Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yahoo! Buzz Award 2010 Tutorial...✮

First of all, please make sure you are logged in @
- ------ international user, of course
- ------ korean user, of course too

If you are not logged on, you will
not be able to contribute to the reflection, even if you do vote / click on "Search"

All following screencaps & votings reflected captured as at : GMT +9, 8:40 PM

It is a very good recommendation to vote for
-Leader in the MALE category
-Our lovely group in the ASIAN category

Think about it.

Don't you think?

This is for the Buzz-Voting-In-Korean only; for voting in HK/TW/Indonesia side, it is about the same procedure, except only in different language.
You may refer to HERE for coaching in mandarin.


1. Main page. Click on the red boxed
That is the "Male Star Category"

2. you will be brought to this page
Select either Leader / Our lovely group
You are not allowed to first select Leader then come back to select our lovely group within 10 minutes frame.
You may, but only after 10 minutes can you select for a new choice (of the same category)

3. Click on the orange boxed as what is marked
It is the terms & conditions, or rather, things you have to be aware of. Please refer to the bottom most for T&C description

4. Click on the boxed as marked
It tells you to "Search" for KHJ on Yahoo

5. After you've done so, the following will appear. You have successfully added 1 BUZZ to him. Click on the button displaying "확인" as boxed - to bring you to the results/ranking page.

✖Even if it doesn't, don't worry, your BUZZ has already been added. Sometimes it's just slow server issue

Do remember to be logged in, as seen on your upper top-left corner - boxed in red. That proves you are logged in.

6. So let's say 10 minutes has not passed. You decided to go back to search for our lovely group, using the above 1-5 steps.When you do that, the following will appear. Why? because according to the T&C, you are not allowed to contribute to a different person in the same category (krn male,krn female,asia) within 10 minutes.

So please allow yourself to try again after 10 minutes to do so, again.


Now is the time for "Asian Buzz Star" voting.

1. Main Page

2. Similarly, choose either Leader or Our lovely group. Same T&C. No 2nd time voting in the same category within 10 minutes. The category in this case, is of course the "Asian Buzz Star".

3. Same, click on "Yahoo Search" button in yellow.

4. You will see the following - you have successfully added 1 BUZZ to 'SS501' our lovely group ^^
Click on '확인' to bring you back to results page

✖Even if it doesn't, don't worry, your BUZZ has already been added. Sometimes it's just slow server issue

That's it. Your only concern is in the "Krn Male" and "Asian Buzz" 2 categories.
If you wish to vote for any of your female favourite (need not be idol-wise), you may do so in the "Krn Female" category, as well.

6. Some clarification.

Give some examples:
➊In the "Krn Male" category, for instance you chose Leader

Within 10 minutes,
you are able to vote for Leader again in the "Asian Buzz" category

➋In the "Krn Male" category, for instance you chose SS501

Within 10 minutes,
you are able to vote for SS501 again in the "Asian Buzz" category

➌In the "Krn Male" category, for instance you chose Leader

Within 10 minutes,
you are able to vote for SS501 in the "Asian Buzz" category

➍In the "Krn Male" category, for instance you chose SS501

Within 10 minutes,
you are able to vote for Leader in the "Asian Buzz" category



▲How to vote for Buzz Star

confirmation picture of your selected star > Click on "Search" > Search results shown > Reflected in results

You will be able to participate in all 3 categories of "Male buzz star", "Female buzz star", "Asia Buzz star", but only after you log-in to Yahoo with your account. (Need not be; just will do. If you don't have one, do sign up for it).

After logging in, you can participate as per "1 ID to be reflected in each category only once every 10 Minutes". (Throughout this 10 minutes, you can search for maximum 3 times -- ie, 1 time per category of male, female, asia)

After you have clicked on "Search", it will then bring you to the "Results Page" where you will see the Ranking of the 30 stars --- by this time, your 1 search has already been reflected as 1 BUZZ (aka 1 vote).

▲How to select the No.1 Buzz Star

For the 30 nominees you see on the ranking list, all of them begin with 0 votes; throughout the voting event period, netizens will come onto this site and participate = 1 SEARCH = 1 BUZZ = will thus reflect onto the star's "BUZZ" count

After the voting period ends, the star with highest number of votes in each category will thus be selected as Number 1.
(one male, one female, one asian star)

Voting period for buzz star: 2010 November 8 ~ November 30
Announcement for final collated ranking: 2010 December 9

The Number 1 Buzz Star will be representing Korea to take the trophy during the award ceremony that will be held in Hongkong in December.

