Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[hj][article] Most of the audiences of [Playful Kiss] are females?!

2010 11 17

Are most of the audiences of Kim Hyun-joong's special Youtube version drama [Playful Kiss] - females?

Along with the largest online video-sharing platform Youtube and production company Group Eight, the special youtube edition of [Playful Kiss] that's aired through ( has already recorded a total of 8 million upload views altogether.

This special youtube edition of [Playful Kiss] began its first episode airing on 2nd November (Tuesday) with "The morning on our after-wed day" and lasted till the finale on 16th November with "Happy birthday!"; with a total of these 7 webisodes and 6 episodes of [Seung-jo's Diary], the combination of this spin-off version of [Playful Kiss] has thus been receiving high amount of attention from worldwide at a total of 8.4 million uploaded views in all.

As of now, the 1st episode of this youtube version of [Playful Kiss] remains to be the No.1 amongst the Entertainment category of November, whilst its 4th, 5th, 6th episode remains as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd most watched and popular videos in the Entertainment category of this week.

According to the information shared by its Youtube account, for now, the most number of users (audiences) recorded watching comes from domestically (Korea), but despite so, it still attracts much attention from users all over the world. Right after Korean audiences came Singapore and Hongkong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan etc, following one after another, which just proves the high popularity in different regions of Asia. Not just that, in places like Egypt, Mauritius, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the various central regions of these countries also showed the presence of audiences, which just goes to reaffirm the importance of such a global platform like Youtube. Also, number of comments left on the Youtube channel of this special edition have reached about 20K which are left in various languages like English, Mandarin, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, French etc etc.

In addition, it has also been revealed that people ranging from 13 years of age to 65 years of age are tuning in to this, and in particular, the most number of audiences come from people aged 13-17, after which, 45-54 years of age - whose popularity amongst such a wide age range could be reiterated. As for the gender differences, a landsliding 91% of audiences come from females.

The special Youtube edition could receive this much of popularity is also due to great help coming from the translation of subtitles in many diverse languages. The Youtube edition channel contacted "" to provide different subtitling service of each individual's preferred language; of course to which such a caring service could thus continuously attract the support of fans. Choices for the subtitles come in a wide variety like Korean, English, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish etc.

CEO of Group Eight Song Byung-jun has revealed, "For the fact that our special edition are also watched in very unfamiliar countries to us like Africa, middle-east and in Europe continents, we could thus assert that our domestic video contents have maximized its stand in overseas", "The reason why our Youtube special edition could achieve such soaring popularity is due to the high amount of worldwide interest for our actual TV version of [Playful Kiss] which has already been pre-sold to 11 foreign countries, that is why it has introduced this big and positive influence over our Youtube edition".

"This has been a wonderful opportunity where a single platform has been fully utilized across 24 countries in the world", "The success of this special edition has marked itself into the first ever meaningful step we have taken into attempts at introducing our Republic Korea's outstanding video contents to the world through Youtube. It'll be really lovely if future producers would create more opportunities to make positive usage of Youtube channels", as was also revealed by Lee Won-jin - the managing director of Google Asia and CEO of Google Korea.

7 webisodes of [Playful Kiss Special Edition] and 6 episodes of [Seung-jo's Diary] have already been uploaded through its channel (, while NG cuts and Making Coverages are also slated to be uploaded, soon.