Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[HJ][article] Actress wishes + BoF special edition

2010 11 23 (Tues)

"Actress whom I wish to act alongside - Han Hyojoo of Dongi"

'Flower boy' Kim Hyunjoong has selected Han Hyojoo as the actress he wishes to star alongside with in a work.

In an interview held with SPN E-daily recently, Kim Hyunjoong responded to journalist's question with "Han Hyojoo" as he was asked about an actress he would like to collaborate with.

When asked about the reason, "She's similar in age to me and acts well too", as he explained. As such, he wishes to act as a pair of couple.

In actual fact, Kim Hyunjoong is a 1986 June-er, while Han Hyojoo is a 1987 February, they only have a difference of 8 mere months. However, with Han Hyojoo having already starred in the 2005 MBC sitcom 'Nonstop 5' as her debut work, then onto KBS 'Spring Waltz', 'High like Ground and Heaven', SBS 'Iljimae', 'Shining Inheritance', MBC 'Dongi' etc, and even female lead of historical dramas, so it's for sure she's already had accumulated experiences of acting.

Should they have a chance to star alongside each other, it will be much of a big strength and motivation to Kim Hyunjoong, "I saw her in Dongi at that time, Han Hyojoo's image looks really bright", as he didn't attempt to hide his liking of her.



"10 years later I want to film a special coverage of Boys over Flowers alumni event".

Singer cum actor Kim Hyunjoong revealed his hoping-for similar to the above sentence as he divulged his unchanged affection for drama [Boys over Flowers].

In an interview held with SPN E-daily recently, "We'll gather all our casts of BoF after 10 years and see how much each has developed all this while, it'll be lovely if we could shoot it so fun", as Kim Hyunjoong says.

KBS 2TV drama [Boys over Flowers] was Kim Hyunjoong's debut TV work where it recorded above 30% of viewership ratings, and this was broadcasted during last January to March as it gave fame to Kim Hyunjoong. Including male lead Lee Minho as Goo Junpyo and Kim Bum plus Kim Jun, these 4 combined to be the members of 'plutocrats of the 2nd generation' - F4. This work was what catapulted them all into stardom.

Indeed, it was through F4 member Yoon Jihoo's existence in [Boys over Flowers] that Kim Hyunjoong has received affirmation and acknowledgement as he goes on to star as male lead of MBC drama [Playful Kiss]. To that extend, it is [Boys over Flowers] exactly that holds huge significance for Kim Hyunjoong.

"I still do come out for meetings with our [Boys over Flowers] members. And there are times that the female lead - Hyesun nuna comes out in our gatherings too", as he flaunted their unchanged friendship.