Monday, May 31, 2010

[컷] LOVE YA MV --- 현중 ~~

This is Hyunjoong's cut from LOVEYA mv.. ^oo^
surely more cuts soon...

by: (thankyuss)

luv it

[영상] LOVE YA Full HD MV

aiguuu I have been dying to want to watch this MV since this morning,
but you know what? I got lost, again..!!!!!!! Getting lost is really no fun at all...
Especially in the forest.......... Ohmy. How many of you have been lost in the forest before?
How long? 8 hours that is?

Here's the 720P full HD version. Surely many of you seen it already.
Or should I say all? Every page I go to I see this MV's existence
Everyone's going micheo with it, ne?^^

Click on 720P for full HD. from official DSP.

from: dspentert@yt

[직캠] 30th fansign @seoul [5] [퍼펙트 대박을]

After browsing through around, there are a few fancams for yesterday's fansign event
which I would want to store in this blog
So I will just store them here like this ^^;

Perfect fancams 짱

by: perfect // perfect's pandora tv channel
+ (yt uploader) sshappyhyun@yt

Many of you surely have seen already, there are 1,788 views..!

10.05 version Daebak one

Sunday, May 30, 2010

[직캠] 30th fansign @seoul [4] (솜사)

neeheehee...almost fastest ever in history of uploading videos for them..^^


[직캠] 30th fansign @seoul [2] [유욘]

ja. You like this don't you? I do^^

this is quite HQ~

by: doublebaby + (yt) yisaya86@yt

[직캠] 30th fansign @seoul [3] (핑쓰)

after browsing through, it's only these few ones that are really nice
and cute^^*

cmon babe

by : + (yt uploader) kucouncil님@yt (thankyuss)

[직캠] 30th fansign @seoul [1]

30th Fansign @seoul

Today was the fansign session + mini fanmeeting to celebrate HJgun's birthday..^__^
Somehow it began late though.

(>)Look there! 6 days 2hours 57minutes 54seconds!

Here's a fancam uploaded on to youtube.
thanks uploader.

by: + (yt) yyy148b@yt

by: 소심현중팬님

[직찍] 29th fansign @busan [7] (프보)

aiguu..another fansign today, starting now..

anyway, 29th Fansign @busan -- Hyungjun

by: 평생아이러브형준님@prettyboy

[프레쉬] 28th fansign (루팡)

28th's fansign @ technomart

Flash form^oo^ lovely


Slightly large, click on this as a separate post

[직찍] 29th fansign @busan [6] [아모]

Youngsaeng @ 29th fansign in Busan

by: amorino

[직캠] 29th fansign @busan [4] (쭝)

Hoax. Fancams from kingly finally..

from: kinghyunjoong daum channel
**No reupload**


28th@technomart + 29th@busan

[직캠] 29th fansign @busan [5] (피쓰)

Fancam from Peace(피쓰)

by: peace501

2.45 version

[직찍] 29th fansign @busan -- hyunjoong [알님]

Hyunjoong @ 29th busan

by: (고마워요)
(for alot more go there ^)

Nice set^o^




[정보] Dream Concert 2010 -- Broadcast Schedule ~~ (+수정) (중요~~)

First posted: 22 May, 9:30 pm
Re-Upped : 30 May, 10:30 am

Remember to Tune in tomorrow!!

*edit 30th May*
'SS501' will not be shown today on Inkigayo because DSP hasn't had agreed
with the association yet...
because no comeback yet?... At least show Haruman?


With the Dream Concert already ongoing fiercely with all the passion
of each and every fandom shouting their lungs out with appearances
by SS501, Super Junior, MBlaq, CNBlue, Fcuz, Rain, 2PM, Zea, Shinee,
SNSD, Wonder girls, Tara, After school, 4minute, hyori, f(x) etc,
you have got to catch it tomorrow next wk on TV, don't you think?

*edit* It's been changed ystd afternoon from the original May 23rd broadcast
to a 'Confirmed' schedule on
30th May (next Sunday) @ 3.30PM through SBS Inkigayo.


I went to search around everywhere and finally came up
conclusion it'll be on next wk.
Official as from here
(official notice about May 23rd for SouthAfrica worldcup SP)
and here for broadcast of D.C next week (30th)

Broadcast schedule:::

Day: May 30th, Sunday (5월 30일, 일요일)
On: SBS tv channel
Programme Name: Inkigayo (인기가요)
Time: 3:30pm (GMT +9)
Outline: Dream Concert broadcast + side miscellaneous

다시 만나자.

[직캠] 29th fansign @busan [3]

Thanks to all capture-rs and uploaders

Hyunjoong focuz @ 29th Busan fansign

by: happyhyunnim @ pandora + (yt uploader) kimhyunjoongth@youtube

JungMin focuz @ 29th Busan fansign

by: 너를위해님 + shyoon1230님@youtube

[직찍] 29th fansign @busan [월척]

Jikjjik @ 29th fansign

by: weolcheok (
(for more go here ^)

wwata weolcheok finally back to active these days...chotta

Saturday, May 29, 2010

[직캠] 29th fansign @busan [그빠]

Many fancams of HJ @ 29th busan fansign


정말 많아하긴데.. Really so many, ne?

Part I

Part II

[직캠] 29th fansign @busan [2]

Fansigning session @ busan @ 29.05.10

uploaded by: youtube @ leenongkan1님 (thanks)

Fast ne? ^o^

I (1min)

II (1m21)

III (20s)


[스캔] DESTINATION Photobook -- scans (형준*정민*영생)

Respective scans of the Photobook from 【DESTINATION】

by........ the following^o^

I forgot to tell you -- You need 100 tissues

by: junique 주니크


by: doublebaby (

by: (그아이)