no less than 18 hours in total did he manage to catch a wink.

"Thoughts like 'Who will enjoy dying this way' came onto mind everyday", "But to act as someone else is really fun". He also showed his absorbing into character Baek Seung-jo, "It'll take some time before I return as Kim Hyun-joong after the ends. In [Playful Kiss] I took on the role of a cranky Baek Seungjo, so unknowingly I also resulted in treating people around me crankily", which was evident to see how he dwelved alot into his character.

He's also thinking of a transformation in his next work.

"People like awesomely rich millionaires or geniuses are quite ridiculous sounding anyway. It was also always warm and passionate roles (referring to BoF and Jangki). Next time round, I want to challenge realistic and maculine characters. I'm planning to prepare for my album to be released next May, after that I'll be likely to return with a drama work, so I'll be able to meet you all as an actor in latter half of next year".


[HJ] His Intimate Buddies

2010 11 22

Just like the phrase 'birds of a feather flock together', Kim Hyun-joong's network consists of -literally- 'beautiful flower boys'. His 'buddies' include majority coming from well-known stars in showbiz. Including JYJ members Hero Jaejoong and Mickey Yoochun, Big Bang's TOP, actor Lee Min-ho and Kim Bum etc are his buddies as well.

● Hero Jaejoong...
During those times when DBSG and SS501 possess the highest of fame, both did not hesitate to give advices and help to each other. Beginning since the tough trainee days, both had begun to share each's troubles, and with this built friendship, of course it does not change easily. It differentiates them all the more since both starred across in movie [Heaven's Postman] and drama [Boys over Flowers] in the beginning of 2009 respectively. In 2010 January, both even went for a holiday in Canada together. While holidaying in Canada's Vancouver, they event spent new year and enjoyed their rest. Both of them even appeared like twins to everywhere they go as they even stayed under one roof together. Even when Kim Hyun-joong's contract with former agency DSP Media ended, he was rumored to collaborate with Jaejoong to form a new group.

●Mickey Yoochun...
Since Kim Hyun-joong is so close with Hero Jaejoong, it was inevident that he turned into friends with Mickey Yoochun as well. Whenever these three had time to pop, they will gather at the mini 'inn' nearby their living area and share their friendship. Recently also, Mickey Yoochun's drama KBS [Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal] and Kim Hyunjoong's MBC [Playful Kiss] also gave them the name of "Intimate Rivals". Both expressed relief that they weren't fighting during same time-slot, "We've heaved a thousand sighs of reliefs when we know we aren't fighting in the same timing slot. If that was the case we won't be able to see each other's face for a few years then I guess". Both did not forget to monitor and give acting suggestions for each other as they show care for buddy. Kim Hyun-joong says they were rivals beginning since SS501 and DBSG debuted, it's like being rivals is their fate. We said 'fighting' to each other before our dramas began and also promised to meet up to drink after drama ends, but until now we haven't met up, still".

They share the senior-junior relationship since middle school days. Thanks to Kim Hyunjoong's introduction, Top and Jaejoong became close as well. In the MBC University Campus Festival in 2008, the band stage both of them showed had left deep impressions on fans. Kim Hyunjoong played the bass guitar, while Top - the keyboard. They had sung to David Craig's "Rise and Fall". After that, Top starred in drama [IRIS] and movie [INTO THE FIRE], while Kim Hyunjoong was busy moving into new agency etc, though they didn't have time to meet up often like before, they still send frequent messages and make phone calls to each other as they look out on each other.

●Lee Minho, Kim Bum...
Through drama [Boys over Flowers], these two are his friends whom he met during his debut as an actor. As they build fame as 'F4', they still really do associate with one another even after drama ended. They all have a common favourite sport which is soccer, and they do meet up at times to enjoy soccer when they don't have schedules. In addition, they also promise to cheer on for one another by 'catching it live' as whenever any one's drama / movie shows.

from: KR NEWS


[JM] Not Alone Teaser @ 11/22

Yes the teaser is finally released today! Believe it or not, there were people's mouths who had went :O all the time throughout. And really, literally

Sunday, November 21, 2010

[HJ][article] Interview that Did Not Disband

Just want to clarify this as there are some versions but some details were left out, so probably just to keep track of this piece, will put it here

There was an exact link to it but I had forgot to take note of the link...

