Monday, November 22, 2010

[HJ][interview] Nice interview - long

2010 11 22

Kim Hyun-joong took on an interview with Korea Star Daily last week... "Why do people like me? Yeah thats right, why do they like a person like me?"

Can you actually believe Kim Hyunjoong doesn't know why people like him? In dramas, Kim Hyunjoong always appear as the soft guy, but in reality, he's actually quite stiffened in personality. Exactly because of that, Kim Hyunjoong has had many bitter-sour love experiences, "I'm rather stiffened, and though I treat my girlfriend nice, I don't tend to express myself during relationships, that's why I often get dumped in the end".

Who could have expected Kim Hyunjoong to be dumped? He continued to add that he "has many experiences of being rejected by girls after confessing. I always get dumped by my girlfriend after dating. Probably she finds no interest in dating me. As compared to opposite genders, I like to meet my friends more, so I guess I tend to neglect my girlfriend more. I can't choose between friends and lover, but I do seem to enjoy being with my friends more, and times spent together is long too. But, I still treat my girlfriend well when I'm with her".

Kim Hyunjoong is a man of few words, but is also honest and straight. As soon as he opens his mouth, he'll speak whatever's at the bottom of his heart - this, is Kim Hyunjoong's charm. He also answered frankly when asked about love, "If I'm in a relationship, I don't intend to be open about this, because this girl might be veiled with the title like 'oh she's who and who's girl'; this is very disrespectful towards the girl, I feel. This might be a torture for the girl, so I won't want to be public about it".

He expressed that he's dated showbiz people, and also non-showbiz people. He divulged his thoughts for destiny, "I believe in love at first sight, and also had such experiences. She just greeted me once only, and then I already fell deep in. I like frank people, I don't know how to deal with too womenly or meticulous people, so I enjoy dating straight and frank people. I also feel kinda awkward towards junior girls who call me oppa. The girls I dated before is quite different from my ideal type, so far, I had only dated my ideal kind of woman - once".


Kim Hyun-joong has this real charm that simply goes beyond words. He possesses fame that an idol should have, and also the kind of sophisticated air about him just like an on-looker.

On-looker here means a person who does by his own book of rules, and one who won't be shaken nor moved easily, he's one youth who has real depth within him. After drama [Playful Kiss] ended, he flew straight to Guangzhou to perform for Asian Games. He looked kind of lethargic probably because of his tight schedules, but still, he did not lose that sophistication nor air, "I didn't sleep too short either, about 4 hours? During drama shooting, I didn't even manage to sleep for 4 hours across 3 days... 4 hours now is totally considered nothing, my physique has been good by nature; I'm a '86-er, wasn't the first Asian Game held in Korea. Yeah I was born at that time, now that I stood on the stage of this opening ceremony, I feel so amazing, and what is more I'm representing Korea, so I'm really so honored. Seeing so many audiences, I plan secretly - for all of these people to come watch my concert".

Responses from the audiences turned out particularly well, Kim Hyunjoong attracted the attention of numerous China audiences as he smiled brightly to his singing, "what amazed me was that my fans increased, next day when I left China, so many fans came to send me off at the airport. It's so amazing how there was such a huge change in just a day". Every one is so bothered by Kim Hyunjoong - from his airport fashion to every movement of his cause topics of discussions. "Airport apparels? How ever way they let me wear I just wear that way. I'm an aloof guy? I'm not aloof ne, it's quite different from that kind of aloof ah. In reality I'm a person who puts on casual exercising uniform and wears slippers to meet up and eat fried chickens and drink white wine with friends in the small towns. I'm definitely not an aloof city lad".

The CNN interview is also a special experience for him. CNN has been holding an interest for Kim Hyunjoong who is stirring about a Hanryu fever on Youtube. CNN even selected Kim Hyunjoong to be the next generation representative singer cum actor for leading Hanryu. "I'm still not a Hanryu star, this word is quite forceful to me, but I'm preparing to be one. (Bae) Yong-joon hyung indeed gave me much help, everybody thought we talked about something really big but in fact just daily life talks. Like yesterday, we even talked till 1AM". A meeting between Kim Hyunjoong and Bae Yongjoon is enough to agitate people, however their meetings have never been disclosed before. "How strange, hyung and I don't actually meet at some particular place or what, just some normal and plain coffee houses, yet I have never seen photos of our meetings on the internet at all".

So could it be that people don't believe in the possible appearance of two handsome males? "Really? Well we're just about the same... There're really many matters to thank hyung for. Hyung is a hanryu star, so he also sort of paved this road for me. Hyung is envious me, because at his time, noone gave him help nor advice, but I have hyung to teach me". Kim Hyunjoong and Bae Yongjun's relationship is touching as Kim Hyunjoong falls long of words to describe their friendship. Lastly Kim Hyunjoong says, "I took on [Playful Kiss] because I felt it's a work that could totally change my life. Yeah the ratings were kind of regretful to know of, but it's just a digit. The beginning now is the real beginning".


