Tuesday, January 31, 2012

현중 :: U:ZOOSIN Mobile Case

Available for types of phone: iPhone 4/4S, Galaxy S

Three designs (left to right): Brown case, Question case, Rainbow case

Where to buy:
(Hugu Mall)
(needs to login as member first, it need to be Korean)

http://www.ilovekart.com/shop/shopdetail.html?branduid=95238&xcode=134&mcode=001&scode=&type=Y&search=&sort=order (K-Art mall)
(can be foreigner to buy)

Apple retail stores in Korea first. will then be sold in international Apple retail stores

Sunday, January 29, 2012

현중 :: Jan-29(sun) hyun-joong.com - 17th story 「놀랄일(The Shock)」

When an air freshener is used, it is used to clear the bacteria and germs,
so the bacteria are supposed to die.
but if the air freshener is removed, the bacteria will then continue to stay in the haven.
So he is a germ!!!!
Segyun ah, we fancy you!

네 우리 세균이를 좋아하고있어요!
세균아! 너 좋아해!!

01-29 (일), PM 3:11

ㅎㅇ잘지냈어? 난 지금일본이야 ㅎㅎㅎ 기사나 방송이나 인터넷을통해알았겠지만

나는 잘살구있어 ..ㅎㅎ 그젠가 일본 전무님이 세균죽이는 방향제를 사다주셔서

침대옆에다가 놔주셨어 ^^감사하게두

근데 어제부터지금까지 계속두통이 심한거야...그래서 설마설마 이것댐문인가해서

치웠는데 ...세상에.........두통사라지더라고 ㅡㅡ;;;;;;;;;;;;

난세균이였어 ㅡㅡomg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

너는지금 세균을 좋아하고있어 ㅋㅋ

조심해 ........난 나쁜세균이니까 ..푸하하하하하하

밥왔다 밥먹어야지 ..

안녕^^ 고마워 헤네치아&트리플

덕분에 나 2012년부터 달리고있어 이번년도 달린다는것이 뭔지보여줄께

지쳐서 팬질그만두게될꺼야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ우리딱3년반만 달리고 소멸할까?ㅋ

밥식겠다 갈꺼야 !!!

안녕 사람들.................ㅜㅜ 난세균이였어

The Shock
01-29 (Sun), PM 3:11

Hello how are you? I'm in Japan now hhh

As you should already have known through the articles or broadcasts or internet, I'm doing fine these days ..hh

Our Japanese director bought and gave me an air freshener 2 days ago and so I had put it beside my bed ^^ Thankful I am but then
since yesterday until today, I've been having a serious migraine...
I was wondering if it could be because of it (air freshener) and so I removed it away ...
Oh gosh............the migraine was gone ㅡㅡ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
So this means I am a germ huh ㅡㅡomg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You all're in love with a germ kk

Beware .......'coz I'm a bad germ ..puhahahahahaha

Oh the food's here gotta start eating ..

Bye^^ Thanks Henecia and Triple

Thanks to you all I've been taking a running ever since 2012 started
in this year too I'll show some thing to you all

If you feel tired somehow then just stop your fandom then kkkk

Shall we just run for 3 and a half years then no more?k

I'll go eat now, leaving !!!

Bye people.....................ㅜㅜ I was a germ (..............)


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

현중 :: 『Lucky Guy(Japanese Ver.)』 P/V Teaser

"Lucky Guy(Japanese Ver.)" P/V teaser is released today (27th Jan, Fri). It is so exciting!

일본 데뷔 싱글 "KISS KISS/Lucky Guy"에서 수록하는 "Lucky Guy(일본어 버전)"의 티저 영상이 universal music japan 공식 유튭 채널에서
업로드하게 되었습니다...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

영생 :: new album preparing / start as official actor

News on him, yeah^^*

It is again from the Staff Report. Great news it is!!! He will finally take on real acting, through official channel, yeah!!! ^^

This is great, all will have officially challenged the TV screens! Great, yeh!!

He is spending alot of time right now: preparing for album

Maybe it might release in early March.

Also, will take up first challenge as an actor in upcoming KBS2 sitcom "선녀가 필요해(Need a Fairy, literal)", which will start air in end-February.

He should be a main lead, either that or a very important side lead who will be appearing every day, because in the staff report, it wrote "you may be able to see Youngsaeng through the TV screen every day".