2010 11 17

SS501's leader Kim Hyun-joong asserted that "SS501 did not disband".

Recently in a paper interview conducted with us (Daily sports), Kim Hyun-joong explained that [There were talks where 'SS501 had already disbanded' since our members were moving into various different agencies back then, but in fact it wasn't true at all], [At that time we have already concluded firm talks about all of us to hold activities as a group together, which was how we were able to move to different agencies].

[At then we just ended our full-time contract with former agency DSP, there were no agencies that could take in all our members. There were no agencies that could undertake that amount of contract fee for all 5 singers at one go" (not enough $$$), he also added.

As pertaining to future SS501 activity plans, "We'll first do some individual activities including releasing of solo albums, after which we're planning to reunite all our members through public performances (eg; concert)", "We have got to adjust our schedules since all our agencies are different, it may be difficult but we'll still try our very best to adjust it well, nonetheless".

He also flaunted their ever-well intimacy. He says, "I contact the members almost every day. Not long ago, Hyung-jun said during his musical Cafe-in press conference that I didn't respond a reply to his SMS, but it wasn't true", "I had to visit China at that time for the Guangzhou Asian Game Opening Ceremony, his SMS did arrive but I wasn't able to reply to him because of preparations for the event. After the ceremony event ended, I contacted him at once", as he thus clarifies.

Korea Daily Sports + http://kr.rd.yahoo.com

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[HJ][Magazine] Marie Claire Dec 2010

from: http://rosarium7.blog.me/ @ RHYME nim

Interview about his trip in Guangzhou for Asian Game 2010

[HJ][jangki] YT Press Conference on Japan TV

Press conference of Youtube version on Japan TV named Korea Enta! News

[HJ][vod] 19th - LANVIN for H&M

from: BNT NEWS/yt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSSo4PWnKUQ&feature=sub

[JM][Photo] Hanryu Pia - KIZUNA

[JM][radio] RAINBOW TOWN FM @ 11.19

Rainbow Town FM @ 19th november

Jungmin's interview with DJ Christy

youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpuQu8sAMck)

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

[hj][jangki] YT VER - Making Film II

Making Film 2 @ 18th November 2010 (Thursday)

Final day you will see anything on this channel uploaded (official)...


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[hj][VOD] Style Icon Award 2010

Style Icon Award 2010 - @ 17th Nov (Wednesday)

He receives the Most Popular Award

youtube: leenongkan2
video capture: http://cafe.daum.com/aboveallstars

[jm][fanC] Going to Japan for musical @ 11/17

Jungmin going to Japan for his musical stand - KIZUNA

video credit: http://blog.naver.com/501_dg

Somin for ELLE GIRL

Fashion magazine [Elle Girl] has revealed its interview and pictorial shoots with Jung Somin through its Elle Magazine at (www.atzine.com).

Though she has been portraying the image of a cute and lovable girl most of the time, she managed to strike a natural yet charismatic look, hence flaunting the charms of an actress. Arrogant looking without any trace of a single smile on her face as she stares straight into the camera, and yet still exerting a feely-feely with her expressions.

During the interview that was held after the shooting, indeed, she did not fail to show her confident beliefs and self-thoughts. She who has just completed shooting for the special youtube edition for drama [Playful Kiss] recently confessed honestly that she "just returned from a holiday to Jung Dong Jin (the Eastern Coastals) so as to placate her somewhat complexed feelings in the heart". (after shooting)

With regards to how she feels about beating out many other female actresses to claim the role of Oh Hani, she feels, "It was a challenge for myself indeed", as she tells on seriously. She also added on that "Oh Hani is actually a very different character from the real me", "Though many others see and compare the both of us to be very similar, it was a role that I wasn't able to handle it well to an extent".

"Exactly because we are so different, I henceforth felt that Hani has influenced me alot alot throughout this entire period as I was loving Hani".

She also felt that 2010 has been an extremely meaningful year for her as she has only debuted as a newbie and yet already having starred in two works, "I don't really know whether people see me as a success or a failure, but I already possess two experiences in this wide battle-field where I'm standing in; there are really so much I've gotten. I feel like I am now able to challenge anything at all, already".