Award ceremony in Hongkong: December 17

▲How to determine the nominees of Buzz Star
It was determined with the highest number of searches in the Yahoo! Korea search engine; And there are 30 of them with most number of searches during the searched period.

Searched period: 2010 January 1 ~ 2010 September 15
Nominees of Male/Female category: 30 are chosen for each gender's category based on number of searches
Nominees of Asian Buzz star category: 10 are chosen from respective Yahoo! Korea, Yahoo! Taiwan, Yahoo! Hongkong based on number of searches (10 from Korea, 10 from Taiwan, 10 from Hongkong)

▲Participants who will be chosen via lucky lots will get a trip of 2 to Hongkong for a holiday

Event period: 2010 October 8 ~ November 30
Announcement of lucky winner: 2010 December 6


tetsu girl said...

thanks so much for all this information, dear ode! i hope KHJ and SS501 win again this year! :D *clickity click*

crazy4KJ said...

Thank you!! You've helped a lot!^^ I was so confused about how to proceed!:)

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused.
how do i get to the website?
i opened yahoo but i can't find it anywhere

Ode said...

Hi anonymous @ 5.36 am

This is the website to which you go to participate

Sorry had forgotten to type in the url to enter


cheezeemelt said...

Hi there ODe, this is Cheezeemelt. I think we have to decide which and where to vote for SS501 and Leader. We should not let Leader win alone. Perhaps let's tell others to vote for Leader in Men's division and SS501 in Asia Division? We need to unite this time, we are the defending champions. Thanks!

ode said...


Hi cheezeemelt, I agree with you. And I believe most of us are doing the same thing. It's quite understood to do that isn't it? However of coz we don't know how does this and that. Had changed the post in the beginning by a lil', check it out babe ^o^

sara said...

thank you very mutch <3
i hope they will win this year ^^
can i Translate this post into arabic for triple s arab?
thank you again

ode said...

@sara nim

yes cetainly! very welcome to. the more the better.

Why thank me ne? I should thank you. ^^

sye bummie said...

thank u!! komao!! seriously.. u helped me to vote for kim hyun joong... i really hope he will win again! haha...

Anonymous said...

Today, and since last night, a very unusual thing happened to the Yahoo Korean Asia Buzz Award poll for KHJ.
We can hardly vote, sometimes we can go as far as going to click the yahoo yellow button but hangs up in that page...then nothing happens after so many minutes you end up reloading the page. Sometimes you can only see the screen showing the three polls and unable to go to the next screen showing the nominees and score updates. This has been going on until now, KHJ fans unable to vote but the votes of the NO.2 fans are increasing from 112K so fast now is 127K...WHY? Why is yahoo blocking our votes and other fans can vote their star nonstop. Then why is yahoo deducting scores. I remember the scores were already 179K now its only 178K. The Yahoo HongKong Asia Buzz Awards is working and the Yahoo Korean Monthly KHJ and Naughty Kiss polls are working as well. The Yahoo Monthly SS501 poll's yellow voting button has disappeared, how can we vote in that poll too. Even if you keep on reloading still theres no voting button. I can sense something fishy is going on since the end of voting is soon to end. Why block KHJ fans from voting? Can you help us find a way to communicate to the Yahoo people organizing this poll. I could not find any email address since everything is in Korean. Google can't also translate anything, the site seems to blocked also from translation. I hope you can help us find a way to confirm this ode or stalking hj...Thanks disappointed KHJ fan :(

Anonymous said...

I find it unacceptable, until now we still can't vote...I feel duped and manipulated while votes for the no. 2 star is increasing! I would like to protest and if this keeps on going, I would like to put this poll null and void. This should stop!!!

Amy said...

Dear Ode,
Thanks Ode for all the updates. Love your blog. So thankful for all your time and hard work!!

Starting fr. last night. It's been 12 hrs or more i can't vote for HJ on "the 30 top poll"
(it's appeared blank page to me every time...) I can't vote since then.
We need your help Ode, please! We can't lose like this. It's not fair! It's not fair. Please, help us, oversea fans.
Sorry Ode if i bother you, but i have no one to ask for help (think that you know Korean, so i have no choice, but leave my message here for you!)
Thank you very much, Ode!
Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Just a few minutes ago, NO. 2 just got past KHJ and we could hardly vote since last night!...It is so unacceptable, so unbelievable! Please help us!