Kim Hyunjoong is an actor whose stark personality shines as he differentiates clearly between love and hate, and also one who asks alot of himself. Even his value principle is like that of his personality, unsure if it's because of this reason, the moment people mention him, every one thinks of him as demarcative.

"I'm definitely not an aloof city lad who knows nothing about emotions", as Kim Hyunjoong expresses his dissatisfaction for an adjective "aloof city lad" amongst all adjectives being used to describe him. Previously when he was in Guangzhou for the 2010 Asian Games opening ceremony, his [airport fashion] was also described by people as "aloof city lad". To this, Kim Hyunjoong expressed utter detachment from his real personality, "Yeah don't tell me my style is an aloof and city-beat? Don't think so, I'm not aloof at all. I'm actually one who will go to drink spicy chicken soup and drink soju with my friends at roadside stalls in casual slippers and sports uniform, I'm definitely not one who knows nothing about emotions".

With that, it seems like we can't use the adjective "cold and icy" to describe Kim Hyunjoong, anymore. Even he does not feel such about himself, "I'm totally not terse, regarding fashion I'm totally dumb-bell. About things like smart phones, I'm also not interested, and is also not one who's very sensitive to fashion trends or anything". If that's the case like what he's said, then what is it he concentrates most effort on, besides work? "I'm not very same as other guys, I don't really like gaming nor billiards. I love playing soccer the most, and also to rent a housing car to go camping at the mountainous areas with friends, and definitely play soccer once every week".

After starring in one after another dramas, words like "2nd Hanryu star" also began to surface on him. However, Kim Hyunjoong actually possess a very matured side to him which does not suit in with his age at all. He may be a youthful idol but he already has a detailed plan for his entire life, "I've always been living with plans, and also enjoys planning for each and every thing. If I don't do according to such a way I'll feel uncomfortable, and will also in turn become more careful. I previously said I'll retire once I earn 2.2 billion, but to think back of it now, it's so childish. I used to think 0.1 billion can be so easily earned, but now I gradually learn that making money is so not easy".

When our journalist asked him if he still wants to get married early, he expressed his original plan to marry at 30 years, and then live on happily, but now there's a change of plans, "I've always thought 30 years old is so matured, but it's not like that at all. I presume I'll not be able to marry at 30, and in the end my plan to have kids will also change. Currently I don't have thoughts to get married, I'm enjoying alot in my career, working". Things that Kim Hyunjoong wants to do is still many many, though ratings for his drama is low, [Playful Kiss] will still seemingly continue to open the second door to his life.

"To me, every day is a new turning point. I like to plan my timetable for every single day, even meal times. Even promises I made at the slip of a mouth - I really keep to them. I hope to live my life in a scheduled and planned manner, because I have aplenty of matters to complete".


"Ghost? I think I still see about 2 in a year". Until now, Kim Hyunjoong will still say some sentences that gives rise to bursts of laughters. Though he isn't one who can totally open his heart in front of outsiders, so long content comes from him, it never fails to be frank and sincere and, real.

In showbiz, one could hear the many ghost stories of celebrities, but no one, ever told a ghost story as calmly as Kim Hyunjoong did. You know, even "meeting ghosts" is like a daily routine for him, he often portrudes this eerie and uncontrollable air about him. "Kyujong and I saw ghosts before, and we both asked each other, 'did you see it just now?', 'yeah I saw'". Goosebumps rose on the back skin of our journalist, but on Kim Hyunjoong's face, it was expressionless as though nothing was the case. Interview also came to an end then, but still, we couldn't quite grasp what kind of person Kim Hyunjoong is.

Recently there are so many new words to describe Kim Hyunjoong, like what "Bae Yongjoon's successor", "2nd generation of Hanryu star", "representative icon of youth and fashion" etc etc, but him who lies within the core of discussion is ever so calm-minded, as if it does not concern him at all. Since he does everything according to plans, he's a more rational person than sentimental. He reveals that he often tries hard to change from a sensational person to a rational one, because this is a pavement where everybody has to walk past in order to turn mature.

Until now, Kim Hyunjoong has been living his life according to his plans, exactly because of that, he will take in people's suggestions and feedbacks while ignoring the harsh and bad talks abut him, not because he's doing it on purpose but rather it comes as a form of him - born by nature. "I've never bothered myself with those harsh talks, I'm very extremely satisfied with my fans who support me and my working environment. Why should I please the people who don't like me? Even if these kind of people humiliate my parents is fine as well, because I have absolutely no need to take these people who don't understand me into heart. Besides, they're not speaking truth". With such a reason, he does not mind at all how people rate him based on acting in [Playful Kiss] and its low ratings.

"My hanryu generation will be a brand new generation", as he says. Kim Hyunjoong with such confidence will surely turn to a glorious sight. This is no big talk as this has already formed into a concrete map presented right in front of us.