Quote from: http://www.young-saeng.com/board/board_view.asp?brd_code=sreport&page=1&brd_idx=2548

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

형준 :: Jan-24 Seolnal interview w/ HeraldBiz - little bit

This is another interview done last week. It is essence, and as one reads, it is easy to be attracted to the definition of aspiration.
It is easy to feel the feeling that is felt by the interviewee.

Growing with every step is to aid in paving a smoother journey for the future....Right...^^

about KyuJong:

1) 그보다 약간 앞서 SS501의 김규종 역시 연기에 도전했다. 종합편성채널 TV조선 ‘고봉실 아줌마 구하기’(극본 박은령, 연출 윤상호). 김형준처럼 타이틀롤은 아니지만, 김해숙 독고영재 천호진 등 대선배들과 같이 하는 그 역시 부담감은 클 터. 두 사람은 서로를 격려하고 응원하며 전보다 더욱 돈독해졌다.

Before him, another fellow SS501 member Kim KyuJong had also challenged acting; it was through a cable channel TV Chosun's "Go Bongshil Ajumma'. Unlike Kim Hyung Jun, his (KyuJong's) wasn't the title role, but since having to act alongside major seniors like Kim Haesuk, Dokgo Youngjae, Chun Hojin etc, he (KyuJong) too must have felt huge burden. Along the way as both of them constantly encouraged and supported each other, unknowingly, they have become much more closer than before.

2) “규종이와는 자주 연락하고 가장 많이 보는 멤버 중 하나예요. 서로 첫 방송을 모니터 해주면서 부족한 부분을 조언해주죠. 둘다 첫 작품이라 부담스럽고 긴장되기 때문에 응원하며 격려하고 있죠. 정말 큰 힘이 돼요”

"Among the members whom I meet most and contact most frequently, KyuJong is one of them. When both of our dramas first aired, we monitored over each other's and also gave many comments and suggestions on areas that lacked. It was the first for both of us so it was natural that we will feel stressed and nervous, but because we both cheered on and encouraged each other, it became a real strength for (us)".

about SS:

3) 연기자로 변신한 김형준을 필두로 SS501의 멤버들은 각자 자신의 위치에서 제 몫을 하고 있다.

“가 수, 무대에 대한 아쉬움도 있는 것이 사실이죠. 좀 더 많은 정규 음반을 내고 더 활발하게 활동 했으면 좋았을 텐데 하는 생각들. 하지만 지금은 멤버들이 각자의 자리에서 제 몫을 다 하고 있는 것 같아서 뿌듯하고 든든해요. 다들 솔로 활동이 쉽지 않을 텐데, 대견하고 기특한 마음도 있고요(웃음)”

Including Kim Hyung Jun who has now transformed into an actor, all SS501 members are also doing their individual activities on their own part right now.

"It is a fact that (us) singers feel this certain upsetness about the stage. Thoughts like if only we had released more full albums and did more active promotions back when we could. But as our members are doing our individual activities on each of our parts now, it's quite heart-warming and reassuring about that to see, too. It isn't easy doing solo activities for us all, so I think it really was quite applauding and commendable about that (the fact of doing solo activities on own) (laughs)".

about Japan plays:

4) 또 그는 일본 공연에 대한 다부진 포부도 잊지 않았다. “지난해 일본에서 20회 공연”을 했다는 김형준. 열광적으로 응원해주고 지지해주는 일본 팬들에 대한 감사함을 늘 가슴 속에 품고 있기에 2012년 역시, 특별한 무대를 선사하기 위해 준비 중이다.

“현 지 공연을 많이 하다 보니 일본 팬분들도 많이 좋아해주시는 것 같고, 저 역시도 뿌듯하고 감격스러워요. 공연은 어떻게든 관객들을 또 오게 만드는 매력, 힘이 있어야 하잖아요. 그래서 다음번에는 좀 더 많은 것들을 기획하고 싶어요. 지금부터 조금씩 구상해야 겠죠”

In addition, he did not forget about the goals he set for his plays (concert/shows) in Japan. He "did 20 plays in Japan last year". He embraces the gratitude he feels towards his Japanese fans who are always there supporting and cheering on for him passionately, so that is why in 2012 too, he will also exhibit yet another special stage(s) for them. He is already preparing.