Anonymous said...

I'm frustrated and feel completely helpless because I'm experiencing the same problem. I don't understand how JGS votes can increased by 1 million votes in less than a day and KHJ's fans can't even vote for him. This is so unfair. Something is not right here. Ode, do you have any suggestions or a way of helping us?

ode said...

@anonymous and everybody,

I am facing the same problem too. I have been wondering if it was my computer only or is everyone facing the same problem too? I went around seeing responses of people but it seems like some could work, while some others can't. Did you guys try out different browser systems...?
Or if not attempt to reboot your PC and start off afresh? Sometimes it's due to the number of ongoing activities in your PC that may stop FLASH from working (this polling site makes use of alot of java applet & FLASH and stuff)...

For Jang Geunsuk's number of votes I got quite puzzled as well. THe moment I refresh, he increases by approx few thousands...!

babes, you all can try what I said above. I'll try to think of a way

ode said...

Dont worry ne, I dont think the server is stopping us from voting for KHJ or anything ne,

keep attempting!

Anonymous said...

I've tried google chrome, internet explorer and firefox but still encountered the same problem. I'm just puzzled by how JGS's numbers can increased by more than 1 million and KHJ only by a small amount since November 27. I've read other SS501/KHJ blog sites and a lot of KHJ fans are experiencing the same problem. Do you know of a way to report this problem to Yahoo Korea?

ode said...

@Anonymous 3.21

Yeah I've seen the same type of responses by similar people on our side... But for JGS fans I dont think they're facing such problem as I know some JGS fans and they're not seemingly affected...

If that really is the case, I'll send an email to Yahoo Korea. Yeah I'll attempt first, but whether or not they'll reply (and/or treat it as an issue)...that I hv no idea =(

I'll certainly try, is that a good idea?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ode for all your help!! That's all we can ask of you is to report the problem since we don't know Korean. Hopefully, they'll investigate and fix the problem before it's too late. We only have 2 days remaining in the voting period. I just feel that it's unfair that KHJ's fans can't even vote for him even if they want too.

ode said...

Yeah, Meanwhile if you'd like to leave any english comments there, you can try here:

Since it was on, I presume it must have been receiving lots of english (from intl fans) comments, nonetheless, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ode but verbiage on this site ( is in Korean. I'm not sure what I need to select or enter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ode. It will really be great if you can report the problem. We have already lost an entire day to not be able to vote. I am worried that because fans of JGS can vote, Yahoo Korea may think that there isn't any problem but the problem is widespread. I live in Australia and I have not been able to vote since this morning. I had no problem yesterday and days prior. It's ok if HJ loses through fair play but this isn't fair play anymore. I find it strange that JGS fans do not have this problem. I just want the site to come back up and running so we can start voting again, even if we have to stay up late. Voting ends in 2 days. We do not have a chance if JGS votes rapidly increases. Please please do whatever you can Ode. Let us know how we can help. I feel so helpless.

ode said...


Yes forsure will report it, and has already did.
Despite so keep attempting ne, I'm sure it will get through in the end as many people reports this problem as well...

Thanks so much for your rendering babe!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you were able to read our comments here Ode, it was really so frustrating last night and stayed on line and monitored everything until around 4:08 am after I sent you my message...but attempts remained futile and I was really hoping it would recover before sunrise but unfortunately, no. 2 star passed us around 10:15am as I recall. Anyway, I am sending soon messages to Yahoo Helpboard...I feel so disappointed in Yahoo, in the parallel voting, got away with fans not understanding the rules but this time, there is obviously a problem with the poll. We can hardly vote while other stars' votes are increasing which is way looks too irregular. The volume is very unbelievable and increasing too fast.

ode said...

@Anonymous 9.20

So we'll just have to attempt replies from Yahoo's side and see what they have got to say. Operational and/or directional plans we'll see......

yes ne of course I could read you babes' comments here~! I could even know how much it is $$

Anonymous said...

So sad because I still could not vote...I can only see the first screen showing the three polls then after that KHJ picture with yellow button without showing the score updates anymore, so weird. It makes me wonder even more. So strange when there just barely two days before 30 November. Why do this?

Anonymous said...

