Friday, November 05, 2010

[jm][article] Official Homepage Open

SS501 Park Jungmin has launched his BETA version of his official homepage at 11 AM on November 5.

Currently, he is in midst of digesting the preparation works for his upcoming album to be released, as well as various Japan schedules which are already confirmed. Despite so, he has had successfully created an enjoyable space whereby fans could come together to share his latest updates.

According to a related CNR Media spokesperson, "He has a very tight schedule as of now where he has to prepare for his solo discography that will be released on 25th, and even has to balance the already-confirmed schedules in Japan along-side; even if you give him 2 bodies, it won't be enough", "However, Jungmin has now created a space whereby he could share his latest updates, photographs, videos etc in the fastest way possible. He sacrificed his sleeping time by abit to support us with many ideas. From now on, one will be able to know the latest information through Park Jungmin's official homepage", as he added on.

Park Jungmin's official homepage address is as follow ( Through here, one will be able to confirm concrete details of his upcoming fanmeeting on November 27 which will be a "Commemoration Showcase of his album release & Fanmeeting" combined.