"I did many plays there, our Japanese fans seem to like it very much, and me myself too, feels proud about it and also moved. A play must have the charm and power to make its audiences want to return to watch again, isn't it. So that's why for my next play, I would like to plan for more things (to be included). I have to now start planning bit by bit".

about Jang Keun-suk:

4) 그런 의미에서 그에게 장근석은 배울 것이 참 많은 친구이자 같은 길을 걷는 동료다. 드라마를 시작하기 전에도 조언을 많이 얻었고, 일본 공연 역시 보고 배우는 것이 많다.

“드라마를 시작한다고 했을 때 (장)근석이가 조언을 많이 해줬어요. 그 친구에게 많은 것을 배우고 있어요. 마음가는대로 하는 자유로운 영혼이지만, 자신이 해야 할 일을 꼭 해내고 마는 멋진 친구기도 하죠. 요즘엔 드라마 이야기를 많이 물어보고요. 서로 비슷한 부분도 많기 때문에 연기에 대한 조언 외에도 마음 속 깊은 이야기를 털어놓기도 합니다”

Speaking of which, it reminded him of Jang Keunsuk. To him, Jang Keunsuk is a friend whom he can learn very much from, and is also a colleague who's treading a same path as he is. Before he (Hyung Jun) started his drama, he has had received many advices from Keunsuk, and even for the Japan concert plays too, he has been learning alot from Keunsuk's by watching his.

"When I said I was going to do a drama, Keunsuk gave many advices. I'm learning alot from this friend. He is a so-cool friend who may be very free-spirited and carefree, doing as his heart yearns, but for matters that he must complete, he will put forth his best to complete those. These days I have been consulting alot of his help about doing dramas. I guess it's because we have alot of similarities, so besides chatting about acting, we also share deep heart-felt talks".

about message to fans:

5) “팬들에게는 항상 감사합니다. SS501을 좋아하고 무대의 모습을 보고 싶어하는 이들에게는 미안한 마음도 있지만, 더욱 노력해서 다른 모습으로 보답하고 싶어요. 드라마를 찍을 때도 큰 힘이 돼줘서 마음 속 깊이 고맙고, 팬들에게 보답하는 길은 열심히 하는 것밖에는 없다고 생각해요. 늘 팬들의 마음을 잊지 않고, 되새기고 있어요”

"I am always thankful to our fans. Though I also feel somewhat apologetic towards those who love SS501 and hope to see on stage, I also wish to repay by working harder to show a different side of mine. Thank you to them from the deepest of my heart for becoming such a strong force of support while I'm shooting the drama, and so the only way I think to repay our fans would be to work hard and still work hard. I never forget our fans' love as I remeditate it in my heart all the while".


Monday, January 23, 2012

새해 福 많이 받으세'용' - Better Dragon Year 2012

Happy Lunar New Year / Happy Seolnal ~~~~

May Year of Dragon improve the current state to become more meaningful!

다시한번 새해 복 많이 받으세요 ^-^

Jan.23 2012 (Monday)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

형준 :: Jan-22(sun) StarNews interview - "Wants to love(연애하고싶다)"...

Meaningful excerpt from today published interview which was done few days ago. Kim Hyung Jun is a full-grown man now!...! Oh, for No.1! Go-go-go Kim Hyung jun!

Jan 22(sunday)


★These days, he wants to date/love (get into a relationship)... Does not matter if the party is in showbiz or not. He does not differentiate specifically between one from showbiz or another from non-showbiz. But he does prefer to better meet one who is from non-showbiz. He also does not wish to hide their relationship if they date, he wants to meet freely as he wish. When the drama ends, he wants to date...

★When he was shooting the bed scene in drama, he was extremely shy. However his mother, friends and people around him told him it was quite alright. His fans used to be very extreme against those, but he suggests that now they may already have grown and aged so they did not really react too strongly when the scene was aired.

★He aims to release 2nd solo album by this upper-half-2012. For it, he wishes to get No.1 on music programmes and music charts.

★One of his biggest goal is to be well acclaimed by the masses before he reaches 30 to enter military. Where the masses' impression of him would be like, "Whether it be singer or actor, Kim Hyung Jun has no lacking-of anywhere!"

☆In other interviews, he also mentioned that he hopes to do another minimum 1 drama or maximum 2 more dramas in this year. Another rom-com first before he will proceed to try on a different genre of role in maybe 3rd drama! He wants to solid his base as an actor because he's falling in love with acting!

Photo copyright : Star News(스타뉴스) - star.moneytoday.co.kr/

현중 :: 『Jan-21 FANMEETING in SEOUL』 - 미디어 사진 (media photo)

The media photos of 21st Fanmeet. A total of 6000 in one stadium! That can be considered mini sports event!