I'm from the U.S. and have not been able to vote since November 27. I've tried up until 4am on November 28 and again when I got up at 9am and the site still does not work for me. I'm glad that at least Yahoo Korea is aware of the problem. Hopefully they will be able to identify the error and find a solution that will be fair to all parties involved. I feel so helpless at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ode and all,
Nothing has changed for me either. The link is not working still, both for the Korean site and the HK site.
Have a look at this link below. This link was shared in Someone took screen shots of how the count fluctuated yesterday. There is really something fishy going on.

There is definitely something wrong with the count, even in the way HJ's count went up and down. How can we trust the results now?

ode said...

Hi all

I'm aware of all the issues that you babes are facing, because Im facing the same thing as well! It is so uncalled for and we're obviously on the losing end. However fret not as yahoo korea will definitely drop a mail reply pertaining to this problem/issue in shortest time possible : most prob today. We'll just await to hear from them.

Meanwhile, indeed the vote counts flunctuate up and down down and up; totally undesirable behaviour.

Despite that being the case, please keep your hair intact for the time being as you could still place hope in the "Asian Buzz Award" whereas he is still No.1.

ode said...

Thanks alot anonymous @ 8.36am.

As for an official reply deom Yahoo, so far no not yet, there is no reply from them yet. Probably due to the weekend-reason, they will take a longer time to get back. However it's quite frustrating because I saw some responses given from Yahoo's side (tho not a detailed resolving method) that it may take up to 3 days & more to let it get back to normal; voting has ended by then ne...

We'll wait

ode said...

Dear all

You should be able to vote as per normal now. For me it worked, probably due to a different computer and server that I'm using now.

You could try it out and see if it works. Hopefully it does.

And it should, because some who previously said they couldn't can now do so.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Ode. The site is working now. Please vote now before the problem reoccurs again. It's working for me and I haven't changed any specifications on my computer. I'm using Google Chrome.

Anonymous said...

Please vote in Internet Explorer, it appears to be faster there...GO! FIGHTING!

Anonymous said...

My excitement was short lived. I'm now experiencing the same problem as before. Looks like the problem was solved for only 40 mins. :(

lafone said...

Hi Ode !

Thank you very much for your many translations of precious articles as well as manuals.

May I ask the closing time of this vote ? November 30, 23:59? or earlier than that ? Thank you.

I also translated your text into Japanese in my blog.

ode said...

@lafone 12.05
Hi lafone! Nice to meet you!
I must thank you as well for your translation of Japanese articles/news/recaps/fanaccounts on evts in Japan, too! Very much appreciated.

And also yes, the closing time of this vote is on November 30, 23.59. GMT +9, which means the same timezone as yours.

Yes I'm aware of your blog, yoonjihoo0606 isn't it? ^^

Amy said...

Thanks Ode for all your helps and updates. But, sorry Ode, here, in Can., I still cannot vote! I'm feeling so sad. We're running out of time... :(

ode said...

@anonymous 11.21am

Really? I don't experience ne... Why so for your case? Probably wait for some time. Traffic flow/flash bug etc

ode said...

@Amy 12.22
Don't fret. If not possible for both categories (Male/Asian), still, don't cry. Yes we're running out of time, but still, don't cry. Because by crying, we can't save back those votes... T.T

Babe, dont cry!

Anonymous said...

Ode, It's not just me. According to other SS501/KHJ blog sites, many KHJ fans are experiencing the same problem again.

Before I forget, in the mist of this mini crisis, I forgot to say THANK YOU for all your hard work and dedication to SS501. Without your translations, international fans like me are clueless as to know what's happening in the daily lives of our 5 princes. Thanks again and we truly appreciate everyting that you're doing. I visit your site everyday for SS501 news.

P.S. Thanks to Lafone as well for all your translations!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ode and all,
I still cannot vote and I have been using internet explorer.

Someone shared in LKHJ that "there are messages in the Yahoo KHJ poll message board saying that the current no.1 fans (fans of JGS, I guess) created an autovote program for the poll, that is why they can vote nonstop and thus also blocking us to vote".

I am not sure how true this is so please take this with a pinch of salt.

But you know what.. if it is true that someone created an autovote program, then the number of votes that JGS will get is not a result of hard work from his fans. It's a reflection that he does NOT have fans who would sit down in front of the terminal and vote for him, who would stay up late just so they can vote. His fans needed to create a program which will do the work for them. Looks like he is not loved the way we love HJ. If ever JGS wins the poll, I hope he does not think that the fans love him that much... it was not his fans voting for him... it was actually some computer program that was voting for him.

If HJ loses this poll, I want him to know that he is the true winner because of the kind of fans he has. He is not loved by some computer program but loved by actual people.

