Wednesday, January 25, 2012

영생 :: new album preparing / start as official actor

News on him, yeah^^*

It is again from the Staff Report. Great news it is!!! He will finally take on real acting, through official channel, yeah!!! ^^

This is great, all will have officially challenged the TV screens! Great, yeh!!

He is spending alot of time right now: preparing for album

Maybe it might release in early March.

Also, will take up first challenge as an actor in upcoming KBS2 sitcom "선녀가 필요해(Need a Fairy, literal)", which will start air in end-February.

He should be a main lead, either that or a very important side lead who will be appearing every day, because in the staff report, it wrote "you may be able to see Youngsaeng through the TV screen every day".

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