You can view this pictorial shoot in the December issue of [Elle Girl] through the newly revamped Elle Magazine at www.atzine.com. You are also able to view it via the smartphone application of Elle Atzine.

From: http://www.tvdaily.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1289954574103842002

Jangki DVD available for pre-order

Playful Kiss DVD is now available for preorder for international. Hurry up grab your copy...

Price: USD 99.99

Subtitles: ENGLISH

Expected release date: December 4, 2010

Do wait for the Japanese version in a few months time, too.

[hj][jangki] YT VER - Making Film I

Making Film 1 @ 17th November (Wednesday)

youtube (www.youtube.com/ytkiss)

[hj][article] Most of the audiences of [Playful Kiss] are females?!

2010 11 17

Are most of the audiences of Kim Hyun-joong's special Youtube version drama [Playful Kiss] - females?

Along with the largest online video-sharing platform Youtube and production company Group Eight, the special youtube edition of [Playful Kiss] that's aired through (www.youtube.com/ytkiss) has already recorded a total of 8 million upload views altogether.

This special youtube edition of [Playful Kiss] began its first episode airing on 2nd November (Tuesday) with "The morning on our after-wed day" and lasted till the finale on 16th November with "Happy birthday!"; with a total of these 7 webisodes and 6 episodes of [Seung-jo's Diary], the combination of this spin-off version of [Playful Kiss] has thus been receiving high amount of attention from worldwide at a total of 8.4 million uploaded views in all.

As of now, the 1st episode of this youtube version of [Playful Kiss] remains to be the No.1 amongst the Entertainment category of November, whilst its 4th, 5th, 6th episode remains as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd most watched and popular videos in the Entertainment category of this week.

According to the information shared by its Youtube account, for now, the most number of users (audiences) recorded watching comes from domestically (Korea), but despite so, it still attracts much attention from users all over the world. Right after Korean audiences came Singapore and Hongkong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan etc, following one after another, which just proves the high popularity in different regions of Asia. Not just that, in places like Egypt, Mauritius, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the various central regions of these countries also showed the presence of audiences, which just goes to reaffirm the importance of such a global platform like Youtube. Also, number of comments left on the Youtube channel of this special edition have reached about 20K which are left in various languages like English, Mandarin, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, French etc etc.

In addition, it has also been revealed that people ranging from 13 years of age to 65 years of age are tuning in to this, and in particular, the most number of audiences come from people aged 13-17, after which, 45-54 years of age - whose popularity amongst such a wide age range could be reiterated. As for the gender differences, a landsliding 91% of audiences come from females.

The special Youtube edition could receive this much of popularity is also due to great help coming from the translation of subtitles in many diverse languages. The Youtube edition channel contacted "Viikii.net" to provide different subtitling service of each individual's preferred language; of course to which such a caring service could thus continuously attract the support of fans. Choices for the subtitles come in a wide variety like Korean, English, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish etc.

CEO of Group Eight Song Byung-jun has revealed, "For the fact that our special edition are also watched in very unfamiliar countries to us like Africa, middle-east and in Europe continents, we could thus assert that our domestic video contents have maximized its stand in overseas", "The reason why our Youtube special edition could achieve such soaring popularity is due to the high amount of worldwide interest for our actual TV version of [Playful Kiss] which has already been pre-sold to 11 foreign countries, that is why it has introduced this big and positive influence over our Youtube edition".

"This has been a wonderful opportunity where a single platform has been fully utilized across 24 countries in the world", "The success of this special edition has marked itself into the first ever meaningful step we have taken into attempts at introducing our Republic Korea's outstanding video contents to the world through Youtube. It'll be really lovely if future producers would create more opportunities to make positive usage of Youtube channels", as was also revealed by Lee Won-jin - the managing director of Google Asia and CEO of Google Korea.

7 webisodes of [Playful Kiss Special Edition] and 6 episodes of [Seung-jo's Diary] have already been uploaded through its channel (www.youtube.com/user/ytkiss), while NG cuts and Making Coverages are also slated to be uploaded, soon.

From: http://www.egn.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=27888