My apologies Ode, if I sound so frustrated and have offended anyone. I am really trying to be objective under these circumstances but it's really hard.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:17PM
I hope that's not the case. We all want our idols/stars to win but it should be done with integrity.

Ode said...

Hmm anony@
However at the time your message was left telling that the same problem occurred, I did go to try it and it worked, which was why I thought it might just be your pc issue. But seems like it isnt ne?

Abt jgs autovote, I cld try to see if they really do so. I hv a multi eye method :nyahah: if that really is the case, I really wldnt know what to say, but for now, rumors are but rumors. We'll be kind ppl since we dk how true that is. But tbh, jgs fans are pretty ok ppl. Maybe he has his jp tour these days thus increase of fans? i hv no idea...

Even if hj didnt win eventually in this category, he has the other asian one. And another most impt: professional image

Anonymous said...

Dear everyone,
This poll works in all browsers, there is no time constraint, just click on KHJ button NONSTOP at this link

For the Yahoo Korea poll so far only google works but too slow

Continue voting for Yahoo Monthly KHJ poll too as the no. 2 is still trying to catch up, we may forget the poll since we have been affected by the incident...we have been always NO. 1 in this poll, really it is just a million difference now all of a sudden...

Thanks ode for all the assistance in the procedures and the translations and updating us on Yahoo Korea.

Anonymous said...

I have also seen with my own eyes the changes in the votes although it is more evident in these screenshots. There are two screens that appear alternately for the second poll in Yahoo Korea Asia Buzz poll, one has a bigger gap & KHJ is still no.1 but also no. 2 is catching up so fast in the other poll. Are there 3 polls all in all in Yahoo Korea poll. The first one is where KHJ is now no. 2 and there seems to be two more in the other tab...

Amy said...

Dear Ode, much much appreciated all your helps. Great thanks to Ode for always translate and share article, news, vids... with us, oversea fans! You're wonderful!!
Hichic (can't help, ode!) still cannot vote in Men category. Even worst, 'cause, today, I cannot vote in Asia poll too?? Every time i click to vote for HJ, sites appear frozen!
Ps. Sorry Ode and thank Ode for letting me "crying out" here.
Again, thanks for your times and kindness!

Ode said...

@anony 2.15
Thanks much!

Babes, remember to look @ 2.15pm's notes
It works - but its the asian star ne.

@anony 2.27pm
Yes I saw the screenshots as well, it is indeed awry... The one tt HJ is currently no.1 is called 'asian' categ. The other two that is beside male category is : 'female categ' and 'asian categ'.

Hmm if, you really cant vote in the end, then I guess no matter how many times you tried it might not work isnt it? Probably the bug is still wkg...
Why not consider anony@2.15 's post?

Ode said...

@anony 2.15
Thanks much!

Babes, remember to look @ 2.15pm's notes
It works - but its the asian star ne.

@anony 2.27pm
Yes I saw the screenshots as well, it is indeed awry... The one tt HJ is currently no.1 is called 'asian' categ. The other two that is beside male category is : 'female categ' and 'asian categ'.

Hmm if, you really cant vote in the end, then I guess no matter how many times you tried it might not work isnt it? Probably the bug is still wkg...
Why not consider anony@2.15 's post?

Ode said...

Also, no need to be so formal with me ahh... Why suddenly so many thanks here thanks there? Kkkkk

Don mention ne, I love what I do and is doing and this is called happiness ^0^ which means, I enjoy talking with you all!

Amy said...

Dear Ode,
Yes, must thank you, Ode! You're our(my) only Korean source and one can help us in such this matter!
Want to give you, anonymous(2:15) and everyone here a group hug. I'm using google it works, and quite fast.
Btw, may i ask "if i can vote one after another, Ode?" (Seeing vote counted, but wonder if it's ok? 'cause we are really have not had many time left!!

Anonymous said...

Please all go to the Yahoo KHJ Monthly poll, there seems to be a modification in the voting for the three Yahoo Korean polls, 3 coz I saw two sets of scores in the third tab, weird though. no more time constraint, just click on the yellow yahoo tab under KHJ pic then followed by the OK button which Korean characters meaning VOTED, do this NONSTOP until the OK button disappears. To see score update click on the tab again. To go to the other polls, click the third tab and do the same procedure. It is simpler but perhaps this is only temporary...the add 1 box no longer appears and I noticed the score increases. so most likely the fans of no.1 star are still doing this...such a weird poll...Lets do dears we have so little time, if we combine our efforts we can still get back KHJs NO.1 POSITION. GO! FIGHTING!

