Wednesday, November 03, 2010

[hj][article] To perform for 16th ASEAN Games

11/03 [news] Kim HyunJoong, To Sing on Asian Games Opening Ceremony Stage for 100,000 Audience

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Singer cum actor, Kim HyunJoong will participate in the opening ceremony of the Asian Games held in GuangZhou, China on 12-Nov as representative of Korea, and will be singing the official theme song.

With 45 Asian countries participation, the 16th GuangZhou Asian Games opening ceremony is the biggest ceremony for Asians who are influential internationally. At the opening ceremony, there will be 100,000 audiences, and with the cable telecast in each country, it will reach out to 1billion viewers in Asia and worldwide.

About 1 month ago while Kim HyunJoong was still filming for drama ¡®Mischievous Kiss¡¯, he received an official invitation from Asian Games Organizing Committee to sing the official theme song ¡®Sunshine Again¡¯. Right after he finished filming for the drama, Kim HyunJoong visited BeiJing China secretly to wrap up the preparations for the opening ceremony performance with the organizing committee.

Entrusted by the organising committee, China SLA (Star Lake Agency) director, Park SungJin said regarding this invitation ¡°The organizing committee has high standards and in order to make a magnificent opening ceremony with unique performances, we invited Kim HyunJoong, who has both high popularity and is well recognised in Asia, for this opening ceremony. The climax of the opening ceremony is just before the lighting of the flame, where 4 representative singers from the greater china region will stand on stage to signify harmony among Asian countries and everyone.¡±

Various Asian countries have high interest on ¡®Mischievous Kiss¡¯ and it was sold to 12 countries, in addition Kim HyunJoong will be performing in the opening ceremony of Asia¡¯s best event, Asian Games, moving forward one more step as the best Hallyu star.

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong will depart for GuangZhou on 11-Nov, and perform for the opening ceremony marking the start of Asian Games on 12-Nov.


Do check out your local cable telecast for more information as you will most likely see the telecast of this game. Though his voice may just be a split second, and you may or may not hear it clearly, it is the presence standing on a huge stage that matters, it's about the honour