기자/미디어 사진입니다. ^^ 6000여명의 팬들 모음! 대단하심!

Photo Copyright : KEYEAST Korea
Photo Share : Media Portal

현중 :: Jan-22(Sun) 공홈 메시지 "from H.J" - 16th Story 『............』

January 22 (Sunday), 9.30am (GMT+9)


Happy new year^^
I'm heading for Japan now............................^^ I'll eat alot of a ramyeon called Kyudong in Japan and return back kk
Excited.. (and oh) the airline meals too.......kkkk
I went to sleep early yesternight after eating (at Jaksal) and woke up like at 6.32am this morning ㅡㅡ;;
'coz had nothing to do ... (so I'm up here writing) and also finished packing all luggages ..kk, and also finished showering...
Since it's New Year, please don't come to the airport and just rest ya kk
I'll understand if you don't come to the airport today
I'll be on a cold mode today at the airport, so if you come to take pictures and all that, I'll pretend to not know you (and ignore you).. So if you come, don't regret na
^^Enjoyed yesterday?????????
I enjoyed too kk
Our staff also said they enjoyed alot kk
Anyway in this new year, may everyone stay healthy and worry-free
Hoping for only smile-worthy matters for all
Today's main point is,
"Happy New Year".........kk and.. "Please don't come to the airport but rest instead"... kk


난이제 일본간다....................................^^일본서 규동이란 라면 많이먹구올께ㅋㅋ

두근거린다 기내식두.......ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나어제 회식하고 일찍자서 6시32분에일어남 ㅡㅡ;;

할꺼없어서 ...지금이미 짐다싸놓구 ..ㅋㅋ샤워두다했음

설이니까 공항 마중나오지말고 쉬어요 ㅋㅋ오늘은 공항안나와도 이해할테니

오늘공항에서는 차가운모드로 사진도 아는척두안할테니 나와서 후회하지말구

^^어제 즐거웠지?????????

나도 즐거웠어 ㅋㅋ 스텝들두즐거웠데 ㅋㅋ 암튼 새해엔 모두 건강하고 아프지말고

웃을일만 가득했으면 좋겠다 오늘의 요인은

새해복많이 받으라구.........ㅋㅋ그리고 공항나오지말고 쉬라구 ㅋㅋ

^^ A message left by him this morning before he departed to airport for Japan for start of Japan debut.  It is so hilarious in a subtle sense. ^^

It was such a great fanmeet on 21st. ^^
Kim Hyunjoong is the King. ^^

Happy new year ! ! !

Friday, January 13, 2012

현중 :: 『KISS KISS (Japanese Ver.)』 - teaser from AEON Japan Valentine Day CF

Japan debut single 『KISS KISS/Lucky Guy』 will be released on January 25, which is approaching very soon. Amongst which, the main hit track will be 「KISS KISS(Japanese Ver.)」. 2 weeks before its official release, it has gained some hype because its teaser film was released yesterday (Jan 13, Fri)!
It is great and we are so excited!

첫 데뷔 싱글은 1월25일에 발매될테니 그 전에 일부 티저 영상이 먼저 공개되었는데요

바로 「KISS KISS(일본어 버전)」이에요. 영상 화면 질감이 정말 나네요, 데뷔 싱글 너무 기대됩니다 !^^v

Video Copyright by: Universal Music Japan (http://youtube.com/universalmusicjapan/), AEON Japan

Saturday, January 07, 2012

현중 :: 1st Japan Single 『KISS KISS/Lucky Guy』 details

1월 25일 발매되는 첫 일본 데뷔 싱글 『KISS KISS/Lucky Guy』 자켓 사진과 음반 정보입니다.

First Japanese single 『KISS KISS/Lucky Guy』 reveals its jacket cover and tracklists!


Limited Edition A (CD+DVD)

5.Lucky Guy [JAPANESE VERSION] (instrumental)
6.U  [JAPANESE VERSION] (Instrumental)

【DVD】Music Videos

Limited Edition B (CD+DVD)

5.Lucky Guy [JAPANESE VERSION] (instrumental)
6.BREAK DOWN feat.Double K [JAPANESE VERSION] (Instrumental)

【DVD】Music Videos

Normal Edition (CD only)

6.Lucky Guy [JAPANESE VERSION] (instrumental)
7.BREAK DOWN feat.Double K [JAPANESE VERSION] (Instrumental)