Amy said...

Me, so disappointed! thought that the google works, but only few votes, now they're frozen again. Feel like being followed wherever i go for voting... (only vote five or six times in two days) This's sooo weird. So frustrated!!
Sorry Ode if i bother you!

lafone said...

Dear Ode,

Thank your for your information
and the tips on the change in voting. The no. of voting for Asia has drastically been modified. I hope that Yahoo will clarify the mistery of surge in male category too.

PS. Yes, the URL of my blog means my love for Yoon JiHoo keke.
Fighting !

ode said...


Yahoo! Korea has replied already, and they are now aware of this continuously bugging issue. After reading their email, I went to double-check it against the server. It is now really *gasp* faster and *so far* without errors. They are working on the bug issue to their utmost best.

*though really a little late =..=*

In their reply email, they actually talked about the possibility of freezing windows, windows not opening up, or even really slow connection -- it could be due to high amount of traffic congestion (which is really understandable with such situation now).

If that is the case, I'd suggest each of us attempt to minimize all possible windows (open as few windwos as possible), so that activities won't hang easily and for more secure. I have tried a few times ever since their email came, and it's been working for me.

Babes do really try it. Don't give up nor cry. I see that the last 'still-unable-to' comment came at 4.32pm? ^^

So its been hours; it should be working better already.

ode said...

@as for lafone ^^

Yeah Yoonjihoo, not BSJ ne? ^^

For the male category, I doubt they will modify... But who knows, reversible of fate? hehehe

Yes I saw the asian category. It's nice to see that his votes will not be easy to be caught up with by others, already!

Anonymous said...

This Yahoo Korean Asia Buzz poll is working really well now, back with the add 1 box and we can actually vote NONSTOP but only in Internet Explorer. We can also use Google, Sea Monkey & Firefox but there is a time constraint every 10 mins..

ode said...

@anony 9.04
Thanks for info. Yes it's working well now. Goodness luckily we reported bugs to them. I wonder how much pesticides they needed to use before the next arrives... *touchwood many wood*!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, can you vote NONSTOP with INTERNET EXPLORER because unfortunately others cant. This is really an advantage maybe a lot of the other fans of that star can. So I would suggest another thing, for the others who cant, try creating a new account. I created a new one and it is really works faster.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ode and All...but I'm here to vent out my frustrations. I just can't accept the fact that JGS's numbers increased by over 2 million votes in one day to over take KHJ's lead in the Korea Asia category. To accomplished the 2 million votes in 1 day, that means 13,889 of his fans would have to vote the entire day without taking a break or sleep (maximum of 144 votes per day x 13,889 = 2,000,000). I find that very hard to believe. I do hope that Yahoo Korea will look into this matter.

Amy said...

Still now, i have noticed that HJ's fans' votes have been increased very very slow (Only around one or 20 hundred votes every time i refresh the page)
But, JGS's votes can be suddently increased in the blink of an eye" by 40, 50 or 60 thousands votes! (JGS's votes can go up like hundred thousand more in less than 15min)
Wonder how much time more the problem can be fixed... Me, feeling so sad, "so buzzzz" (am so confused and disappointed)
Sorry, sorry Ode for my complaining
Thanks Ode for the inf.

Anonymous said...

I am as frustrated as all of you. I took some stats today. In a span of 10 mins, the votes for JGS go up by 34,000 while for HJ, the votes go up by 6000. I also cannot understand how this is possible. Yahoo Korea may not admit that there is a problem but anyone with some sense will know that there is definitely something wrong. I have sent a complaint to Yahoo Korea via the proper channels and I never got a response. Did you get a reply, Ode?

ode said...

Iagree with all on the above 3 statemts. Yester night at arnd 11+ gmt +9, there was already a very close gap between our no1 (at tt time) and the no1 (now). I kinda expected it judging from how fast the no1 (now) escalated in his vote counts. Yeah his votes just rise a lil' (too speedily) too much; I personally did a lil test too.

@anon 620
Yesh I rcved a reply, but stil vague. It just tells how sometimes server may lag or nt open up due to site congestion etc. And tt they r working hard to not let the bug reappear. Thats just much. No replies to the 2nd nominee n such stuff ne...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ode,

Have you heard anything from Korean fans/blogs that Yahoo Korea is investigating the voting irregularity? You don't have to be a genius to figure out that the mass amount of votes per minute is highly unusual. I'm sure they want their customers to believe that Yahoo is a company that stands for integrity. No?

Amy said...

Sorry, i mean around 1 or 2 hundred (not 20 hundred) Actually, HJ's votes steadily gone up only100-150 (always less than 150 votes) this's so weird! Definitely, something wrong's still going on there...
And, seems like the Asia poll is frozen now.

Thanks Ode for your updating.
Wonder what are they (yahoo) going to do? Wonder if those votes brought in by "bug" will be counted (which i think should be taken away)
Thank you!

ode said...

I wonder if integrity on their part shld be reassessed or not, hehe.

and yeah Ive heard too abt the investigation. Like anony@9.30, one need not b a genius to realize that ne. Instead of denying, an investigatn sounds only legal n proper...

lafone said...

Dear Ode,

I have just heard that they are using "auto click voting" software, free software. That's why they could increase voting even during the high access.

Some KHJ fan wrote about this at Keyeast HP. You can easily find this software via google, "auto click voting ".


ode said...

Dear lafone

Yes I heard about that too. It was pvsly a rumor but it remained a rumor because therr were no proof. But if we thknk abt it, its really comprehensible ne. Mathematics had nv been so easy

Thanks much for everyone who updates here ne. Much appreciated, same for lafone nim =)

Will go to take a look @ keyeast hp later
Since rly e case, obviously theirs are void votes

lafone said...

Dear Ode,

Sorry, my message was very misleading. Actually, KHJ fans wrote in KE HP that they would be sending a claim to Yahoo because of their auto click voting. Therefore, it is not a recommendation to use the same tool. Sorry for the above.

ode said...

Yeah @lafone

Don worry, Iunderstd what lafone nim means ^_^
You ve helped alot, dont worry!!!

As for anon, thanks for your wise words. Im sure we've put in enough psychological efforts here. Even if eventually it ll not turn out to be as desired, it's really just the heartfelt feeling and willingness to do so.

Sometimes, it's really not so much about winning.

Amy said...

Dear Ode,
You're so kind and very patient!
Sorry Ode for keep coming here with complain, question... Much appreciated!
Please, let me share this link here (or please, delete it!)

To everyone, would you like to send
a formal complaint to yahoo customer service link
Thank you, thank you Ode!

Amy said...

Sorry, here the right one

Anonymous said...

Hi Ode,
I made a post but could not see it. I made it between Lafone's post at 1:43pm and ur reply to her at 3:48pm. Was there something that I said that offended u hence uv decided to delete it instead? I don't remember saying anything that was offensive. ): if i have, please accept my apologies. anyway thought I'd just mention it.

ode said...

@anon 7.22

Hmm, I thought you were the one who deleted it...? I received it in my email for your reply ne. Probably some server issue, because when replies clash at the same time (I replied before your comments showed here, so they cld hv clashed). Sorry for the issue, but be rest assured I did not delete anything nor such. ^_^ It was sincerity words.
Besides I acknowledged your wise words in my post @ 3.48pm, right? ^^ Dont worry anon, you're very kind enough.

ode said...


Thanks for the suggestion. But the vote will be coming to an end in just another 1 hour more.The results are already pretty much fixed. All I can say is disappointment and more disappointment in their professionality. After leaving such an impression on us users, I wonder if we will all still participate next year...? Will we still place a trust in them...?


Thanks alot Amy, you're kind-er than I am^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Ode...sorry to bother you but it looks like the Yahoo Buzz voting problem made it to the Korean News Portal (Nate). Do you know what's being reported in this article?

Here's the link:

Ode said...

Hi anon

Thxs alot for that. Seems like we hv hope to clinch the trophy. They state that theyre still investigating now and can only reveal more information after doing so. The real winner ll be revealed after that. Haaa!!! Shrugs, I just...totally nth against the contender, its his fans whom I __ ^_^

Thanks Anon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ode. That's good news!! Hopefully, integrity and morality will prevail in the end. :)

tearflow said...

i hope the awards will be awarded to the right person whoever he is.. i just can't stand with unfair competition.. it's like our hard works are not appreciated by the people who cheat.. maybe i can't vote so many times (because of my limited time) as many triple S may have done.. but i have tried to vote as many as i could..
now, i keep in my mind that people know the true winner.. (at least us, Triple S)